Pentax K200D Review

According provided by Pentax K200D camera many thanks to Ilya Kostenko (the first official photo flea market of the city of Dnepropetrovsk).

Pentax K200D Review

Review of Pentax K200D. The camera was available in black and silver colors.

The Pentax K200D is a cute old hobby digital SLR camera that was introduced in January 2008.

The camera is interesting for its image stabilization system, which allows you to use it with any lens, even manual :). Also, K200D has a dust removal function that can be programmed to turn on the camera and which allows you to keep the matrix clean. When this function is activated, the camera shudders significantly and makes a characteristic sound, which at first can even frighten. And the camera has a dust and water tight rugged case :).

K200D uses an additional monochrome display, but, in my opinion, it is not functional enough. The secondary display cannot quickly configure basic camera settings, such as white balance, image quality, ISO value, shooting mode, etc. And the additional display does not have an auxiliary backlight, which is sometimes very upsetting. Thus, all settings have to be made through the main display of the camera using the menu or the 'FN' button. The main display is large enough at 2.7 inches and 230.000 pixels.

Pentax K200D

Pentax K200D

At the heart of the Pentax K200D is a 10 MP CCD-type sensor, which can create images with a maximum size of 3872 X 2592. The same sensor is carried on board the cameras Pentax K10D and Pentax Km. Most likely, the same sensor can be found on other cameras, such as Nikon D80, D40x, D60, D3000, D200as well as the Sony A100, A200, A230, A300, A330 and Samsung GX-10 cameras. Actually, Sony also stamped the matrix data. If you go deep, the camera data is based on the sensor Sony ICX493AQA, in that time Nikon D200 uses a slightly modified version - Sony ICX483AQA with an increased number of connectors for reading data (proof link). Of course, the fact that cameras use the same sensors does not guarantee the same image quality, since each camera has its own signal processing algorithm and possibly different AA filters. But on my own I will add that the picture with the Pentax K200D is like two drops of water similar to the picture Nikon D80 и D40x.

The Pentax K200D can use ISO from 100 to 1600 units without the ability to expand its range. ISO can be changed in thirds of a stop. The camera has an automatic ISO control function, for this function you can set the maximum ISO threshold, and the camera calculates the maximum shutter speed depending on the focal length of the lens. When you turn on the D-Range function, the ISO range is narrowed to 200-1600 units. At high ISOs, the camera is very weak. It's funny that the previous model, the K100D, had a higher maximum ISO threshold of 3200. Nevertheless, the old CCD matrix has its own unique charm, which I wrote about in the review Nikon D40x.

Pentax K200D

Pentax K200D

The K200D is not a very fast camera, it can shoot at a maximum speed of 2.8 frames per second (I practically did not feel any difference between 3 fps and 2.8 fps).

If you turn off additional functions such as 'Long exposure noise reduction', 'High ISO sensitivity noise reduction', 'D-Range', then the following is placed in the buffer:

  • 4 frames in PEF format
  • 4 frames in DNG format
  • 5-6 frames in JPEG, 10M, maximum quality
  • 4 frames in RAW format (PEF or DNG) + JPEG

If you enable all additional functions, then in frame buffer fits:

  • 4 frames in PEF format
  • 4 frames in DNG format
  • 4 frames in JPEG, 10M, maximum quality
  • 3 frames in RAW format (PEF or DNG) + JPEG

As it turned out, frame buffer very small, buffer-like on a lot of amateur cameras.

High ISO noise reduction can be configured to work at different intensities. At ISO 1600, with the 'hard' value selected, the camera does overwhelm the image details.

Pentax K200D

Pentax K200D Battery Compartment

Pentax K200D uses an 11-point focusing system based on the Safox VIII sensor, which can also be found on a huge number of other cameras: K100D, K100D Super, K110D, K10D, K20D, Kx, * ist DS2, * ist DS, * ist D. work with the lens SMC Pentax-DA 1: 3.5-5.6 18-55mm AL the focusing system worked pretty well, and the camera was pretty good too JVI with 96% frame coverage and 0.85X magnification based on the pentazerkal.

