Review F = 92 1: 2 (lens from the overhead projector Lati-60 / 60M)

According provided by lens F = 92 1: 2 No. 651348 of the KOMZ plant (Kazan Optical and Mechanical Plant) many thanks to Fantom Felini.

UPDATED: more info here.

F = 92 1: 2 (lens from a slide projector Lety-60 / 60M)

F = 92 1: 2 (lens from a slide projector Lety-60 / 60M)

The lens presented in this review was taken from the Soviet overhead projector 'LETI-60' (aka 'Leti-60'), and possibly from the 'LETI-60M' (aka 'Leti-60m'). An adapter ring KP-42 / N was glued to it for mounting on Nikon cameras, while the lens itself has no mounting thread or bayonet mount. This option has a white metal back, but there are also under versions of the lens with a back that is the same black as the front (link to a completely black lens and description of the alteration).

Labels on the lens F = 92 1: 2 from the slide projector Lati-60 / 60M

Labels on the lens F = 92 1: 2 from the slide projector Lati-60 / 60M

This lens was produced in two main versions, Radozhiv already has a review of one of them - '2/92'(# 8204338).

Differences between models' F = 92 1: 2 'and'2/92':

  • Different frame of the case. Front lens'2/92'is set much deeper into the lens barrel, thus creating a kind of small hood. Also, '2/92'has a different focus ring with zebra markings.
  • Different identification marks. So, on 'F = 92 1: 2' there is a mark of the KOMZ plant, while '2/92', presumably, was produced at the LOMO plant. I want to add that there are lenses with the designation 'F-92 1: 2' and without the manufacturer's mark (see an example).
  • Different enlightenment. Version '2/92'has a pronounced orange coating of the front lens,' F = 92 1: 2 '- a pronounced lilac. However, I would like to clarify that some lenses'2/92'also had lilac enlightenment (see an example).

As a result, there are a bunch of different versions / subversions / subversions of this lens :).

Lens F = 92 1: 2 from the overhead projector Lety-60 (60M)

Lens F = 92 1: 2 from the overhead projector Lety-60 (60M)

What can be called a focus ring rotates 180 degrees. The front lens rotates when focusing. With such a alteration, as shown in the photographs, the lens has a clear flight of infinity, MDF is about 60 cm.

Rear lens of the lens F = 92 1: 2 from the overhead projector Leti-60 (60M)

Rear lens of the lens F = 92 1: 2 from the overhead projector Leti-60 (60M)

The copy that came into my view has a slightly shabby or shabby lens enlightenment.

Enlightenment of the front lens of the lens F = 92 1: 2 from the overhead projector Lety-60 (60M)

Enlightenment of the front lens of the lens F = 92 1: 2 from the overhead projector Lety-60 (60M)

Chamfer lenses are poorly blackened. The lens does not have an aperture device, and therefore it always shoots at full open.

F = 92 1: 2 from the overhead projector Lety-60 (60M) and the classic boring portrait portrait Nikon AF-S Nikkor 85mm 1: 1.8G IF SWM

F = 92 1: 2 from the overhead projector Lety-60 (60M) and a classic boring portrait Nikon AF-S Nikkor 85mm 1: 1.8G IF SWM

The lens is still afraid of back and side light. At the same time, it is quite sharp and has a rather interesting pattern, in fact, for the sake of which all these 'dances with a tambourine' were made in attempts to shoot with a projection lens.

Here link to the archive with the originals - 184 MB, 16 photos in .NEF format (RAW) from the camera Nikon D700. On Nikon DX cameras EGF lens will be 138mm (classic portrait focal length).

Lens F = 92 1: 2 from the overhead projector Lety-60 (60M)

Lens F = 92 1: 2 from the overhead projector Lety-60 (60M) on the ZK

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The names of the lenses correspond to their exact spelling on the body.

Catalog modern brand lenses 'Zenitar' и 'Helios' can look at this link.

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F = 92 1: 2 (lens from the overhead projector Lety-60 / 60M) - like its version '2/92'turned out to be an interesting' creative lens'. You have to get used to working with it for a long time, but with such unusual lenses you get a lot of pleasure while shooting :).

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Comments: 81, on the topic: Overview F = 92 1: 2 (lens from the overhead projector Lati-60 / 60M)

  • Timur

    Are there any lens hoods whose design will allow it to be fixed on this lens without modifications?
    Something like a tightening sleeve, or anything else.

    • Timur

      In general, I used a raising ring and wrapped a hood. No couplings, and other tricks.

  • anonym

    I bought one on the "Book" for 50 rubles. Now I read and ... I am proud of the komz! I live nearby.
    (It is necessary to dive there more often.) And then this portrait portrait of Tysh 25 is now standing.
    Iskander, since 1977 prof.photokor.

    • Timur

      I bought it on a hammer already for 2000, because half a year of searching in my borocholka did not lead to anything.

  • Defend522

    There is such a thing. I modified it a little (I glued a calibration film from the impression cylinder of the printing machine to the case) in order to reduce the backlash when focusing to a minimum. Generally a kind of lens. Highly recommend for creative people)

  • Oleg

    That's right, interesting glass! Filmed without fastening, with hands. I will think about the adapter and mount.

