Sony a7 review

According provided by Sony a7 camera many thanks Sony Ukraine.

Sony a7 review

Sony a7 review

The Sony ILCE-7 camera (aka Sony Alpha 7, Sony α7) was unveiled on October 16, 2013, along with its older sister, the Sony a7R.

In the Exif data of the images, the camera is registered as ILCE-7, the letters 'ILCE' mean Interchangeable Lens Camera with E-mount - Camera with interchangeable lenses and E-mount.

So far, 'relatives' E-mount lenses not so much (and in truth, very little). So that the camera is not limited in lenses, you can use the LA-EA3 adapters and LA-EA4that allow you to shoot with A-mount lenses (for Sony and Minolta SLR cameras). In addition, with the help of adapters LA-EA1 and LA-EA2, you can also attach Sony DT cropped lenses, for which in the camera menu you can select a special mode of operation with cropped optics, in which only the central part of the sensor will be used (a common thing for Nikon cameras FX). And, of course, you can simply use cropped 'E' mount lenses.

Sony a7 side view

Sony a7 side view

Sony a7 is the cheapest modern full-frame camera, cheaper Nikon D610 и Canon 6D (problematic Nikon D600that they try to sell much cheaper D610, we will not take into account). Actually, it attracts many users with its price tag.

Sony a7

Sony a7

Sony a7 and a7r are made in the same case and outwardly indistinguishable. Also, the cameras have a 99% identical menu.

The main differences between the Sony a7 and a7r are as follows:

  1. Different image sensors. Sony a7 uses a 24MP sensor with AA filter, Sony a7r uses a 36MP sensor without AA filter, while showing different image quality - the camera with more megapixels showed better image quality. At the same time, the a7r has a lower noise level at high ISOs, and in general the picture from it is more interesting than from the a7. If the user does not know why he needs a 36 MP camera, then there is no point in overpaying for them.
  2. Different maximum burst speed. The Sony a7 can shoot at 5fps, the Sony a7r only 4fps. True, in normal mode, both cameras shoot at maximum speed. 3 frames per second, and to maximum speeds are accelerated only in the 'Pr-tSkorNotr' mode (High-Speed ​​Continuous Shooting in the Drive Mode). The trouble is that at extreme speeds, photography is performed with a fixed exposure and focus. Therefore, I do not recommend taking the 1 fps difference to heart.
  3. Different excerpt flash sync. The Sony a7 has an adequate 1/250 second, while the Sony a7r only has a meager 1/160 second. Plus, the cameras have different shutter sounds. The Sony a7 has a loud shutter, the Sony a7r has a super loud shutter :).
  4. Sony a7 can use the shooting mode with the electronic first (front) shutter. This mode is also enabled on the camera initially. When shooting at shutter speeds of the order of 1/20 s, I even thought that the camera has a very large shutter lag, but then it turned out that the shutter starts to make noise only after exposurewhen the second curtain begins to move.
  5. Different focusing system. Sony a7 uses a hybrid focusing system based on phase sensors built into the matrix, Sony a7r focuses only taking into account contrast. When working with both cameras, nothing is so striking as the different speed and tenacity of focus. Sony a7 significantly outperforms the focus quality of the Sony a7r.
  6. It's funny, but the Sony a7 has a plastic front panel in its case, while the Sony a7r has this magnesium panel. Honestly, if I didn’t read somewhere about this small difference, I wouldn’t notice it in my life, especially since cameras weigh the same (Sony a7 is 9 (!) Grams heavier).
  7. The cameras are very different frame buffer. In the RAW format, the Sony a7r has about 13 shots, while the Sony a7 has about 22 shots. In JPEG, the difference is even greater.
  8. Different cost. Sony a7r is almost one and a half times more expensive than Sony a7.
Sony a7

Sony a7

It was the Sony a7r that came into my first review, the focusing system of which I was very disappointed with. After a couple of weeks in the review, I also got a Sony a7, which with focusing is much better. The camera uses 117 phase focus points along with 25 focus points in contrast.

I am sad to write this, but still the speed, accuracy and focus of focus on the Sony a7 do not reach simple SLR or SLT cameras, however, for many tasks, focusing the Sony a7 will be quite suitable.

