Nikon announced the development of Nikon D5

18.11.2015/XNUMX/XNUMX Nikon announced the development of a new generation of professional FX cameras - Nikon D5.


It was also indicated that a new flash and a new wireless data transmitter are being developed, details here.

Obviously, updates for Nikon D300s still will not :)

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  • Igor

    Nikon D-5 Conclusions: 1. The touch interface has Limited Functionality .2.Nikon D-5 is silent because it boasts a wide range in Raw.3. Four K video shooting is possible only with framing close to DX, and also limited in time. 4. Auto focus in Live Viev mode and when shooting video does not look so impressive against the background of phase focusing through the viewfinder. .5. There is no built-in WiFI-GPS. 6. The shadows do not stretch too well when shooting in bright sunshine from RAW. 7. In the kit there is no protective screen for the safety of the display from nose sweat And so on. With such comments, I will wait for the Nikon D-8. Or the matrix from Kodak which is in the Leica s-6 P.


    Good day ! One of the weaknesses of Nikon D-5 is that he shoots .4k video at a speed of 30P, and Full HD at a speed of 60p. The flagship Canon EOS-1DX Mark ll has these speeds twice as much, which extends the capabilities of Professional shooting. Perhaps this is due to Canon EOS 1DX Markll Two processors, and Nikon D-5-Uniprocessor. Nikon d-5 output. Canon already loses in many ways and Canon should be considered the flagship.

    • Yarkiy

      And I would say that it’s scary to think about what Nikon would be capable of, if he put two processors in the camera. And Kenon with two proces barely surpasses Nikon in separate parameters that are not even related to the photo. How do you like this approach?

    • zengarden

      D5 was created for the video? this is the top story, the video here is a by-product.

  • Игорь Иванович

    The Dxomark website uploaded Nikon D-5 matrix measurements. Landscape Nikon d-5 is inferior to both Nikon d4s and Nikon D-750 in terms of Landscape Dynamic Range, Color Deph and working Low-Light ISO. A review of Nikon D-610 and its comparison with Nikon D-750-Nikon d-810 graphics confirm that these three models have almost the same Sensor performance. Conclusion: Nikon D-5 matrix is ​​inferior in performance to Nikon d-610-Nikon d-810 .Data for each model: Nikon d610 (HZ: 25.1 bits DD-14,4 EV Iso2925.Nikon D-750 (Hz: 24,8 bits: 14,5 ev iso-2956.Nikon D-810 Hz: 25,7 bit DD: 14,8 ev iso2853. Nikon D4s Hz: 24,4 bit DD : 13,3ev Iso: 3074. Nikon D-5 Hz: 25,1 bits DD: 12,3EV Iso: 2434. The table shows that Nikon D4s-Nikon D5 in comparison with amateur Nikon D-610 and Nikon D-750 and Nikon D-810 Seriously lose on DD. Nikon D-5's conclusion is not Forward for 2016, and Canon Eos-1DX Mark ll can be safely attributed to the forward and the Leica SP-2 Camera is rightly put in first place.

  • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    Dear! by May 20, 2017, the Sony A-9 will be released there, 20 frames per second, the Canon EOC-1DX Mark ll SLRs and the Nikon D-5 Flagship just rest on technical indicators. Yes, and the price for the Sony A-9 will be $ 4 against $ 500 Nikon D-6500. It remains to wait for the results of measuring the matrix parameters on the site: Dxomark and compare the parameters of Sony A-5-Nikon D-9 -Canon EOC-5DX Mark ll so that everyone can understand how Sony is developing and how Nikon and Canon are completely behind.

    • Jury

      Quoting from Sony specifications A-9: “Electronic Shutter: Continuous Shooting: Hi: Max. 20 frames / s; …… Mechanical Shutter: Continuous Shooting: Hi: Max. 5 frames / s; average: max. 5 frames / s; low: max. 2,5 frames / s "Ie. with a mechanical shutter the camera shoots 5 frames per second, and “20 frames per second with an electronic shutter” is ridiculous, because no one canceled the rolling shutter + 450 photos on one battery + the lack of an indestructible construct like reportage flagships, ergonomics, etc. The Sony A-9 camera is not bad, but it is a competitor for the Leica SL (Typ 601), and not for Nikon and Canon top reportage cameras

  • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    When the new Nikon AF-S 135 mm F / 2.0 VR ll and Nikon D-5s-Nikon D5X are launched into production, what else will Nikon engineers come up with?

  • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    The release schedule for Nikon D5S and DF2 Cameras by Nikon engineers has been violated, was due to appear in January 2018 and there is still no News. I'm waiting for Nikon D-6.

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