Metabones EF-E mount adapter (Mark III) adapter overview

According provided by Metabones EF-E mount adapter (Mark III) and Sony a7R camera huge thanks Sony Ukraine.

Overview of the Metabones EF-E mount adapter (Mark III)

Metabones EF-E mount adapter (Mark III) adapter overview

The adapter (adapter) Metabones EF-E mount Mark III allows you to mount lenses with a bayonet mount Canon EF и Canon EF-S on Sony cameras with a bayonet mount Sony E.

The 'E' mount is used by Sony NEX interchangeable-lens cameras, Sony ILCE (including a7, a7r, a7s), some Sony camcorders (NEX-FS and NEX-VG series) and in addition Hasselblad Lunar.

Metabones EF-E mount adapter (Mark III)

Lens and adapter Metabones EF-E mount adapter (Mark III)

The adapter has contact groups on both the lens and camera side, and a built-in microprocessor translates 'Sony signals' into 'Canon lens language' and vice versa, resulting in full compatibility of the two systems.

When using such an adapter, the following lens functions are saved:

  • Auto focus
  • Iris control
  • Canon IS Image Stabilizer Operation
  • Transmission EXIF data
  • Support for many other Canon lens features
  • The adapter is hollow, without additional lenses, in no way affects the original image quality of the lens
Metabones EF-E mount adapter (Mark III)

Metabones EF-E mount adapter (Mark III) lens attached

I was very surprised when I saw with my own eyes how the lens Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 18-55mm 1: 3.5-5.6 IS II came to life on the Sony a7R camera. When using such an adapter, the camera assumed that it was equipped with a native lens - Sony 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OSS. All the necessary functions worked, even such as correcting vignetting and chromatic aberrations. The only thing I had to use shooting with APS-C was due to the fact that Canon 18-55 / 3.5-5.6 IS II Designed for cropped cameras with APS-C sensor.

Metabones EF-E mount adapter (Mark III)

Metabones EF-E mount adapter (Mark III) view

The adapter is very well made, almost all of metal and high-quality plastic. Comes in a small box with two small L-shaped curly keys and two caps.

Canon EF Lens - Sony NEX Smart Adapter (Mark III)

Keys supplied and tripod foot removed

Using the keys, you can remove the tripod foot and even disassemble the adapter, and plug the holes formed with plugs. There is a tripod socket on the tripod foot. The foot is compatible with some tripod heads of certain manufacturers.

Metabones EF-E mount adapter (Mark III)

Labels for attaching the lens and for attaching to the camera

The adapter is powered by a camera, has a latch button for removing the lens and another additional button to fully open the diaphragm. The aperture is automatically controlled from the camera, metering, as expected, always occurs when the aperture is fully open, so I did not find the use of the aperture button. It is stated that such a button sometimes helps with manual focusing.

Metabones EF-E mount adapter (Mark III)

Lens and Metabones EF-E mount adapter (Mark III)

Installing such an adapter on the camera and lens is as easy and simple as attaching the lens to the camera :)

Canon EF Lens - Sony NEX Smart Adapter (Mark III)

Programming port and aperture button

In addition, the adapter has a special connector, closed by a plug, through which it can be reprogrammed for full compatibility with almost any camera and lens. You can reprogram it, but for now it has been stated that the software for this does not exist :).

Metabones EF-E mount adapter (Mark III)

Metabones EF-E mount adapter (Mark III) on Sony a7r

When using this adapter with a lens Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 18-55mm 1: 3.5-5.6 IS II autofocus speed was very low, taking pictures with autofocus is almost impossible, even architecture and landscapes. The lens motor moves the lenses as fast as if it worked on a native camera, but Sony a7r is very long determined with focus. Also, there is a huge list of lenses incompatible with this adapter, especially from third-party manufacturers. Not supported and a huge number of different subtle focus settings. There is a huge list of restrictions:

  • only native Canon lenses released no earlier than 2006 are officially supported. Most likely, autofocus with old lenses will be absent
  • tracking focus is not supported AF-C and direct manual focus DMF
  • Nex-FS camcorders will automatically focus only in photo mode
  • with some lenses, autofocus may simply freeze, to 'unfreeze' the lens, press the focus button again
  • etc :(
Metabones EF-E mount adapter (Mark III)

Canon lens on Sony a7R camera

When I used a similar bunch, besides focusing, there were no problems. On Sony a7R, it was much easier for me to use manual focus mode with a picking function, this accelerated focusing by several times.

Metabones EF-E mount adapter (Mark III)

Link a Canon lens and a Sony a7r camera using the Metabones EF-E mount adapter (Mark III)

A small gallery of pictures on this unusual bunch.

Here link to the archive with the originals - 268 MB, 16 photos in .ARW format (RAW)

Catalog of modern Sony lenses can look at this link.

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Comments: 26, on the topic: Overview of the adapter Metabones EF-E mount adapter (Mark III)

  • Denis

    I wanted to buy a similar adapter for my NEX-3. First of all, I was interested in the possibility of working with the aperture, it makes no sense to rely on autofocus, and manual focusing on these cameras is a pleasure with picking or increasing the focusing area.

  • anonym

    when such appear between nikon and canon ???
    and so that it has a screwdriver for autofocus Nikon optics)
    eh dreams) ...

    • Denis

      Yeah, and immediately Speed ​​Booster to turn the cropped matrix into a full frame))
      With Nikon mirrorless optics, it’s a little easier, although at least adapters with a diaphragm lead are available, you can manually change the diaphragm.

  • anonym

    what is the motivation behind the choice of different working lengths from different manufacturers?

