Overview of the Nikon AF N8008s

The Nikon AF N8008s is a pretty analog film camera released back in 1991 to replace the Nikon AF N8008. In those distant times, no one thought that in a decade and a half the figure would rule the world of amateur photography.

Nikon AF N8008s is better known as Nikon AF F-801s (cameras with the letter 'N' in their name were mainly produced for the USA market). Unlike the Nikon AF N8008 (Nikon AF F-801), the new Nikon AF N8008s received faster autofocus and spot metering exposure. Otherwise, the cameras are identical.

Nikon AF N8008s

Nikon AF N8008s

Working with the Nikon AF N8008s is very pleasant. As soon as you bring it to the right eye for sighting, you experience a slight shock from what you see. The optical viewfinder is simply huge, much more than any there Nikon D800 и Nikon D4. After my viewfinder Nikon D80, JVI the old Nikon AF N8008s seems the size of the universe. JVI Nikon AF N8008s has 0.75X magnification, and it's a pity, but only 92% frame coverage. After shooting with Nikon AF N8008s even with Nikon D700 stiffness due to JVI.

In addition, the camera has a well-designed LCD display in JVI, its brightness physically depends on the illumination. At the top of the camera, where the built-in frog flash usually hides, there is a white window strip that projects light onto the LCD display in JVI. The brighter the lighting - the brighter the LCD, which allows you to always clearly see the camera settings in JVI. For example, on many CZKs, I don’t see the LCD at all on a bright day or when shooting in backlight. In conditions with poor lighting, the green LCD backlight turns on, and you can notice how the white bar-window starts to glow green.

Nikon AF N8008s, top view

Nikon AF N8008s, top view

exposure carried out using a 5-segment sensor, I have no complaints about the measurement. The focusing system uses only one, central, focusing sensor (I do not know its type), the camera supports focusing, as well as the operation of an electronic rangefinder with lenses with a relative aperture of at least 1: 5.6. Of course, sometimes it is quite difficult to work with aiming by only one central point, because you constantly have to use the tactics of 'pointed - recomposed - removed'. The camera can operate in three focusing modes: M, AF-S, AF-Cwhich are switched by a lever near the camera mount.

Nikon AF N8008s film tray

Nikon AF N8008s film tray

The camera control is very simple. It’s enough to charge the film, and the setup is no different from modern Nikon advanced cameras, which have an additional monochrome display.

The camera has the following buttons:

  • '+ -', for amendment exposure within + -5 ev Although the scale itself has a graphic designation + -2e.v., correction is made by third stop.
  • measurement method selection button exposure (matrix, weighted average, dot)
  • ISO selection button, this parameter is set either manually or automatically by the DX code on the film roller
  • button 'Mode', to select one of the shooting modes: P, A, S, M, Pd, Ph. Ph mode works in a similar way to Program P mode, with the only difference that it tries to set the optimal fast shutter speed (Programm High), and Pd sets the optimal slower shutter speed.
  • Drive button to select one of the drive modes S, Ch, Cl.
  • button 'ME' for multiple exposures. You can take up to 9 pictures in multiple exposuresto turn off multiple exposure, just set the value to 1.
  • timer button, the timer can be set to a delay of 2 to 30 seconds, and also choose a two-shot mode.
  • af-l button that locks focus.
  • depth of field preview button.
  • red button for rewinding the film. The button is only activated if pressed simultaneously with the 'ME' button (foolproof).
  • AE-lock button for fixing exposure.
  • there is also a button for forced backlight LCD in JVIBut there is no backlight for the main monochrome display.

A slight difference (from modern advanced Nikon central control centers) in control is another power-on lever. The lever is not under the index finger near the shutter button, but simply on the top of the camera. It has three positions: OFF, ON, BEEP (on, off and signal). In the 'signal' mode, the camera also turns on, just additionally activates a sound notification.

Nikon AF N8008s camera backlighting

Illumination of the information line in the OVI camera Nikon AF N8008s

Without a crochet, I affirm that to control the camera after Nikon D700 и D80 you don’t have to get used to it at all, just take it and take it off, everything is intuitively clear. In addition, the camera lies well in the hand, the entire handle is rubberized. Additionally, you can use the remote control cable (the photo below shows the connector for its connection).

