Review (+ video review) MC TAIR-3S 4,5 / 300

According provided by lens MC TAIR-3S 4,5 / 300 (9504252 Lens Made in Russia) many thanks to Alexey Yarysh.

MC TAIR-3S 4,5 / 300 review

MC TAIR-3S 4,5 / 300 review

Radozhiv already has an overview of such a lens - Tair-3-Phs 4.5 / 300which differs from MC Tair-3S 4,5 / 300 a little:

  1. Different case designs, first of all different colors.
  2. Another aperture control ring.
  3. Aperture blades Tair-3-Phs 4.5 / 300 more matte, and the MC Tair-3S 4,5 / 300 shine much stronger.
  4. The 'MS-version' has a multi-layer coating, visually the front lens is more green, and the 'non-MS' is more lilac.

The 'MS version' gives a more natural hue than the 'non-MS', but still the picture is a little yellow, and the lens is still afraid of flare.

Here link to the archive with the originals - 703 MB, 52 photos in .NEF format (RAW) from the camera  D700 (FX). The shooting was made using protective filter Kenko Digital Filter MC UV (0) SLIM 72mm.

On Nikon cameras I used MC TAIR-3S 4,5 / 300 with interchangeable shank KP-A / N (yes, despite the lack of the 'A' in the lens name, it allows for interchangeable shanks).

Video review can be viewed at my youtube channel:

You can also watch one 'black', 'non-MC' lens modification - TAIR-3-FS 4,5 / 300.

Catalog modern brand lenses 'Zenitar' и 'Helios' can look at this link.

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Comments: 73, on the topic: Overview (+ video review) MC TAIR-3S 4,5 / 300

  • Alexander Trekhsotkovich

    Afiget !!! When I saw this lens, I thought that Arkady took up a review of firearms) Really a machine gun. And the music in the video review is appropriate! Class Arkady, a great reviewer.

  • Dmitry K

    It looks solid, but with a blend of menacing))))

  • Lynx

    cute, funny, but not so "fap-fap and rush to buy"

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Well, in the video, I say that it’s easier to take the simplest AF of any 70-300 and don’t know grief :)

  • Eugene

    at the end of the review TAIRATOR-3 masterpiece!

  • Pustolaz

    Tair can also be used without a replaceable shank KP-A / N!
    There is a ring in the front of the lens (in the photo above, it is fixed with a small bolt. There are three of them in my opinion). If weaken them (the ring limits focus), then you can adjust the focus with the necessary overtravel for infinity. The run is not bad by the way, you can adjust it to a large extent.

  • Oleg

    Thank you Arkady as always on top, the lens is a real dinosaur

  • Anton

    Arkady, thank you very much, the video review is super! I would like to see you have more Soviet optics, shot at full frame as it is now, and not on the crop, as before. Thanks!

  • Gene jb

    Arkady, I see the errors in the video review and added a bit of irony :) Well done! :)

    • Vladimir Morgunov

      Yes, we are working on improving video reviews and you are helping us with this.

  • Yarkiy

    Which sharpness is better, this or Nikon 300 mm old manual?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      there were many relatives 300 / 4,5, I think that the Nikkors are much better than Tahir.

  • Artyom

    Arkady I have a backpack like yours or yours like mine :)

  • anonym

    the music is generally gorgeous !!!!

  • sergey

    The video is great. Thanks for the review….

  • Sergei

    Special respect for the soundtrack from Terminator 2 Judgment Day!

  • Vadim

    Zenith. Camera gun. Very interesting thing. I think this is the same lens.

  • Anton

    I like him. I installed the Canon 600d on my photo-gun. I pulled the trigger. So much more convenient to shoot. All the same, stabilization is better than keeping weight. And for the convenience of focusing, I stuck a screen with wedges and a microraster. No problem. I get 95 percent offhand.

  • Jackie

    In today's turbulent times, with such a lens, and if you still attach it to a photographic gun, it’s as if during a photo walk, questions from the law enforcement officers will begin to arise, and if the gopot blows up, you can throw everyone around like such a fool :)

    • Lynx

      it is good if the questions, and not just “removed”.

  • Camrad

    Great video review!

  • varezhkin

    here is a video review, cross-process muddied! very good it turned out creatively. the lens is real such a bfg9000 on the D700! I was still afraid that he would fall out of the hands ... in general, credit for Arcadia and the director of photography! :)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      He is on d80 in review.

      • varezhkin

        oops ... overlooked. :)

    • Morgunov Vladimir

      Well, the cross process is said loudly, in fact, there are two Vegas filters: 3-way color corrector + film effect (grain).

  • Madness scif

    Arkady, remove the Lowepro advertisement ... and most importantly, the movements in the frame are calm and measured)))

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Oh come on

      • Vadim

        I support! Be a little more relaxed and calmer, plus when you are actively gesticulating - do not look strictly at one point, it feels like you are reading a text that runs very quickly)) And so everything is super, I am glad that Radozhiva is growing and growing, success to you!)