Sony a7, battery compartment, memory card slot and battery view

Sony a7, battery compartment, memory card slot and battery view

I want to note that when using a camera with 'A-mount' lenses using an adapter Sony LA-EA4 speed, accuracy and focusing tenacity are comparable to those of SLT or SLR cameras. But at the same time, there are still serious disadvantages:

  • lack of native 'Sony A-mount' lenses with stabilizer. Such lenses are not produced due to the presence of a built-in stabilization system in Sony cameras. On the one hand, this is an excellent solution for owners of such cameras. On the other hand, users of the new full-frame Sony ILCEs are left without a stabilization system at all (when working with an adapter).
  • loss of part of the light flux due to the translucent mirror of the adapter. Unlike SLT cameras, on Sony ILCE I would still like to avoid unnecessary waste of precious light :).
  • strong focusing of focus points in the center of the frame. So far, there is no adapter that would give the best coverage by the focus points of the frame area.
  • when using such an adapter, compactness suffers greatly. But one of the strengths of the Sony a7 is its small size. Moreover, with such an unusual adapter, the camera attracts unnecessary attention of others.
  • It seemed to me (of course, I crossed myself, but still) that when using such an adapter, the shutter lag increases, which the Sony a7 and Sony a7r cameras are not the smallest, especially when focusing and shooting in AF-S mode.
  • the adapter itself is not cheap, about 1 / 4-1 / 5 of the cost of the camera.

I guess I'm just really picking on the Sony a7, but it’s worth remembering that this is the first such camera, and it is logical that much remains to be fixed. As a practicing photographer, of course, I would like not to lose the dignity of the old ones when shooting with new cameras, first of all it concerns the focusing system.

Sony a7 with rotary display

Sony a7 with rotary display

Most likely, the cameras Sony SLT A99, Sony a7 and DSC-RX1 use the same matrix as the basis. Also, there are rumors that Nikon D600 и D610 use the same matrix as a basis - but it seems impossible to me to confirm or refute them precisely.

In any case, the matrix (the heart of the camera) at Sony a7 is not bad, it can work at ISO 50-25.600. It’s a pity that the auto ISO function allows you to use only the range 100-6400.

JUPITER-8 1: 2 F = 5cm P with a Contax-Kiev RF mount on a Sony A7 camera

JUPITER-8 1: 2 F = 5cm P with a Contax-Kiev RF mount on a Sony A7 camera

You can read about other little things in Sony a7r review (the cameras are very similar). When using the camera, I was pleased that almost all the buttons can be reprogrammed for themselves. The rotary display came to the rescue only in rare cases, sometimes it is very difficult to find some parameter in the menu, and to EVI need to get used to.

Sony a7 with Sony LA-EA4 adapter and Sony SEL-16F28 16mm F / 2.8 lens

Sony a7 with adapter Sony LA-EA4 and lens Sony SEL-16F28 16mm F / 2.8

In the gallery below, part of the photo was shot using a Nikon flash. SB-900. Sony switched to using the classic hot shoe, which allowed me to use the Sony a7 and a third-party flash with manual power settings without any problems.

More examples of photos (including with original RAW/ARW/JPEG files) on Sony a7 can be found in the reviews:

  2. Auto mamiya / sekor 1: 2 f = 50mm
  3. FUJINON 1: 1.8 f = 55mm FUJI PHOTO FILM CO. Lens-japan
  4. SMC PENTAX-M 1: 3.5 135mm ASAHI OPT. CO., JAPAN
  5. CANON LENS FD 135mm 1: 3.5
  6. Sony LA-EA4
  7. Sony SEL-16F28 16mm F / 2.8
  8. JUPITER-12 2,8 / 35
  9. Carl Zeiss Distagon 2/24 ZA T * SSM Sony SAL24F20Z
  10. Tamron SP 1: 2.5 90mm Tele Macro BBAR MC 52B N / AI
  11. SOLIGOR MC ZOOM-AUTO F2.5 / 3.5 f = 35-70mm
  12. FED 1: 2 F = 50m / m
  14. HELIOS-103 1.8 / 53
  15. JUPITER-3 1,5/50
  16. JUPITER-8 1: 2 F = 5cm P
  17. Voigtlander APO-Lanthar 90mm F3.5 SL N / AI-S
  18. Helios-44-2 2/58
  19. Carenar Auto Zoom F / 4.5 85-210mm
  20. MS HELIOS-77M-4 1,8 / 50
  21. MC HELIOS-77M-4 50mm 1: 1,8
  22. Minolta MC Rokkor-PF 1: 1.4 f = 58mm
  23. Nikon AF Nikkor 35-70mm 1: 3.3-4.5 (MKI)
  24. TTArtisan 35 / 1.4 DJ-OPTICAL ASPH