    • Oleg

      Interest Ask? For example, on Nikons, the ability to focus on infinity on Soviet optics is lost, and for me it was an argument in favor of Kenon, something that was inherited and simply fun: holding two eras in one hand. I think this is just marketing. That case when competition is not good. But I don’t know the exact answer

      • Eugene

        But in my opinion this is nonsense: to abandon Nikon only because it is not fully compatible with Soviet lenses. It's like giving up Toyota, just because VAZ parts are not suitable for it. Well, what, like a lot of grandfather left in the garage. Do not throw it away! And the link between generations ...

        • Alexey

          Yeah, the Internet has already become famous for idiocy.

        • Rostovr

          In addition to sovetskoy optics, there is a bunch of old imported ones, for example, those tseysses. Nikon here is just like plywood over Paris ... For the sake of fairness, we can say that the old nikkors are quite normal. But all the same for canon there are more options, versatility is a plus, not stupidity. Be more correct in expressions.

    • Denis

      I think technological calculations are at the design stage. Nikon's segment is old, as calculated, it remains, there is no general standard in this regard. Kenon, for example, is younger, and perhaps this has reduced the length. Or maybe they did it for marketing purposes so that Nikon and not only optics would fit))

  • Oleg

    Main takeaway - shoot with non-autofocus optics with fully mechanical control

  • Pastor

    Interesting thing. True, the price from 200 to 400 dollars is a little scary, but for those who decided to "decrease" and changed the Canon DSLR to Sony mirrorless, and at the same time left half a dozen Canon lenses in stock, this money will seem scanty. And in general, there are more glasses for Canon, which means when buying a Sony you can watch not only native lenses, but also a bunch of Canon lenses. In my opinion, this is gorgeous!

    • Dmitry K

      In general, a strange tendency in our town has been outlined - on the Internet, they sell DSLRs and screwdriver lenses marked "switched to mirrorless". The people are apparently tired of bricks

      • anonym

        I would love to buy a 50 1.4 screwdriver

        • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

          working diaphragm 50 1.4d starting at 2.8

          • Antonio

            I have the very first 50 1.4 AF Nikor - oh, how wrong you are about the working aperture, I don't like the backlight because of the old enlightenment, but otherwise the lens is chic and fully working across the entire f-number range, especially the bokeh at 1.4 is gorgeous, just more necessary be able to choose lighting, old lenses are more sensitive to this.

  • Sandy

    The standard whale from the canon, as for me, showed itself quite well.

    • anonym

      18-55stm is very good, but of course there are drawbacks: the design is rather flimsy, it is chromate in the corners and there is an excess of contrast.

  • movritsio

    Chago argue about cameras and compatibility? I have a Nikon system and there are some Nikkors, but I will buy 5D Kenon. And Nikkorov’s lenses are pigmented.
    Thanks to Arkady for the review. The adapter is really unique. Iris control, etc.

  • anonym

    For some reason, no one writes how gluttonous this adapter is. I used a king chip adapter, without automatic functions and in manual mode, the charge decreased before my eyes, 3 hours passed, the battery was 0%, I took no more than 100 shots, is, autofocus, disabled ... And how interesting does this behave? Sony a7 camera.

  • David Kutalia

    Thanks for the interesting review. May I have a question? I have a SONY A7 camera and Metabones EF-E-mount adapter. There is practically nothing to add to the problems with CANON lenses that you listed above, everything is exhaustive. Yes, the adapter is good, there are also disadvantages, as in life. I installed a new PETZVAL 1: 2.2 / 85mm through this adapter: the camera began to “wake up” for a long time and the shutter button did not work for a long time, even through the native remote shutter release. The shutter function “no lens” is naturally enabled. What do you advise to do?

  • David Kutalia

    Thank you, I found the answer to the problem “NB if anyone gets a Petzval and mounts it onto an electronic adapter, it will short out the contacts !, which in this case prevented the shutter from releasing. Putting a bit of insulating tape resolves this issue ”. I insulated the back of the lens from the adapter pins with adhesive tape and everything worked fine. Please forgive me for disturbing you. :-))

  • Sample name

    This adapter, as well as ALL adapters at the moment (commlite, metabones, fotodioX), such as Canon EF-Sony-E, give LIGHT flare due to the peculiarities of the coating inside the adapter. Be careful.

  • Sample name

    Be *

  • Kirill

    I decided to try a new perversion and bought a Canon 70-200 F4 L and a Sony NEX 3N. The bundle plows with an analog adapter from Commlite. Autofocus is dull and slow, jerking the lenses back and forth across the full scale before confirming focus. I thought the problem was in the camera, I tried the lens on the alpha6000 and A7R in the store - the same thing, but it jerks faster. I really like the color that this bundle gives, the picture is sharp, silent, some kind of "postcard", vital. Chamber jpeg does not need to be finished with a file in editors, unlike Kenon cameras, in which the BB and the color are simply deranged and lives their own life

  • Edward

    ihmo idea is just perfect
    to cross the best and most versatile, and not expensive optics park for Canon - with carcasses from the best matrix manufacturer (Sony - Nikon - also uses their matrices)

    the only question is autofocus speed - for different carcasses and different lenses

    (Nikon also has wonderful optics - but Canon began to introduce ultrasonic motors and stabilizers for decades, which has now led to the fact that their optics, in general, are more universal)

    about a universal autofocus adapter for Nikon - I don't believe that it will appear in the foreseeable future, since the Nikon bayonet is much more complicated - the same screwdriver, several types of aperture control, etc.
    if it appears it can cost as much as the carcass of the a7 series

  • Sergos

    and I bought \ fotga \ at 12 pa3 cheaper and I'm very satisfied -70-200 f4l- canon works fine only the native 70-200 f4 sony is much sharper \ what I was convinced of on 7r - it's not for nothing that sony hurts the price

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