Nikon D750 review

According provided by Nikon D750 camera many thanks to Alexander Logachev.

For those who do not like to read a lot: Nikon D750 was announced on 11.09.2014/XNUMX/XNUMX and so far is Nikon's best amateur CZK. That's all :)

Nikon D750

Nikon D750 BODY

All tabular data can be found on the official website, I don’t want to retell the same parameters once again that wander from one review to another. In this mini-review, I will only leave my own impressions of using the Nikon D750.

I want to warn you that on the official sites,, and even, the Nikon D750 is located in the section 'Professional SLR Digital Cameras' (proof image). This information is not true and is a marketing ploy. Or maybe the world just went crazy and the level of 'professional equipment' fell below the plinth.

Unfortunately, my favorite site, although it remains more honest, nevertheless went along the paths indicated by the marketers and deleted the professional / amateur equipment separation directories, leaving only one large list (proof link) Even the vile Pedivikia puts the D750 on a par with D700 (proof link) At the same time, the fact that the Nikon D750 is still an amateur camera (ENTHUSIAST DSLR) can be easily verified on (proof link) Sneaky marketers generally try to pass off the D750 as the first camera in some new weight category, even adding it to the Nikon NPS lists.

I lead to the fact that sometimes, when choosing a camera, users are guided not only by its capabilities, but also by positioning in a certain segment. Do not follow the lead of marketers, be vigilant!

Nikon D750 - something in between Nikon D610 и Nikon D810... Unfortunately, Nikon D750 is not a direct replacement for the legendary old lady Nikon D700... When Nikon D750 came out, I was very upset that everything in Nikon D750 is very cool, but all this 'beauty' is housed in a body with amateur controls.

Personally, I absolutely love the Nikon D750. To the question 'Is it worth changing Nikon D700 on the new Nikon D750 'I can definitely answer - it's worth it.

At the same time, Nikon D750 still cannot reach some of the heights conquered by the 'XNUMX':

  • D700 It has a full metal case, the D750 has a composite case, with a composite front.
  • Minimal excerpt у D700 is 1/8000 sec. against 1/4000 sec. the D750. This difference is often sucked around on the forums, in fact, for real work it has no fundamental value, you will find details on this issue in my article '1 / 4000 vs 1 / 8000'.
  • excerpt flash sync D700 makes 1/320 sec., against 1/250 sec. at the D750.
  • Nikon D700 has a protective eyepiece shutter (what is she for?).
  • the maximum burst speed for the D700 is 8 fps versus 6.5 fps for the D750. This is critical for sequential shooting.
  • The D700 can use the MB-D10 butlock with the optional BL-3 cover, which allows the use of large and very capacious EN-EL4 or EN-EL4a batteries from flagship cameras Nikon D3, D3s, D3x, which at times increases the number of shots taken on one battery. Nikon D750 can use only standard EN-EL15 batteries in its block.
  • The D700 can use uncompressed RAW files with full raw data read from the camera's image sensor. The D750 can only use Lossless RAW format for maximum photo quality. Both cameras can use 14-bit color depth. What is it and what it is eaten with you will find in the section '12 bit raw VS 14 bit raw'.
  • with the same RAW compression settings (14 bit, lossless compression), the Nikon D700 buffer stores 17 frames, the Nikon D750 buffer only 12 frames.
  • Nikon D700 can shoot in TIFF format.
  • viewfinder magnification Nikon D700 is 0.72X versus 0.70X for Nikon D750. Although, at the same time, the D750 has 100% frame coverage, compared to 95% for the D700.
  • The D700 uses the professional form factor of memory cards - CF, D750 - SD (SDHC, SDXC). But at the same time, the D750 has two memory card slots.

In all other respects, the Nikon D750 is either better or at the same level as the Nikon D700.

I would also like to dwell on the focus module. Nikon D750 first uses focus module Advanced Multi-CAM 3500FX II, which, at least theoretically, is better than all its predecessors. The operating range of this module is from -3 to +19 EV. At the same time, D4, D4s, D800, D800E, D810, D810a working range is -2 to +19 EV A good focusing module was sorely lacking in cameras Nikon D600, D610 and Nikon Df. On the other hand, it's a pity that Nikon has not yet come up with a really new focusing system and continues to build all its sensors based on the Multi-CAM 3500FX, shown back in 2007.

Working with the D750, I had no complaints about the focusing system. I can't say for sure how much better it is than that of the Nikon D700, but what's no worse is for sure. But when working, it seems that the coverage area of ​​the focus points is slightly reduced compared to the D700.