The Sony a7 is an interesting full frame mirrorless camera. It has a number of useful functions and capabilities, with its help it will be easy to create high-quality images. Advanced amateur photographers can squeeze a lot of value out of this camera. The focusing system is rather weak for professional shooting. All in all, I recommend the Sony a7 to anyone who wants to shoot full frame but doesn't want to wear heavy DSLRs :).

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Comments: 101, on the topic: Sony a7 review

  • Vladimir

    Thank you, Arkady, for the quality review. I purchased a Sony A7 just recently without reading this review (maybe it kept me from buying). If possible, Arkady, help me deal with the emerging problem: for a very long time (seconds) the image is being recorded from the matrix to the memory card. To take the next frame, you must wait for the recording to finish. Why is this happening: did you get such an instance or some camera settings were not made, or maybe you need to update the firmware (I have Ver.1.02 firmware)?
    How can this problem be solved?
    Thanks. All the best to you!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      This is how the camera is arranged, try faster cards, format the existing card through the camera menu.

      • Anton

        Good afternoon Arkady) there is an extensive question) I wanted to consult with you. is it possible vk, skype or somewhere else?)

        • Anton

          The question is in the choice between 610 Nikon or the transition to Sonya specifically for the video) or write here?)

        • Arkady Shapoval

          yes, of course you can, there are contacts here

      • Vladimir

        Thank you, Arkady, I was interested in the owners of Sonya a7, no one had such a long (3-5 seconds) image storage. I use a Sonevsky high-speed 16 GB memory card formatted on this device. I think there are two possibilities: if it’s not the settings, then it’s a malfunction. Unfortunately, in Kharkov SONY SC is not at the level, I really rely on your knowledge and experience.

        • Demyanov

          Change the map, and that's all. 16GB is infa about nothing, you need to look at the write speed on it. And it is better not to memorialize Sonia, but the same transcend.

  • Amateur

    Is it worth it to change the Nikon 7200 to this camera?) for the sake of high-quality pictures and fast autofocus?

    • Lynx

      Fast af? Does Aunt Sony have ?? O_o

    • anonym

      for the sake of fast autofocus, you can only change the d500

  • Vladimir

    Arkady, the instructions state that Sony a7 has ultrasonic vibration cleaning the matrix. How to configure and make sure that it works? I do not listen to the characteristic rustle. I even read that it is not in this model. Please clarify this question. Thanks.

  • Alex non

    Arkady, what adapters did you use for Nikon and M42? And the corners don't vignette?

    • Edward

      I use such an adapter, it depends on the lens
      if it is an ultra-wide angle, then there may be spots at the edges
      for example zenitar 16mm fish eye (under nikon) using an adapter gives a black spot in the lower right corner
      I have not seen this with other lenses, standard zooms, 50, telephoto lenses - everything is ok

  • VLAD


    Sony Ukraine has 1 single certified or official EPC service center for brand Vovka 18a in Kiev. The rest of their service only deal with single-lens soap dishes.

