Review VEGA-11U 2,8 / 50

According provided by lens VEGA-11U 2,8 / 50 many thanks to Fedor Medrin.

Review VEGA-11U 2,8 / 50

Review VEGA-11U 2,8 / 50

Radozhiv already has a review of a similar lens, in the frame of a zebra-type body, produced at the Azov optical-mechanical plant - VEGA-11U 2,8/50. This review will be very small, since all the basic information on the lens has already been submitted here. The option presented in this review differs from the Azov model in housing, optical enlightenment, and it was made at the Lytkarino optical glass factory.

Link to the archive with the originals, 500Mb, 20 files in '.ARW' format. Additionally you can look at the instruction manual of the lens for photographic enlargers 'VEGA-11U'.

Use with modern cameras

Lenses with an M39 mounting thread (for enlargers, M39 X 1 / 28.8), such as the lens from this review, are very easy to use on modern cameras, just select correct adapter. On lens reflex cameras can only work in macro mode (shoot small objects with a short focusing distance). On mirrorless cameras, it will be possible to achieve focus on infinity. The cheapest adapters can be found

For use on modern digital SLR cameras Canon EOS need M39-Canon EOS adapter, you can buy such an adapter (adapter) here. Also, an adapter M39-Canon EOS can be easily replaced with two adapters: M42-Canon EOS + M39-M42. In any case, the lens will always be focused at close distances.

An adapter is required for use on Nikon SLR cameras M39-Nikon F, you can buy such an adapter (adapter) without a lens and a chip here. Also, one adapter M39-Nikon F can be easily replaced with two adapters: M42-Nikon F + M39-M42. In any case, the lens will always be focused at close range.

For such a lens, I advise you to additionally buy macro rings with M42 thread, for example here.

How to use this lens with cameras of other systems (Pentax, Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung, Sigma etc.) - ask in the comments and you will be prompted. If you have any questions on compatibility and adapters, ask in the comments (comments do not require any registration at all, any user can add a comment).

When installing on a Sony a7 camera using an adapter M39 - Sony NEX (L39 - Nex), the lens has a slight overrun of infinity. To accurately focus the lens on infinity, I did not fully screw it into the adapter. It is extremely difficult to work with such a lens (without a focus ring), so the examples of photos in this review are only at infinity (adapter M39 - Sony NEX (L39 - Nex) and in macro mode (adapter M42-Sony NEX + M39-M42).

Video review can be viewed at my youtube channel:

Other lenses from photo enlargers (U)


  1. INDUSTRAR 22U-1 1: 3,5 F = 50mm П | LZOS | 8 petals
  2. I-22U 1: 3,5 F = 50mm П | KOMZ | 10 petals
  3. I23U 4,5 / 110 | LZOS | medium format | 6 petals
  4. I-26m-U 2,8 / 52 | FED | 10 petals
  5. I50U-3,5 / 50 | FOZ | 6 petals
  6. I50U 3,5 / 50 | LZOS | 6 petals
  7. I50U 3,5 / 50 | NGO 'Optics' | 6 petals
  8. I50U-1 3,5 / 50 | LZOS | 6 petals
  9. И50У-1 1:3,5 F=50мм П | LZOS | 8 petals
  10. INDUSTRAR-55U 140 / 4.5 | MMZ | medium format | 9 petals | reader review
  11. INDUSTRAR-58 3,5 / 75 | MMZ | medium format | 9 petals | reader review
  12. I-90U 4/75 | LZOS | medium format | 10 petals
  13. I96U-3.5 / 50 | FOZ | 6 petals
  14. I96U 3,5 / 50 H-22 | NGO 'Optics' | 6 petals
  15. I96U-H-22-3,5/50 | FOZ | 6 petals
  16. I96U-1 3,5 / 50 | FOZ | 6 petals
  17. I-100U 4/110 | LZOS | medium format | 10 petals | reader note


  1. VEGA-11U 2.8/50 | AOMZ | zebra | 12 petals
  2. VEGA-11U 2,8/50 | LZOS | black | 12 petals
  3. VEGA-11U 3/54 | MMZ | black | 12 petals
  4. VEGA-5U 4/105 | AOMZ | medium format | 6 petals
  5. VEGA-5U 4/105 | MMZ | medium format | 6 petals
  6. VEGA-22CA 5,6/103 | MMZ | medium format | 6 petals | reader's review


