Review Meike Speedlight MK910

According provided by Flash Meike Speedlight MK910 many thanks to Alexander.

Review Meike Speedlite MK910

Review Meike Speedlight MK910

Meike Speedlight MK910 came to me completely new, in a box with all the pieces of paper and even with a protective film on the display and back. The flash is almost a complete clone of the native flagship Nikon Speedlight SB-900. True, somewhere in the Chinese laboratories there were failures during copying and the clone received only a fraction of the capabilities of the original.

There is a flash review on Radozhiv Meike Speedlight MK900which is 90% similar to the functionality of the Meike Speedlight MK910. The MK910 has addressed the main flaw - the lack of support for Nikon FP high-speed sync. Using the MK910 with cameras that support Nikon FP, you can shoot at any shutter speed, even as fast as 1/4000 s and 1/8000 s. Another difference is the higher guide number of 60 versus the claimed 42 meters for MK900... True, after rereading the entire instruction, I still could not find with what parameters the Chinese calculated such a leading number. And MK910 also has a light, barely noticeable, blue lamp illumination. The backlight works for some time (about an hour) even if you remove the batteries from it and remove from the camera. What this backlight is for - I don't know.

That same ominous backlight of the main lamp. The flash is removed from the camera, without batteries, in the off state

That same ominous backlight of the main lamp. The flash is removed from the camera, without batteries, in the off state

Actually, there are no more differences from MK900 I did not find and do not want to repeat the previous review.

My experience with the Meike Speedlight MK910 is small, but I still want to point out that the MK910 is not a copy of Nikon Speedlight SB-910, but just modernization Meike Speedlight MK900. I SB-910 и MK900 (like SB-900) a slightly different arrangement of control buttons and the latch of the battery compartment. During the test, the MK910 worked correctly in the automatic TTL mode at any shutter speed. It is a pity that the MK910 only added support for Nikon FP, but did not restore a million other useful and necessary things that are found in the native SB-910/900. First of all, it concerns the TTL mode for the flash master. In the remote control mode, the MK910 can still set fire to other flashes in the automatic TTL mode, but at the same time it can fire only with a manual indication of power, or not give a pulse at all (i.e. give only control pulses). Everything else on my cameras Nikon D700 и D80 the flash was sometimes not recognized by the camera, in order to bring it to life, it had to be turned on and off once or twice.

Also, the MK910 does not accurately show the battery charge, when testing for two sets of my working and fully charged batteries, the flash looked askance and gave a message that they were completely discharged, although with the same batteries I then shot the same flash in the light tube using other external flashes: ) By the third set of batteries fully charged by smart charging, the flash showed condescension, but stated that their charge corresponds to only one strip :). The fourth set of MK910 took as expected, showing a full charge, but after 10 test operations, their level dropped to one strip.

I am not a big fan of third-party flashes and for Nikon cameras I recommend, of course, to use native outbreaksFor example, Nikon SB-700. On the other hand, third-party outbreaks are much cheaper than the originals and at the same time have the basic functionality, which will be enough with the head for most simple tasks. Personally, I was always interested in whether Nikon and other manufacturers are suing for mercilessly copying their products, including the instructions for them?

Thank you for attention. Arkady Shapoval.

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  • Vlad

    Good afternoon! Any advice on which SECOND flash to choose (there are SB-700 and D7000)? Perhaps the completion of the question "with giblets" will give me an amateur, but I would like to use two external flashes and a built-in light for portraits (so that the camera would light both puffs) ... There are, of course, a lot of questions, but somehow it is inconvenient to get out with them because of the spin of respected professionals who skillfully gut the poor Chinese ...

  • Palich-50

    I use only this flash and do not have the practice of working with other flashes. In addition to the above (and I read the reviews of Arkady with great pleasure and learned a lot and learned. ARKADY MANY THANKS):
    - flash is simple and convenient
    - the charging indicator works perfectly (from full charge to full discharge - this is also confirmed by the chargers)
    - there were no failures in work.
    - there is no instruction in Russian - there were no caps in the kit - but the functionality is greatly reduced.
    - there is no indication on the flash with which camera it works
    - after pressing the button, the flash fires with a delay and this should be taken into account, although I tried SB700 in the store - the effect is the same
    - during intensive shooting (110 frames with a flash in 28 min), the flash overheated, and after 4 min I was shooting again but with caution (For comparison - I was shooting in parallel on Nikon D600 with SB700 - there was no overheating, the peasants were surprised that the flash has overheated). Retesting confirmed overheating at 123 frames
    Optional: Yes, there is a blue illumination in the flash head. I think that this indicates that: - the capacitor is charged and ready to work
    - and if it is not fully charged, then it will take less time to fully charge it
    - and during repairs until the capacitor is discharged, do not start repairs.
    On my flash, the glow of 10-15 minutes
    And on SB700,900,910 flashes, is there a delay in the flash after pressing the shooting button? Is there no information on the flash data on the camera?

