Impressions of the Canon EOS 1200D

According provided by camera Canon EOS 1200D (aka T5, X70) body many thanks to the official representative of Canon in Ukraine.

Canon EOS 1200D review

Canon EOS 1200D without a lens (Canon 1200D body option)

Canon EOS 1200D is a very simple but good amateur SLR camera, was introduced in February 2014 and became the third model in Canon's line of the simplest digital SLR cameras. This line includes Canon 1000D, 1100D and the Canon 1200D from this review.

Canon EOS 1200D

Canon EOS 1200D

In this case, 'simple' does not mean bad. The Canon 1200D has pretty much everything to take great shots! In addition, the camera uses a matrix on 17.9 MP, which for the first time (in 2009) could be found in a very productive camera - Canon 7D. Five years later, Canon decided to install a matrix from the legendary "seven" in one of the simplest cameras. If we discard all the pixel-by-pixel comparisons of spherical aberrations in a vacuum, we can say that the image quality for amateur shooting with Canon 5D will be no worse than with Canon 1200D cameras. 550D, 600D, 60D which are supposed to use the same matrix. If you do not take into account the updated processor, which allows for cameras Canon 650D, 700D и 100D If you use higher ISOs, then at low and medium ISOs, the last three cameras will produce an image very similar to the Canon 1200D. I do not extol the Canon 1200D baby, rather, I just emphasize once again the fact that the latest amateur Canon cameras use modifications of the same matrix, and to be honest, after Canon 700D I do not see any difference in the picture between it and the Canon 1200D (synthetic tests confirm this).

Canon EOS 1200D

Canon EOS 1200D

Canon EOS 1200D can use ISO range from 100 to 6400 units. In the Custom Functions 'C.Fn' menu, the ISO range can be expanded to an 'H' value equivalent to ISO 12.800. If Highlight Priority is enabled in Custom Functions 'C.Fn' menu, the minimum ISO that can be selected is 200 and ISO 'H' is no longer enabled.

The camera has an automatic ISO function that can be turned on / off and set the maximum allowable light sensitivity. It's funny, but even if you select a maximum ISO threshold of 6400 units, the camera will use a range of only 100 to 3200 units when shooting video. To shoot video at ISO 6400, you need to set manual control in the menu excerpts... ISO 'H' not available when shooting video :(.

In amateur cameras, I don't like the fact that the ISO value changes in steps, that is, you can choose values ​​of 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, H (12.800) and no others. The same is true for the auto ISO function, however, the maximum threshold for auto ISO is 6400 and you cannot select ISO 'H'. If you do not bother shooting in the ISO range from 3200 to 12.800, then you can get a completely usable result.

Here's what I noticed interesting: the first camera of this level - Canon 1000D had a range of photosensitivity 100-1600 (without the possibility of expansion), the second model - Canon 1100D had a range of 100-6400 (without expandability). As a result, the second model exceeded the first one 4 (!) Times (if you compare the limit value of ISO 1600 and ISO 6400), which undoubtedly is an indicator of the growth of capabilities. But the Canon 1200D in terms of ISO is practically nowhere to go Canon 1100D... The Canon 1200D still uses the 100-6400 range and as some consolation we got the option to use ISO 'H' (ISO 12.800 equivalent). However, it cannot be used for videos or photos, using the 'Auto ISO' function, or when the 'Highlight priority' function is enabled. Where is the world heading?

Canon EOS 1200D

Canon EOS 1200D

The buffer with all disabled additional functions contains:

  • about 7 frames in RAW format, while in JVI the buffer exponent is 4 frames.
  • 2 frames in JPEG L format, while the camera after the first two frames makes a small delay and then continues to shoot 2 frames with small delays.
  • 2 frames in RAW + JPEG L format, then the camera waits for data to be recorded on the card.

The number of frames in a burst with 'enhancers' disabled will greatly depend on the card used when shooting.

A buffer with all additional functions enabled contains:

  • about 5 frames in RAW format, while in JVI the buffer exponent is 4 frames.
  • 2 frames in JPEG L format, after which the camera makes a fairly long delay.
  • 2 frames in RAW + JPEG L format, then the camera waits for data to be recorded on the card.

The number of frames in a series with the 'enhancers' enabled practically does not depend on the card used, since the camera spends CPU time on improving the images.

Considering that the 1200D is designed for amateurs who will shoot in JPEG format with all the enhancements enabled by default, and who are trying to get good results right away, then the burst shooting limited to 2 shots is not so bad ... who am I kidding my ten year old Canon 350D with all the improvements puts in the buffer at least 9 shots!