I was also very pleased that at last “Father Nikon” heard the prayers of his followers and improved the color rendering. Now, an acceptable color in JPEG with the D750 can be obtained immediately, without strong dances with a tambourine. But if you dig into RAW with non-native converters, then everything becomes not so rosy :(. Generally, many people do not like the color in Nikon D750 pictures, especially skin tone (skin color in portraits). Color has its own specifics, which is superimposed on many rumors and myths.

Prices for Nikon D750 in popular stores can look at this link.

Prices for modern Nikon cameras in popular stores can look at this link.

In comments Can I ask you a question on the topic and you will answer, and you can also express your opinion or describe your experience. For the selection of photographic equipment, I recommend large catalogs of various photographic equipment, such as E-Catalog, or large online stores such as Rozetka. Many little things for the photo can be found on AliExpress.

You can download RAW source files at this link (71 files in .'NEF 'format, 2 GB) + at this link (40 file in .'NEF 'format, 1 GB). All photos were shot with Nikon D750. All photos in this gallery are on-camera JPEG without processing. Then I'll add more examples.

When working with the camera, which I visited in the review, I did not find problems with glare, which are a kind of failure in the Nikon D750. But still it’s very disappointing that after the unsuccessful Nikon D600 the company again launched a raw product on the market, fortunately, if there is such a drawback in the D750, then it can be eliminated free of charge (proof link).

The bottom line:

Nikon D750 turned out to be a very nice camera, almost completely balanced camera, which was very important after a long absence of replacement for the D700. I can't say the D750 is a complete replacement for the Nikon D700, but the D750 itself is a very attractive camera.

If don't know which camera and lens to choose, then my article will help with this - Which Nikon amateur DSLR camera and lens to choose?

The material was prepared by Arkady Shapoval. My Youtube channeland Radozhiva's group on Facebook и VK.

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  • Dmitriy

    For a long time I own the D90, rarely shoot, mostly reporting for myself and friends. I thought of changing the camera to something of the same level or slightly higher, but not fabulously expensive. But still, so that the difference is palpable. In 90, it was often not enough to unscrew the ISO properly, and autofocus with a screwdriver worked extremely slowly. I want changes in the direction of better shooting in low light conditions

    750 looks like a very interesting option, though not cheap.

    • Maria

      In vain you want to part with the old camera. Firstly, it will go for nothing and will not add a tangible plus to the budget of the purchase.

      Secondly, in conditions of good daylight, the D90 works wonders. Crop has its advantages in several genres. I speak from my own experience, sometimes it’s very convenient when there are two or even three working cameras with lenses with different fr. Concert, some events are always interesting to shoot immediately in different sizes. You mentioned the report.
      In terms of video, I have no idea how to do a competent installation without recording from a second camera.

      If in doubt, take the 600th. will not work, you can sell.
      Actually, I could be wrong, but it always seemed to me that the 600-610 differs from the 750 mainly in autofocus. There are fewer points. The matrix is ​​the same, the resolution is the same. The output is the same picture resolution.
      In practice, I can’t tell which is better.
      Maybe experts will answer.
      And the price of 600 is lower

      I would now immediately advise taking a larger camera. Of course, this is a new level of quality and with ISO, basically.

      Not a cheap concept - a relative one. 40k for a good full-frame camera like D800, in principle, is not a pity. Nikon can be checked for mileage using a test shot.

    • Maria

      Although yes, ISO is also lower than YOU mentioned this.
      But still, things are better than the D90

    • rolexx711

      Take 750 without hesitation, camera fire. I liked more than 810 ki (subjectively)

  • Hamlet

    Hello. Advise in the choice, 750 or 810, the difference in price is 650 $. I shoot mostly people, maybe in the future I’ll take pictures of weddings / celebrations. A good comp for 36mp is available. It’s just that according to technical characteristics in all parameters, the 810 is an order of magnitude higher, except for the burst speed. It is important how it is with color / skinton and autofocus. Honestly, the 750 skinton is not very good for everyone to say. I don’t want to sell my old d3000 because of the colors, I almost never have to edit by color, but the d5300, frankly, I’ve already gotten into trouble with the skin. So autofocus and skinton are important. Thanks.