A small inconvenience, in comparison with modern central brake call centers, is a small selection of shutter speeds. You can set the values ​​on the Nikon AF N8008s: bulb, 30 s, 15 s, 8 s, 4 s, 2 s, 1 s, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/15, 1/30, 1 / 60, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000, 1/4000 and 1/8000 seconds, that is, excerpt changes in feet. Exposure Flash sync is 1/250 second.

Amazingly, the Nikon AF N8008s can shoot at 3.3 frames per second, which is more than mine Nikon D80, yes, and from Nikon D800 the old filmmaker is practically not far behind.

Focus mode switch and Nikon AF N8008s sync connector

Focus Mode Switch and Nikon AF N8008s Timing Connector

Since this is a very old camera, it only supports working with lenses such as AF, Non-G (without a focus motor and with aperture control ring). With AF-S, AF-I lenses, the camera will not focus. The stabilizer will not work with Nikon VR lenses.

With G-type lenses (without an aperture ring), you can shoot in either P (Ph, Pd) or S mode. In M and A modes, iris control is not supported and the iris will always be completely closed.

The camera supports metering exposure with manual Ai lenses, Ai-s at the same time the electronic range finder works. For more convenient work with the camera, you can use the special Multi-Control Back MF-21 back cover, which will allow you to use some additional functions.

The camera does not have a built-in flash, but it can work with external flashes Nikon SB-20, SB-22, SB-23, etc. With my Nikon flash SB-900 the camera only works in manual mode either in Auto Non-TTL Mode.

Battery Compartment and Battery Holder MS-7 Nikon AF N8008s

Battery Compartment and Battery Holder MS-7 Nikon AF N8008s

For those who have shot with Soviet Zeniths and other non-autofocus cameras all their lives, I can assure you that the Nikon AF N8008s is a miracle of engineering. After my Zenith-E, the Nikon AF N8008s experience is so amazing that I can't even find anything to compare with.

Nikon AF N8008s is powered by 4 AA batteries, for work I use NiMh batteries, which are enough for 4-5 film rolls of 36 frames each. The camera automatically charges and rewinds the film, and also rewinds it when necessary. The film compartment opens only when two latches are pressed simultaneously. There is a special window in the compartment through which you can see if the film roller is inserted.

Sample photos on Nikon AF Nikkor 28-105mm 1: 3.5-4.5D

Sample photos on Cosina MC 19-35mm 1: 3.5-4.5

Find more sample photos taken with the Nikon AF N8008s in the review. Nikon AF Nikkor 85mm 1: 1.8D.

Prices for modern Nikon cameras in popular stores can look at this link.

In comments Can I ask you a question on the topic and you will answer, and you can also express your opinion or describe your experience. Many little things for a photo can be found on AliExpress.

Actually, I don't do film camera reviews. Nikon AF N8008s is an exception, because I sometimes shoot with this camera, and it also poses for shooting with different lenses, for reviews. Of course, there are a ton of much better analog cameras out there. Nikon AF N8008s I took for the article 'Mirror Full Frame, 28 MP for 240 cu'after which the camera got accustomed to me. Sometimes, there is nothing better than loading a clip of fresh film, leaving in search of adventure with Nikon AF N8008s, and then handing over the film for development and waiting for what happened there.

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Comments: 147, on the topic: Review of the Nikon AF N8008s

  • Hlorat

    When I came across the article “Mirror Full Frame, 28 MP for $ 240” last year, I experienced deja'vu, because in the summer I just got a Nikon F90, which is very similar, even externally, to Nikon AF N8008s. Now I don't remember why I decided to buy a film camera with full interchangeability of optics from my digital camera. Either I have heard or read similar motives somewhere, perhaps even on this site. In general, I want to say that I fully support the author's opinion that it is great to have such cameras in your arsenal, in fact for a penny, and to receive live material frames on any available photographic film. And our fathers really could only dream of such functionality and convenience as this technique.
    Z.Y. As an engineer, I am amazed at the interchangeability and standardization of Nikon, which you feel when rearranging a glass from a modern digital camera to a 30-year-old film recorder, and realizing that the principle of this whole process has not changed much.

