MC Helios-44M-4 58mm 1: 2 review

This is a brief overview of the MC Helios-44M-4 58mm 1: 2 with serial number 90432268.

MC Helios-44M-4 58mm 1: 2 review

MC Helios-44M-4 58mm 1: 2 review

All lenses MS 44m-4, MS 44m-5, MS 44m-6, MS 44m-7 (Jupiter factory) are outwardly identical to each other. For more information about the capabilities of the MC HELIOS-44M-X series lenses, see MC Helios-44M-7 58mm 1: 2 review. The difference between them mainly, lies only in the resolution of the optics. Here is a plate for the resolution of the lenses of the MC HELIOS-44M-X 58mm 1: 2 series of Valdai production:

MS 44m-4 MS 44m-5 MS 44m-6 MS 44m-7
Resolution according to technical specifications (center / region): 41/20 41/20 45/25 50/30
Light transmission coefficient: 0,85 0,85 0,9 0,9


More examples of photos on the MC Helios-44M-4 58mm 1: 2 I periodically add to separate gallery at 500px. There, next to each photo, you can see EXIF with all the basic shooting options.

Below are examples of photos on the MC Helios-44M-4 58mm 1: 2 and on the cameras Nikon D700, Nikon D500, Nikon D90, Sony NEX-3N:

Personally, I am completely satisfied with the MC Helios-44M-4. From the point of view of practical application, I do not see any particular reason to look for a more expensive TOP model MS 44m-7... Although, nevertheless, modifications with major numbers are slightly better. Here link to the archive with the originals - 333 MB, 34 photos in the format RAW with Canon 5D & Canon 350D.

How to use with modern cameras?

Lenses with mounting thread M42 (M42 X 1 / 45.5), such as the lens from this review, are very easy to use on almost any modern digital camera (both SLR and mirrorless), for this it is enough to choose the right adapter (adapter). You do not need to carry out any additional steps to modify the lens.

The cheapest adapters can be found at There are adapters (adapters) with a chip that provide more convenience during shooting, usually chips are used to confirm focus and / or metering exposure, and form the correct EXIF. The chip does not affect the image quality in any way.

For some SLR cameras (for example, with the Nikon F-mount), you need to use adapters with a corrective lens, which allows you to focus correctly at all focusing distances. For any mirrorless cameras, such a lens is not needed, and the adapter is a simple decorated hollow metal tube with an appropriate mount.

For SLR cameras

  1. Canon: For cameras Canon EOS with bayonet mount EF / EF-S need an M42-Canon EOS adapter, such an adapter with a chip can be found herewithout chip here.
  2. NIKON: For cameras Nikon DX / FXas well as for cameras Fujifilm и Kodak with a Nikon F mount, you need an M42-Nikon F adapter, you can buy such an adapter without a lens and a chip here, with a lens without a chip herewith chip without lens here, with lens and chip here. Why a lens? Why chip?
  3. PENTAX: For Pentax cameras with K mount, you need an M42-Pentax K adapter, you can buy such an adapter here.
  4. SONY/MINOLTA: For cameras with a Sony / Minolta A mount, you need the M42-Sony A adapter, you can find such an adapter without a chip at this linkwith a chip at this link.
  5. OLYMPUS/PANASONIC/LEICA: For cameras with a 4/3 bayonet mount (not to be confused with Micro 4/3!) You need an M42-4 / 3 adapter, you can buy such an adapter here.

For mirrorless cameras

  1. SONY: For cameras with 'E'/'FE' mount series SonyNEX и Sony Alpha you need an adapter M42-Sony E (aka M42-Sony Nex), you can find it at this link. An autofocus adapter is also available for these cameras. Techart PRO Leica M - Sony E Autofocus Adapterwhich can be found at this link.
  2. OLYMPUS / PANASONIC / KODAK / XIAOMI: For cameras with a bayonet mount Micro 4/3 (Micro 4:3) you need an adapter M42-Micro 4/3, you can find it at this link.
  3. CANON M: For cameras with Canon EF-M mount need adapter M42-Canon M, it can be found at this link.
  4. CANON R and RF-S: For cameras with Canon RF mount need adapter M42-Canon R, it can be found at this link.
  5. Nikon 1: For cameras Nikon 1 Series need adapter M42-Nikon 1, you can find it at this link.
  6. Nikon Z: For cameras Nikon Z series (FX/DX) need an adapter M42-Nikon Z, it can be found at this link.
  7. FUJIFILM X: For cameras with mount X need an M42-Fuji X adapter, you can find it at this link.
  8. FUJIFILM GFX: For medium format cameras G-mount need M42-Fuji GFX adapter, you can find it at this link.
  9. SAMSUNG: For cameras with NX mount, you need an M42-Samsung NX adapter, you can find it at this link. There are no adapters for the NX mini camera yet.
  10. PENTAX: For Q-mount cameras, you need an M42-Pentax Q adapter, you can find it at this link.
  11. SIGMA / PANASONIC / LEICA: For cameras with L mount you need an M42-Leica L adapter, you can find it at this link.
  12. LEICA: For cameras with a bayonet mount Leica M need adapter M42-L / M, you can find it at this link.

