Overview HELIOS 65 AUTOMATIC 2/50

This review shows the HELIOS 65 AUTOMAT 2/50 N652018 lens, with a rare Kiev-Avtomat bayonet, manufactured by the Kiev Arsenal plant. The Kiev-Avtomat bayonet mount is used only by Soviet SLR cameras KIEV-10, KIEV-11 (prototype), KIEV-15 Tee and KIEV-15 TTL. Please note that all lenses with Kiev-Avtomat mount are not suitable for any modern cameras, as there are no adapters for them from Kiev-Avtomat mount to any other camera. To use Helios-65 on any modern camera, you should make a homemade adapter, or remake the lens itself. Anyway, if you see the 'AUTOMAT' prefix on a Soviet lens, you should know that there are many difficulties with such lenses for comfortable work with modern cameras and try to avoid his purchases.

The most complete list of lenses with the Kiev-Avtomat mount can be found in the review JUPITER-11 4/135 AUTOMATIC. There you will find interesting information on lenses of this type.

Somehow I decided escape sell your MIR-1 2.8 / 37 AUTOMATIC and in the end I came across a complete misunderstanding of people that this is a lens with a Kiev-Avtomat mount. 95% of those who called or wrote to me in response to an ad were sure that they could easily install MIR-1 2.8 / 37 AUTOMATIC through some kind of adapter to your favorite camera. Many people generally believed that if this is a lens from KIEV-10 / KIEV-15, then it will "fit" on Nikon cameras without any adapter. In the end, I just someone shed gave his MIR-1.

Let me also remind you that lenses from KIEV-10 / KIEV-15 cameras are passed off by unscrupulous sellers as lenses from Kiev-17 / 17m, -18, -19 / 19m, -20, thus trying to sell them at a higher price. Don't get caught on this.

Helios 65 Automatic 2 50

Helios 65 Automatic 2 50

Helios-65 - one of the very first standard lenses for cameras with a Kiev-Avtomat mount, was later replaced by HELIOS-81 2/50 AUTOMATIC MACHINE и HELIOS-81 2/53 AUTOMATIC MACHINE. Most likely, Helios-65 became the basis for the creation of Helios-81; lenses have the same optical scheme of 6 elements in 4 groups.

My Helios-65 has a noticeable backlash in the focusing ring. Of all the lenses with a Kiev-Avtomat mount, without backlash in the focusing ring, I had only MIR-1 2.8 / 37 AUTOMATIC, from all other lenses the impression was made that they did anyhow. The focus ring has a characteristic black and white color, the so-called 'zebra'.

Diaphragm The lens consists of only 6 petals. Petals aperture made of brilliant red-gold metal. On covered diaphragms, getting 'nuts' is as easy as shelling pears (example). Like all AUTOMAT lenses, Helios-65 does not have a diaphragm control ring, but it can be adjusted using the so-called 'jumper' - a special protrusion from the bayonet side. When used on modern cameras, you have to remove the lens to set the desired value aperture, and even then - by eye. On 'native' cameras, aperture control was implemented through the camera's automation. Helios-65 has a focusing distance scale (only in meters) and depth of field scale for F / 2, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16, 22.

During focusing, the front lens does not rotate, but the lens barrel extends. Focus ring rotates 270 degrees. Focus ring travel is smooth. Focusing is performed by moving the entire lens unit. The minimum focusing distance is 50 cm (a common thing for a fifty-kopeck piece). In this case, the maximum macro scale can be 1: 7,9. The diameter of the front filter is 49 mm, the front cover is metal, without latches, fits snugly to the frame of the case.

Pictures from Helios-65 resemble those from HELIOS-81 2/53 AUTOMATIC MACHINE... The lens is very afraid of back and side light. A small lens hood helps a lot to get rid of highlights. In the center of the frame, the lens has average sharpness at F / 2.0, at closed apertures the lens becomes sharp enough. Helios-65 sometimes loses a lot of contrast, and the resulting images hurt the eye (photo of the cat in the source). The bokeh is twisted, typical for most 'Helios'.

I used a lens on the camera Sony a7 with a homemade adapter. Source files can download from this link (23 photos in the '.ARW' format, 572 Mb).

Helios 65 Automatic 2 50 on the Sony ILCE-7 camera

Helios 65 Automatic 2 50 on the Sony ILCE-7 camera

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Helios 65 AUTOMAT 2/50 is an ordinary fifty kopeck piece with a rare Kiev-Avtomat bayonet. It is very afraid of flare, in the backlight it easily catches 'bunnies'. Not of particular interest due to the complexity of use on modern cameras. The Helios 65 image strongly resembles Helios 81.

