Fundraising for Radozhiva. Completed 100%.

For charity for the purchase of Sony a7 was collected:

When converted to currency, it turns out: 1235 USD (88% of the planned amount, but due to jumps in the exchange rate, this amount was enough to buy a camera). Camera was acquired for 21.000 UAH

Who helped the project, please write in the comments. Thanks a lot, everyone :). Thanks page is located here.

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  • Jury

    Arkady, and 80% is already with c3pro sold? Well, that thing does not stand still :)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Yes, it is indicated there.

  • Maria

    Hello! I want to thank you for the work done. This site has become for me the main conductor in the world of lenses! My husband and I were very happy to help the new project!

  • Alexey

    Judging by the comments of some owners of the FF, who are renting us for crop, they are considered second-class people. You and rushing from his greatness.

    • Sergei

      Yes it is in my opinion you have a manic syndrome. Who cares what you are shooting there for? At least on the phone. Normal people should not have such thoughts, that they say who there thinks me second class because of .. Then people who do not have a camera at all - shit? )) So what? I now have both an FF camera and a crop and I shoot on both .. How would I not go crazy .. Well this is necessary! Simultaneously despise and hate myself for contempt ..)))
      Alexei, do not tell people with such comments. I beg you very much.

      • The Hedgehog

        "Simultaneously despise and hate yourself for contempt"
        Well said, laughed :-))

      • Arkady Shapoval

        By the way, I also have two cropped cameras :) and even those times when the Death Star was built.

  • Valery Volgograd

    Hello. I transferred a small amount through Sberbank, was refused, a bank employee said that it was not possible to transfer a private bank, and then an SMS arrived that the write-off operation was completed. Have you got the money, no? 4276 1100 1190 4097. Good luck, thanks for the enlightenment.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      740 rubles came, I can’t see the account number from which the transaction occurred.

    • IgorS

      A transfer to a card of another bank comes with a larger commission than a transfer to webmoney, where the commission is 2%. Now translated 150 rubles .; the commission on the card counted 30 rubles, and on the webmoney 3 rubles.

      Your amount may not be debited, but simply blocked. You can write a statement to them from the Internet on the site, just describe the situation. They returned the money that the ATM ate :-)

  • Valery Volgograd

    Not mine. My 300 was (23.01.15/17.00/XNUMX approx.XNUMX)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      So they didn’t come. See if they have been withdrawn from your account.

  • Peter

    I would like to see the review "the lens is broken from a plastic film soap dish on a digital camera"

  • Dmitriy

    Well done Arkady! I regularly read your reviews on old lenses. It's great that I bought Sony 7. Only probably 7r should have been taken.

  • anonym

    in the help of the project, the Nikon 50mm 1: 1.8D AF Nikkor (MKIII) lens and the Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro camera, which were sold for 4300 UAH, were donated.
    Not bad sold. I would love to buy for that price.

  • Nikita Vershinin

    Good to all time!
    Professionally rented for 14 years
    (well, yes, this is irrelevant because, just the same, as it seems to me ~ rather, an amateur has “no eyes blurred”)
    and somehow, one of my colleagues gave a link to Radozhiva. I am very grateful specifically for the materials about the Fuji S3 Pro and Fuji S5 Pro cameras, by the way the network, I did not find anything like it, and for the time being I consider the best reviews of these cameras.
    Regarding the UPC systems and the Sony A7 in particular (a friend gave me a drive), I can notice an amazing power supply and all because the device works in constant video mode. The problem can of course be solved by purchasing cheap Chinese batteries, but then, this is an additional and tangible weight of the wearable on the hump of the kit. Specialists of the main manufacturing companies are expecting a new generation of batteries working on a completely new chemistry - increased survivability and capacity while maintaining the same dimensions.
    Perceived by the camera
    Sony A7 will only note the main thing - it is a colossal dynamic range.
    Purely subjectively, DD is much wider than in FF Nikons, (however, there is a snag - I don't understand how this can be if Nikon buys matrices from Sony, as far as I know, only in the latest flagship D5 does the company supply a sensor of its own design)
    The Sony a7's RAWs are amazingly 'rubbery' and stretch well when needed.
    Sony A7s are mainly taken by videographers who notice that the A7's case is very hot from prolonged use. Sony managed to get rid of such a jamb only in the freshest model
    A7 II

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