If you have any questions on compatibility and adapters - ask in the comments (comments do not require any registration at all).

Comments on this post do not require registration. Anyone can leave a comment. Many different photographic equipment can be found on AliExpress.

Reviews for the Helios-44 2/58 lenses:

  1. Helios-44 2/58 [KMZ, 13 petals, M39, silver, No. 0220423]
  2. Helios-44 2/58 [KMZ, 8 petals, M39, silver]
  3. Helios-44 1: 2 F = 5,8 cm П [KMZ with replaced lenses, No. 0007220, review of the lens from the reader Radozhiva]
  4. HELIOS-44M 2/58 [KMZ, 8 petals, serial number 7843528]
  5. HELIOS-44M 2/58 [Jupiter plant, Valdai, 8 petals, serial number 8027170]
  6. HELIOS-44-2 2/58 [plant 'Jupiter', Valdai, 8 petals, serial number 83052779] + autofocus review
  7. MS Helios 44-3 2/58 [MMZ, 8 petals, 8619437, 9167912]
  8. MC Helios-44M-4 2/58
  9. Helios-44K-4 58mm 1:2 [KMZ, 6 petals, Pentax K]
  10. MC Helios-44M-4 58mm 1: 2 [plant 'Jupiter', Valdai, 6 petals] + autofocus review
  11. MC Helios-44M-5 58mm 1: 2 [Jupiter plant, Valdai, 6 petals]
  12. MC Helios-44M-6 58mm 1: 2 [plant 'Jupiter', Valdai, 6 petals]
  13. MC Helios-44M-7 58mm 1: 2 [plant 'Jupiter', Valdai, 6 petals]
  14. An article about most of the major modifications of the Helios-44 series
  15. Gallery of pictures on MC Helios-44M-4
  16. Look at modern the lenses 'Helios' can at this link
  17. A lot of Helios of all varieties can be found on ebay this link

Original 'Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 2/58 ':

  1. Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 1: 2 f = 5,8cm T [17 diaphragm blades, M42]
  2. Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 2 / 58 T [12 diaphragm blades, M42]
  3. A lot of Biotars of all varieties can be found on ebay this link

Look at modern the lenses 'Zenitar' и 'Helios' can at this link.

Familiarity with the Soviet Helios brand lenses I recommend starting with an inexpensive and common lens Helios-44-2 2/58 (aka HELIOS-44-2 2/58). The following links can look at modern lenses Zenitar и HELIOS.

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Comments: 118, on the topic: MC Helios-44M-4 58mm 1: 2 review

  • Tofig Babaev (Baku)

    Good day to all. HERE read the other day a review about Jupiter 37A. And about the wonderful idea of ​​conscientious engineers with interchangeable shanks. Is a similar technology applied to Helios? and specifically to the model 44m-4?

    • Dmitry E.

      No, only lenses with the letter “A” have interchangeable shanks

    • Dmitry

      The replaceable shank is not an idea of ​​Soviet engineers, but a copy of an existing solution. see "T-mount"

  • anonym

    Good afternoon.
    Please tell me about the adapter on the Nikon D7100
    I don’t quite understand about the presence of a lens and a chip ..

    • Denis

      without a lens there will be no infinity. but the picture quality is reduced. for nikon there is helios-81n
      On the d5100, I took test shots, the picture is cool, but the exposure must be selected manually (because the chip was not there, and it is not needed in general). focus confirmation works

      • Denis

        (quality decreases with the lens)

        • Alexey

          With a lens, the aperture decreases by about half a foot. It has been tested by many.