    • BB

      When I chose it in the spring, I stopped at 750. At 810: a larger weight of files (in addition to processing, they must also be stored); Bigger problems with micro-lubrication. At 750 with AF all is well. I looked at the D850, but expensive for me.
      In 750, I do not like the stripped-down extra. display (marketers gave the task to engineers to make the carcass thinner, hence a lot of problems that engineers heroically solved), due to the reduced display, some settings (even with buttons!) are made through the main display (for example, the size and quality of the image)

    • Pokemon

      D810 and D610 officially discontinued. Now they are selling the leftovers.
      The D750 will be removed in the spring and a replacement is ready for it, which will be presented in a couple of months:
      I can't recommend any of these cameras - I have a D750, I DO NOT like it and I will throw it off and take either a new product, or a D850, or, as an option, the 4th penny - I fell in love with its color profile (as in 1DX_mk2, but for him you already need to take a mortgage).

  • Michael

    Please help me deal with an incomprehensible problem for me.
    1) The D750 camera is new under warranty.
    2) All factory settings.
    3) P shooting mode plus built-in flash, matrix metering, ISO and white balance automatic, TTL flash mode, indoor shooting.
    The problem is this: in the viewfinder, the exposure indicator indicates that the picture will be underexposed by more than 2 steps. Ignoring this information, I get a very good picture, and accordingly, when making a correction, I get a black mass instead of a photo.
    I don’t want to believe that something is wrong with the camera. I did not find anything in the instructions.
    Please help me figure it out.
    Thanks in advance.
    Yours faithfully,

    • Pokemon

      What kind of lens, and why do you use P mode at full frame?
      With the D750 and with any Nikon camera, there is a beautiful, very detailed manual that allows even a novice to understand all the camera settings.
      What exactly are the ISO settings?

      • Michael

        Good evening.
        Lens Nikkor 28-300 3.5 \ 5,6.
        P mode was used more quickly for testing than if necessary. But what is interesting, the situation is the same for priority modes.
        ISO settings: ISO-100 sensitivity, automatic ISO sensitivity control - off.
        I read everything in the user manual regarding working with the built-in flash, but alas, I did not find the answer.
        Thanks for the reply.
        Yours faithfully,

    • Arkady Shapoval

      It should be so. The exposure meter shows you the values ​​of the picture that will be taken without using the flash.

      • Michael

        Arkady, thank you very much. This explains everything.
        Yours faithfully,

        • Arkady Shapoval

          This, by the way, on all Nikon cameras, not only d750

          • Michael

            Interesting, of course, the logic of the Japanese comrades. Select the flash mode - the exposure meter displays data for shooting without a flash, turn off the flash - the exposure meter readings disappear altogether. It's a mystery to me.
            Thank you,
            Yours faithfully,

            • Arkady Shapoval

              No, it is not. Metering readings always work, both with flash and without flash.

              • Michael

                Just checked again. Aperture priority mode, flash off. The exposure indicator is neither in the viewfinder nor on the control panel. Sorry, but it is.
                Yours faithfully,

              • Arkady Shapoval

                Everything is there. With zero correction, the deviation of the exposure meter and the scale itself are not shown since the exposure is at zero. As soon as you add + - or a deviation occurs due to the impossibility of correct exposure under current conditions, it is immediately displayed on the scale, both in the JVI and on the information display.

              • Oleg

                The exposure indicator is not always on, press the shutter button, it will appear.

              • Arkady Shapoval

                Michael says that this indicator does not show him even when the measurement is on (the pressed AF activation button, or during operation until it is turned off). On d750 at + -0, this indicator is hidden both in the JVI and on the information display (which is called by the i / info button)

    • Denis

      When you open the flash, your shutter speed will most likely become 1/60 and therefore the exposure indicator indicates that the picture will be underexposed. When you close the flash, the shutter speed becomes slower and the exposure indicator turns to 0 and disappears from the screen.
      Set in the menu “e2 -> Flash exposure” the shutter speed is 30 sec. then when you open the flash, the exposure indicator will show 0.

  • Michael

    Amendment to previous comment:
    The same situation is in aperture priority mode.

  • Michael

    You guys are right. Everything is as you say.
    Thank you very much for your help.
    Yours faithfully,

  • Sergei

    I wanted to ask, this camera has a crop mode for glass for crop cameras! And how will the viewfinder display a picture with crop lenses?

    • BB

      There is a “crop 1,5” mode, there is a “crop 1,2” mode. In the settings, you can enable automatic switching to 1,5 crop mode when attaching a DX lens. By default, the fn + wheel button is configured for switching (approximately under the ring finger of the right hand near the mount). When crop mode is turned on, a thick black frame appears in the viewfinder (for modes 1,2 and 1,5 the frames are different) indicating the area to be captured. A frame icon appears in the upper right corner indicating the crop (1,2 or DX). When the backlight is on, it is highlighted in red, like other indicators. “Cropped” is not dimmed (some FF Nikonov have it).