Some features of the Pentax K200D:

  • The camera has the ability to remotely control external Pentax flashes using the built-in flash.
  • There is support for high-speed synchronization with external flashes.
  • The synchronization speed with the built-in flash is only 1/180 seconds, and in order to select the value 1/180, you need to set the change step in the camera menu exposureequal to 1/2 foot.
  • There is a built-in simple processing of RAW files.
  • If you raise the built-in flash, it can act as an auxiliary backlight when focusing.
  • Minimum excerpt is 1/4000 s.
  • And the camera has a function bracketing exposure.
Pentax K200D and Canon EOS 350D

Pentax K200D body and Canon EOS 350D body. Apparently, in those days there was a fashion for silver cameras :)

The K200D is probably the only camera I really disliked. The reason for this is very simple - the camera uses four conventional AA batteries instead of batteries. On the one hand, batteries are a blessing, but on the other, they are very impractical.

Here is what is indicated in the instructions:

Used batteries: AA Ni-MH batteries, AA lithium or alkaline batteries.

Everything would be fine, but the camera refused to turn on with my five sets of Ni-MH batteries that I use for my flashlights. Believe me, I have very good Ni-MH batteries with a capacity of 2500 mAh and a good La Crosse BC1000 charger. Thus, for two days I could not turn on the camera at all, as I constantly forgot to buy regular batteries. Then I still bought a set of good Duracell 1.5V LR6 Alkaline MN1500, on which the camera lived for 50 minutes of studio shooting and took exactly 190 frames, after which no 'dancing with a tambourine' made it turn back on. Next, I bought another set of Sony Alkaline Stamina Plus AA LR6 AM3 1.5V batteries on which the cameras lasted 80 shots, while I was shooting on the street and the camera either showed a full charge of the batteries, or did not want to turn on at all. The latter situation is described in the instructions and can be considered standard, but still there is nothing worse than the whims of the camera with the inclusion. At home, I 'warmed up' the batteries and squeezed out about 20 more shots from them, after which this set also worked its way. I ended up buying another set of batteries, the Hyndai Mega Alkaline LR6 1.5V Mercury & Cadmium Free, which lasted over 100 shots.

Most likely, the camera did not want to work with my Ni-MH batteries, as their voltage is 1.2V instead of 1.5V for regular batteries. In any case, the web is full of user complaints about battery and / or battery problems. I believe that this problem puts an end to the use of this camera. For example, no other Nikon or Canon camera is ever so naughty with batteries, even if these are old models on the 'killed' native Ni-MH batteries.

It is possible to use lithium batteries, or some Ni-MH batteries, will be able to ensure full-fledged operation of the camera, but personally, my desire to bother with this issue has long disappeared. And you can also buy a Pentax D-BG3 battery pack, which also works on 4 AA batteries.

Here link to the archive with the originals - 138 MB, 15 photos in .PEF format (RAW) More examples of photos on this lens can be found in the review. SMC Pentax-DA 1: 3.5-5.6 18-55mm AL.

Prices for modern Pentax cameras in popular stores can look at this link.

In comments Can I ask you a question on the topic and you will answer, and you can also express your opinion or describe your experience. Many little things for a photo can be found on AliExpress.


Nowadays, the Pentax K200D is outdated, and perhaps this is its advantage. K200D can be bought for a penny and enjoy the image stabilizer with manual optics in a rugged protected case :). Personally, I was not upset by the most adequate functioning of the camera with modern power sources.

Material prepared Arkady Shapoval. Please, if this material was useful to you, help my project. And don't forget that everyone can write your review for one or another photographic equipment.

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Comments: 68, on the topic: Pentax K200D review

  • Eugene.

    I bought a BU 3 years ago in excellent condition for a penny for the sake of trying a CCD - but what is it? :) Like a second camera.
    What I do not regret at all. The picture is always happy.
    Autofocus accuracy is excellent. She would have a lighter “eye” for working with manual optics.
    There are absolutely no nutritional problems. On white enelups about 1000 frames are easy.
    In order for the camera to work at the correct voltage (4x1.5v), I bought a set of NiZn batteries with a voltage of 1,5v, and the enelups migrated to flashes.