  • anonym

    planned to buy 50 Nikon. But helios will fall into the hands, is it possible to say which is better / worse from the lenses?

    • Denis

      helios is more interesting. Nikon is better. my choice is nikon

    • Alexey

      Nikon: autofocus, good contrast, sharp on the open, easy, there is infinity, a lot of options on the secondary
      Helios: cheap, metallic, easy to find (all flea markets are littered)

      Nikon: low art in the D-versions, in the G-versions everything is much better, the cost of new
      Helios: manual focus will quickly get bored, the lack of infinity turns the photographer into myopic, there is a risk of putting him on the shelf in a couple of months forever

      • Ksenia

        OK. Then, if you buy Helios 81H, is this option better than the 50-k from Nikon. Nikon d7100 camera /
        is there any chance that he will not get up?

        • Gennady

          7100 will not rise, but any Helios 81n will be installed

      • ba3lur

        anti-aircraft bokeh is not subject to Nikon fifty dollars, infinity is easily corrected in the 44-2 version, even a screwdriver is not required ...

  • Victor Stargazer

    just a great sharp lens !!! I use it for macro at 400d, the sharpest pictures are obtained with an aperture of 4 to 8mi. although decent shots are obtained at 2 and 2.8, though not portraits, but macro.

    • Gennady

      Do you shoot with or without macro rings?

      • Victor Stargazer

        no, but I want to try with a 30mm ring.

  • Yuriy

    And what about all the same take Gelios? W MS chi without ???

  • Elena

    • Elena

      I can’t upload a photo of Helios 44 m 2.8 km with Cyrillic)

  • Diego

    Thank you so much for your help and dedicated info!

  • dedvirid

    Helios 44 M -4 Shifted to Nikon mount. Only works in manual mode on Nikon 5100.

  • dedvirid

    Helios 44 M-4 lens photo

    • Alexander

      Why was the back plane polished? There, after all, everything should be as black and not shiny.

      • zengarden

        This part is screwed into the bayonet mount and is protected from light. On Nikon lenses, it is also not blackened.

        • Alexander

          Nikon lenses have a brilliant bayonet plane and the petals themselves, and everything inside them is blackened. Ideally, there should be nothing shiny on the way from the front of the lens to the sensor. Such planes can theoretically cause incomprehensible glare and a decrease in contrast due to light re-reflection from the matrix.

  • Dmitry Ch

    I bought an adapter. Screwed on 44m-4.
    Nikon D7000 camera. I read about infinity in the review, dandelion too. I do not need either the first or the second for a portrait. But nowhere was it stated that the diaphragm would not work. Then I saw a couple of reviews on this topic. As I understand it, you need to “lock” the pin for manual control of the ring to work?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      yes, you need to squeeze it in any way

      • Dmitriy

        Please advise. How to do this in the most painless way.

        • BB

          Insert a wooden toothpick like a wedge, then cut it off.

          • Dmitry Ch

            I inserted it so that even the pin flew into the lens)) I removed the extra part and put in a slightly curved copper wire of 1,5 kV section. Working. Thank you for your help!

        • Konstantin

          Look on YouTube. Carefully remove the rear lens cap, there are small balls, do not lose! From the shaft, the ball of the handle is sawing 1,5-2 mm. Insert the jump rope on the rod. Close the cover. Do not turn the lens during disassembly!

  • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    In my copy there are intermediate apertures, i.e. there is also a fixation of the ring between those that are drawn, but only between 11 and 16 there is no intermediate one. Is it just me or everyone?
    Then what are the values ​​of these intermediate diaphragms? It doesn't matter, but I want to prescribe the diaphragm in the dandelion.

    I haven't tested it yet, I will compare it with G44-2, I bought it new in '83. Spins easily, spent all his life in the closet. I will compare the two lenses for fun.

    • Alex

      I have the same. You can write about intermediate values.

  • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    Forgot to add a photo

  • Carlos

    Hola recien descubri un Helios guardado en mi casa, pero no m equeda claro cual es el adaptador que tengo q comprar para mi Nikon d7200. Podrias guiarme en este aspecto? Gracias de antemano. Y felicitaciones por esta publicacion tuya esta muy buena.

  • Sergei

    Tell me, who has 44m-4, I counted 12 aperture values ​​on the lens, is this normal?

    • Victor

      If this doesn’t bother you to shoot with it, that’s fine.

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