Familiarity with the Soviet Helios brand lenses I recommend starting with an inexpensive and common lens Helios-44-2 2/58 (aka HELIOS-44-2 2/58). The following links can look at modern lenses Zenitar и HELIOS.

Material prepared Arkady Shapoval. Please, if this material was useful to you, help my project. And don't forget that everyone can write your review for one or another photographic equipment.

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  • 10111

    In fact, this is not one of the first, but the first staffer for Kiev-10, and it was replaced after only 2 years of camera release. Rare crap, in short.

    • Dmitry / Dust

      about rare crap: not everything is so simple. as a portrait on the figure is very good. in the near field it is quite sharp in the open, and draws an air perspective almost like tair-11.
      although everything else is really not strong.
      I use the G-65 machine after installing the aperture control ring and re-mounting the bayonet mount on Nikon.
      To develop the topic: I once saw a Helios 65T with an unusual color, enlightenment and a black-matte multi-lobe diaphragm. the owner of the outbid could not say anything about its optical qualities, but the price lifted up to a completely awkward level.

      • Sergei

        Dmitry, well, the letter "T" seems to hint at the TV version, and there were higher GOSTs and the quality was better in theory, but most likely there is no jump rope because on TV cameras it was not needed because there were a lot of petals.

    • Sergei

      He draws 65 helios prettier than the 44th and he personally checked it

  • Movritsio

    Yes, cool shots. The lens is on top. You, Arkady managed to get Sony to work as they should. Class)))

  • Natalia

    Thank you very much for your work and for the reviews)
    If not for you ... I would have bought myself three times more nonsense for experiments)))

  • anonym

    As I understand it, Movritsio praises Sonya, although Arkady was able to squeeze out good shots, but the lens is full of crap

    • Movritsio

      I liked the footage from him. This is my subjective opinion purely ... For taste and color, as they say, there is no friend)))

      • anonym

        Do you like hares? oo

        • Rodion


  • anonym

    I agree with you, but you wrote “the lens is at a height”, so it became interesting at what height, and by what parameters did you estimate this height? We can say that the drawing is interesting, well, since the drawing, like all heliuses, is no worse no better. Sharpness on open so-so, about the side and back does not hold at all, and because of the bayonet, it generally turns into a useless thing, so yes, "the lens is at its best"

    • 10111

      At the height of the baseboard, obviously)

  • Iskander

    Please do not offend Arkady. Thanks.

  • Arkady Shapoval

    Still, someone would give a World-20 machine gun for review and I would close the topic of all these “machines”.

  • anonym

    Iskandoer, no one thought to offend Arkady, his work is difficult to overestimate, he writes reviews of any equipment, expensive and cheap, both new and old, and for all existing systems. And, of course, it is not his fault that the technique is not perfect. That is to say, gives a subjective professional assessment of the technique that gets to him for review. I just became interested in the opinion of the commentator who said that the lens was “at a height”, I just did not see this height, due to my photographic illiteracy and myopia, so I wanted to know what exactly I missed in this lens.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      As my practice has shown - "automatic machines" are really very poor lenses. But this does not change the fact that you can take wonderful pictures with them :)

  • Andrei

    how about me, for certain purposes it’s good, what else can you catch such hares for? and fs you won’t draw such ones, for some portraits he would be very interesting

    • Nikita

      I'm good enough. After looking at the photographs and thinking about the tezh. This is obviously not an objective for the skin day, but sometimes you want to slander such “hares”.

  • Mario

    "Helios-81-Avtomat" is a regular lens of Kiev-10 single-lens reflex cameras, "Kiev-15" with an original bayonet mount. There is no aperture ring on the lens barrel; aperture control is only from the camera.

  • anonym

    Good day
    I recently got such a lens very much, judging by the photos taken in the review
    I will gladly redo it on EOS
    But the fact that hares catches you can always change the angle of shooting or put a hood
    of the merits, judging by my specimen, the helicoid’s very mild stroke for its age
    and the diaphragm just doesn’t interest me, I like to shoot in the open
    excellent reviews thank you very much to the author and everyone who helps him !!!

  • qwertz

    Thanks for the article, reading about this lens, I came across free, ready-to-print 3D models of adapters. Perhaps they will be useful to someone, you can even add a mention to the article. Thanks to the American professor.
    Kiev 10/15 on Canon FL / FD / FDn - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:137540
    Kiev 10/15 on Sony A7II-series Body - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1464062
    Kiev 10/15 on Leica M Body (Techart Pro LM-EA7) / Adapter for a shower m, so that in conjunction with the other adapter mentioned in brackets gives autofocus to Sony-E) - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1706976

  • Vyacheslav

    And the Jupiter-9 Automatic machine - will it not be better than the Lytkar one?

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