Spring offtopic

This topic was created so that everyone can call your own most 'steep'at the moment a camera :).



In the comments indicate:

  1. The camera you have and why is it really 'cool', it is advisable to attach one 'cool'photo from it :)
  2. The best'/'steep'a camera that you don't have, but which is perfect for this title :).

Until the next recording in Radozhiv temporarily amnestied all prisoners from blacklist.

Under the term 'steep'let everyone understand whatever he wants.

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  • Dmitry / Dust

    here it is - high-tech measuring with pipis.
    And I'm naive, I always thought that 88 percent of the cool is the photographer's head, 10 percent is the lens, and only everything else is the spacer between the lens and the photographer's head.
    who of the owners of a mega-cool camera is able to take at least one shot equal in sharpness to the result of Joseph Sudek, Robert Cap, Alexander Rodchenko or Henri Cartier-Bresson.

    • Dmitry K

      and why is this statement of fact? Asked people - people answered specifically. Why are you pouring water here?

    • Oleg

      What nonsense. Covered pros with heads and gaskets are not 90% removed from mobile phones, although they are smaller and more compact than DSLRs.
      Anyone who likes that takes it off (taking into account the pocket of course).

      • Anatoly

        yes something does not remove any pros on mobile phones
        Moreover, as time goes by, users buy better and better cameras.
        If the photographer was shooting, and not the camera, then there would be no point in upgrading cameras and buying new ones, and there would be no price difference between cameras.
        And so everyone saw people who picked up a good camera and almost instantly got great shots.
        Because the camera still shoots (the photographer only presses the shutter button)

        Show at least one photographer running with Coolpix or PowerShot ..
        soo ..

    • Nicholas

      The question of the topic is about “what is your opinion” about “the most atpadny camera”. And the point. What is this stuffing and generally off-topic flame?

      Write, they say, your Boot or Aunt Sonya, I don’t know, he steers and everything else sucks and walk on 4 sides - you will more than complete your task on this branch.

    • Vladimir

      If everyone were unique in their field, it would be boring to live! And so, there is someone to learn from and what to strive for. Each is unique in its own way.

  • Movritsio

    I’m renting a D70 or D90. The picture was taken on an d70 industrial-50-2 lens with a chip adapter. Adter lathers a little ..

  • Eng

    Nikon D40 5 years in use, and the shutter resource has long been snapped off and the motor has changed. And still happy!

    • anonym

      The cat has a pensive face.

    • anonym

      Where is the motor at the D40 located? How to replace the resource of the Nikon D40?

  • Eng

    Nikon D40 + Helios 44-2!

  • Eng


  • Eng

    Cheap, simple and cheerful!

  • Igor

    Available Nikon d90 + Sigma 50 and 85 1.4, sigma 17-50, nikon 50 1.8, 70-210, whale and a couple of flashes and a tripod, generally satisfied - the grip, the number of megapixels, colors - in general suits almost everyone, for with the exception of autofocus (often smears on open).
    With regards to "I want" - I thought about FF, but common sense and the toad crushed the Wishlist, I think to buy a fuj c3 to look at the colors)

  • Lion

    I'm not very cool Nikon d700. Bought in 2012. I did not think about changing it. He hasn’t shot anything yet, and he still hasn’t got a lot of finances, so he can’t even dream. Much more urgent to want a new lens.
    After 16-35 / 4, I still can not decide to take 24-120 / 4, or not. Something the price of it went down a lot, it's a little scary.

    • Andrew

      instead of 24-120 / 4 take 24-85 VR 3.5-4.5 85-120 the difference is minimum, but the savings. And I switched only to the most favorite fixes now 28mm 1.8 AFS & 85mm 1.8 AFS

      • atypical Kiev

        I do not agree. I have 24-120 and I am very glad that it is he, and not 24-85. All the same, I rarely use the range 85-120

        • Andrew

          I have a very small range of 85-120, so I can crop it on occasion. On my own I noticed that I use little something higher than 600mm, mainly my range is 85mm - 8mm
          Well, as they say, everyone is an amateur, others only remove 70-200. I like compression like it gives 70-200 but I have few stories for this.

  • Lion

    forgot to attach a photo

  • anonym

    Aslan great photo. Where is this beautiful architecture?

  • Farhad

    Lake Bled, Slovenia.
    Nikon 5100 + 18-55 vr

    I want myself D7100 + sigma 18-35 1.8 and sigma 10-20 3.5-4

  • chi-hya

    Canon 50d + Canon EF 70-200mm f / 4.0L USM

  • Ivan

    Nikon D600. The cool thing is that at the time of purchase there was no more affordable FF. The sadness of the focus points in the center is very sad. By the way, 50 thousand frames, there is dust on the matrix, but no trace of oil. Photo taken at Soviet Tair-11A with adapter KP / AN.