      • Sergei

        Thank you very much

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Yes there is. A rectangular frame will appear, which will indicate the part of the frame that is responsible for the DX.

      • Sergei

        Thanks Arkady

  • Sergei

    Did you drop all d800 accounts? Also for a long time I shot for 700 it was time to change. I am faced with the choice of 750/800 on the secondary can be found with minimal mileage, and the price is even below 750. Is it possible to consider it in exchange for 700 matches?

    • BB

      In the spring I looked at 800/810. What confuses (compared to the D750): file weight, micro-lubrication due to the small pixel, frame buffer, diffraction threshold, less battery capacity, no built-in flash, rotary screen weight. Advantages: prof. management, better viewfinder coverage. As a result, took a new carcass D750 :)

  • Pokemon

    Yesterday, when selling a lens, the buyer asked him to show on the camera.
    I took the d750 with me.
    I inserted the battery, turned on the camera - there was half the charge. In the hands of the client, the camera got stuck - ERR on the upper display and everything is dark in the viewfinder. Just like fuji s3pro last spring.
    Turned off the camera - it did not help. I took off the lens and the flash drive - it didn't help. And the client looks (The camera has a range of 12 thousand frames. And the lens is not problematic.
    Okay, then I started showing, pressed the shutter button, and like Fuji s3pro, everything worked. The shutter worked. Then mysticism started again - again ERR only not instead of the aperture value, but instead of the number of frames. He turned off the camera again, rechecked the lens - an AF-D screwdriver. Everything on it is normal. I barely managed to persuade the client, promised a moneyback and that I would come myself if anything. In short, they dispersed, but the shame of the PPC. Brought home a camera - pulled out a battery, flash drives. Put 35 / 2d - everything works. Put Tokin 28-70, everything works. Shaitan camera with a range of 12 thousand frames.
    Today I started to google - this problem exists both in our country and in the West.
    D750 is really problematic and someone changed the shutter for 10 or 50 thousand because of this, they had even worse on the new shutter from ss Nikon than before.
    Julia on the forum Nikon recommended to use the batlocks and forget about the Q and MUP modes. And what is there on the d810. The problem concerns power supply and is even on the original sets: Nikon camera + Nikon glass + original Nikon batteries and expensive flash drives.
    The repairman got out of the c / c and began to tell the horrors of what Mr. and sticks the camera was made of. The same shutter assembly and shattering shutters. Disappointment has no limits. I want to swear with a three-story mat.

    • Pokemon

      The camera issued errors with and without a lens attached.

      • Jury

        can eat fresh firmware? but in general, Nikon loves mowing in cameras. I sometimes got the feeling that Nikon finds the most hand-clasped Japanese (or just the most hand-clasped) for assembling and testing cameras :) I really can’t believe that such jambs are made by the Japanese.

        • Pokemon

          An extreme firmware was installed on the camera. I check 1 time in two months.

      • B. R. P.

        To what Nikon has sunk ...

    • Nicholas

      Thanks for the tip, I thought to take a used D610 or a used D750, now I will definitely focus on the first

    • Denis

      “The repairman got out of the s / c and began to tell the horrors from which Mr. and the sticks the camera was made. The same shutter assembly and crumbling curtains. There is no limit to disappointment. I want to swear with a three-story obscenity. "

      Surprisingly straight. If the camera is really, in the words of the "repairman", made of Mr., then why such a small percentage of calls in the s / c?
      And only this model is made from Mr. or the entire Nikon line? Didn't your "repairman" tell you?

      • Pokemon

        The most problematic d600 and d750.
        There are enough appeals on them.
        The D750 will feed Nikon for many more years. On Avito 2 years in a row, most of the 750s with replaced shutters sold.
        I put my camera up for sale. I don’t need such a craft. What are you interested in for?

    • twm

      Did not check, does it behave the same on another battery?

      • Pokemon

        I have two original EN-El15.
        The behavior is the same.
        My camera number ended up in one of the revocable companies (which was in 2018). The camera was registered on the Nikon website, but there were no alerts from Nikon. In total, there were at least 750 events for d3 to replace the shutter and the rest of the shakiness of this camera. I won’t carry it to the service, just selling it. I won’t buy amateur ff cameras anymore.

