Spring offtopic

This topic was created so that everyone can call your own most 'steep'at the moment a camera :).



In the comments indicate:

  1. The camera you have and why is it really 'cool', it is advisable to attach one 'cool'photo from it :)
  2. The best'/'steep'a camera that you don't have, but which is perfect for this title :).

Until the next recording in Radozhiv temporarily amnestied all prisoners from blacklist.

Under the term 'steep'let everyone understand whatever he wants.

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  • Alexander Timofeev

    Available Nikon D7000, Nikkor 35mm 1.8G. Quite a good SLR camera. There are many pluses, few minuses (for example, a small grip for me) Attached my last astrophoto.

  • anonym

    May Nikon D5100 + 50mm 1.8G - quiet kit, photos of miracles on me, price - also vregular, ergonomics for 4+, having bought a remote control for 2,5 dollars. Zagalom a wonderful option for pohatkivtsya. Ideally I want D7000 i Tokina AT-X PRO FX AF 16-28 mm f / 2.8
    Garnikh to you znimkіv =)

    PS Arkadiy, dyakoy for a wonderful site :)
    PPS Photo of ranked Lviv of knowledge on D5100 + 50mm 1.8G

    • BB

      Also on board 5100, for 4 years it has been working + 18-105 + 70-300Vr, well, and fifty dollars - where without it - nikkor f / 1.4 + G-81N
      I thought 7000 or 7100, I decided that I already have the 7000th matrix, I ordered 7100, I'm waiting :)

  • Maksim

    Nikon D5100+ Sigma AF 18-200 mm f / 3.5-6.3 II DC OS HSM
    Of course I would like a full frame, but ... in perspective.
    PS Thanks for the useful site.

  • Paul

    Pentax K-7 + Zenithar f1.7 50mm

    I am saving up for a full frame of Canon 5D)) It will be a good addition to the film and K-7.

  • Paul

    Oh! )) I forgot a photo ...

  • Andrey

    And I fell in love with Nikon DF and I have it

  • Danil Dolidze

    I shoot on Nikon D750 and Helios 81M, Jupiter 135 mm, and kit 24-85.
    I want Hasselblad for leisurely work)

  • Danil Dolidze

    I shoot on Nikon D750 and Helios 81M, Jupiter 135 mm, and kit 24-85.
    I want a Hasselblad for leisurely work ...

  • Danil Dolidze

    I shoot on Nikon D750 and Helios 81M, Jupiter 135 mm, and kit 24-85.
    I want Hasselblad for leisurely work ..)

    • Lynx

      Of course take Hassel!
      for leisurely work - that's it!

  • Rygor

    D7000 My father also has the D50, sometimes I take it.

  • Danko

    Sony a230.
    What is good? But nothing. Small, uncomfortable, noisy, there is no Live View (it is very difficult for me with poor eyesight to get the focus through the AIV)

    • Danko

      And more

  • Nicholas


    Test camera Kiev-4M with photos - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ibmWXFylKA

  • Igor

    Good afternoon.
    Tightened your site).
    And I decided to write a couple of beeches.
    I started to take photography even when kefir was 11 kopecks and corks from foil (1974) Change of 8m. As soon as you run into the bath and fill all the holes and cracks and all day in the dim red light you dip the leaves into the tubs and ... the smell of wet paper ...
    Then there was Viliya auto (so it seems) and already FED5.
    Becoming a student and having my daughter as the firstborn, I also disappeared in the bath.
    Then the institute ended, the dying 90s, work, survival, and somehow the desire to photograph faded.
    Already closer to 40, something "clicknuolo" again, when, in addition to the TV, they presented Olympus C160 in the store. Soap dish soap dish but away we go. Then FujiF50fd, S6500fd. Fuji is good. For an amateur with a slow response, the colors are good and the lens is reasonably versatile and not bad. But autofocus is already very slow.
    Now I have three devices: S6500fd, Nikon D70, Nikon D300.
    Mileage D70 - 6800, D300-22000. Lenses 50mm 1.8, 18-70mm 3,5-4,5, 55-200mm 4.5-5.6 VR.
    The D70 turned out to be an appendage to the purchased lens.
    And what can I say?
    All cameras are good and bad in their own way. Emotions are important! Emotions from shooting and emotions from photos. You look at an old black and white photo and it takes your breath away, but you look at the super color and detail ... and you want to yawn. And there is also vice versa.
    I don't see the point in buying something more modern. You can get high and have a memory with this park of photographic equipment. Good luck to all!

    • Andrei

      Great photo.

  • Igor

    Nikon D300. Sunset

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