    I phoned the EPC repairman (he is only one there for 13 years) and agreed that I was going to Kiev, I would bring a camera, so that while I was in Kiev he would do everything. I took the camera because of the autofocus adjustment of the minolta 85 1.4 d + LA4 had front focus. On the phone, the repairman said the business was in 5 minutes. I brought a camera - when it was received by absolutely wooden personnel, the camera lay with a matrix on top for 30 minutes (a lot of dust was poured), but not the point. So the conclusion of the repairman - the adjustment could not be done because the YUSB port is not connected, for this reason he disassembled the camera to find out the reason, it turned out that there was just such a glitch in the camera. I offered to replace the entire fee, I agreed, but I had to wait 2 weeks, and at that time I had a wedding filming in 4 days, and Arkady with Sony a7p)). I had to refuse and just pick up the camera. Of course, I had to pay for everything, but when I took the camera away, it turned out that the plugs fell out where the YUSB was. I called the master in response and said that it was on all cameras of the 7 series, I argued with him for a long time that this was not possible, etc. In total, he went to disassemble the camera again and came out with the words, "and the truth is, it turns out that you can tighten these plugs on these cameras," he turned the camera around and left. Of course I was shocked ... But this is all bullshit. When we went to take pictures at night on the same day, the aperture wheel turned out to be inoperative. On the trail. the day didn’t get to come to the service, as it was a constitution day holiday, and the train was sent. I waited until the working day, and sent them a camera to fix this problem. I was terribly crap on the phone by a repairman, supposedly I came up with it all. But that's all) I get a camera on the 18th of this month, with the broken down, but with a crack on the case, where the bolts were spinning, and of course there are scratches. And a piece of paper)) that when the camera was received, a crack was already found on the case)) The crack was just under the bolts. I was not that shocked ... I am told that this may be the fault of the Thurman Express service (theirs full delivery officer) to whom they asked them to send the camera, but the service absolutely does not take responsibility for what is in the box. I wrote, called the support service, in Sony - they don't care for the service.
    And the SERVICE is not responsible, as they are supervised by the Sony company.
    It has been 1 month since my last visit to Kiev, and there are still disputes with Sony's company, which does not want to do anything.
    they don’t have a direct number to call
    EPC service says - we can't do anything without Sony Ukraine
    and Sony says, well, the crack was made before visiting the serv, that's all)) ...
    Of course I'm trying to convey to them that the crack is exactly where the yusb and the bolts were spinning.
    There is such a place that it is simply impossible to break it
    so I brought the camera to Kiev)) just for tuning)))

    • anonym

      It's better not to buy Sony for such lospeed like you, yes ...

      • Sanya

        What kind of negative attitude towards people ?!

    • Demyanov

      Vlad, there is no normal repair of photographic equipment in the CIS, something does not work - sell and buy new, working. No other is given. Otherwise, it's a lottery.

  • Edward

    I am the recent owner of this camera (besides it there is a Nikon D800)
    The camera seemed quite an interesting designer
    Autofocus - bad (for DSLRs) - but not hopeless, it is good that it covers more of the frame than the D800. In terms of speed and work in the dark, the D800 is very far, but in most cases it is enough
    I note that autofocus is much better here than in Nikons - when they shoot live
    With a whale - lightweight, fairly compact, but the image quality is not very impressive
    Comparable to APS-C DSLRs with whale lenses.
    Upset - a plastic bayonet (600r is a replacement for metal) - but they could have put a normal one right away - they put it in the A7M2
    buttons are small, not very comfortable
    I am glad that there are 3 steering wheels.
    The ihmo exposure wheel does not make much sense - it only takes up space, it would be better if they did it like in Nikon (button + control wheel) - and instead of it there are more buttons
    Video recording button - terrible and not very conveniently located
    The screen - with large frames around, and the frame on the right is larger than all the others (almost 1 cm!)
    Requires a fast flash drive, tk blocks viewing frames when recording to a flash drive
    Controlling shooting modes only through the menu (single, series, etc.) - it would be better if it were separate and exposure with a keyboard shortcut

    Well, in general - an interesting constructor with a low weight, it can work with almost all available optics, while autofocus will be normally available on Sony A, Sony E, Canon EOS
    - there are also autofocus adapters for Nikon - but they do not work with all optics - I decided that it is better to shoot with a manual (maybe my optics for Nikon will not work in automatic mode)

    + The matrix copes well with high ISO

    there is an application for the phone - useful when traveling
    of the minuses - still native Sony E optics - more precisely, its prices - in the secondary market they are 2-3 times more expensive than optics for Canon and Nikon. - but you can just shoot with Canon optics

