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According provided by Nikon D750 camera many thanks to Alexander Logachev.

For those who do not like to read a lot: Nikon D750 was announced on 11.09.2014/XNUMX/XNUMX and so far is Nikon's best amateur CZK. That's all :)

Nikon D750

Nikon D750 BODY

All tabular data can be found on the official website, I don’t want to retell the same parameters once again that wander from one review to another. In this mini-review, I will only leave my own impressions of using the Nikon D750.

I want to warn you that on the official sites,, and even, the Nikon D750 is located in the section 'Professional SLR Digital Cameras' (proof image). This information is not true and is a marketing ploy. Or maybe the world just went crazy and the level of 'professional equipment' fell below the plinth.

Unfortunately, my favorite site, although it remains more honest, nevertheless went along the paths indicated by the marketers and deleted the professional / amateur equipment separation directories, leaving only one large list (proof link) Even the vile Pedivikia puts the D750 on a par with D700 (proof link) At the same time, the fact that the Nikon D750 is still an amateur camera (ENTHUSIAST DSLR) can be easily verified on (proof link) Sneaky marketers generally try to pass off the D750 as the first camera in some new weight category, even adding it to the Nikon NPS lists.

I lead to the fact that sometimes, when choosing a camera, users are guided not only by its capabilities, but also by positioning in a certain segment. Do not follow the lead of marketers, be vigilant!

Nikon D750 - something in between Nikon D610 и Nikon D810... Unfortunately, Nikon D750 is not a direct replacement for the legendary old lady Nikon D700... When Nikon D750 came out, I was very upset that everything in Nikon D750 is very cool, but all this 'beauty' is housed in a body with amateur controls.

Personally, I absolutely love the Nikon D750. To the question 'Is it worth changing Nikon D700 on the new Nikon D750 'I can definitely answer - it's worth it.

At the same time, Nikon D750 still cannot reach some of the heights conquered by the 'XNUMX':

  • D700 It has a full metal case, the D750 has a composite case, with a composite front.
  • Minimal excerpt у D700 is 1/8000 sec. against 1/4000 sec. the D750. This difference is often sucked around on the forums, in fact, for real work it has no fundamental value, you will find details on this issue in my article '1 / 4000 vs 1 / 8000'.
  • excerpt flash sync D700 makes 1/320 sec., against 1/250 sec. at the D750.
  • Nikon D700 has a protective eyepiece shutter (what is she for?).
  • the maximum burst speed for the D700 is 8 fps versus 6.5 fps for the D750. This is critical for sequential shooting.
  • The D700 can use the MB-D10 butlock with the optional BL-3 cover, which allows the use of large and very capacious EN-EL4 or EN-EL4a batteries from flagship cameras Nikon D3, D3s, D3x, which at times increases the number of shots taken on one battery. Nikon D750 can use only standard EN-EL15 batteries in its block.
  • The D700 can use uncompressed RAW files with full raw data read from the camera's image sensor. The D750 can only use Lossless RAW format for maximum photo quality. Both cameras can use 14-bit color depth. What is it and what it is eaten with you will find in the section '12 bit raw VS 14 bit raw'.
  • with the same RAW compression settings (14 bit, lossless compression), the Nikon D700 buffer stores 17 frames, the Nikon D750 buffer only 12 frames.
  • Nikon D700 can shoot in TIFF format.
  • viewfinder magnification Nikon D700 is 0.72X versus 0.70X for Nikon D750. Although, at the same time, the D750 has 100% frame coverage, compared to 95% for the D700.
  • The D700 uses the professional form factor of memory cards - CF, D750 - SD (SDHC, SDXC). But at the same time, the D750 has two memory card slots.

In all other respects, the Nikon D750 is either better or at the same level as the Nikon D700.

I would also like to dwell on the focus module. Nikon D750 first uses focus module Advanced Multi-CAM 3500FX II, which, at least theoretically, is better than all its predecessors. The operating range of this module is from -3 to +19 EV. At the same time, D4, D4s, D800, D800E, D810, D810a working range is -2 to +19 EV A good focusing module was sorely lacking in cameras Nikon D600, D610 and Nikon Df. On the other hand, it's a pity that Nikon has not yet come up with a really new focusing system and continues to build all its sensors based on the Multi-CAM 3500FX, shown back in 2007.

Working with the D750, I had no complaints about the focusing system. I can't say for sure how much better it is than that of the Nikon D700, but what's no worse is for sure. But when working, it seems that the coverage area of ​​the focus points is slightly reduced compared to the D700.

I was also very pleased that at last “Father Nikon” heard the prayers of his followers and improved the color rendering. Now, an acceptable color in JPEG with the D750 can be obtained immediately, without strong dances with a tambourine. But if you dig into RAW with non-native converters, then everything becomes not so rosy :(. Generally, many people do not like the color in Nikon D750 pictures, especially skin tone (skin color in portraits). Color has its own specifics, which is superimposed on many rumors and myths.

Prices for Nikon D750 in popular stores can look at this link.

Prices for modern Nikon cameras in popular stores can look at this link.

In comments Can I ask you a question on the topic and you will answer, and you can also express your opinion or describe your experience. For the selection of photographic equipment, I recommend large catalogs of various photographic equipment, such as E-Catalog, or large online stores such as Socket. Many little things for the photo can be found on AliExpress.

You can download RAW source files at this link (71 files in .'NEF 'format, 2 GB) + at this link (40 file in .'NEF 'format, 1 GB). All photos were shot with Nikon D750. All photos in this gallery are on-camera JPEG without processing. Then I'll add more examples.