Camera control is very similar to the control of a huge number of other Canon EOS cameras, if you get used to it and you can control the camera quickly and comfortably.

Canon EOS 1200D weighs just 73 grams more than the lightest model Canon 100D and ranks second in lightness. When working with a more or less serious, heavy lens, I did not feel any difference at all between the lightest 'hundred' and the Canon 1200D. Also, I didn’t notice any difference in size between the weave and Canon 1200D, although the weaving is 12.8 mm less in length, 9 mm in width and 8.5 mm in height.

Canon EOS 1200D with Helios-81H 2/50 MS lens

Canon EOS 1200D with lens MS Helios-81H 2/50

In normal shooting mode, the Canon 1200D uses 9-point focusing with a cross-shaped center point. The camera inherited this focusing module from the previous model - Canon 1100D. Such a focusing module is used only by these two cameras. You can read more about the focusing modules for Canon cameras. here. Of course, you can focus on using the camera display.

3-inch camera display at 460.000 pixels. The number of dots on the display is noticeably less than all cameras, starting with the model Canon 500D (where there are about 920.000). Nevertheless, the display is pleasant - there are no inconveniences when viewing photos and navigating through menus.

Canon EOS 1200D uses a 63-zone metering sensor exposure with dual layer SPC and iFCL, exactly the same as on almost all Canon EOS cameras from the Canon 7D. More details about this in the section 'Canon CCD Exposure Sensors'. Canon 1200D, like all other Canon cameras, can meter exposure with any manual lens, so for the review I used a fast Soviet prime lens MS Helios-81H 2/50, the lack of automatic focusing on which helped to detect the presence of the Live View function with a 5 and 10-fold increase in the selected area.

Canon EOS 1200D with Sigma 50-150mm 1: 2.8 APO DC HSM EX

Canon EOS 1200D with lens Sigma 50-150mm 1: 2.8 APO DC HSM EX

Of course, as befits a pretty modern SLR camera, the Canon EOS 1200D can shoot Full HD video. You can select one of the quality options: 1920 × 1080 25fps, 1920 × 1080 24fps, 1280 × 720 50fps, 640 × 480 25fps, 1920 × 1080 30fps, 1920 × 1080 24fps, 1280 × 720 60fps, 640 × 480 30fps. Shutter speed and aperture can be changed during movie shooting, and ISO sensitivity can be automatically controlled.

Canon EOS 1200D is usually sold with a simple universal lens. Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 18-55mm 1: 3.5-5.6 IS II. Finding a camera without a lens (only the body) is not so simple, but if you don’t want to get in touch with the simplest lens of the 18-55 / 3,5-5,6 class, then I recommend looking at a fairly good universal lens Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 18-135mm 1: 3.5-5.6 IS STM.

Here link to the archive with the originals - 1.17 GB, 53 photos in CR2 format (RAW) Photos were taken using lenses Canon Macro Lens EF 100mm 1: 2.8 L IS USM, MS Helios-81H 2/50 and flashes Nikon Speedlight SB-900 и Metz Mecablitz 48AF-1. You can find more examples of photos on the Canon EOS 1200D in the lens review Nikon Nikkor 85mm 1: 1.4.

Prices for modern Canon cameras in popular stores can look at this link.

In comments Can I ask you a question on the topic and you will answer, and you can also express your opinion or describe your experience. Many little things for a photo can be found on AliExpress.


In many ways, the Canon EOS 1200D is very similar to many of its brothers, with the same uncomplicated menus and basic functions (such as matrix cleaning and creative filters). Personally, I believe that the Canon 1200D turned out to be a very well-balanced, unpretentious and inexpensive camera. Unlike Canon 1100D, the video has been brought to mind, the problem of reducing the speed of burst shooting in RAW format has been resolved and various little things have been added or improved. If you are tormented by the pangs of choice, maybe amateur camera selection section :).

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Comments: 187, on the topic: Impressions of the Canon EOS 1200D

  • Yuriy75

    As for the color rendition, I decided to insert 5 kopecks, maybe it was not the camera that was responsible for the incorrect color rendition, but the budget monitor, I think not many amateur enthusiasts will find the amount for the professional monitor and its joint adjustment with the printer and scanner. On my own, I know warm colors with a predominance of yellow on the monitor, and a cooler picture comes out of the printer (although this is also not an indicator). My Philips is dominated by warm shades, LG acquaintances from it blows cold.

