Since autumn 2013, grateful readers of the Radozhiva website have raised 5 rubles for the purchase of a Canon EOS 23.035D camera (at the time of purchase, about 6.450 hryvnias).

Purchased camera

Purchased camera

Today, March 21, 2014, I purchased a used Canon EOS 5D, costing UAH 5.500. At the NBU exchange rate as of 21.03.2014/19.644/01.04.2014, this amounted to 503 rubles. 1800/XNUMX/XNUMX XNUMX UAH (about XNUMX rubles) was spent on cleaning the matrix of the camera (scan receipt). The rest of the amount (1591 rubles) will be spent on paying for the Yandex Disk service for storing the sources from the reviews (the allocated 10 GB has long expired).

Now I have the opportunity to review a huge number of lenses on a full-format camera :)


Adapters for reviews

Super-huge thanks to everyone who supported the project financially!

The list of activists is here.

Some more information about the life of the site.

For 2013-2014, I spent about 500 cu to send photographic equipment for reviews. I almost always pay for the New Mail equipment transfer service myself. Thanks to all the people sending the equipment for the reviews, it was on their enthusiasm that the site was built :)

Separately - thanks readers who send photographic equipment, paying for the postage themselves. Also thanks to Nova Poshta, which has never harmed the sent photographic equipment. Thanks to the official representatives of Nikon, Tamron, Sony, Canon and Olympus, who provide the equipment for reviews and do not require 'hymns for their toys'.

Invoice list

The list of invoices that I have accumulated over the past 2 years.

Also, I want to thank all readers of Radozhivawho spend their personal time meet with me in Kiev and submit the equipment for review. Separately - many thanks to the people who come to me directly in Vyshgorod with the same goals :)

Special thanks to the actual editors of the site: 'Kitten ako Lynx', Igor Burkov and Denis Litvinenko for proofreading and editing each new article :)

Thanks to all readers who do not hesitate to point out errors in the text and inaccuracies in the comments, I try to make changes as soon as possible. You help to bring the text of the article to the maximum correct form.

I definitely want to thank everyone, everyone who unsubscribes in the comments to the materials on the site - share your experience, this will help many seekers find answers to their questions.

Want more unlimitedly to thank Nata, who often fiddled with me with reviews, and also helped me as a model :) .. Thanks to my friend Andrei aka Phoenix, who helps to keep the site in technical condition. Thanks to Masha, who came up with a name for the site. And also, thanks to the huge number of people who give inspiration.

Special thanks a lot to all readers who like articles and reviews :)

As usual - just thanks for your attention. Arkady Shapoval.

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  • THE

    The goal is achieved !!! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

  • Dima

    And thank you very much !!!)

  • Anton

    And thank you. Before buying another glass, I’m coming to you to read a review. :-)

    • THE

      Yes, even without buying glasses, you live and read out every day of God :) Thanks, Arkady.

  • Ukrainian

    Arkadiy, and why do you have a penny of pennies in Russian rubles?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      If you read carefully, the amount is duplicated in Ukrainian hryvnias. Due to the fact that funds were transferred to various payment systems, including WebMoney, wallets in rubles, and Yandex Money, a wallet only in rubles, it was decided to bring the entire amount in the ruble currency. If you want to have a political discussion here, I’ll add you to the blacklist.

      • Stanislav

        And rightly so. Arkady is great!

        • Anatoly Snezhan


      • Maksim

        I don’t think that “Ukrainians” wants to give provocative food, it’s just people who are sick, let’s put ourselves one to one! Dyakuyu!

        • French

          I think that the question would not have been asked if the amount was in EUR or USD ... but in general, on business, thanks for the reviews, I really did not find my “new” lens “Auto Reflecta 1,7 / 55mm M-42”, but I think to try to protest according to the "script" of Arkady ... Thank you !! Peace to you ...

