Lock-On Tracking AF

Usually, advanced Nikon cameras have a huge set of very flexible settings for working with the focus system. Thoughtful focus is the key to a large number of successful photos.

Lock-On Tracking AF

Lock-On Tracking AF

Some Nikon cameras, such as mine Nikon D700, have the useful function 'Tracking. AF with syst. Lock-on '. This function sets the amount of time before re-focusing.

On the D700 The function can take 4 values:

  1. Long
  2. Normal
  3. Quick
  4. Off

These values ​​determine the period of time during which the camera, after successful focusing, does not refocus during sudden changes in the frame. It’s easier to explain how the function works using an example:

A photographer is filming a football match for a sport magazine. The task of the photographer is to make high-quality pictures of the goalkeeper (goalkeeper). It is acceptable that the goalkeeper is less mobile than the rest of the team. The photographer autofocused in AF-C with a dynamic choice of the focus point specifically for the goalkeeper and at the same time used the included 'Lock-On' function with the 'long' parameter. With the 'Lock-On' function turned on, after other players (such as a defender) get into the frame, the camera does not start focusing on them, but waits for a certain time, hoping that the 'interference' will be eliminated by itself. As a result, the defender leaves the frame, and the camera remains focused on the goalkeeper. The 'Lock-On' parameter specifies how long the camera will 'wait'. At the same time, focusing is carried out on small shifts of the goalkeeper himself, it is precisely the interference that requires a “large” change in the focusing distance. This method helps to get more successful shots and spend less time on re-focusing.

If you use the value 'Off', then, accordingly, the delay before the next focus, when changing the shooting conditions, will not be performed.

Come up with options for practical applications of this function can be a whole darkness. By the way, Canon cameras also have something similar :)

Find more useful information about working with the focusing system on Nikon cameras. here.

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  • THE

    An interesting example on footballers, directly presented before my eyes while reading an article.

  • Oleg

    Thank you as always interesting and informative article

  • Vlad

    Thank you for the description of the function, and for the link to the word “here”!

  • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    Thank you, I was just thinking about what this item in the camera menu is.

  • Roma

    I still don’t understand how, say, to use this function in wedding photography?

    • Skai

      While you catch the bride’s successful expression in the clutter of dressing or in a crowd of relatives, someone cannot flicker before and the camera will focus on him, and you will lose frame ... PS: my IMHO.

      • anonym

        “In front of her”

  • Yaroslav

    IMHO the function is very controversial. It adds lag during initial focusing, the camera thinks whether it should focus at all. And this lag is often more critical than the extra people running in the frame.

    Uncoated article cover fonts - pain (

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Fixed There is no lag during the initial focus, most likely you misunderstood the essence of the method.

  • Photographer

    In my opinion, it was better to hover over the af-on (af-l) button, and let it go. and there let at least someone run. Well, no one canceled manual focus.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      This is a completely different method of working with focus. Firstly, the tracking focus is lost, and secondly, manual focus for many tasks is archaism.

  • Konstantin

    And on what level cameras does this function appear?

  • Novel

    I catch myself thinking that I became a regular reader of Radozhiva.
    Thank you Arkady for interesting material.

  • Denis

    For wedding photography, I found the optimal setting for the Lock-On function “fast” - the D7000 camera. Autofocus copes in 90% of cases exactly as I intended.

  • Ronin427

    How interesting ... (^ __ ^)

  • Timur

    By the way, to the topic. Younger new cameras, such as the D7200, also already have this feature.

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