Sony LA-EA4 adapter review

According provided by Sony LA-EA4 adapter and Sony a7 camera huge thanks Sony Ukraine.

Sony LA-EA4 review

Sony LA-EA4 review

Sony LA-EA4 is a dedicated adapter for attaching 'A-mount' lenses to 'E' mount cameras. With this adapter (adapter), you can attach any Sony A-mount or Minolta A-mount lens to Sony NEX or Sony ILCE cameras, including full-format Sony a7, a7r, a7s.

Sony LA-EA4

Sony LA-EA4

Sony LA-EA4 has a built-in focusing motor, and therefore allows you to focus automatically using even the old Sony and Minolta motorless lenses. For example, to write this note, I used a lens SAL16F28 Sony 2.8 / 16 Fish-Eye, which does not have a focus motor, and which is perfectly focused using the Sony LA-EA4 adapter. The focusing motor installed in the adapter works quickly, no worse than the corresponding motors in Sony SLR or SLT cameras. With this adapter, you can easily use any auto-focusing lenses since 1985. For example, you can buy an old full-format very cheaply Minolta Maxxum Zoom AF Lens 28-85mm 1: 3.5 (22) -4.5 and shoot for your own pleasure.

Sony LA-EA4

Sony LA-EA4

Most older non-motorized lenses do not have a focus mode switch. With these lenses, you cannot rotate the focus ring in auto focus mode so as not to damage the motor. In order to switch to manual focus mode on a similar lens using Sony LA-EA4, just select the 'MF' focus mode in the camera menu, after which the focus motor will turn off automatically.

Sony LA-EA4

Wardrobe Case Sony LA-EA4

Also, the adapter has a built-in blinking aperture mechanism, which allows you to automatically control the aperture value. During focusing, the aperture remains fully open, and at the time of shooting, the adapter closes. During movie shooting, you cannot change the values ​​of the F number.

Sony LA-EA4

Sony LA-EA4 tripod socket

The adapter is powered by the camera and does not require any batteries or rechargeable batteries. The adapter itself looks unusual because of the protruding block, in which, apparently, there are focusing mechanisms, aperture controls and phase focus sensors.

Sony LA-EA4 adapter with SAL16F28 Sony 2.8 / 16 Fish-Eye lens

Sony LA-EA4 adapter with lens SAL16F28 Sony 2.8 / 16 Fish-Eye. Part of a translucent mirror is visible.

Most interestingly, the Sony LA-EA4 has a translucent mirror and a phase focusing module. The mirror is fixed and reflects approximately 1/3 of the light flux to the phase focus sensors. The sensor itself consists of 15 points, 3 of which are cruciform. In fact, when using such an adapter, you can get an ordinary SLT camera (a camera with a translucent mirror) from a mirrorless Sony camera.

Sony LA-EA4 adapter on Sony A7 camera

Sony LA-EA4 adapter for Sony A7 camera. You can see the focus motor 'screwdriver'.

When I used the Sony LA-EA4 adapter, the Sony a7 camera turned off its built-in hybrid focusing module and switched to using the data obtained using the adapter’s phase focus sensors. The best part is that when using such a bundle, the focusing speed increases significantly and is not inferior to SLR or SLT cameras. When shooting movies, focusing works just as well as when shooting photos.

Sony LA-EA4

Sony LA-EA4, clearly visible translucent mirror

It's just a pity that all focus points are grouped in the center of the frame, in fact, the focus area is limited to 10% of the total image area. Using the camera menu, you can fine-tune the adapter for each individual lens (this can help solve the problem of back-focus or front-focus).

Focus points when using Sony LA-EA4

Focus points when using the Sony LA-EA4. Cross-shaped are the central focus point, as well as the extreme upper and lowermost in the central vertical column.

The adapter has a tripod socket, which allows you to more correctly distribute the weight balance between the camera and the lens when using a tripod.

Sony LA-EA4 adapter with SAL16F28 Sony 2.8 / 16 Fish-Eye lens

Sony LA-EA4 adapter with SAL16F28 Sony 2.8 / 16 Fish-Eye

I would like to point out that Sony has 4 different A to E mount adapters:

  1. LA-EA1 - Suitable for APS-C cameras only and does not support non-motorized lenses.
  2. LA-EA2 - Suitable for APS-C cameras only and supports non-motorized lenses.
  3. LA-EA3 - Suitable for full frame and crop cameras, but does not support non-motorized lenses.
  4. LA-EA4 - Suitable for full-frame and crop cameras, and also supports non-motorized lenses. This adapter is presented in this note.

All adapters have a diaphragm control mechanism. With adapters LA-EA1 and LA-EA3, it is advisable to use lenses with a built-in focus motor (SAM and SSD lenses). In addition, LA-EA1 and LA-EA3 do not have a phase focus sensor, which allows them to work only due to the focusing system of the camera itself.