    PS Arkady, thanks for the review. It is a pity that you did not get a very successful copy and spoiled your impression of the camera.

    • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

      Thanks for the advice with Akum. 1.5c. enjoyed these years

  • Paul

    A very interesting creative model with a great "cheerful" color in a jpeg straight from the camera. Some people do not like these colors, they call such a color rendering too "cartoonish" .. Now is the golden time for amateur photographers, old SLR cameras that once cost about a dollar today can be bought at the price of a new soap dish. ... You can dial a dozen, choose to your liking, sell the rest. Personally, I did just that. Of the small handful of veterans of those years, I liked this one the most. Maybe because of a feeling of nostalgia, because I already had a dozen, but the color of this 10 is really cool, the same as on k200d. Compared to the Ten, the autofocus and exposure metering of the k5d is more accurate, as it seemed to me. When shooting, I prefer not to interfere with the camera's automation, so this is very important for me. He really goes through batteries, but with batteries he works without problems. Naturally, they (batteries) must be of normal quality, for 1100 hryvnia from the nearest stall will not work. I got the camera with a factory box, which has a sticker: Energizer lithium, 55 frames without flash. I think these batteries were included. They are relatively expensive, somewhere around 65-100 hryvnia apiece, so I didn't bother and bought ordinary Duraseli (4 hryvnia 300 pcs). I have already taken about 7 shots with them and the camera still shows a full charge). Compared to the old Kenon-Nikons, in the XNUMX there is a regular SD memory card, after shooting I can immediately insert it into my Panasonic plasma TV and enjoy a great picture. After running around with card readers and haemorrhoids with CF-SD transfers, it's really a thrill. Some photographers prefer to use various computer programs and tint something in them. With this model, you will not need it, because the picture from this camera is thrilling to hysteria and there is no longer any desire to add something. I highly recommend this model to those who do not want to bother with different settings, programs, but just want to press the shutter, take pictures and enjoy the excellent color rendering of the CCD matrix, because compared to modern SMOS matrices stuffed with megapixels and their dull color, the picture with this Pentax is a real work of art. And I will not be surprised if in a few years this device will become a cult one, on a par with Fuji pro or Minolta XNUMX, and it will not be so easy to buy it.

  • DNA

    I have been using this camera for about 8 years. From which I add a comment, this camera power is demanding. What horrible batteries does not eat. I solved this problem easily, I bought 4 white enilup (1.2V) batteries. For 6 years I have been using one set of batteries. Enough for 1000-1300 frames, with one charge. I think nutrition is not a disadvantage, but a virtue. AA batteries will probably always be, and a branded battery for a certain model is unlikely. Still happy stub and confirmation of autofocus in the carcass. No adapters with a chip. Penny film lenses can be sorted out in tons, working with them is easy in this camera. I tried the screen with wedges, but returned it to my native one, confirmation of focus helps when the eye is mistaken.

  • Vitalij

    Tell me which batteries to buy. Are 1.2 e-loops suitable or should I look for 1.5, since they are very difficult to find?

    • anonym

      NiZn can be viewed on AliExpress, they are recommended in such cases, there is 1.6V voltage. I don’t bear a word for the joy :) 1.2, most likely, will not work, as Arkady mentioned. This is one of those rare examples of equipment where overvoltage is required. Although it is strange how it works on drained batteries ...

    • Michael R

      Guys, before asking - read the comments)))
      Above DNA, he unsubscribed that he successfully used WHITE 1,2 V eneloops

    • EvAlex888

      Look at Ali Express, there are a lot of things there. I ordered myself, they send. But be careful when choosing. There are sometimes tricks. It seems like a very cheap product, but in fact, the cost of sending it is more expensive than the product itself. So, be careful. And also study customer reviews about the product and the seller. This will help you.