When working with the camera, which I visited in the review, I did not find problems with glare, which are a kind of failure in the Nikon D750. But still it’s very disappointing that after the unsuccessful Nikon D600 the company again launched a raw product on the market, fortunately, if there is such a drawback in the D750, then it can be eliminated free of charge (proof link).

The bottom line:

Nikon D750 turned out to be a very nice camera, almost completely balanced camera, which was very important after a long absence of replacement for the D700. I can't say the D750 is a complete replacement for the Nikon D700, but the D750 itself is a very attractive camera.

If don't know which camera and lens to choose, then my article will help with this - Which Nikon amateur DSLR camera and lens to choose?

The material was prepared by Arkady Shapoval. My Youtube channeland Radozhiva's group on Facebook и VK.

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Comments: 1 408, on the topic: Nikon D750 review

  • Anton

    The camera is just a bomb for this money

  • Denis

    Hello! Please tell me with a choice: I am considering a nikon d610 / 750/800 for leisurely shooting indoors with pulsed light. Also with a lens, please tell me the choice is between: nikkor 35 mm f / 1.8G ED, nikkor 24-70mm f / 2,8 or tamron 24-70mm f / 2,8
    For subject shooting, I considered 85mm / 1.8 G. The room is very small

  • Andrei

    I have a D90? I bought it for the house, for the family, for 7 years I took a couple of thousand frames from the force. Mostly at home the subject. I lay idle for several years, so I got it out, I thought to shake the old days, to take pictures of my family. Clicked in the apartment without puff ... .. sadness, ISO above 200 crazy noise. I took out puff, a little better, but the lubricants went. The jammed shutter did not get to the point. He took it to the workshop, broke 1200 UAH. Nowhere to go. While looking for the causes of my troubles, I came across this site. Everything is written very interestingly, I read about the fotiki and decided to change my 90 to 750. I just fired up!
    Then I read these kamenty, a description of the stocks of the 750th, studied the market and saw that the whole of the 750 was filled up (as we know, they don't get rid of the good). And he changed his mind to take it. I decided to take 610. The price of the issue with glass is 40 thousand.
    I was going straight to the store, and then I urgently needed to take a picture, took out my smartphone, pressed the button and got a gorgeous picture in room lighting. Then I thought, is it worth the difference that I will get (possibly) from a 610-m photo, weighing almost 2 kg with glass and an hour's tinkering in the settings, and a photo taken with one light push of a button on a smart, 40t UAH? I thought…. and decided to postpone the purchase.
    And on the subject of a subject, 750 on the secondary wagon, and for example the same 610 - practically none.

    • Ry

      All things are simpler. The 600/610 were all dumped when the 750 came out and the market was also flooded with them.
      Now 600 is of no interest to anyone, but the bzk and the awesome d780 came out. Here are 750tk and they drain until the price collapses.
      And about “from the phone - so shoot on ISO above 200 on it, in poor lighting, but look at the frame on the minitor. Immediately disliked))

      • B. R. P.

        Ry, I agree with you completely.

      • Pokemon

        It has already collapsed on the D750.
        And the price for the D780 is so "amazing" that sometimes the D850 can be bought cheaper.
        The price for the D780 is set specifically so that the people of the z6 / z6mk2 buy it, which is what the people are doing now.

        • Pokemon

          Nikon needed a cheap full frame, so the D750 was slightly reduced in price by replacing the D610 (which was removed from the production) and released the Z5, which costs about the same and will continue to fall in price, since Nikon needs to lure people to a new mount.

          • Andrei

            The difference in price between 750 and 610 is quite high, and I don't see any of the advantages of the 750, except for the phrase from advertising brochures about tenacious focus. Unnecessary Wi-Fi (not everywhere) and a rotary screen (I don't need it either, it's not a video camera) are not worth the difference.
            If we omit the point that smartphones will now completely displace amateur CZK from the mass market, then the 610 seems to be the ideal solution now for old-school enthusiasts.

            • Andrei

              and the auxiliary display in the 750 is somehow castrated and uninformative, which is a minus for me.

            • Pokemon

              the AF module for the d600-610 and 750 differs quite noticeably, and on the d750 it is really good:

              • Victor

                On paper, of course, it is different, but in fact, for most amateurs and budget multicam 1000 for the eyes (d200, d90, d80 and a bunch of similar cameras)

              • Andrei

                Viktor is right, AF was enough for me in the D90, only the big noise at relatively low ISOs annoys me.

              • Victor


                The multicam 1000 was enough for me for the dynamics, there was an opportunity to compare it with the multicam 3500dx, I also read a lot of theoreticians “blah blah, the af module in 7000/610 is bad, in d90 it's finally terrible”, and so, there is no fundamental difference in work between them. Yes, there are more crosses, crowded all the same in the center. The follower is still poor. Sensitivity + is the same where these are required. -2..3 ev in natural light, as a rule, there is nothing to shoot.
                That's all the “benefits” on paper.

                I think, if we consider the budget option, 600/610 for your budget is ideal for an amateur. Unless, of course, sit on Nikon.

              • Pokemon

                The AF tenacity of the D610 / DF and D750 is easy to determine at dusk or at night.
                The D750 is really very good.
                Unfortunately, I didn't shoot on D610 or DF, but I know people who changed D600-610 to D750 only because of the focus module. There were even those who compared its work with the module in the D7000. A friend wanted to buy a DF for himself - he dragged himself away from its external design, but when he saw that a budget AF was installed in the company for the matrix from Nikon D4s, he refused to buy it, because he could not put up with his work - there are few focus points and does not work particularly well in twilight.
                I myself wanted to buy the D610 at one time, but I also refused to buy it, because I liked the AF module in the D700 more.

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