Work on the English version of the site

For more than a month, there have been painful attempts to revive the English version of the site -

English version

English version

My good friend Eugene, who teaches English, works on the translation. I would be grateful for the support - like the reviews that we have already translated. For the dissemination of information about the launch of the English-language (and the existence of the Russian-language) version of the site - special thanks. ;)

Thank you for attention. Arkady Shapoval.

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Comments: 59, on the topic: Work on the English version of the site

  • Arkady

    spring came!

    • Igor

      Brrrr !!! That's it!

  • Igor

    Wrong clicked.

    • Arkady

      the beauty! but for now, only this way ...

  • Yarkiy

    Damn, you even have snow and spring is similar to spring, but here it’s winter and spring and summer and autumn and everything is in this form, practically unchanged.

    • Jury

      But it’s warm, you don’t need winter tires, you can take pictures for a long time outside, it’s not slippery on the sidewalks, icicles do not fall from the roofs, etc. - there are advantages :)

      • anonym

        Well, yes, and from models only jerboas.)

    • Arkady

      then here's another ... - for contrast ...

    • Victor

      Question in the sky. Polyar or shop?

  • anonym

    Gentlemen, take the pressure off my viburnum.)

  • Igor

    And I still have a dogrose, it also helps a lot!

  • B.R.P.

    Kalina for a wink ...

    • Arkady

      and here there is cho ...

  • Uladzimir

    Respect Arkady for his Olympic calm. Here's how not to succumb to provocations. If the site began to read English-speaking visitors to the site, then this is in demand.

  • anonym

    my advice is to post a user report about Steve's Soviet lenses,
    and give links to the site for promotion

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