  • Michael R

    In the article, dear Arkady wrote that the picture from this camera is like two drops of water similar to the picture of Nikon D80
    I am looking for an inexpensive “second revolver” with good color right from the camera.
    This camera is attracted by stub, moisture protection and the ability to use with SIMPLE adapters
    manual lenses from different systems
    Therefore, I ask the "pentaxists" to answer a number of questions
    1 What are the highest real working ISOs in this chamber?
    2 How well does the stub work? Is it possible to say that this Pentax with its stub and with a simple 70-300
    Will it be as good as the Nikon D 80 with a 70-300 lens but with a built-in stub (meaning the work of the stub)?
    3. I read that many complain of frequent autofocus misses. Is it so ?
    4 Are there inexpensive good AF zooms for every day - like 18-105 (135), because the whale one is still too short
    And what would you advise from inexpensive fixes - shirik and portraitist (80, 135)

    Or is it better to look towards Nikon D 80 ??

    I will be very grateful for the ARGUMENTED answer

    • Michael

      I’ll try to answer, because was K20D and D80
      1. 800
      2. Not really. It helps, but not radically. Stubs in Tamron 70-300 and Canon 55-250 can more
      3. Yes and no. It depends on what you compare it to. If with amateur Canon, it's better. With some top like D300 it is incomparably worse.
      4. There is a native 18-135. I won’t say for fixes, but Pentax has a different reality in focal. There are 43 mm 77 mm, etc., i.e. not familiar 50 and 85.

  • Michael R

    Namesake - thank you!
    For Pentax did not hold in hands

    • Sergei

      18-135 from pentax turned out to be very good, I took it recently. Optically much better than my 18-135 from Nikon. Compact, solid - the frame is partially made of metal. Focuses from less than 20 centimeters - you can shoot macro. In theory, he was all-weather and therefore wanted him, but there was no desire to wash him in the shower. The picture is inferior to 18-135 from Canon, but Ken's 18-135is-stm is indeed a very successful glass, although it is noticeably larger than its counterparts from Nikon and Pentax. I did not hold the K-200 in my hands either, there is a K-5, but I want to somehow buy a K-100 with a six megapixel matrix, which is less noisy than 10 megapixels. On this matrix (6 megapixels) there are Nikons D70 and D50, they shoot in different ways, the D-70 seems to me all the same better. I wonder what the pentax will give out with this matrix. There are D200 and D60 and Sony A300 on the Sonev ten-megapixel matrix. This matrix makes much more noise than a six-megapixel ccd from Sony, so I tend to Pentax K-100. I read about the problem with the power supply of the K-100 and K-200, but for Ali there are enough batteries for 1.5 volts, although you need to take a special charger for them. And so, pentaxes are interesting, with optics on them it will be worse on the secondary. The manual can be twisted without any problems, but in the K100-200 the viewfinder is small - not very convenient. We'll also have to take an eyepiece magnifier, but it is not cheap.

  • Boris Kolo

    I used NiCd batteries - it helped out for a while. Besides, I rarely took more than 200-300 frames per day. But the overall situation is annoying. In this regard, among amateur cameras, my favorite is the Nikon D70 - several hundred shots on a single charge, and if you forgot the camera for a year in the closet, you will take it out in a year and calmly go to shoot, I don’t charge the battery again!

  • Marianne

    Nog steeds dolgelukkig met mijn Pentax K200d. Maakt mooie foto's en is zeer gebruiksvriendelijk. Al 40000 clicks!

    • B. R. P.


  • Igor

    The 5 matrix really gives great colors in Jeep, and conveys the color of the sky especially well. I have a K-XNUMX with much richer functionality and dynamic range, higher resolution, but I still prefer to shoot landscapes at XNUMX. Sometimes you need to work a little with color saturation and that's it. True, the dynamic range of the XNUMX is still very small and the shadows are poorly drawn by modern standards. Even shooting in a ditch doesn’t help with overexposure. But nevertheless, I appreciate this camera as an artistic instrument with its own characteristics.

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