Ultimately the LA-EA4 is the most advanced adapter that fits anything and everything.

Sony LA-EA4 adapter with SAL16F28 Sony 2.8 / 16 Fish-Eye lens and Sony A7 camera

Sony LA-EA4 adapter with SAL16F28 lens Sony 2.8 / 16 Fish-Eye and camera Sony A7

In a sense, the LA-EA4 is a real godsend for camera users sony a7r, which only focuses on contrast. With such an adapter, its focusing speed increases significantly.

Here link to the archive with the originals - 238 MB, 10 photos in .ARW format (RAW) All photos taken on the lens SAL16F28 Sony 2.8 / 16 Fish-Eye and a Sony A7 camera (ILCE-7).

The official websites indicate that the adapter supports all 'A' mount lenses, find some restrictions related to aperture I could not lens. It should also be noted that the adapter does not work when using teleconverters.

Sony LA-EA4 adapter with SAL16F28 Sony 2.8 / 16 Fish-Eye lens and Sony A7 camera

Sony LA-EA4 adapter with lens SAL16F28 Sony 2.8 / 16 Fish-Eye and Sony A7 Camera

Catalog of modern Sony lenses can look at this link.

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The LA-EA4 is a very interesting little thing that can make an SLT camera from a conventional mirrorless camera, thus ensuring full compatibility with any 'A' mount lenses and fast focusing using phase sensors. Of the shortcomings, I want to highlight the accuracy of all focusing points in the center of the frame.

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  • Vladimir

    Old stuff scanned haters kamenty. It's amazing how 4 years ago Sony released an adapter for backward compatibility of mounts, and everyone was indignant about this. Four years later, Nikon and Canon released their full-frame mirrorless and made the same adapter =) Thus, the aunt looked into the future for 4 years in advance, or set the trend.

    • Pokemon

      Nikon could not in the SAME adapter like Sony.
      Unlike Sonya, Nikon seems to have thrown all owners of non-motorized screwdriver lenses.
      This is disgusting. There are lenses that I like and categorically do not want to part with, but alas (or fortunately), they are motorless. Because of what, the Z6 / Z7 is completely uninteresting.

      • Vladimir

        Is there a screwdriver in the nikon adapter? Did not know. Pretty sad. I think that in the near future they should (are simply obliged) to do, as you consider, that from the old optics of their system there are a lot of excellent glasses.

      • Vladimir

        Yes, ... but not everyone can afford the latest lenses.
        For example, Minolta af 85 f / 1,4 G costs $ 450 in perfect condition. How much does a similar Zeiss cost? 2000?
        And the whale after G-shek is very disappointing.

        • Sergos

          NOW on the secondary - Avito from 32tr\sony sal 85mm f 1.4 ZA\

  • Andrey Merdishev

    But interestingly, manual lenses from rangefinders, for example, on the Kontax / Kiev bayonet, is there at least some opportunity to put on Sonya or not ??? It's just that I have quite a lot of them, both from Zorky / FED (M39) and from Kiev-4 (aka Kontaks). Is there anyone in the world who would be confused by the manufacture of such adapters ??? In addition, the openness of the autofocusing protocol suggests that it will be quite easy to make focus confirmation chips for such adapters, of the type used by Lushnikov adapters (for Canon). And if you combine such an adapter with this product discussed in this article, it will generally be gorgeous for reasonable money ... By the way, the rangefinder Contact has quite good positions among optics even today (Zeiss after all), and at the same time they are much cheaper than their relatives Sonia glasses. Not to mention (in value) about the Arsenalskikh. And autofocus (phase !!!) in this case will be with them. Although something tells me that the flange formed by LA-EA4 allows the installation of only “mirror” glasses. But even those, incl. there are a lot of manuals and, at the same time, inexpensive. And rangefinder glasses on the UPC with focus-peaking and a focus confirmation chip in autofocus, by and large, do not need. I’m thinking, if no one has done this yet, can there be a person with a “vein” or I will have to push this topic alone? ;)))))))

    • Paul

      For manual lenses from rangefinders to M39 threads, there are M39-NEX adapters from different manufacturers (for example, from FOTGA). With a flange distance of 28,8 mm (M39 × 1 / 28,8). Tako segment for: Leica m39 screw mount, "FED", "Zorya", "Zorkiy", "Mir", "Friend" and "Leningrad".