  • Madness scif

    but the idea of ​​shooting - yes class, old Arnie right now lit a cigarette and drank a glass of whiskey)))

  • Oleg

    And it seems to me that the colors are real. No saturation. As we see in life. In Soviet times it was prestigious to have such a lens ... I remember in 93 I tried to persuade one person to sell me a photographic gun. He seemed to agree, but his wife balked !!! She said let the children stay. It was in Arkhangelsk. Where is that sample now ???? Maybe it is lying collecting dust somewhere….

  • Gregory

    Cool video turned out)))

  • Vasya

    Can you please tell the camera bayonet does not break with such a “caliber” of the lens?
    Thanks in advance for the answer!

  • Exhausted

    I have Orestegor 300/4. It will be more contrasting. I liked the operator's work in the video review. The bokeh is pleasant, with slightly discernible silhouettes. Not the famous "Petropavlovskoe", but nothing too.)

    • Alexander Trekhsotkovich

      Damn, I would have started a scandal for such words, but right now it’s somehow funny even :) Here you have the famous Peter and Paul Kosher-Boke!untitled/zoom/c1u2e/image1mv3

      • Exhausted

        You don’t have to laugh and get scandalous. This time I said it seriously. I liked your pictures. And now you like your reaction - without labels, bile, hysteria. With regard to bokeh, I recently became the proud owner of the lens block from the famous and rare film-making Zh-25 ( 100 f 2) 1959, by the way. The lens has not yet been assembled, I’m looking for a donor. The bokeh for reviews is very, very bad. I put it to the carcass, it seems the truth is being said. It's a pity you can shoot from one distance for now.

        • Alexander Trekhsotkovich

          And I think that there’s no point in adjusting the filming glasses to the current carcasses, I’m sure that you can find a gorgeous picture among ordinary Nikkor lenses, which is why I asked the fotika store to give Arkady Nikkor Af-s 135-ku f2D DC after all, everyone says that she is king boke, after nikkor af-s 200mm f2g ed vr2, so I want to see what Arkady squeezes out of it. I myself used to use Nikkor 85mm f1.8G on the D700 and D300s, but somehow he didn’t put me in, after which I bought with an extra charge 80-200mm f2.8D MKIII for the money sold from it and I still use it on the D300s and I like the picture better than the 85s new this one. And today I bought Nikkor Af-s 24-85mm f3.5-4.5G from a very kind amateur photographer in the state of NEW for 9000 re !!! So wait for songs of praise about this glass)

          • Exhausted

            “To be engaged in adapting film glasses to the current carcasses” is a search. And the meaning in the search has always been, is and will be. By the way Nikkor 85mm f1.8G —-80-200mm f2.8D MKIII—- Nikkor Af-s 24-85mm f3.5. 4.5-24G is also a search. It makes no sense to shoot without a lens at all) ... ... Nikkor Af-s 85-3.5mm f4.5-18G is unsuccessful in focusing on the crop and the aperture is not ice. There is no wide angle. You will have to buy your favorite 55 -XNUMX from the comb.

            • Alexander Trekhsotkovich

              Everything is much simpler) I took the 24-85mm consciously as the future CHEAP stub of reporting focal for Nikon D3s (s-male, alpha male), and as they say it doesn’t need aperture when working, it’s ISO 10))) Yes and I’ve I have a Nikon SB-000 (910 pcs.) and 2-80mm f200D and 2.8mm f50G will block the rest of the focal (I do not need more than 1.4 wider on a full frame)

              • Exhausted

                An alpha male and an alpha camera just need an alpha lens. Remember-Caesar-Caesarean.)

              • Arkady Shapoval

                Rumor has it that Nikon DF makes less noise than D3s, maybe DF is Full Domination, and these are not s-ki for cyber-alpha males :)

    • Morgunov Vladimir

      You will laugh, but everything was shot with one lens, namely Samyang 35mm f1.4 - the rest is “closer-further” and work with the aperture.

      • Alexander Trekhsotkovich

        Yes, an excellent video, Vladimir, is there information on the glass in the review? there is. Is the appearance of glass in the video visible? It is seen. Is Arcadia visible? It is seen. Is the sound good? Good. What else is needed for a good review? this is a lens review and not an Oscar movie after all. So thank you for helping Arkady do video reviews. Today, people are too lazy to read and think at the level of pictures of demotivators and videos in u-tube, and video feed for them is much more valuable and easier to learn. Therefore, Arkady well done that he started shooting video reviews. Now even more audience will be.

      • Arkady Shapoval

        All the same, the lens itself in the video at the beginning and at the end was shot on my Nikon AF Nikkor 28-105mm 1: 3.5-4.5D due to the ability to shoot on very small MDFs (macro 1: 2).

  • Yuliya

    Arkady, you made my day))) thank you so much! I liked the photos very much, I like the presence of such solar veils) I wanted a similar lens!

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