  • anonym


  • Gennady

    The lens was adapted on the m42x1. It’s hard to focus, but the result is good.

    • Rodion

      By the way, it is one of the most problematic projectors for setting the aperture.

      • anonym

        nonsense. why close it. use 3,5-5,6))))))

        • Rodion

          Right. Why is this diaphragm needed? Just think, some kind of nonsense. It will be necessary to tell all manufacturers not to install it. Bkdem buy separately 85 / 1.2, 2.8, 5.5, 8, 11 ...
          And yet this 92/2 helicoid is not needed. Why? Hold and slap in your hand.

          • York

            And why should you clamp on a picture glass?
            At 8 all lenses are the same, then it's better to take AF.

            • Serg

              I agree with Yorzh on a high-aperture lens to clamp the hole at all there is no sense at all, because such glasses are bought because of the maximum open hole. for everything else, there are other lenses that draw more beautifully when closed.
              but cutting the lens unit thereby violating the factory alignment and inserting the diaphragm will no longer be the same factory unit.
              to do everything up to a tenth of a millimeter will not work, but from here there are already changes

              • Chebe

                The diaphragm is inserted into this lens block with a bang.
                You need a lathe and milling machine.
                The gap between the front and rear lens groups is bored to 44.5 mm. from the front group. A 12-blade diaphragm from Uncle Lee from Aliexpress easily fits there. This leaves enough metal to support the rear lens of the front group, its outer diameter is 49mm.
                That is, all original dimensions are preserved.
                The diaphragm driver is led out through a hole milled in the body.
                Turning work for 20 min. with coffee and a cigarette.

                If someone does not want to bother with turning work, you can also stick a black paper diaphragm there.
                This lens must be pressed in at least half a stop, then the pattern is in place, and the sharpness improves significantly.

              • Rodion Eshmakov

                What aperture size do you use?

  • Fedormaihaylovich

    Rodion, you are sick

    • Rodion

      And this is on Radozhiv.

      • Denis

        I am also terrified :))) But it was not this that made me look for this glass .... I just saw how people screw this horror into GFX 50s for 350 pieces ... ..I can't understand .... why?

        • Rodion

          But the result is cool?

    • Denis

      Are you healthy for the campaign? This is game ... you understand that this is glass from a projector for filmstrips ... .. ???

      • Denis

        Teska, you can cut sausage with a knife and kill people in battle. And this and that knife.
        The analogy, I think, is clear?) Here too - the lens is a lens, it makes no difference whether you look at the cards or take pictures with it. It is a tool.

  • Gennady

    Installing a lens diaphragm is not a problem. Cut out a circle d40mm from black plastic from an office folder. Can be pre-cleaned with sandpaper for dullness. Inside any hole, which will be the diaphragm. I did d20mm. No vignetting, flu increased. Slides against the rear lens. There is a lot of threaded space and everything will hold ...

    • Iskander

      Such a diaphragm can also be inserted in the middle of the lens block, between the two internal components (which will be more correct for this scheme), only the hole needs to be made smaller.

  • Andrei

    I like the lens, especially the fact that it was bought already converted to Canon pf 1000 rubles.
    IMG_2430psave picture

  • Glory

    I inserted the diaphragm in front. The result is excellent. The contrast rose.

  • Vladimir

  • Iskander

    Great lens! My copy is not in the best condition (scuffs and scratches on the lenses). The other day I adapted it for the cropped Canon, gluing the M42 macro ring to the back of the lens body through plastic gaskets as a shank, adjusting the thickness so that there is a minimum flight to infinity. For the experiment, I took a picture of the world map on the wall from equal distances with whales 18-55, 50-1,8 stm and this F-92. I was amazed at the uniformity of sharpness across the entire field of the F-92! Even a fifty-fifty with a covered aperture, the frame angles are blurred. The whale is slightly better, but the F-92 surpassed both. The contrast is a little worse, but the resolution confidently fits into 18 megapixels. I advise everyone, a decent lens, and not only for a portrait, but also for genres where high detail is important.
    P.S. The lens barrel in the review is most likely homemade. An excellent solution would be to cut the M42 thread on its shank, and screw the adapter to it. The stock body is too short for that.

  • Vladimir

    Great lens!

  • Vladimir

    One of my favorite lenses

  • Dmitry Anatolyevich

    Used makromecha, aka makrorail, officially "Prefix PZF". He unscrewed the front ring from the macro fur and inserted it inside the Helios-92 without a helicoid. The lens is securely fastened with the same screw as the ring, and the bellows do not allow the optical axis to shift noticeably. As a result, the lens from the inside rubs the fur a little, which hypothetically can lead to their damage if you focus the lens back and forth for days on end. But it is very convenient focusing, and makes an impression on others. If someone has a macro rail lying around at home, feel free to use this device.

  • ba3lur

    ... a daughter in the leaves is a masterpiece !!!

    • Victor

      What daughter? o_O

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