    • anonym

      Cheap device now, average price is 50 dollars

  • Valerii

    Nice review! I just want to take my old Kiev-19M and click. There is something in the film that is so alive, real. That's just developing, digitizing or printing - an agonizing wait :)

    • Jackie

      And to me, it’s even the other way around, if the result is immediately visible, then it’s not even very interesting (of course, if we are talking about artistic photography). But while you snap off the film completely, you will forget what the first shots are about, and then for now they will show ... Such joyful impatience appears :)

  • Dmitry K

    Well, at least we got acquainted with this miracle of engineering)) and then in the reviews there is, and who we don’t know.
    On the Internet, by the way, I saw wedding photographers working with film. True medium format without exception. But all the same, this is in the era of a running figure, when even in a phone for 5 cents a camera is shoved! and most importantly the result is cool

  • Igor

    Photos cause only bewilderment ... After a DSLR, taking photos with such quality is a perversion. I have never understood the “charms” of film - pictures are noisy, colors are distorted, film defects are almost always visible in frames, and scanned pictures are generally awful! After scanning, the whole point of shooting on film is lost, since the scanner matrix will still not betray the colors or the notorious “wide dynamic range” of the film.

    Yes, at that time it was cool and there was nothing to even compare with Soviet fotiks, but now it’s just an exhibit for the museum.

    • demager

      Yeah, but on a tablet or phone, the entire "wide dynamic range" generally turns into a 6,5-bit color of a photo for VK or Instagram.

    • Denis

      These are all nostalgia, because in addition to the wide dynamic range, there really are no advantages, but there are a lot of disadvantages.
      I also don't understand my admiration for the film, although I started with it and shot for several years, there was no alternative. After reseeding to a normal figure on film, there is no desire to return, although film cameras themselves are liked by their “warmth of lightness”.

  • Maksim

    In the 90s, having bached such a camera at a sailor-amateur photographer, I don’t know how to transmit the messages at me, I’m just todi ... but it’s not space, it’s the whole thing. That і vzagalі, melodiously, cool speeches at that moment I didn’t bach that didn’t use. Kostuvala won tody just crazy pennies. Tse bulo todі. Infection, it’s not more warm than it was, as it was already in the distant past. I don’t need any practicality in the present day, use such cameras, fixing it from the price of a ploy and a friend (one 36ka cassette with a photo-hand for 50 UAH) and ending it with an elementary glance at the camera. I know, at once, it’s like saying, you need to think about it and know everything (I myself have known FED-5v not so long ago for training form :-)). I think, I frame, I take a look at the figure, I don’t want to know 99% of the fish, I want and I don’t want to shut it down, but I have in my arsenal a sprinkle of robotic fish equipment. To that, from such looking around, you will have a good mood, a discussion about those hours, not more. An hour proishov, all mines ...

    • Jackie

      Surely, the figure is more practical in terms of efficiency, efficiency, and a lot of photos (for example, ~ 8 RAW characters are available on 430gb), however, it will be created for me, the float will be more likely to save your fans. For example, my dd nazyva digital photographic equipment "for the ice" :), i dozіnіmaє viklyuchno on the play.
      Especially a small number befits more to navigate in that plan, but on the next step more beautifully, there are photographs - experiment, not a skoda frame, etc.

      • Maksim

        Your diduyu can be sighted :-) The plan is now 100% old. Being learning a photogurt myself, I wanted to know more, much more, I wanted to experiment, try it, and if I left one frame for a practical shot, then it’s not enough on the porch of the demand. Plavki, then, too, there were no spikes of hobby, just like they were surrounded in bazhannyas. And the development, the druk - the decals didn’t want the team to take care of it (and the photo wanted to be amazed, it happened), the baths, the boxes ... the magic was squeaky if the image appeared to complete the job. Now it’s okay to look around yak to “vilazit” a photo from a photo printer with millions of dots per inch :-)

  • Novel

    Yes, Arkady. An interesting review. Also remembered his old FED 5 V.
    All the same, there is romance in the film.
    when it is limited to 36 frames, when you don’t know what happened, but before development you think, damn it should have been a slightly wider aperture, or you’ll remember something else ...
    and after printing, look impatiently at the resulting photographs.