  • Alexey

    Good afternoon, today I read your material about the ea-4 adapter (already for 2014! Answer, if it's not difficult, is it possible to use the Moza stabilizer if such an adapter is already installed on the camera? I have a Sonya 7

  • Pokemon

    “Monster Adapter has announced a new autofocus adapter, the Monster LA-FE1. This adapter allows the Nikkor line of F-mount DSLR lenses to be used on Sony (including the latest generation) E-mount mirrorless cameras. At the same time, it is claimed that full autofocus and aperture control will work.
    It is reported that the LA-FE1 adapter (see photo below) can automatically recognize and control aperture with the electromagnetic and mechanical control lever of Nikon F lenses. In addition, the optical stabilization of lenses can also be activated. ”
    I have no words. What Nikon basically did not do for the Z mount was done by a third-party company for Sony's mount, so that everything would work: facepalm:

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Let’s explain in the next comment, what is fundamentally new that Nikon has not been able to do in its FTZ, what has been done in this Monster LA-FE1? If nothing is fundamentally new, I'll add that damn photar that you cite in every other comment you make under the filter.

      • Pokemon

        Arkady, I beg your pardon for the post - it seemed that there was a "screwdriver" sitting there.
        Delete the post.
        It is a pity that there is no function to delete your posts. I noticed a mistake late.

        • Arkady Shapoval

          Let it be, just be careful

  • Alex

    If anyone sells such an adapter, I'm ready to buy. New ones, as I understand it, are no longer to be found.

  • Stanislas

    pyshtysh (shutter sound) senior comrades!
    help with the light of the carcass of the old Sonya and trystapisit or tristatitsa adapter with a chip and it has been noticed more than once with a misunderstanding that has already grown into assault
    what the fuck is he trying to twirl his fucking screwdriver...instead of a simple descent..when all you need is a puff, the machine starts to twirl something there
    As I understand it, it's easier to tear off the chip than to optionally disable it?
    it already happened with the canon .. when pressed, sometimes an error popped up, an unconnected lens and had to replace a crooked photo card, and it didn’t turn out to shoot and put on the lens ..
    until the chip was torn off

    • Stanislas

      I'm sorry.. for the emotions
      but it's just a stupid and rude misunderstanding
      took with him his so far favorite old sonb and instead of pictures she twirls and twirls the poor thing

  • Sergos

    the adapter is wonderful - a lot of excellent SAL G2 lenses somehow imperceptibly slipped through, apparently under the sony a99mark2 42mp and disappeared from stores (24-70 f2.8 ssm g2 ... .70-400 ssm g2 .. etc.) ... the quality is close to gm1, but much cheaper on the secondary market, they are not much in demand. This is where the adapter is very relevant, if we talk about the total price and quality. In addition, the mirror in the adapter is dustproof ... though dust falls and sticks to a translucent film - it is almost impossible to touch such a film , just blow it off with an enema. It’s clear that it smells of service, and they’ll say the dust has boiled over ... in short: you need to take this pp-mirror somewhere in reserve. I want to express my opinion: it’s very good that the propaganda of marketers about canons and nikons - this allowed me, a pensioner, to buy fantastic cameras from sony at very reasonable prices on the secondary market ... I’ve been in photography for 70 years. except for film ones, not a single mirror nikon or canon made an impression - yes, working machines .. mirrorless cameras appeared (still realized ), but very expensive and few discussed. Sony gave me the widest range of photographic possibilities with the highest quality, in addition to on-camera JPEG,

  • Andrei

    Will the Sony a 75-300mm f4.5-5.6 lens fit my Sony a3500 camera?
    Or this dapter here?
    … Will this adapter fit?

    • Rodion

      If the lens is for the Sony A mount, then if it has a built-in focus motor (I don’t know which lens you are talking about), even the inexpensive LA-EA1 will do. If there is no focus motor, then EA2. EA3, EA4 - for full-frame cameras, they will work too, but are more expensive.

  • Sergos

    I got into the hands of an LA-EA4 used with an actually damaged, rumpled mirror. Autofocus worked very poorly already at average room lighting ... on Ali the mirror was at least 3200r ... I decided to pick it up - I unscrewed 4 screws from the side of the E mount and the mirror in my hands. I figured it out - the mirror was removed , excellent - the phase focus of the adapter will not work, so let's give it a phase focus from a7r2, which is essentially done in LA-EA5 (mirror removed) ... Alas, the number did not pass - there was no autofocus at all, they didn’t work out in contrast, apparently a couple autofocus in the adapter is a calculated pair. You will have to buy a mirror.

  • Alexey

    In other words, they turned the mirrorless camera into an A99

  • Igor

    I used the LA-EA4 on the A7s, the focusing speed and autofocus tenacity were much higher than with e-mount lenses. However, this applies to photo mode. In video mode, autofocus with this adapter only works in automatic mode; when switching to manual mode, autofocus is disabled. This makes it impossible to use it in professional applications, where jumps in shutter speed, aperture and ISO are unacceptable. In photos, autofocus worked noticeably faster with the Sony 24-70 f2,8 than with the Sigma 24-105f4, and more confidently. With the A7m4 camera, this adapter no longer supports autofocus at all, info from Sony’s offsite. Buy Tympanum, LA-EA5, for serious money, and you will be happy. But I couldn’t find any information about whether autofocus would work in manual video mode.

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