    • Oleg

      Yuri, I specifically looked at the same images on IPS, TN monitors, on an old CRT monitor, erasing them via usb on a TV, and finally on two smartphones (with IPS and Superamoled matrices), everything is the same. By the way, friends, the owners of the aforementioned technique, also confirmed that “the photographs have an unnatural color rendering”. Thus, he excluded the option of subjective nit-picking.

  • sergey

    I’ll leave my 5 kopecks too, yesterday I watched the news Samit NATO so in the photo of Obama and Poroshenko there were very different skintons, especially Obama he was both orange and green and just kind of dirty but not black, I dare to assume that there were not ordinary journalists (photographers) and they didn’t shoot with cheap cameras

    • Arkady Shapoval

      aha! neither I nor Ayanami can even ban for political notes :)

    • Oleg

      It’s sometimes useful to watch the NATO Summit.

  • Vyacheslav

    The red-haired test is unambiguous, the bright one is not to my taste, the review and the camera are pleasing, for those who cannot afford the more expensive device, it’s just optimal, I’m shooting at 1100d myself, I’m completely satisfied! It’s good that there are affordable DSLRs, manufacturers offset. I remember Zenit, bought them for $ 10 and loved to shoot.

  • Yaroslav

    Guys, please! Tell me which SLR is better to take? I was confused between CANON EOS 1200D Kit 18-55mm IS II and NIKON D3100 Kit 18-55mm VR. I am newbie. I want to take a camera less! Thanks in advance for your help!

    • IgorS

      1200D - 2014, d3100 - 2010.

  • Alexander

    I would also like to know an opinion about the choice between CANON EOS 1200D and NIKON D3200 / D3100.

    (Since it is rumored that Nikon’s sensor is better, but very good lenses are needed to reach its full potential.)

    • Gordey

      Nikon d5100 / d5200 take better. A little more expensive. but it's worth it. I have a bunch of d5100 + 35 1.8g - the photos are just wonderful. Now I switched to my older brother in the person of d7100, I also use the 35th one - an indescribable delight.
      Plus the canon's crop is 1,6, and the unicon's is 1,5 - and that's what it says.

      • Edward

        It's not fair, yet compare it to 5200

        5200 competitor 650/700 canon

        In general, you can - still look at the sony a57

      • Lev

        Gordey, D5100 and D5200 are very different. I would have preferred a Toshiba sensor and a 39-point (9-cross) focusing module like the D7000, as well as a processor from the same.

  • Gordey

    is expensive and works poorly. I didn’t like him. presented to his wife for the birth of a daughter. I don't use it myself. Live View is disgusting. You can forget about recording video on it. which we did, we took a video camera. The noise is not weak. And, as I understand it, he is greedy for good lenses. I took half a ruble 1,8 g on it - it became a little better to shoot. I want to test it in the field so that the lighting will be favored. In general, the device is not bad - the carcass is comfortable - not small and not large, the whale lens is disgusting - if there is money, I will change to sigma 17-50 2,8, much more sense.

  • Alexander

    Arkady good afternoon! I have a very serious question for you!
    With cameras for a long time. Was all the time on Nikon, switched to Kenon - for his own objective reasons.
    While the camera is the youngest - this one in the review.
    Difficulty arose and how to adapt to it?
    There is no shutter speed in the camera in the ISO settings (as I used to in Nikon). I mainly use Av mode for efficiency. And while I see a way - it's to raise the ISO yourself.
    Maybe there is some other way to adjust the shutter speed, except for the M and Tv modes? Or how can one adapt to this shortcoming?
    Thank you

    • Arkady Shapoval

      No way. Auto ISO on some Canon models is functionally worse than on Nikon.

      • Alexander

        And how do you coexist with this? What methods did you find? - to quickly remove

        • Arkady Shapoval

          I don’t really care, I just put it manually.

          • Alexander

            In fact, I thought so - that the output is not M mode, but - manual raising of ISO, in your words I found confirmation of the correctness of my thoughts. Thanks!

  • Valeria

    A strange thing, I switched to 1200 from Nikon d80. I wanted to switch to Kenon because I love Soviet optics + Nikon does not like the color rendition, and on used models it has already been burned several times. And I needed more pixels, I needed post processing and a large size. Therefore, I took a new, but the youngest model ... while filming only in the dark, of course, the noises are wild, but if you consider that the d80's ISO did not even reach the hellish darkness of my apartment, then, in principle, this can be considered a plus. Autofocus on live view is very dull. However, manual focus is excellent, and it is convenient to choose points, manual optics got up well, and returned their true focal length. Also for me +, that it is very light, given the already not light iron optics, this is great that the camera weighs little, although it looks like a toy.

