Sigma 50mm 1: 2.8 DG Macro D EX Review

According provided by Sigma 50mm 1: 2.8 DG Macro D EX huge lens thanks to the store you can find a huge number of different used photographic equipment, including this model.

Sigma 50mm 1: 2.8 DG Macro D EX Review

Sigma 50mm 1: 2.8 DG Macro D EX Review

Sigma 50mm 1: 2.8 DG Macro D EX is an updated version of an earlier lens model Sigma 50mm 1: 2.8D Macro EX. The prefix that appears in the name of the lensDG ' means that the lens has been redesigned specifically for use on digital SLR cameras, while the first version, '1: 2.8D Macro', was originally intended for film cameras. The main difference is improved optical illumination.

Also, the design of the case was slightly modified: decorative 'notches' were removed from it, the location of the inscriptions changed, the focusing mark was shortened, the 'veins' on the focusing ring changed, and the branded Sigma 'velvet' coating became even larger;).

In fact, apart from the changed enlightenment, there are no more serious differences between the lenses. In the new version, the front lens began to cast in green, while in the old one - only in lilac. In turn, there is another, newer model - Sigma 50mm 1: 2.8 DG Macro EX (without the letter 'D' in the name), it differs from the Sigma 50mm 1: 2.8 DG Macro D EX (from this review) only in that which changes the minimum F-number when the focusing distance is changed. And, among other things, there is another similar clone - Quantaray 50mm 1: 2.8D Macro.

Here link to the archive with the originals - 487 MB, 41 photos in .NEF format (RAW) from the camera  D700 (FX). The shooting was made using protective filter Sigma DG UV 55mm Japan.

Catalog of modern Sigma lenses can look at this link.

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Comments: 26, on the topic: Sigma 50mm 1: 2.8 DG Macro D EX review

  • Yarkiya

    Focuses fast?

  • Eugene

    Wait a minute! That is, her aperture does not fall at a macro of 1: 1?

    • Yarkiya

      Especially do not rejoice, the flu will be so small on a completely open diaphragm that you will immediately want to cover it.

      • Vasily Artamonov

        I only have one without the letter “D”, I bought it especially for macro photography. The DOF is really very small, you have to cover the aperture up to 8-16. Even with macro photography, autofocus can not focus on something for a long time, it moves back and forth, or focuses in the wrong place, so you have to assign a focus point yourself or switch to manual focusing.

        • Sergei

          So in macro photography, manual focus is almost always used!

      • Eugene

        This is understandable. But the fact itself ...

  • fotika


    • Alexander Trekhsotkovich

      Thank you very much, we are waiting for reviews from Arkady of these chic glasses) especially the 70-200mm 2.8 VRI and 135ki.

      • Arkady Shapoval

        Oh, yes, we got along when users tell me what to review, and the fact that different equipment requires different amounts of time - nobody cares. Actually, I took the modifications of versions for reviews only because I'm damn busy now, and so you and a review with descriptions of differences and even a photo. There will be time, we will make reviews of "complex" instances.

        • zengarden

          This store should pay you for the work - after your reviews, the lenses are quickly sold :)

          • Arkady Shapoval

            A paid review - in this case, a dishonest review :) we know where it will lead if we put it on the conveyor :)

            • Mr.G

              I agree, objectivity is reduced, motivation in the form of money is harm! That's when they give glass at the expense of payment - this is normal :).

        • fotika

          I wanted to write about the same thing, but was afraid. here you don’t know what to expect, like a minefield.

  • Alexander Trekhsotkovich

    Arkady, personally, I’d be happy to wait for these reviews for at least a year, I in no case will point you out or rush you. I just noticed that the assortment of the fotika store has these glasses that are interesting to many people. All the best to you and plenty of free time.

  • Exhausted

    Interest and salivation are significantly reduced when you see the price tag for this (70-200 2.8) lens. Well, the world is so arranged — Caesar’s cesarean, locksmith’s locksmith.

    • Alexander Trekhsotkovich

      That's for sure :) and when you see the price tag of 70-200 2.8, then you start to praise your old 80-200 2.8 :)

      • Roman

        Colleagues, purely for the sake of interest: drag in a backpack for a couple of days at least 70-200 / 4 with other equipment. Then estimate that 70-200 / 2,8 is both heavier and more ... and the camera should be put in a backpack bag without removing the optics, etc. etc. And it's not just the price tag.
        Purely IMHO, no more

  • Jackie

    The extreme dog on the right in the middle row turned out to be generally bombing, although now put on the model on the podium :)

  • Sergey

    Arkady thanks for the review. Site radojuva is one of the most interesting on the Internet, I look forward to new reviews, lenses. Thanks to you, I bought a DSLR and took a photo. RESPECT AND RESPECT.

  • anonym

    And I spread joy to the people. I advise you to read the familiar teapots, everyone is very happy to have such a clear and interesting site))

  • Anatoly

    I introduced all my friends in absentia to “Radozhiva” and Arkady, in the group “Nikon” I often advise you to go to “Radozhiva”, my friends are very glad to meet you. Thank you Arkady for everything, and tolerance and understanding. KhMAO-Yugra Anatoly.

  • M

    > In turn, there is another, newer model - Sigma 50mm 1: 2.8 DG Macro EX (without the letter 'D' in the name), it differs from Sigma 50mm 1: 2.8 DG Macro D EX (from this review) only in that , which changes the minimum F-number when the focusing distance is changed.

    The same model. The letter D was no longer indicated, because all the models began to transmit the distance (and because the "Nikon" stopped). I won’t tell you about the aperture ratio, but it will simply fall in fact when the “trunk” is pulled out;

  • kotofei

    Request to transfer archives to a more correct storage. thanks

    • Vitaly N

      Announce the entire list please ...
      Maybe the language is not correct?

  • Gennady

    who knows, does it make sense to buy it or can I use Tessar or Helios 44m-7 with rings? Will there be a big difference?

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