  • Galina

    Good afternoon, I bought this flashlight kettle and I want to understand the settings in detail, show how to use no one in the video, I realized that it can be synchronized even with digital cameras from the impulse, so I would understand specifically in the video lesson in detail step by step with respect galina

  • Jury

    I want to ask Arkady, as well as everyone who used this flash and Sat 600, is it worth buying this flash after Sat 600? And then my sat 600 breaks down very often - I want to buy a new one. Camera d90, I use flash mainly on a stand with an umbrella.

  • Palich-50

    I have MK910 and Nikon D90, not a professional, I don't make money - the flash works normally and stably, it's simple to use, there is a drawback - 120 continuous shots and overheating. If for myself, then I advise my brother, price and quality are an excellent combination

  • Igor

    Hello everyone)) I now have mk910 and sb700. Both flashes work fine. There are no complaints, except that the 910 is gluttonous (puts the batteries faster) and the batteries get very hot under extreme conditions. Otherwise, I like her even more than Nikon. It is very convenient that there is no button for fixing the head, often you need to quickly twirl it))) and on the Nikon until you press it ... In general, I'm glad that I took it.

  • anonym

    Who also has a sleeper Yn 568 ex chi meike 910 on nikon d5200? only I ask you without banalism to call me on a regular sat900 chi sat700, everything is fine, mind you, ale ... if you want your thought about yn568 and mk910.

  • Maria

    How to turn off the sound on the flash MK 910

  • anonym

    "Restored a million other useful and necessary things, which were in the family SB-910/900" - and so it is clear that the flash is several times more expensive, even a little better.


    The other day I got this flash.
    In principle, I was pleased until I noticed in a dark room that the infrared illumination was shifted slightly up and the lines at an angle. In principle, it’s not critical, since it focuses on the center point, except for the minimum distances (up to half a meter, but apparently such distances are not for the flash, although no one forbids me to direct it to the ceiling).
    The question is, does anyone have experience parsing this outbreak? Or at least how to remove infrared glass in front?

    • BB

      If you adjust the backlight for close range, then maybe it will start to 'miss' at a distance?

    • Alexander

      Good day. I recently bought a Meike 950 for Nikon on Ali. At first he was pleased, like an elephant. Many modes, TTL and so on. And then I discovered a PROBLEM. it is a PROBLEM. Nikon d5100 carcass, Yongnuo 50 / 1.8, Nikon 55-300, Nikon 18-55 lenses. Without an external flash (as well as using the built-in flash), autofocus at the center point hits accurately on all lenses, at any focal length and at any distance to the subject.
      As soon as I install an external flash on the camera - NONE of the shots turned out to be in focus. The flash has autofocus illumination and this (laser-red grid) is “shifted” slightly to the left / up from the center of the shot frame.
      In general, I was upset ...
      read the forums. the problem is described there. solution, alas, was not found.

  • Dimon

    Please tell me with the Nikon D3200 Meike MK 910 will work? There is no money for the original, but without an external flash it’s especially difficult indoors :(

  • Dimon

    And please tell me if this Meike MK 910 flash will work on Nikon D3200 in “A” mode, because I constantly use this mode.

    • Andrei

      Everything should work, the main thing is to buy a nikon system. In mode A, the shutter speed will be 1/60 s

  • Alexander

    Meike 910 arrived a week ago. It was assembled accurately, there are no backlashes, gaps. Everything works fine, but about the power it turns out to be like that. Compared with Metz 50 AF-1 S, the latter, although it has a smaller guide number, will be more powerful. Compared at 1/1 power under the same conditions, it turns a little yellow compared to Metz. Fast charging, convenient control The charge indicator shows approximately the state of the batteries. I managed with delivery of 7500 rubles. , for that kind of money very much even suits. Nikon camera - D750.

  • Maksim

    I have mk-910 and triopo tr-982ll, the triopo has a much more convenient and understandable menu, but the triopo in TTL mode works unpredictably, the mk-910 works as it should, the cameras 7100 and 750. When the functionality of such flashes is not enough, I will start looking towards my relatives In the meantime, I want to order the mcoplus mt-600, it is cheaper even mk-910 with the same declared functionality.