  1. Mikar / s 4,5 / 55 | PZO WARSZAWA | Made in Poland | 5 petals
  2. Emitar / s 4,5 / 80 | PZO WARSZAWA | Made in Poland | 5 petals
  3. Amar 4,5 / 105 | PZO WARSZAWA | Made in Poland | 6 petals


  1. LZOS - Lytkarino Optical Glass Plant, Lytkarino
  2. KOMZ - Kazan Optical and Mechanical Plant, Kazan
  3. MMZ - Minsk Mechanical Plant named after S.I. Vavilova
  4. FOZ - Theodosia Optical Plant
  5. AOMZ - Azov Optical and Mechanical Plant, Azov
  6. NPO Optika - Optics Research and Production Association, Moscow
  7. FED - Kharkov Engineering Plant 'FED' (F. E. Dzerzhinsky)

The names of the lenses are clearly indicated according to the marks on the case.


VEGA-11U 2,8 / 50 is a tiny lens from a photographic enlarger, it can serve as a budget macro lens, it has a good resolution. It is extremely difficult to use as a 'classic' lens.

Thank you for attention. Arkady Shapoval.

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Comments: 43, on the topic: Review VEGA-11U 2,8 / 50

  • Grandfather Fedor

    A nice video addition to the article.

  • Sashko Fujifilm X-E2

    Good review. Informative :)

  • Oleg R

    Nice to see Kiev !!! Since 2001 has not been. And the view on the lens is extremely clear!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      This is not Kiev, but Vyshgorod :)

  • Dmitriy

    Video is great! Only background music clogs speech and becomes the main sound source :(

    • Grandfather Fedor

      When I looked at the background sound for the first time, I did not even pay attention. After your comment, I reviewed (excerpts) the video review again, and did not feel any discomfort.
      Well, if only a little, then you can reduce the sound background.
      In general, I looked and delved into “the lens”.
      This question has been troubling me for some time now: - why are the number of petals on lenses from enlargers made sufficient to provide a round aperture at all f values, but this factor is neglected on photo lenses?

      • Arkady Shapoval

        On modern lenses do not make a large number of petals because of the mechanics, which should work out at 15 frames per second. On manual lenses, without a diaphragm control system directly from the camera, the number of petals can be any.

        • Gene jb

          Nevertheless, in the presence of versions with a large number of petals, their number is minimal. Take the same helios, for example.

          • Rodion

            There is a jump on the later ones. But still stupid, yes. They are not blackened yet.

  • Grandfather Fedor

    I just did not think about the requirements for modern lenses.
    Then I found two antipodes
    Tair-11 (Tair-11A) with 20 petals
    and Zenitar-ME1 with 2 petals (curtains)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Actually, on Zenitar-ME1, for the implementation of electronic control of the diaphragm, there were only 2 petals.

  • Alexander Gvozd

    The lens is cool, very cheap, with great picture and sharpness. After the purchase, I remade it for Nikon and even achieved a slight change in this MDF lens (due to the thread, by screwing in and out)! Here is an example of changing MDF и on EXIF ​​do not look it is wrong (forgot to change after using Tair-3S MC 300mm F4.5). The cost is ridiculous ($ 10 for the lens + $ 7 adapter), but the result is excellent. Yes, there is only one drawback - manual. Here are some more pictures from Vega-11U

    • Victor

      Looked at yours, Alexander, photographs (where natural still lifes) ... what to say? If the Lord endows a person with abilities (talent) - this is evident in his works. I saw your love for nature, for all living things ... and it doesn't matter at all what kind of camera a person has, what kind of lens is installed there. You don't think about it at all when you look at good pictures. I wish you success !

  • Alexander Gvozd

    A cool macro lens, very cheap, with great picture and sharpness. After the purchase, I remade it for Nikon and even achieved a slight change in this MDF lens (due to the thread, by screwing in and out)! The cost is ridiculous ($ 10 for the lens + $ 7 adapter), but the result is excellent. Yes, there is only one drawback - manual. Unfortunately, it was not possible to download links to photos from this lens.

  • anonym

    The video clip blocks the viewing of the photo when zoomed in, it is always on top, at least in the Explorer.