    While my opinion is controversial, you need to shoot in good lighting. However, the following question arose: is it possible to listen to something more less professional on such an amateur camera? How will she behave in the studio? Or is it so, “not a soap dish is already good”?

    sorry for the "verbose"))

  • Xaoc

    Hello Arkady.
    Please tell me how, for a novice photographer, is it worth it to accelerate to 1200d or you can take 1100d (Da red wunz go fasta!). Will the updated buns in the noob claws affect the quality of photos?
    P.S. Video and monitor for the pros can not be considered =)

    Thank you.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      It’s better to take the camera simpler, but with a better lens. If the means allow, then 1200d will be better than 1100d, but for an amateur you can safely get by with an older model.

      • Xaoc

        The funds allow, but I do not see any significant (critical for a beginner) advantages, and 1100d lured it with a red case. I'm just tired of black - everything is black around> _
        From the position of "funds allow", you can immediately take 650d, and if you add just a little more, then something even cooler, and so you can add a little to the top one. The 1100 carcass is now a little cheaper than 1200, which will allow you to take some kind of simple universal lens (at the moment I read reviews and compare price tags), and when the claws begin to resemble hands, you can already take a lens from the category of non-whale ones.
        Do you think I'm not mistaken in my judgment?

      • Xaoc

        although in a black case - you can find it cheaper, now I hesitate - is it worth the difference in price of those buns that have been updated (video and screen are useless buns IMHO). This is if you look with kit IC 2 lenses ...

      • Elena

        Arkady, good evening! Please help us set up the Canon 1200 for photos with a blurry background in the distance. I'll write you in my vocabulary: AV mode, range 55, F to 5.6. But the pictures are not blurry ... I don’t understand why.

        • Novel

          5.6 on such a focal point is a lot. This is unless you put the model close to you, and the background will be a very distant landscape - twenty meters away, no less. Or buy 50 / 1.8 and shoot at F1.8 - F2.0, or an inexpensive telephoto lens - 55-250, where you will have to move away from the model, but at large focal lengths the blur at 5.6 will be decent.

        • Novel

          The basic rule of blur is to keep the model as close to the lens as possible and as far from the background as possible. If you place the model close to the background, then even the fastest lens when open will not blur anything. The further the subject focuses, the larger (wider) its field of focus. The smaller the focal length of the lens, the larger its field of focus.

  • Novel

    I bought this DSLR and I can’t understand if there is autofocus when shooting a video?

  • Non-amateur

    What kind of amateur writes reviews? I'm shocked. I constantly come across this site in search engines when I want to read about photos. I will try to remember this "razhodiva" so that I will not go to this site again if it appears again in the search results.

    Well, how can you drive such frank nonsense: “the second model - Canon 1100D had a range of 100-6400 (without the possibility of expansion) ///// IN REALITY THERE IS 3200 WITH THE POSSIBILITY OF EXPANDING UP TO 6400 /////
    As a result, the second model exceeded the first one 4 (!) Times (if you compare the limit value of ISO 1600 and ISO 6400), which undoubtedly is an indicator of the growth of opportunities

    I did not even read further.

    • Yarkiya

      Well then! Zviizda f shocked!
      It wasn’t enough to be called a non-amateur, and it wasn’t enough to understand that it was about opportunity, not about quality.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      You are wrong about the Canon 1100D, the main range is 100-6400 without any 'H' extensions. proof link 1, proof link 2. For insulting a ban.

    • Edward

      At 1100 - by default the maximum iso costs 3200
      It can be edited - and put 6400

      H, H1, H2, L, etc. modes are, as a rule, already something that cannot be set in auto-selection.

      The site is good ..
      If there are errors, you can write about it calmly, if they are confirmed, then they will be corrected

  • Andrei

    The non-amateur probably had a bad day. Dipresnyakom straight pulls)

  • Ghetto

    And how to shoot long videos and what would the size of the video be 1200d720 but no less? ??

  • Paul

    Many thanks to the author for a good article!
    And the question is: how would you advise to purchase this camera - with a whale lens, or without it (to purchase another lens, separately)? And if you buy a lens separately - which one would you recommend, inexpensive? And also - which of the Soviet lenses is the most suitable for this model?
    Thank you!

    • Denis

      here is the author’s advice from the article:

      Finding a camera without a lens (only the body) is not so simple, but if you don’t want to get in touch with the simplest 18-55 / 3,5-5,6 class lens, I recommend looking at the Canon Zoom Lens EF-S versatile enough lens 18-135mm 1: 3.5-5.6 IS STM.