  • Oleg

    Tasty article :-) from time to time I take my Kiev 4m. And have fun :-)

  • Sasha, Kiev

    This is all nostalgia.
    Who for what. First of all, for inaccessible (for various reasons) things in those glorious times. I seriously got carried away with photos already in the zero, in adulthood, because I have no nostalgia for film machines. Although the old Kiev will not give up and will not sell for anything. Let it lie like a monument to bygone days.
    But I perfectly understand why photographers are crazy about this technique. Maybe even more than any D800 or D4. I myself recently accidentally bought a two-cassette player Sharp (those who lived in the 80s will understand me). And although there is not a single cassette left in the house, its very boom-box design and workmanship simply delight the soul and the eye.

    • NF_65

      Everything is correct about Sharp and about the film, I myself have been collecting boomboxes of the 80s for a long time and it is Sharps who prevail, they are alive …….
      And in the arsenal, besides the D2X and the 300, there are F80 and FM2 ... ..
      It's an incredible pleasure to shoot on FM2 ……….

  • Yarkiy

    In fact, photographing on film, on negative film, is a side effect of slide photography. Those who shot on slides know that the film for slides has an incredibly huge color range, this is the most difficult process of obtaining a film with a special shade. In fact, the entire film industry worked on the production of various types of films mainly for the cinema. More recently, you could see at the end of any film on which film it was shot. And the black-and-white and color negative films became something like a side consumer goods, a simplified version. Today, sliders hunt for the remnants of a slide film that occasionally appears in places they only know.

  • varezhkin

    oh, those were good times ... I also shot on zenith-E and 122. It's a pity, you can't really correct the BB on film, I think this is the main advantage of the number.

  • Sergei

    Dear author of the site and its readers! I propose to get acquainted with the opinion of a professional about the modern use of film, the article is really very good: http://shadrin.rudtp.ru/Personal/SlidePhoto/SlidePhoto.pdf

  • Anonymous 1

    It is possible to argue a lot and ineffectively about the advantages of the film or about its disadvantages, but all this is empty ... Moreover, those who have NEVER really WORKED with films of various purposes, classes, types argue about it. there are a huge variety of them, both colored and black and white. And even fewer of those who at least once made solutions not from sachets, but from real ingredients, weighing them in milligrams on a scale and mixing them in a strict sequence ... How do you process, then you print ... It is worth talking about printing, because a photo without a print is simple a snapshot, and it doesn't matter on what medium. And the situation with printing is now sad: none of the existing and ACCESSIBLE methods for the consumer makes it possible to save an image in a photograph for more than 6-7 years, at least in an unchanged state. Even prints made on minilabs using the C-41 process fade after 2-3 years. It is unlikely that today's school graduates will be able to nostalgically consider their graduation photos in 15-20 years.

    • Maksim

      I don’t know about 6-7 rockies, you say, but I’ve seen the first photo labs to show there and different ones, the rockets are about 20, and maybe even more, the figure from 2006, it was necessary to display the video card without having changed it in a special way. And talk about the magnificence of the number of vzagal vzagal, not booming in sales, borrowed from me in the world, buying a color was often a problem. Those who are talking about the change in the miligram, obviously, passing, and I will say so, I never wanted to turn around, I didn't want to turn around. In photo labs, it’s easier to take care of yourself, at home there’s one hard labor, so for me, as a photographer, it’s already been an awful waste of time to spend an hour on developing that friend, if you show (if you want to show) to old / non-friends you prepare photos about those yak a bath on the laces of a bullet with photographs obvishana.

  • Anonymous 1

    Yes, no one calls to return to the past! But it is necessary to discuss the topic competently, and not to talk about, however, to anyone as you like ... I do not understand Ukrainian, but I seem to understand about the photo taken in 2006. Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, and TE materials were still conscientiously manufactured, and the reagents were "clean". Nowadays, minilabs are mainly filled with slop, made by a poorly known who, and use alternative paper, made just not at the sawmill. This is to increase the profitability of printing. The situation is even worse with ink printers with their economical CISS. And then there is our disregard for the recommended technology. And how long will the imprint live after that ???

    • Maksim

      Since you don’t understand, I’ll write to you in your, dear, only! Firstly - no need to be rude! Where did you see the balabolism in my words (if you did not even understand my post)? I just do not understand people like you, you are on the photo resource, I shared my experience and point of view, and here from the second line - rudeness! I do not need to know the current tech. processes, I need a photo, you wrote about 6-7 years, I clearly objected to you that this is not so. What kind of water and where did it flow? Do you have a lot of photos from 100 years ago? Will someone need your photos even in 50 years? It will be enough for your age if you want to transmit a number according to the lineage of the dynasty. Print at home after all! What is the problem? But the majority do not need this, and again, referring to my experience, this is a difficult and often not rewarding business.
      PS Henceforth, if you want to cheat on me, you better not write at all, I really do not like this.

