Since autumn 2013, grateful readers of the Radozhiva website have raised 5 rubles for the purchase of a Canon EOS 23.035D camera (at the time of purchase, about 6.450 hryvnias).

Purchased camera

Purchased camera

Today, March 21, 2014, I purchased a used Canon EOS 5D, costing UAH 5.500. At the NBU exchange rate as of 21.03.2014/19.644/01.04.2014, this amounted to 503 rubles. 1800/XNUMX/XNUMX XNUMX UAH (about XNUMX rubles) was spent on cleaning the matrix of the camera (scan receipt). The rest of the amount (1591 rubles) will be spent on paying for the Yandex Disk service for storing the sources from the reviews (the allocated 10 GB has long expired).

Now I have the opportunity to review a huge number of lenses on a full-format camera :)


Adapters for reviews

Super-huge thanks to everyone who supported the project financially!

The list of activists is here.

Some more information about the life of the site.

For 2013-2014, I spent about 500 cu to send photographic equipment for reviews. I almost always pay for the New Mail equipment transfer service myself. Thanks to all the people sending the equipment for the reviews, it was on their enthusiasm that the site was built :)

Separately - thanks readers who send photographic equipment, paying for the postage themselves. Also thanks to Nova Poshta, which has never harmed the sent photographic equipment. Thanks to the official representatives of Nikon, Tamron, Sony, Canon and Olympus, who provide the equipment for reviews and do not require 'hymns for their toys'.

Invoice list

The list of invoices that I have accumulated over the past 2 years.

Also, I want to thank all readers of Radozhivawho spend their personal time meet with me in Kiev and submit the equipment for review. Separately - many thanks to the people who come to me directly in Vyshgorod with the same goals :)

Special thanks to the actual editors of the site: 'Kitten ako Lynx', Igor Burkov and Denis Litvinenko for proofreading and editing each new article :)

Thanks to all readers who do not hesitate to point out errors in the text and inaccuracies in the comments, I try to make changes as soon as possible. You help to bring the text of the article to the maximum correct form.

I definitely want to thank everyone, everyone who unsubscribes in the comments to the materials on the site - share your experience, this will help many seekers find answers to their questions.

Want more unlimitedly to thank Nata, who often fiddled with me with reviews, and also helped me as a model :) .. Thanks to my friend Andrei aka Phoenix, who helps to keep the site in technical condition. Thanks to Masha, who came up with a name for the site. And also, thanks to the huge number of people who give inspiration.

Special thanks a lot to all readers who like articles and reviews :)

As usual - just thanks for your attention. Arkady Shapoval.

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  • Alexander VV

    Thank you very much for the reviews, I recently bought a Vivitar 70-210, thanks to you, and I would never have known about it. I would have said your site as PHOTOVICIPEDIA) Good luck!

  • Uladzimir

    Now I would like to see an overview of this camera. For I want to take a full-format canon camera. Thanks for the articles, reviews, and also for the constructive approach to the discussion.

    • anonym

      Review penny has long been there, take a closer look)

      • Uladzimir

        Blame, did not notice. But there will be some additions to this subject, in the light of constant observation, so to speak.

  • Evgeny*

    Arkady, keep it up, health to you and prosperity!

  • Igor

    Congratulations on your purchase !!! I really like your site! Thank you for the interesting articles and reviews!

  • Anton

    Thank you very much! I read almost all the reviews on the lenses I need! And reviews of Soviet optics are beyond competition!

  • Alexander

    Arkady, why don’t you want to use the service? with a simple registration of 100 GB of space you get on the cloud, for free

  • Sergei

    I bow my head. Thank you for your work.

  • stiob

    I think it’s no secret to anyone that the site exists Everyone gets a free terabyte (Everyone gets a free terabyte.).

  • Alexey

    Congratulations on your purchase !!!!! Thank you and all those who help you !!!

  • ratesheet

    Congratulations on your long-awaited purchase! I myself also finally saved up and bought a Mark III, so I understand you completely! ))) Thank you for the reviews! When new "glasses" fall into my hands, I always read your reviews about them, for which I am especially grateful. Thank you for stopping attempts at provocations if they are not related to photography. ;) I wish you health and success!

  • Valery can store up to 1tb.

  • Vlad Vladov

    I recently purchased a Canon EOS 40D and ran into an unpleasant situation, a camera with manual lenses is very wrong in exo metering 'in liveview mode, everything is fine' - are there such problems with the 5D-5D Mii and how realistic is it to use old manual optics on these cameras, without completely manual settings?

    • anonym

      There is a similar observation, the camera is overexposed. But for me personally, it seems, it's not about the camera, but about the lenses - with some manual ones the order is complete, with others up to -2 for exposure compensation.

      • Vlad Vladov

        Do you have a 40D camera or something from 5D?
        I collected some information on this issue, there is an opinion, this is due to the fact that the camera does not know which aperture is set on the lens and does not know which coefficient to enter when measuring, that is, for example, if f2.8 then the camera will measure more or less correct, since the correction coefficient is about 0. If you shoot at f1.4, the camera very much overexposes most likely, with this aperture ratio, the camera should have entered -2 ​​(arbitrary units), but it does not know that the aperture is 1.4 and choose corrected th coefficient can not.
        The question is, is there such a problem on 5D and does the adapter with a chip solve this problem without programming with each lens installation?

  • Razor

    Congratulations on your purchase!
    Itself, too, recently acquired the first nickle, replacing it with the Nikon D90.

    Thanks to Radozhiva for the reviews! :)

  • Ullar

    Thank you, Arkady, and your entire team, for the wonderful site. I go in just to read, you are very pleased to write :) God bless you.

  • VC

    Arkady, tell me, what is the mileage of the purchased camera?

  • Dmitriy

    I am very glad that now the full-frame device has appeared with a working length for most lenses !!! Although Sony A7r would probably be better, but this is another money.

  • Dmitriy

    Congratulations on your new thing, Arkady!

  • Volodimir

    Since the fall of 2013
    grateful readers
    site 'Radozhiva' to buy
    Canon EOS 5D cameras had
    collected 23.035 rubles. So the ruble is not hryvnia hryvnia?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      ruble, in fact, what is not clear?

    • Anatoly

      Pulling out their American crevasses

  • Twilight_Sun

    Oh, so the pictures in the reviews from Vyshgorod are not casual.
    Somehow it’s even good that the author of sensible articles in my hometown, it’s a pity I just rarely go there myself now.

  • scum83

    Glad for the site! It’s a shame that I didn’t transfer a single ruble, in 2 years, as soon as my mother’s situation gets better, I’ll list some reasonable deny.

    I would like an article with an example of the difference between crop and EGF with the same glasses. Well, the real effect of a large matrix on digital noise.
    In your own words. So that not a gram of sugar and lies. For this I appreciate you.
    Good Luck!

  • Sergei

    This has already been said 100 times, but it really is a COOL site. It can be seen what has been done “with a soul”. Everything is so simple and so competently and clearly written. Now I wish I was a photographer. There are so many interesting things in this world

  • Elena

    An unexpected choice. Arkady, congratulations! I wish you a lot of strength to develop your favorite business. You are a great clever and hard worker! Let your piglet bring great luck to the new owner and many interesting pictures!
    Do not forget to please us with your new reviews!

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