    Native flashes are also expensive - but there is an adapter for the sony minolta - a shoe - while TTL should work - which pleases

    In general, I don’t regret the purchase, but as the only camera I would not recommend to anyone
    Canon 5d, 6d and nikon D610, d750 + will be better, since they have less adventure
    if you want something light - crop is better

    As a second camera - it is almost perfect (the same is true for the entire A7 series)
    You can try with it, almost all the lenses on the market, and often even with working autofocus

    • Edward

      noticed some more features
      1) working with color - green is completely unnatural when there is a lot of it
      those if you photograph something where there is a lot of greenery - then the camera makes bright green colors significantly muted, and this is very noticeable, very unusual after Nikon - everything is just the opposite - green can be brighter than it is, but in general it is never strongly distorted
      2) the video takes 30 minutes maximum
      3) when shooting a video, it can overheat and after 20-25 minutes - and it will not be available for several minutes (writes that overheating) - and this is at room temperature
      4) applications that expand its capabilities can be installed on the camera itself

      • NE

        Thanks a lot. Thank you for the info about the plastic mount.

    • Edward

      Add a few more points
      1) 12800 ISO working - corresponds to about 2000 on crops
      2) it is more convenient to use the horizon on evi than on optical video detectors
      3) it works well stably on a whale
      4) the whale is very sharp especially at 8, 9
      5) communication with a smartphone works very smartly
      6) high ISO and stub give the opportunity to get decent photos of the city at night with hands
      7) smartly writes to a good flash drive, so the lock is not particularly noticeable
      8) Sony DSLR flashes work in TTL mode through an adapter
      9) the quality of a photo with a whale is better than it initially seemed to me, you just need to close the aperture more than I used to when working with high-aperture optics
      10) while the bayonet is not wobbling - I bought a metal one in advance, but decided not to change it until it loosens
      11) manual optics do not work poorly with focus picking
      12) lightness is very important, I often take it because of lightness
      13) adapters for everything
      14) MDF whale only 30cm!
      1) dust. dust on the matrix will appear very easily, on the mirrors there is dust on the mirror, it rarely reaches the matrix - it happens often right there - it appears as spots in the photo - can be cured at the processing stage - and you can only notice it on uniform light backgrounds
      Because of this, you can’t say that the camera is not whimsical, you need to carefully change the lenses here
      2) the charge here is about 4 times less than in an advanced DSLR or 3 base, you should always take extra batteries
      3) the menu is not very well thought out, a week of even continuous numbering of items
      Some important points are hidden in different ITP submenus.
      The result is a change in settings longer than on canon / nikon, and it is difficult to understand what they do if the instruction is in another language
      4) there is no recommended ISO, then you can set the minimum and maximum - but you cannot quickly set the recommended level for example 400. It is only possible to strictly set 400
      5) there is no black and white screen on top, in order to understand in which mode the camera is - you need to look at the screen or in evi, but the screen fades in the sun, and in evi it ​​is not always convenient to look
      6) features of focus picking with MF optics. there is no full-fledged phase focusing (as in any mirrorless camera) - the sensors on the matrix do not count. This leads to the fact that in order to understand that the object is in focus in the MF mode, you need to use the picking focus, the thing is not bad, but ... It works only when the aperture is from 5.6 or more, if you open it, the contrast will not be enough and you will be guided can only be done by eye. In order to make a frame, let's say at 2.8, you need to set the aperture to 5.6, then catch the focus, then set it back to 2.8 and finally release the shutter
      On the d800, for example, phase sensors during the day work from the most open aperture to F / 11, which reduces manipulation
      7) the video button is sometimes pressed accidentally by the shopping mall; it is located not conveniently, which can suddenly land the battery

      1) The AF backlight from the TC flash will not work with flashes from DSLRs. It is not suitable for contrast AF, those built-in will work

      In general, I liked the camera, there are many situations when it is perfectly optimal, but I wouldn’t refuse a suitable SLR because of it, just like taking more advanced versions of sonics, all hope for Nikon Z, I hope that they can do something convenient and practical, not just functional

      • Andrei

        The presence of add. The display on top immediately indicates the class of the camera, any company. The absence of such a display cannot be compensated for by any innovation.

