Canon 700D Review

According provided by Canon EOS 700D camera (aka T5i, X7i) body many thanks to the official representative of Canon in Ukraine.

Canon 700D Review

Canon 700D Review

The Canon EOS 700D was introduced on March 21, 2013, along with the simpler and lighter Canon EOS 100D... And it just so happened that in the new camera, in comparison with the predecessor camera - Canon 650D, there was nothing fundamentally new. This is probably the simplest update in Canon's EOS range of consumer cameras. If we ignore all the formalities, then personally I see only different camera names - Canon EOS 650D and Canon EOS 700D. But those commenting under the name of the almighty Anonymous do not sleep, and therefore below I will indicate those minor differences between Canon 650D and the Canon 700D, which I managed to find by turning over 400 pages of instructions for these two cameras.

The Canon EOS 700D, compared to Canon 650D, the main shooting mode dial has been changed. The Canon 700D has night-time portrait modes, 'me and my beloved cat', 'Handheld Night Scene' and 'Backlit Shooting' have been combined into 'SCN' (Special Scene Mode). Those who like to rotate the main wheel in search of the 'masterpiece' mark are now much easier, because the Canon 700D's control dial rotates 360 degrees. Although I liked the disc better Canon 650D due to the fact that when rotating it all the way to the stop, it was possible to switch very quickly and accurately to the 'M'(My beloved mode exposure).

The next innovation is designed to revolutionize the photography industry! Now you can sight in Live View through special instagram creative filters in real time. It is enough to turn on one of the artistic filters: 'Grainy B / W', 'Soft Focus',' Fish-eye Effect ',' Oil Paint Effect ',' Watercolor Effect ',' Toy Effect. camera ',' miniature effect 'and get +100 points to you know what Creativity and exclusivity of your photos. Marketers guarantee it! IN Canon 650D it was possible to try on the same filters only to the captured images. I turned on the filters two times, the first one accidentally, the second one to make sure they still work in Live View. Interestingly, even this I was not able to do right away, as it turned out that this option is not available when shooting in “RAW” and “RAW + JPEG” formats.

Let's hold a small flash mob - everyone who has pictures using artistic filters should definitely share a link to it in the comments :). I have already made popcorn, sat in front of the comment feed and am ready to contemplate them.

In Canon 700D the body texture has changed, it has become more pleasant to the touch. I wrote the previous phrase quite sincerely, but I'm sure blindfolded the difference between Canon 700D and Canon 650D even their creators will not be able to feel. But users are ready to entertain themselves with the thought that in the hand the Canon 700D feels no worse than, say, Canon 70D. And you can cross out one toe and get a free upgrade from Canon 700D to Canon 70D :)

Canon EOS 700D rear view

Rear view of the Canon EOS 700D, from that side of the camera Helios 44 2/58, honestly

There is information on the network that the Canon 700D has a revised tracking focus system when shooting in video. In fact, I did not feel any difference, however, I used the Canon 650D and 700D cameras with different lenses. Nevertheless, even if you delve into the instructions, you will not find any differences. Personally, I believe that the hybrid focusing system could have been refined a little and does not seriously affect the quality of tracking focus when shooting video. Yes, outside the window in 2014, but amateur SLR cameras did not learn how to focus properly when shooting video. Of course, I know about the handsome Canon 70D and about Sony SLT, but these are cameras of completely different categories. For me personally, the big mystery is the fact that along with the Canon 700D was introduced Canon 100D, the latter received an updated hybrid focusing in Live View mode - Hybrid CMOS AF II., and the Canon 700D continued to use the old system Hybrid CMOS AF Canon's first generation 650D. Why is the same focusing system not installed in the Canon 700D? I suppose, just to make users break their brains over what kind of camera they need.