        • twm

          Why did I ask about the battery - I met a situation when a tired EN-EL3e made the camera shutter (already a strong, experienced D700) odd: the electronics did not fail, but the shutter motor did not work out the shutter speed - it is clear that it did not have enough power.
          Especially manifested in the fast series.

          (The case is obvious. And of course, the battery is to blame, not the camera / shutter, but decided to share it.)

          • Ivan

            Yes, I also came across this. My D90 has two batteries. One of them often manifests itself when discharged. And on film F65 it was like that with one set of batteries when they got hooked.

        • Ivan

          They are unlikely to send alerts to registered camera numbers.

  • Sergei

    Hello! I read reviews of the camera on various sites and came across the complaint “Flattened RAW files on the camera screen”. What, in fact, can be meant? There is no way to ask the commentator. Best regards, Sergei.

    • Pokemon

      The D750 screens have an unpleasant feature - it lies. Lies in colors and exposure. After D3s and D4, he is not just no, he hurts.

      • Sergei

        Well, this is bad, but understandable. But flattened raves? A vertically squeezed image - why are you afraid? And only RAW, not JPEG? In general, I initially looked closely at the 700th on the secondary housing. I want a full frame in addition to the F100, I don't shoot video - why overpay for it? A little confused by CF cards - how will they disappear from sale?

        • Arkady Shapoval

          CF is the last thing that worries me about these cameras. Even if theoretically they disappear, then there are always Chinese CF-SD adapters. One adapter and use SD / SDHC / SDXC.

          • Alexey

            CF is an industry standard and they won't go anywhere for a very long time :)

  • Sergei

    So sir! I did not even suspect the existence of such! Many thanks!

  • Sergei

    Arkady, good evening! And what exactly excites you in such cameras? Specifically in the D700?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      I try not to worry at all. This is a camera, which is why you think and worry about it.
      But still, in general, mileage is important. Otherwise, these cameras are repairable and service will solve almost any problem. The main one is a mirror gear, a replacement now costs less than $ 100.

      • Ivan

        Service can solve any problem. It is only a matter of the cost and advisability of the repair.

      • Alexey

        D700 is now better not to take. The camera is removed from support, new shutters are no longer supplied.

  • Sergei

    Thank you)

  • Russell

    750ka is generally good! But really kosyachnaya came out! I own it for a couple of years! It's like a wife! Living with her is pleasant but not very enjoyable! I can open one more jamb at 750ki! This jamb is new! that is, from the last installments! So there you go! Very casually noticed after shooting at night! Since he often took off maximum until the evening and did not notice this! In short, the situation is this! If you shoot at night and set it to say from 6400 or higher, it appears in the frame from the bottom of the frame horizontally, the entire length from the corner to the corner at the bottom of the frame! A distinct gradient of noise is seen! Some kind of red gradient noise bar! it is at the bottom of the frame all over its width! If in percentage, then somewhere the 10th part of the frame when viewed in height! A certain strip of reddish color in the form of noise! No matter what shutter speeds or iris! The intensity of this band changes only with increasing ISO! Somewhere up to ISO 3200 is invisible! But starting from 6400 is already visible! I emphasize that it is especially visible if you are shooting a very dark object to the city hall at night! So who is thinking what about this !? I asked the entire Runet and Nikon portals! But they hear it for the first time! Yes, I bought a new and white camera! And I forgot but this is not a very well-known identity problem 750ki! The battery heats up very quickly! I would say in the lower right corner in the area of ​​the memory card and battery! For example, after half an hour of heavy use in this place it is already hot! I have only the recommended memory cards and I checked them! In short, the jamb camera came out!

  • Alex

    Fotkal birds on the D750 + Tamron A022 600mm and did not know grief, but then the old man D700 fell into the hands. And now I wondered why I spent so much dough on 750 if there is no difference, nowhere after 750 you can do more digital zoom, but there’s already a lot of smear, and if you put two photos next to the same size, then there’s no difference at all, I can’t move it, 12MP vs 24MP the size of the pictures is 3 times smaller; I feel like a bummer by marketers.

    • Russell

      Sanya! The difference is huge! But it is not expressed in just a number of pictures! This difference will be if you start to shoot dynamics fast! That tenacity autofocus in 750ke faster! since there are more points! Further! The difference is significantly higher at 750ke when you start in the dark! high iso for example 6400 at 750ke is better! And much more is better! And by the way! About digital zoom! Having shot a sharp shot! I emphasize sharp, you can correct the cropping by cropping the frame and from 24 megapixels you will have a lot of Pts for printing! But the 700ke with a handful of pixels has nothing to crop! And this is not enough for you?))