  • olegs

    The quality of this veg is below any baseboard of course. Although someone will say that it is retro and generally pretty. In this sense, perhaps a photo with a wooden fence is not bad

    • Fedor

      Can you recommend a budget better alternative to this macro lens? Interested in a scale larger than 1: 1

  • Shishoff

    Arkady, hello! Sorry, I’m a little off topic, but I heard that when switching from FF to crop, the aperture also has to be counted, like the FR. Could you comment on this theory or, even better, write a new article?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Grandmas who sit near the porch are not a good source of information. As for recalculating the diaphragm I have described here (section superiority of crop).

      • Shishoff

        Thank you for your reply!

      • Vladimir

        Arkady, hello! I came across a lens for a Vega - 30U photo enlarger. Will you prepare a review on it? Ready to submit for testing. Sincerely, Vladimir.

    • olegs

      When using old Konica Hexanon film lenses on Fujifilm X-E2 (crop 1.5), aperture is lost (the camera raises the shutter speed) - at the same aperture, when compared with Panasonic mirrorless cameras (crop 2)

      I don’t know what it is connected with, perhaps Fuji and Panasonic do different metering

      • Lynx

        Fuji likes to slow down the shutter speed, trying later to brighten the shadows programmatically

        • olegs

          it is worth noting the shadows of fuji wonderful

  • anonym

    I understand this is the latest version of the lens and was still intermediate with knurling to change the aperture on the edge of the lens and not in the middle

  • Olga

    Although I'm not blonde, but still. here you wrote about a tin can - delight is direct, is it really that you are so happy with such a pinhole? why then, if you have a soldering iron, you can't admire good excellent glass lenses, for example, from this one, I have a Kodak Star EF. I understand - this is a lot for collectors, but I dropped it and damaged the case - the dent was accidental. but the lens is intact

  • Alexander

    "Is it really that you are so happy with this pinhole?" - this is hardcore, baby;)

  • Sergei

    Since 1989, the quality of Soviet lenses has gone a lot, the period 1989, 90–91, the country was undergoing restructuring, and this unfortunately affected the culture of production.

  • KalekseyG

    for Nikon, with focus on infinity, Industar-90u 75/4 is suitable. sorry Arkady does not have his review

  • Pavlo

    Mayu Qiu version, blowing riots. Strongly marriageє you can hold the diaphragm more for 11. axis of the photo without macro.

  • Pavlo

    denne light, without macro ring, d700

  • Andrew

    Is there a way to get “about” infinity with it on Nikon 5100?

  • Eugene

    Tell me, there was a light spot in the center, on each frame, under different conditions of photographing. How to fix?
    I use on Sony A6000 with macro rings and an adapter.

  • Andrei

    Hello Arkady!
    I watched a lot of your reviews, thank you for the site!
    Question to you, as to a professional.
    I want to try amateur macro.
    Nikon D90 + Nikkor AF 50 1,8 camera.
    One of the options is to buy this lens, the second - extension rings + my fifty dollars.
    Which option is more practical? Where will the best sharpness be?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      I recommend taking the macro rings

  • Andrei

    Thanks. Perhaps I will do so.

  • Lennaganci

    Good day, Arkady!

    I decided for a macro to buy myself such a lens or its analogue without a focuser.
    Please tell me which one will still be the best of all available, you have a large list there, and how to compare them is not very clear.

    Basically, we need a super sharp picture throughout the field, all other difficulties are not terrible.

  • Vladimir1953

    I bought a lens "Vega -11U" LZOS.
    There is trash on the surfaces of the lenses on the side of the diaphragm blades. About half the radius of the lens.
    As I understand it, he will not do much harm. But damned perfectionism is haunted.
    How problematic is disassembling the lens? What problems may arise: alignment and more?
    Thank you.

    • Rodion

      The lens itself is not very high quality, so there will be no problems. There is only one pitfall - it seems that it is difficult to understand the cleanliness of the lenses before you collect it) The play of light is like that. It is better to wash with isopropanol.

      • Vladimir1953

        And what about tricks and disassemblies?

        • Rodion

          None. Use a caliper, which is not a pity.

  • Timur

    I got myself this lens the other day. Clinking sharpness on the macro. I have never seen such sharp ones, even on modern ones. Yes, there are certainly inconveniences when using it. There is no autofocus and stabilizer, but all this is achieved by additional optical elements that, although of high quality, still bring their disadvantages to the sharpness. I am very happy with this lens.

  • Rb

    This is a very capable little lens on the budget. Just make sure to fix internal reflections of the extension tube/adapter. (This is recommended for any lens).

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