      • Edward

        Maxim, you definitely have a mania ... where do you see the boorish attitude of Anonymous-1?
        It’s impossible to object directly.
        By the way, you were just naughty ...
        Everything is said in the article and in the post of the Anonymous on the merits.
        And then, the article does not call for a return to film - the article is just about the camera and, as always, is excellently written by Arkady.

        • Maksim

          Yakraz zaprestennya, I’m spraying a little good, ale if I write about balabolstvo, then in your opinion not rudeness? I ce no mania, as if lyudina for a cob is not a rosemic post, then about something else you can speak further? And the article is good, without bans.

          • anonym

            No, well, about 6-7 years old, of course, he turned down. Photos are normally stored for decades. My children are already in their thirties, terrible such red / yellow prints. But they have always been like that. I’ve been printing it for about twelve years, everything is also in place.

  • Oleg

    - “Nikon SB-20, SB-22, SB-23, etc.” - from more or less adequate Nikon SB-800 will work.
    - "and then - hand over the film for development and wait, what happened there." - Much more interesting to show yourself

  • Igor Piskunov

    Arkady ... As always, an excellent and truthful review. I myself am a happy possessor of 8008. Photographed in 80 years to replace and after Zenit.
    The camera took over a year ago. I can’t convey in words what delight I experienced when I took this miracle in my hands. It is just a tank. I carry him constantly with me.
    That's when I got the first tape from it, I just freaked out…. Well it’s that I haven’t filmed for so long ... The figure is boring ... you really know what will happen, but here ... Riddle ... And this riddle flies like butterflies in the stomach ... And now .. it has come to pass ... the film is in your hands ... you hold it with the knuckles of your fingers and each the nerve ending transfers into the hands, and then the brain, an incomparable sensation ..
    That I ... relaxed .. On the subject, the device is a beast. Strength ... Weight ... Maybe even help out in close combat ... If you charge them in the forehead ....
    Everything you need is in it (in my prada there is no accurate measurement).
    Comes to me F75 (U2-pure Japanese). The next one is sure to be F5.
    I'm sure ... the film will rejoice ..
    PS: When I gave 8008 to the Kenonist to hold in my hands ... He drove in with delight .. Seemingly even poked in his pants ....

    • Maksim

      Hmm, tsіkaviy, emotsіyny post. I don’t think so, for the young generation it will be a great time for the young generation, for the people of the USSR the mother will have a singing hour. Ale phot in sv_y hour buv ZVIR !!!

    • Denis

      The chances for film are the same as for lamps and vinyl - bulky and less efficient, but warm and lamp-like. Those. will be popular in narrow circles, but it will no longer be widely used.

      • Maksim

        Denis, you have drunk right to the point! In short, come up with something important. I think if you yourself write like that, be intuitively ready to have a lot of pennies (Dobry Vinilova prograchiv koshta ponad 10 thousand. Ye.), And I will be exceptionally for pozinovuvachiv. Come on, look forward to a happy birthday. I’m looking at a photo exhibition for a good look!

      • anonym

        If the disc replays the CD outright and only slightly falls short of SACD in sound quality, having also “warm” and “dense” sound, then the film only creates “warmth”, nostalgia, “liveliness”. At the same time, almost unconditionally losing to the figure in QUALITY, as well as in resolution, dynamic range, convenience, price, and so on ... And the effect of the film is calmly created by various plug-ins to Photoshop. The most important advantage of the film is that it is on THIS film that exactly THIS object is captured, and possibly a part of its SOUL ...

      • Makunochimaster

        Firm musicians only play on the lamp and play

    • Pirkl

      I would really like to see the face of the owner of 8008 if he picked up the Canon EOS 3.
      He himself became a Nikonist, but this Canon dosage is ahead of the rest ....