Top view Rear view of the Canon EOS 700D with a Canon Macro Lens EF 100mm 1: 2.8 L IS USM lens

Top view of Canon EOS 700D and Canon Macro Lens EF 100mm 1: 2.8 L IS USM

Canon 700D sold in a whale kit with an updated lens Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 18-55mm 1: 3.5-5.6 IS STMthat was introduced with her. At the same time, the Canon 650D comes with a lens Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 18-55mm 1: 3.5-5.6 IS II... But no one forbids to buy a new 'kit' for Canon 650D. Most likely, the differences in standard lenses are being passed off as differences in cameras. But we understand what's what :).

You can also specify a lighter body. The Canon 700D weighs as much as 5 grams less than the 650D. So, by the way, 5 grams is less than 1 percent of the total mass of the camera with a battery and a memory card. I’m even embarrassed to write about these nano-differences :)

Here link to the archive with the originals - 1024 MB, 47 photos in .CR2 format (RAW), lenses were used when shooting Canon Macro Lens EF 100mm 1: 2.8 L IS USM и Helios-44 2/58. Yes, do not forget to unsubscribe in the comments that there are not enough portraits, as well as retelling of the first 370 pages of the instruction :)

Prices for modern Canon cameras in popular stores can look at this link.

In comments Can I ask you a question on the topic and you will answer, and you can also express your opinion or describe your experience. Many little things for a photo can be found on AliExpress.


Do you know what is the most offensive and ironic in the whole story? Anyway, at this point, the Canon 700D is Canon’s best amateur camera (you don’t need to interfere with advanced amateur cameras like Canon 60D, 70D); and I recommend Canon 700D in my article 'which Canon camera to choose'as Canon's Best Amateur CPC for 2014.

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  • Elena

    Arkady, thank you for the reviews! Everything is short and clear, interesting, no frills. When I need a normal adequate answer on photographic equipment, I go to the Radozhiv website and I know that I will find answers to all my questions!

  • Anonymous 1

    Perhaps the last comment on this topic ... Both Canon and Nikon have long been able to produce perfect cameras in all classes, satisfying the most demanding consumers. But then what about the continued existence and operation of gigantic industries around the world ??? What to produce, what to invent, if the best is already on the assembly line? A dead end, mass layoffs, bankruptcy ... So they are pulling the "cat by the tail": either an animal with five legs, but no ears, or with ears, but no eyes ... Something needs to be sold ... Remember the story with the revolutionary idea of ​​Minolta to produce film devices of the maximum possible functional saturation and perfection, but with limited access to benefits through the purchase of individual chip cards by the consumer at prices half the cost of the device itself. They say, buy yourself THIS chip, and you will be able to use not one, but five measurement modes at once ... Very quickly this idea was buried, otherwise Minolta would have stopped already then. Everyone wants to earn a lot and for a long time, if possible forever, and for this it is profitable to produce goods "a little bit before ..."; slightly unfinished, slightly not perfect, a little unsaid ... And consumers, that is, you and I, in the excitement of pursuing perfection, will buy, buy ... BIG BUSINESS on little human weaknesses!

    • Oleg


    • AM

      You are too fond of conspiracy theories - not worth it. At the heart of any production is ALWAYS, and here you are partially right, profit. But you point out that they can release the “same” camera, but do not want to because of greed, but in fact, manufacturers do not release it for more banal reasons - high cost, low payback, complexity of development (as a result, a long process of product launch to the market), low production standardization. This is not a complete list of reasons. And what about the "pursuit of perfection" - who forces you to update your fleet of equipment? If everything suits you, if it is enough for your tasks - do not update!

  • Fujio Mitarai

    Arkady has already changed his mind about sending a courier to you with your fee, but the phrase at the end of the article “… Anyway, at this moment Canon 700D is the best amateur camera from Canon…” You have corrected the situation to the original agreements.
    Now we are finalizing several new art filters for the Canon 750D and it will be ready for presentation.
    心 か ら 、 御 手洗 冨 士夫!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      I ask you, even in the new model, make the mode "against the background of the carpet", everyone is asking!