  • Paul

    Thank you Denis!
    And as for the Soviet lens? Helios, Tahir, Jupiter or Industar?

  • Paul

    Arkady, good afternoon!
    First of all, thank you for the wonderful site and interesting reviews of photographic equipment. And I ask for your advice. Which is the best entry-level DSLR camera? From Nikon and Canon I settled on the last one, from models - either 100D or 1200D. I would like to take it with a whale lens, I also plan to purchase Helios. And will a monocle fit these two models? The camera is needed for artistic photography. Please advise which is better - 100D or 1200D?
    Sincerely, Paul.

  • Paul

    Arkady, tell me, does the Canon 1200 have a black and white shooting mode? Thanks!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Yes there is. Monochrome is called there.

  • Alex

    Hello Arkady. You wrote: "Of course, you can focus on the camera display." The question is: how? After all, the display is not touch-sensitive. Or using buttons?

    • Artem

      Using the buttons. I recommend reading the instructions. They canon perfectly painted.

  • Vlad

    I was faced with the choice of buying a Canon EOS 1200 and Nikon 3300, I looked at these models since I am new to this business, and there was a budget limit. On the advice of a friend from a photo studio, he chose Nikon, ordered a photo warehouse in the online store. I have been using this photo card for the 7th month, there have been no complaints so far. But now I think whether I chose the right one.

  • Paul

    Arkady, good evening!
    Please advise a lens for the Canon 1200, which would give the widest possible angle (more than a whale). Thanks!

    • Alexey

      EF-S 10-22mm f / 3.5-4.5 USM (more expensive)
      EF-S 10-18mm f / 4.5-5.6 IS STM (cheaper)

    • Alexey

      From alternatives to native:
      Sigma AF 10-20mm f / 4-5.6 EX DC HSM
      Tamron SP AF 10-24mm f / 3.5-4.5 Di II LD Aspherical

  • anonym

    SONI Subershot HX 400 BETTER THAN NOT !!!!!!!!

    • KalekseyG

      I wonder what kind of ph is this? I don’t even remember the company. )))))

      • Denis

        the best company, almost lagman!

        • Vasya

          The best - there are only louts.

          • Denis

            The worst one is a typo in one letter, guess which one :)

  • a lion

    I use this camera. Reasonable price. More important is a good lens. I collect on Tokina 11-16. While there is Youngnuo 35 / 2.0 and Tamron 18-200 described here

    • Irina

      Good afternoon. I'm thinking whether or not to buy the Canon 1200 d. True, it is used, but it comes with three lenses 18-55mm, 70-300mm, 50mm. The price is also not expensive. Is the camera out of date? Please advise whether to buy or not ...

      • Michael

        All cameras after 2009-2010 shoot approximately the same. Can not be steamed

      • 777


  • Petr Petrovich

    In general, I choose a camera, a super-budget option.
    Purpose: drains + photos for the online store (jewelry).
    The budget is not a camera with lenses 40 tr To buy used experience is not enough, so only new.

    I looked at the double kit canon 2000d (50mm 1.8 stm + 18-55 3.5-5.6 IS II) for 34 tr. Arkady, first of all to you, purely practical questions:

    a) In a double kit, are lenses aligned on the carcass?
    b) In general, the idea for an article on the site: warranty and post-warranty service. How is it carried out if there is no c / c in the city or there is only a reception point. Highlights, I will be very grateful if experienced people share knowledge.
    c) What, in your opinion, are the nuances of the budget model when using high-aperture optics (2.8 and lighter?)

    Thank you all!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      a) no
      b) thanks for the idea
      c) no special. Focus modules will work better, details here.

      • Petr Petrovich

        Arkady, thanks for the answer.

        I thought in whale the lenses fit the device. There is no experience with light optics, tell me how to correctly assess the accuracy of AF in a store? (By the way, the topic also draws to a separate article :))

        • Arkady Shapoval

          In the realities of the store and without experience - nothing. It makes no sense to write about it even :). But usually there are no problems with whales.

  • Yaroslav

    Good afternoon! Sorry for the stupid question, but “I'm not a magician, I'm just learning” :) I'm using this camera with a whale lens. Focus problem when shooting through the display. Is it in my settings that something needs to be corrected or is the lens naughty?

    • Human

      This is a "feature" of Live View

  • neoflyer

    Someone tell me, does the 1200D have AF points in the viewfinder?

    • Roman

      Yes, if there is an original focusing screen.

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