Review (+ video review) MC TAIR-3S 4,5 / 300

According provided by lens MC TAIR-3S 4,5 / 300 (9504252 Lens Made in Russia) many thanks to Alexey Yarysh.

MC TAIR-3S 4,5 / 300 review

MC TAIR-3S 4,5 / 300 review

Radozhiv already has an overview of such a lens - Tair-3-Phs 4.5 / 300which differs from MC Tair-3S 4,5 / 300 a little:

  1. Different case designs, first of all different colors.
  2. Another aperture control ring.
  3. Aperture blades Tair-3-Phs 4.5 / 300 more matte, and the MC Tair-3S 4,5 / 300 shine much stronger.
  4. The 'MS-version' has a multi-layer coating, visually the front lens is more green, and the 'non-MS' is more lilac.

The 'MS version' gives a more natural hue than the 'non-MS', but still the picture is a little yellow, and the lens is still afraid of flare.

Here link to the archive with the originals - 703 MB, 52 photos in .NEF format (RAW) from the camera  D700 (FX). The shooting was made using protective filter Kenko Digital Filter MC UV (0) SLIM 72mm.

On Nikon cameras I used MC TAIR-3S 4,5 / 300 with interchangeable shank KP-A / N (yes, despite the lack of the 'A' in the lens name, it allows for interchangeable shanks).

Video review can be viewed at my youtube channel:

You can also watch one 'black', 'non-MC' lens modification - TAIR-3-FS 4,5 / 300.

Catalog modern brand lenses 'Zenitar' и 'Helios' can look at this link.

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Comments: 73, on the topic: Overview (+ video review) MC TAIR-3S 4,5 / 300

  • Amatich

    Arkady, I had such a lens. A whole set. Sold ... a long time ago ... (Nostalgia, blah.)

  • Evan

    Please tell me where you can find a removable tail on it (not an adapter kn-a \ n, namely a glass). I got something like a lens without it, I want to try on Nikon.

  • Alexander

    Arkady thank you very much for your site! You are a talent!

  • Stas

    I have Tair 3A, optically it is the same, but you can’t even tell your photographs that it heavily fills in a yellow-green hue, as you tell in the video review. Once again I reviewed my photos from him in the summer and autumn, and in general, quite normal color rendering, I did not even touch the BB during conversion. Yes, and the active recommendation of 70-300 is not entirely correct in my opinion, all-three hundred for crop is not fun at all every day, and considering the price, taira is a very good option to indulge with such a focal one, so while there are offers, an excellent option, for modest money. It’s a pleasure to shoot them bathing children from the shore :)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      It is not visible in the photo, because this is the figure that rules the bb. Take a peek in the ovy, immediately everything will become clear.

      • Stas

        Well, you give advice for real life, it was better to say that in ovi color rendition with yellowness, but when shooting with a digital, it does not matter for photographs. And then it sounded like a real flaw. Although I didn’t notice anything in the ova, I decided to write so that someone would not frighten off this cool thing.

        • Arkady Shapoval

          This is a real flaw. The predefined sets of white balances work erroneously, only auto bb or manual bb task can save the situation.

  • Nicholas

    Tell me, is it possible to connect this lens to sony alpha? For the shutter to work. Connect through the cable sticking out of the lens

  • Valery

    I will sell a complete set of TAIR-3S.

    • Andrei

      and how many?

  • anonym

    The price of OLX. Sound, agree.

  • Valery

    The price of OLX. Sound, agree. 095 3377334

  • Aha

    Good afternoon, Arkady.

    It so happened that I bought this lens by mail. I don’t know its history, but there is some defect with a diaphragm ring.

    I just noticed in your photos that the point of the aperture value does not coincide with the figure. But that's okay. On the other hand, the skip does not completely close the aperture from values ​​of 8 and above - it seems like it rubs and lacks traction. You did the same, don't you remember? Did you twist your hand?

    Bought on a quality photo.

    • Pastor

      I have two of these and the jump on both closes as it should. Another thing is that I personally try to shoot with this lens in the open, I took these lenses for myself precisely because of the relatively high aperture ratio for such a focal length. Therefore, I checked the jump rope, and then left everything at a 4.5 and forgot it. It all depends on the instance, some of them have already covered themselves, some work like new ones, some, like yours, only partially retain their functionality.

      • Aha

        Is it being treated or not? It seems that there the spring is hooked and does not pull.

        • Pastor

          Honestly, I'm not an assistant here. I don't fix anything myself. Either, if your hands grow from the right place, disassemble it yourself (I think you can find the principles of disassembling this lens on the net), or if everything is like mine, look for a master :) Well, as an option, just shoot and shoot in the open.

        • Jury

          on the Internet there is definitely an instruction with a photo on how to disassemble and treat your problem (perhaps a video on YouTube), I myself once searched and treated my Tahir. There is nothing complicated in disassembling and treating, I had a problem in the thickened grease, which had to be removed and added a new one (that's all I remember).

          • Aha

            Thank you, I will search

    • anonym

      The return mechanism of the diaphragm in Tahir with three springs. It is possible that it was not stored correctly, in the cocked position of the diaphragm, with taut springs. Probably decades have passed, the springs have weakened. It is necessary to disassemble Tair and shorten the springs. And everything will be as on new! There is a manual on the Internet. Important ! Do not shorten the springs too much, otherwise the return stroke will be too sharp and very loud, like a gun! :-)

  • Joseph

    Imam of the next:
    All Tair 3S (made in russia) is with MC or self tezi on koito write “MC”. Serial number is 9100328, my friend is a daltonist and it is impossible to distinguish enlightenment.
    Az without speaking Ukrainian and the text is not translated with google translate. Pray yes me for sinning.

  • Joseph

    Imam left:
    Vsichki Taïr 3S (zrobleno in Russia) chi sa z MC or the same in Koïtí write “MC”. Serial number e 9100328, my friend is a daltonist, and he can’t get it out of the way.
    Az does not seem Ukrainian and the text is not translated from Go зgle rebalance. Praying that me іvіzі for grіshki.

    • anonym

      With such a translation, you won’t understand what was asked. Straight puzzle. :-(

  • Igor

    Only our Soviet lenses are capable of depicting the air separating the photographer from the subject!

  • Denis

    Awful review.
    We wrote an article, made a video and everything to say - I do not recommend buying this lens.

    It is better to read the American site Pentax Forum, to objectively learn about this cool lens.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      He was cool 30 years ago

  • Michael

    Good afternoon! TAIR-3C 4,5 / 300.
    I thought about purchasing this device for Canon EOS 60D.
    A few questions:
    1. Does it make sense to take CANON ZOOM LEANS EF 70-200 1: 4 L IS USM with the possibility of periodic use?
    I am very pleased with the lens, but the price is quite high and the product is not mine. How much Tair can compete with. I photograph mostly birds at a distance.
    2. When using a standard lens on Kenon - EFS 18-135, the picture is obtained with a wider capture than that of a telephoto lens. Is this normal, or can I take another telephoto lens with a different mount and the picture will be wider?

    • Michael

      1. Cannot from the word at all. The review presents RAVs - you can compare and twist yourself
      2. I did not understand anything)

    • B. R. P.

      1. Tair will not be able to make a worthy competition. Due to the lack of autofocus and overall usability. The only advantage is in the longer focal length. But for birds and 300mm. not enough.
      2. This is normal for a stock lens (18-135). The bayonet has nothing to do with it. If you want to be wider, you should look at lenses with a focal length of less than 18mm.

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