    • Maria

      Tell me whether to buy a canon 650d?

  • Fujio Mitarai

    Arkady, we have already said that the “against the background of the carpet” mode is planned for the Canon 950D. And now only modes are added: “I hold the Sun”, “Bride on my hand”.
    心 か ら 、 御 手洗 冨 士夫!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Yes, for sure :) next time with the courier, do not forget to send the promised young Japanese girls, otherwise the PR company of the new Canon models may not take place, desu!

  • Dmitriy

    Great review. Arkady, I think, has reached a new level of presentation. Real Level Up. All this despite the fact that this resource, without any doubt, was of undoubted interest and a lot of useful, necessary information for every amateur photographer.
    Suddenly, from nowhere, this ringing lightness and recklessness appeared.

    Arkady, smoke more! Your indisputable talent has sparkled with new, intriguing colors.

  • anonym


  • Oleg Kirillov

    Greetings to everyone, especially the respected author of this blog. I decided to share my impressions of this camera (I'm not a pro, just an ordinary amateur). So they asked me the other day to bring something for shooting video and photos (the video was important), I advised Sony A65 and Canon700d (the price for them is the same), people chose Canon, brought it and had time to use it - this is my first DSLR in my hands. The impressions remained rather positive and very pleasant, which made me happy: this is of course the excellent quality of pictures that a simple amateur can take by screwing the lens and inserting the battery, the camera is very convenient to operate, it has a comfortable grip and everything is intuitive, I was pleased with the rotary and Touch screen (for a modern person who uses a touchscreen smartphone is what you need), I'll say right away - I only shot through the viewfinder (the proximity sensor at night is very useful here), because this is more familiar to me and also in daylight on the street everything is clearly visible in it, the viewfinder is convenient. I set up shooting in jpeg + raw so that I could process it on my computer. I think this camera is a good choice for a beginner (people will also have this first DSLR).
    Now about what I didn’t like: I’ll say right away that the most annoying thing is when you customize the story program for yourself, switch to another, configure and go back, then all settings are reset to default and you need to configure again.
    There was no possibility to compare with previous models 600d and 650d, and they are now almost the same, it is better to take a new model, because. competition is doing its job and new models are better than previous ones.
    That's my whole brief review, if any of the newbies find it useful, I will be glad if you are thinking about purchasing a good camera - you will not regret it.
    By the way, I held it in my hands in a Canon100d store - I definitely would not have bought it - very small and uncomfortable grip, it costs almost the same.

  • Marco '

    At seven hundred, the iso button was on. At 650 - the onslaught ... until the singing moment I see the spring on the papilla on the button, and at the end of the moment I get stuck (the less the ringing sound). To navigate the tactile perceptions of the eyes, there is a lot of sensation.
    At 700d, the button is spring loaded all the way. Sound, clear rich, possible. Ale takі dіbnitsі deschutuyut. It is possible to price the copy of such a copy.
    ... And it is possible that the upgrade, which we all didn’t remember ...

    In the case of a floppy disk, except for the mode disk and the widest plastic band (the plastic on the case is all the same, I wouldn’t say anything there) I don’t bach.

  • Valentine

    I bought it. And I'm fine)
    I used to shoot on Nokia 6223, then on iPhone 4c. Now I am using this "horse", with an 18-135 lens.
    I don't use the built-in "fashionable" filters, I shoot without AF, only through the viewfinder, I like it more, as if you were touching the subject with your eye :)
    Thank you for your articles on aperture, ISO, shutter speed. They helped to better understand how to work with the outside world.
    I’ll go on to study your site;)

    PS Still, the share of ridicule in this article is felt.

    • Oleg Kirillov

      I think the author just likes only one brand of photographic equipment, it's even good - even if he describes the cons, we already know the pros. Dear Arkady, I am grateful for your work - continue on, very useful blog.

    • Lynx

      do not confuse mockery and irony.