  • Anatoly

    To help, be affectionate, like vibrate the NEF (RAW) format. Having added the NIKON D750 camera. I select the format for zyomki in the processing menu, but is there nothing to vibrate, how can it be?

    • Mikhail V.Ch.

      A primer to read poorly?

    • Ivan

      It's not in the "Retouch menu", but in the "Shooting menu" - "Image quality".

  • Alexander

    Sorry, but what does this phrase mean in a post from Alex from
    15.04.2020/750/750: "well, after XNUMX, you can do more digital zoom, but there is already a daub"? Does Nikon DXNUMX have digital zoom or is this what this friend writes about? And in the next post from
    08.04.2020/24/750 Russel wrote: “And by the way! About digital zoom! Taking a sharp shot! I emphasize sharp, you can correct the cropping by cropping the frame and from XNUMX megapixels you will have a lot for printing! ” What is this about? What kind of DIGITAL ZOOM does the D XNUMX mean?

    • Roman

      Nikon D700 - 12MP, Nikon D750 - 24MP. Alex laments that he bought the 750 when he was happy with the 700. Digital zoom - the ability to upscale a picture in any editor up to a size of 24MP, that is, up to the size of D750 - it is not clear, however, why do it, except for poster printing. DSLRs do not know how to digital zoom, everything that you need to increase, you increase yourself at the stage of post-processing. Modern algorithms, especially on neural networks, show decent results, pulling out detail. Nowadays, old toys are re-released by amateurs for large resolutions.

  • Alexander

    Thanks Roman.

  • killerklm

    Such a problem with the D750 - when you press the ISO button, the main screen with the sensitivity selection menu lights up. Often - right in the eyes! Can this be disabled somehow? Apart from the “convenient ISO”?

  • Andrei

    It's 2020, I bought myself a d750. Before that there was d7100, and before that there was d300.

    Of course, it is incorrect to compare, but although I am not a reporter, after 300 to 7100 I was terribly enraged by no rate of fire. The combination of a small brake buffer and a not very fast rate of fire was killing.

    d750 was just a revelation in this regard. Not only does it have a matrix for 2020 that can compete with 810/850, but it is also nimble. Yes, the buffer is less than 300k (12-13) frames for my shooting style (equal and jpeg) versus 15 frames for the d300, but if 300k after the buffer has been used up for a long time, then this hangs minimally. Due to the latter, the d750, NOT being a reportage camera, keeps at the level of the d300, generally surpassing it in speed (not to mention the advantages of FF and a twofold superiority in megapixels (read the severity of the pictures).

    Also, I was comparing the grip on the d300 and the d750, and in general, suddenly they are on the same level. The d750 has a more comfortable grip, while the d300, with a less comfortable grip, has an awesome thumb pad with good support. In terms of overall convenience, both cameras are comparable. Due to the weight and build, the 750 doesn't feel half plastic at all (but the 7100 does).

    Regarding positioning professional or non-professional - despite the amateur segment, the 750 is very much loved by de facto professionals. Her controls are amateur, but, let's say, a pleasant surprise for me was that she was given the opportunity to put the ISO setting on the video button. It is more convenient for me than for prof. cameras, since now I can change the shutter speed, and aperture, and ISO with one hand. At the same time, the reflexes gained on the 7100 almost do not need to be retrained, since I am used to working with this camera, and the controls for the 750 and 7100 are similar.

    Well, 24 megapixels is the ideal "fatness" of the picture for a universal camera. The stock of resolution is more than enough for a 4K monitor, but at the same time there is no feeling of redundancy as on the d7100, where 24 megapixels on the crop were just a damn disaster when the camera gave micro-smears on a tripod from vibration during the operation of its own trigger mechanism at exposures 1/10 - 0,5 ,XNUMX sec

    In short, overall I am food with delight and find the camera to be very cool.

    Of the minuses, I think that the diopter headroom in the viewfinder is too small, as if even less than in the d7100. It can be solved, but I would like a little more out of the box.

  • Hristina

    Good day. I have a question, hello there is such a camera, only without wifi, there is no information on it anywhere. What can you say about this camera? Thanks in advance.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      They are all with wi-fi, just the store employees did not indicate correctly.

      • Hristina

        But there are several other stores like this. And the price is lower. Or is it due to the fact that the guarantee is not official?

    • Igor

      There is a version for South Korea, marked with the letter K in the model - Nikon D750K, it does not have a WiFi module, the rest is the same camera.

  • Anton

    The camera is just a bomb for this money

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