      • BB

        So you compare prof. carcass with an amateur, and even older.
        Compare with Nikon F5

  • juri-filoncev

    Please, if possible, return "Lynx"

    • Lynx

      You know, at present I see no reason / interest to come back here, and indeed, to admit a lot and not to watch seats in the comments.
      In addition, whoever needs it, he will quite calmly find me in contact or in LJ and ask questions. Well, or not.

    • Arkady Shapoval


  • Yuriy75

    Thanks to the author for the excellent review. On my Canon G5, the screen is broken, it makes no sense to repair, so I shoot with the top monochrome screen, also a riddle like in film :). It is a pity that it is not known in the whole process where the device was focused ... I strongly doubt the revival of the film. In our world of profitability, I think film will remain a niche phenomenon akin to painting. :(

    • Denis

      Here you write doubts about the revival of the film, but you yourself shoot digital :) If you regret - use it, support demand. And if you personally do not need it, like the majority, then there is nothing to regret, its time has passed :)

      • Yuriy75

        The film for me as for you already does not make sense, I also don’t see the demand to support the demand for choosing a film in my fly-cut. I do not regret the film at all.

    • Jackie

      I don't quite agree about painting. In photography we have, hmm, “evolution”: records (or whatever was there first, I don't remember, unfortunately) -> film -> digital, while painting was and remains a separate Art, which will always have its admirers ...

  • Sergei

    Arkady, thanks for such a seductive review. I read it in the morning and was so inspired that by evening I had already bought a Nikon F80 for a car. I wondered why this thought had not come to me before. So much fun for so little money.

    • Sergei

      (It turns out the letter "and" sinks. I type in the blind, did not notice.)

      • Arkady Shapoval

        I support "blindly"!

      • anonym

        Sergei. I also want to buy F80. what can you say about the camera? What pictures are taken and does the metering function adequately? in general I will be grateful for any information on its use.

  • anonym

    On my canon 5 film, the same system with illumination of parameters in the JVI - the brighter the light, the brighter the data in the viewfinder. The figure does not have this (5D, 10D), and this is a drawback. I also want to add that the film is not only a matrix, but also sometimes a flash drive :) I recently changed my technique, I was left without a flash drive - I shot a film clip from old memory. The technique at that time was prohibitive, and it is still in order - working with this does not differ from working with the czk. Only all the time you glance at the back cover, where the screen should be))

  • Yarkiy

    There is no limit to perfection. If after some time they come up with some new way of displaying visual information, a hologram or some other hrenogram, then everyone will discuss to the shit "how much this bunch of photons affects the glare in the far left corner of this wonderful volumetric projection." And the today's figure will be remembered as today about glass plates.

  • Denis

    Thanks for your review! The photos are very “live” and beautiful, they have their own zest, something that modern CZK does not have.

  • chlorat

    Arkady, only why do you have an apparatus with an uncleaned mirror and photos with strange artifacts?)

    • CuHonTuK

      I got carried away with the film myself. Artifacts are the side of the scan of the photo, dust on the scanner just climbs. I tried it myself, such garbage ... ((((

    • Denis

      And what is the relationship between the dirt on the mirror and the artifacts in the photo? No. Dirt on the mirror only reduces the contrast in the JVI.

      • chlorat

        Did I write that this is somehow connected ?? Re-read the comment again.

  • Eugene

    Thank you, Arkady for this review, and in general for your work! I would like to know if my question is true, but in a different topic, at the expense of CANON EOS 3000N Date? pushed you to this review? Thanks anyway. There is a lot of controversy about the appropriateness of the film at present, the time of the figure. Nevertheless, it inspires many.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      In the near future I do not plan to deal with film camera reviews.

      • Oleg

        But the review is still interesting, a pleasant exception to the rule, such an excursion into the history of the development of photographic thought. Now the turn of Lake M9. (of course I myself understand the complexity and improbability of such a review) Thanks for the work.

  • anonym

    And I also recommend going to Steve McCurry's site stevemccurry.com (it's too lazy to make links from the tablet), legend. Film, film. There is also a last roll section, I shot one film for six months. There was such a legendary film - kodakhrom, which was produced without changes for decades. But there were few places to show. So this McCurry was a fan of her, and he was left with the last video before discontinuation, and the right to the last development. That's when I had to think about where to put the kadrik)) Go, have fun.

  • anonym

    I went and revised it myself, noticed one detail - most of the portraits are in a horizontal “non-portrait” position. Strange, but there is something in this.

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