  • koff

    Thank you, Arkady, the best site for photography.
    Great reviews.
    It’s purely my humble opinion: if there would still be descriptions on disassembling, assembling, servicing lenses, then it would be great, but, probably, those who are involved in this will write better about maintenance of photographic equipment. Is it possible that after your review of the lens there will be a small instruction for disassembling, assembling the lens, it would be better with a photo? (Mainly for Soviet lenses)
    Maybe he said chaotically, sorry.

    • THE

      I doubt that there will be reviews of disassembling / assembling photographic equipment, Arkady is not involved in this, he is not a master in photography, he is a professional photographer :)

      • koff

        Someone may wish to share their experiences.
        Oh, how many wonderful discoveries to us
        Prepare the spirit of enlightenment
        And the experience of the son of errors difficult,
        And genius, the paradoxes friend
        And the case, god is the inventor.
        Many have their own experience, why not share it.
        But, for all the decision of the founder of the site.

    • grandfather

      If it is interesting to YOU, I can tell you how the USSR lenses are disassembled, remake it on nikon while maintaining infinity.

      • Yarkiya

        Very interesting. Please, show. But in what form is it better to present information?

    • d.martyn

      I can say that self-repair of photographic equipment is a very thankless task. You need a well-prepared workplace and often a special tool that service centers have, and buying them “one time” does not justify home renovation. For example: I disassembled the most ordinary Nikon 18-50, however, almost completely and could not assemble it, well, that was not a pity.

      • Andrei

        I fully agree with the analogy with the car, sometimes I repair the special tool itself (at one time) does not really justify the repair.

  • varezhkin

    Great news!

  • Dmitriy

    Thanks to the joyful, I recently decided to buy the first SLR camera in my life. This event rediscovered the photo for me, and yesterday, after reading a review of the 35 mm lens, I got it too))) There is no limit to joy))))
    Thanks for the good reviews!

  • Andrei

    I always read for 2 years. Thanks to Vai, he took up photography. Thanks, Arkady! And, good luck, in life and in all endeavors!

  • mur

    Nice to see the education in lighting technology!

  • Novel

    I am pleased to read reviews and articles on Radozhiva. I want to express my gratitude to Arkady and his helpers!

  • Sergey

    Thank you Arkady - for interesting articles and this purchase is justified by new reviews in full frame. I will look forward to new and impressive reviews. :)

  • watcher

    Great site. Articles are written in a simple, lively and understandable language. Thank you for your work.

  • anonym

    Congratulations on replenishing the fleet! The question immediately arises, why exactly 5D? People’s favorite, that’s understandable. There are 1Ds for this price, was there a chance between them? If it was, then what guided you when choosing? Maybe for lovers when choosing the first used full frame it will be interesting to know your opinion)

  • Nicholas

    Friends, I want to thank Arkady from all of us for collecting us on the pages of my wonderful blog!

  • M.A.G.

    Arkady, thank you VERY MUCH for “Radozhiva”, you instilled in me a love for Soviet glass!
    Thanks to Igor Burkov who helps you and whom I personally know, is a kind, decent and helpful person!

  • Ivan

    Congratulations on your purchase! Thanks for the article, capacious and affordable!

  • Alexey

    I join in the congratulations. Good luck to you.

  • dnikk

    Arkady, your site is like a handbook.
    It always helps in any matter.
    Keep it up!

  • Anatoly

    Just a couple of years ago I wanted to buy a first-aid kit, I tensed up and took the D700, the device is good, although 5D is probably no worse in the picture.

    • Yaroslav

      In terms of colors, the first nickle is good, perhaps one of the best, the rest is a loss of seven hundred crushing.

  • Ibrahim

    Thank you very much !!)

  • Andrei

    It was your site that helped determine the choice of a SLR. Thank you very much)

  • Vladimir

    Congratulations on your goal! Keep the same course, i.e. to success in the right things. :-)

  • Dmitriy

    It is wonderful! Happy for you:)

  • Dmitriy

    We, as before, will help you mentally, physically and financially. Thanks a lot. We read with pleasure.

  • Ivan

    Maybe you can use the place on the mail ru, they have up to 100 GB available in the cloud for free.

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