  • ALEX

    scajite pojalusta, kakoi obiectiv vibrati dlia canon 700d? canon ef-s 17-55 f2.8 or canon 24-70f4 L

    • Lynx


  • Dmitriy

    The catch is that you take cameras, you choose the best lenses, autofocus systems. Then you open the first link that comes across “how to shoot video with a DSLR camera” and look at 2 points:
    1. Turn off autofocus.
    2. All twist the handles.
    3. Any expensive camera with a variable aperture during the shooting of a video is replaced by an old manual lens.

  • anonym

    with a coca guarantee to buy?

  • Alexander

    Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! I ask for advice as specialists. I wanted to buy a digital SLR, the first for myself. Although I have been engaged in amateur photography since 1976, I went through all the cameras to Salut ... Then digital soap dishes :). I chose Canon EOS 700D, but
    then a friend switches to full frame and gives me a Nikon D7100 (mileage 5000, excellent condition, he is not a photographer, just money is not to be spent ...) for the same $ 500 plus a 55-300mm lens. I read reviews about Nikon D7100, the reviews about "noise" at high ISO scare, they say even more than 200 already the noise is strong ... but at the same time I don't like the slow focusing of Canon, but I need to take pictures of dogs, children :) So I ask for advice, help with choice! New Canon 700 or Nikon 7100 in excellent condition. Thank you for your attention.

    • Valery A.

      Good evening. For the first time I hear that Nikon is noisier than a similar Kenon, and that Kenon has slow autofocus (which depends mainly on the lens).

      • anonym

        but the 55-300 lens has the slowest autofocus)

        • Valery A.

          For what? Slow, but amateur TV is not all that is needed for a photo.

          • anonym

            I drew attention to this phrase “but at the same time I do not like the slow focusing of Canon, but I need to take pictures of dogs, children”

            • Valery A.

              Well, this is Alexander read somewhere a controversial opinion. I myself, of course, did not compare similar models "head to head", but in articles like D5100vs600D (whales), nowhere was it stated that focusing in one FA is noticeably weaker, slower than in another.

              • anonym

                from my own experience I can say that the Canon 1100D + 18-55DCIII focuses noticeably faster than the Nikon D5100 + 18-55VR, but it has a lot of distortion at a wide angle. and Nikon is quieter because it is slower :) and plastic is more like Nikon's

    • Valery A.

      I will continue. In fact, 7100 is more advanced than 700D, it is equal to 70D from kenons, in turn 700D = 5300. Here Arkady wrote somewhere that when choosing a system (and you choose a system, with a further train of lenses, flashes, etc.), it is important what system your friend, mentor has - they say, they will help, prompt, the lens will be used, etc. So , if there is no personal liking for something, the choice is logical to 7100.

    • a lion

      Alexander, D7100 is a completely different class of camera. If the price is the same, definitely prefer Nikon. In addition, you can shoot under the same conditions or, in extreme cases, just hold it in your hands. Have a nice shot!

  • Karen

    Arkady hello. Your opinion is very important to me, so I want to know if you plan to review the Canon 760D?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      I plan when I don’t know. If you choose a camera, then ask a specific question.

  • a lion

    All liked it! The use of the word "whale" by the author was only cut off. For information: the whale is translated “in a set or in a set”. Therefore, “in a whale set” and “to buy a new 'whale'” sounds inadequate for the pros.
    Good luck!

  • Victoria

    Here you can see right away, a person with a good sense of humor and irony) I read your reviews as a fascinating book)

  • Ilya

    For the convenience of the location of the controls, it is good. And in terms of DD and iso workers, it is very outdated. However, there is nothing to be surprised at percent 5, for the current generation 7,8th. IMHO her price is not more than 20 000r.

  • Igor

    Arkady, still take into account the fact of aliasing in cameras, both in video and in photo. A couple of test photos or video fragments of buildings with angular shapes would not hurt.
    Noise test and resolution drop.

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