  • Viola

    Arkady, thanks for your work! After reading your review, I realized: having Nikon D7100 on hand, you shouldn’t jump off a sheepskin dressing on this device (it’s better to invest money in optics. And I really wanted to FF 😕

  • Photographer

    Arkady, good afternoon! And now you are shooting manuals on which device? Which of the first sony alpha (a7, a7r, a7s) is better to choose for manual lenses?

    • Valentine

      Cheaper than a7, but more interesting is a7s.

      • Photographer

        Why a7s? When shooting, I don't need high ISOs and 4k video ... As I understand it, this is a camera more for videographers ...

        • Valentine

          Thought-out sensor. With manuals, there is less chance of catching a shake; in case of misses on exposure, the equalities stretch well without unnecessary noise and color distortion (the equalities themselves are small and processed quickly); it’s easier to select specific focus points with your hands; there is iso 50 + 1/8000 (for optics from F1.2 and lighter), etc. But the purchase of any 7 for the manuals, it seems to me, is justified only if these manuals are worth it (top-end lenses of past eras, which remain at a high level to this day).

          • Fedor

            It is good to shoot for any ff manuals on Sonya a7 of any generation, but hanging ff optics on the crop is definitely a pampering, the whole picture disappears and at the same time the aperture ratio, for example, Canon fl 58 1.2 on the Sony a6500 camera.

            • Rodion Eshmakov

              And in the sense of the aperture disappears? What are you talking about?
              The canon you mentioned is a rare trash heap around the edges, like most of these old lenses. So using it on crop is not expedient, rather than on ff.

              • Sergos


    • Edward

      a7 (r, s) m2 (m3) - there is a stub built into the carcass, which solves for manual lenses

      if you choose for manual optics - then it is worth adding - and take with a stub

  • Ivan

    Colora is simply ideal. Photo miracles. Є can take used. What are you in about this type of camera?

    • Michael


  • Rodion

    Who knows what can be attached to the A7s so that it can shoot? It is unbearably small, thin and low even in comparison with Canon 600D ... Maybe someone will suggest some overlays for the body or something else that will increase not only the height of the body, but also the thickness of the grip. Otherwise, shooting with optics heavier than 1 kilogram is hellish torture!

    • Pokemon

      Google an l-plate for example LB-A7.
      This does not particularly solve the problem of weight distribution and grip, but at least something.
      Nothing else on Avito to the A7 came across from the accessories.

      • Pokemon

        To weight the camera (and level the weight distribution of the camera-lens) will help the original battery pack / booster.
        It is more pleasant to work with heavy lenses on the same D750 when the battery pack is hooked.

      • Rodion

        By the way, and on the basis of the I-plate, you can probably come up with the fastening of the cheeks thickening the handle. Horror) That's just for a camera for almost $ 900, the collective farm is not enough ...

        • Rado

          A7s 1000 green?))))) How much new it was, it didn't make a difference, but on Avito you can easily take up to 40 thousand rubles, ideally. You can calmly order a handle by your size from a milling turner and everything will be fine.

  • Lev

    That's all. Well, only the camera is not full-format (and not even medium-format), but small-format.

  • Andrei

    On Sony a7s with a Metabones adapter, the aperture of the lens jumps when the camera is tilted, what could it be? Tested on 2 lenses, jumping on both

  • Andrei

    I turn on the video recording, it stops jumping, it does not jump on the open one either

  • Andrei

    Even with the native lens Sony jumps, but there it is silent, maybe I clocked something in the settings?

  • Andrei

    If something is in M ​​mode

  • Andrew

    thanks for answers

  • Max

    No photo archive available!

  • Stanislav

    I really need advice.
    I shoot travel, city shooting,
    architecture, etc.
    At different times of the day.
    Often in JPEGs.
    There are Nikon D7100 and Sony NEX 6.
    There are also lenses on FF.
    I want FF.
    I am faced with a choice:
    Nikon D800, Nikon D3, Sony A7.
    Tell me what to choose?

    • B. R. P.

      D3 is redundant. D800 if you need exactly 36MP, Sony seems to me better than A7s.

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