  • Vladimir

    Nikon D40. I’m already renting it for 5 years. It’s enough for now, and it’s pleasing! But already I want something more, even used, but only Nikon. Arkady, the snake-tempter!, After your reviews, there is not enough money to buy all the equipment you liked. Thank you for your work. Thanks to you, I bought a couple of Soviet lenses, and I’m happy with all 100.

  • Vladimir

    Here's another.

  • Vladimir

    And so.

  • Vladimir


  • zengarden

    1) Nikon D7000, whose capabilities are enough with a margin, I'm not going to change; photography for me is just a hobby, pampering :) I used to film a lot more and probably better.
    About its pluses and so much has been said, minus (for me) - problems with screwing on the old manual optics (but there is an Olympus E-PL3 mirrorless for this).

    2) It is difficult to name the ideal camera if you did not hold it in your hands. I would like Fuji X-T1 + 50 / 1.4, but this can not afford. I consider it justifiable to buy a “cool” camera if you make a living from it.

    D7000 + Helios-81N

  • Valery Yavtushenko

    FujiFilm S3 Pro - just a great photo

  • ded

    There are Canon 5d 40d, Nikon d90 d3100 d5100, Sony A77 A58 dsc h50. Glasses are budget, a lot of manual.
    Each camera is gorgeous in its own way. (In my non-professional opinion).
    Photo from SonyA58 Kit comes from the window.

  • Andrei

    Olympus SP 510-UZ is the first camera that introduced me to digital photography, before that only film - photos from it. Canon EOS 600D is simply awesome!
    Fujifilm finepix hs 55 exr - I really miss her!

    • Vladimir

      Good old Olympus SP 510-UZ ... History repeats itself exactly, though after him Canon 1100d and Canon 20d. Photo Olympus SP 510-UZ

  • Andrei

    I have a Nikon D3000 - an old rogue shit, but I love it.
    I don’t want anything in return. I strive to attain nirvana through giving up desires. Well, and the mortgage ...

    • Alexander


    • Oleg

      Yes, it’s hard for a photographer to refuse his wishes

    • Jackie

      Respect for nirvana :)

  • Sergei

    Nikon d610 + Helios 40 - 2 (1.5 / 85)

  • Leisurely

    Different cameras are needed for different tasks. The task of stupidly popping is solved by Leika, the task of the “workhorse” of some professionals is a “6xn” back to the “large-format” device, the task of the “workhorse” of other professionals is a full-frame top carcass of two well-known nonsense, for some amateurs a regular half-format SLR is good, others are dragging along from 3/4, the third need nothing but a soap dish, and it is the coolest for them. So the question freezes.
    I myself am an amateur shoot Canon 6D with multiple lenses. Satisfied, I think it's a cool price / quality ratio. I will not give a picture, so as not for ... space, everyone can ask Yandex, and he will be answered.
    Masterpieces are taken not by a fotik, but by a photographer. Do not forget.

    • Eugene

      But technology and its capabilities play an important role in obtaining masterpieces, and no one canceled the ease of use. Good technique + skillful hands = great photo.

      • Leisurely

        Convenience, yes. A good technique is NOT REQUIRED for a master. A masterpiece picture can be written with a simple pencil, a real ninja will kill a well-armed opponent with his bare hands, the master of photography will receive a masterpiece from a drawer with a hole.

        • Eugene

          I did not deny that the skill of the photographer is the main component of the photo, and the technique is secondary. It all depends on the tasks, imagine an astrophotographer with a mobile phone, or a reporting photographer with a box with a hole, or a naturalist photographer taking birds on a soap dish. For each task, its own technique is really cool. Otherwise, why then all these cameras, lenses, take a matchbox and go shoot. I believe that an armed ninja can do much more than an unarmed one.

  • Dmitry / Dust

    Unhurried rights are 100%.
    a camera is a tool for a specific task. if she copes with this task, then her capabilities are enough to be considered “cool”. everything else is from the evil one (marketers who are paid for the amount of advertising noodles on the ears of the consumer). For example, for me, the capabilities of Nikon d300 are enough for me to work, but for everything else, a simple d70 is enough. Will I shoot better or will I get more pleasure from the process of photographing by changing these cameras to the top-end FF?
    The answer is obvious: excess opportunities will simply remain unclaimed.

    • Eugene

      I agree, it all depends on the tasks and requirements, you can shoot on a mobile phone, I recently had a case, I was going to take a photo of my daughter while the trees were blooming, but when I arrived at the place I found that I forgot the battery at home (although usually I always check everything before going out ), and so not without reason, I took a picture on Iphone. Here is a photo (with little processing) For a home photo, it’s fine, for other purposes it’s unlikely.

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