    • Amateur photographer

      Maxim, hello! just choosing between these two flashes - mk i Triopo. Camera D3200.
      Tell me, for an absolute beginner, which of them is better and more reliable (not for professional use)? I read in the reviews that Triopo has thermal protection against overheating. Is this so?
      How did they both work for you in so much time? thanks for the answer

  • Yuri Almaty

    Good afternoon!

    Please tell me, it is advisable to step by step how to set the rear curtain blinds on the MK910 flash, D7000 camera. I myself can’t drip up.

    • BB

      Read the camera manual, page 144.

      (Better yet, always read the instructions before asking a question.)

    • Andrei

      S2 is the rear curtain sync.

      • BB

        Don't talk nonsense, don't mislead people: S2 is a remote flash mode that fires on the second (or last) flash of the master flash

  • Tolly

    Hello! Tell me what is better for a cropped camera Nikon meike mk 910 or youngnuo yn 568 ex. Thank you in advance for your reply.

  • Igor

    2800 UAH Meike MK-910 and 11500 UAH Nikon SB-910
    Yes, for nothing more than 4 times that)

  • Anton

    I bought a Meike MK 910. I have a Nikon d300s. I'm trying to set fire to it with a regular flash in remote mode, but nothing comes of it. I set the settings on the camera, as they say, set up channels / groups, but there is no result. It does not respond to the control impulse from a regular flash and that's it. Tell me, can there be any secret?

    • parent

      Anton, I think you have solved this problem a long time ago, but I will write as it may be useful to others.
      In the built-in flash control mode, set one group of flashes to TTL, or to manual mode, and turn off the remaining groups with dashes. After that, the in-camera flash will ignite. And on an external flash in remote, only the channel name matches the camera and nothing more.

  • Alexey

    In general, the flash is excellent, only the infra is very weak. Somehow I worked in a very dark place and the camera simply refused to work ... I thought I would burn out of shame in front of the customer. I no longer use it in such conditions and do not advise you? Thanks for your feedback!

  • Koba

    The author asked the question - is Nikon suing Chinese manufacturers? No, and never will he dare, since more than half of the income of Nikon and other manufacturers of photographic equipment (recently Leica also admitted that 52 percent of its 400 million income is received in China!) They receive in China, and as for their professional equipment, then they sell more than 70 percent in China. Where else have you seen queues for new D5 or D1Xii in the store at the beginning of their sales? The only thing that Nikon did (probably - in order not to offend China and also somehow protect itself from capturing) was to close the plant and move it to the Philippines, although personally I suspect that the main reason here was not China, but the fact that China no longer has the cheapest labor force in the world, it is now available in other Asian countries, so some manufacturers are moving there.

  • Paul

    I bought myself this puff and was upset. The first puff gives with normal power (at iso 800), and all subsequent ones with less power. The same Nikon Sb-700, does not lose power even after 10 puffs! What is the reason I did not understand. And on the last shoot I noticed an even more unpleasant feature. If you change the focus points in the camera relative to the central one, then the flash backlight stops working at all! This was generally a concrete surprise. Maybe of course I'm doing something wrong, but it really only focuses if the center point is set !!!

  • Amateur photographer

    Hello. Sorry, not quite on the topic. But I really hope for your advice)))
    The carcass of Nikon D3200, is interested in a budget flash for home use (plus school, a children's photo shoot).
    I’m looking between the meike mk-950 II (since it’s easier in function than the mk-910, and I only need the i-TTL + Manual mode) or triopo 982 II.
    I re-read the technical specifications.
    The question is which one will be more reliable? Particularly worried about the overheating of the flash, which is widely written everywhere. And also a curve of autofocus highlighting. Who works with such, please unsubscribe!

  • Leonid

    Privit. Why am I glad when you vibrate with the camera on the Nikon 3100? Original SB600 Chi Meike MK 910, what is the date on this day? The photographer himself pochatkіvets, fotkayu in bіlshostі sіmyu.

  • Vlad

    Use native flash units such as Nikon SB-700. It is not realistic to find such a flash already in stores.

  • TwentyKarantino

    “… What is this illumination for - I do not know…” - I would say, “Why this glow - I don’t know”.
    These are my impressions ... I suspect something with the capacitance of the capacitors. But I do not want to disassemble - "While it is working - do not go")))

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