Teleconverter Kenko N-AF 2X Teleplus MC7 DGX review

According provided by teleconverter Kenko N-AF 2X Teleplus MC7 DGX (for Nikon cameras) many thanks to Anna.

Teleconverter Kenko N-AF 2X Teleplus MC7 DGX review

Teleconverter Kenko N-AF 2X Teleplus MC7 DGX review

Teleconverter Kenko N-AF 2X Teleplus MC7 DGX increases focal length lens in 2 times, while the number F also doubles, respectively aperture the lens decreases by 4 times (2 stops). Kenko transmits to the camera an already increased value of the focal length and the number F, which are recorded in EXIF... The optical design consists of 7 elements in 4 groups. The prefix 'MC7' in the name means that all 7 elements in the optical scheme are multi-coated. Kenko fits all 'Nikon F' mount lenses (if aperture corresponding) - with or without an autofocus motor, as well as for manual lenses. When using the teleconverter, all lens functions are retained (including stabilizer operation, autofocus, metering exposure and everything else).

I used Kenko N-AF 2X Teleplus MC7 DGX with a lens without any problems Nikon 180mm 1: 2.8 ED AF Nikkor and camera Nikon D80, while in EXIF the data recorded was 'AF Nikkor 180mm f / 2.8 IF-ED Shot at 360 mm'. Considering crop factor cameras, then EGF such a bundle is 540 mm :). Please note that when used with Kenko N-AF 2X Teleplus MC7 DGX type lenses Nikon AF, the auto focus speed is noticeably reduced due to the transmission mechanism located inside the tele-converter. Himself teleconverter well made, middle part - rubberizedIt weighs just 160 grams.

Of course, the image obtained with the Kenko N-AF 2X Teleplus MC7 DGX is worse than what can be obtained with the same lens without a converter. Here link to the archive with the originals - 147 MB, 18 photos in format RAW, photo parameters in the gallery of the site and archive are indicated here.

You will find general information about how converters work in the section 'What is a teleconverter and how does it work'.

Catalog of modern teleconverters Kenko can look at this link.

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Kenko N-AF 2X Teleplus MC7 DGX - not bad, and most importantly inexpensive teleconverter with full support for all the basic functions for Nikon lenses.

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Comments: 22, on the topic: Overview of the Kenko N-AF 2X Teleplus MC7 DGX teleconverter

  • anonym

    Arkady, and he will work from 17-55? And will there be autofocus?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Yes, it will, I wrote:

      Kenko is coming for all lenses with 'Nikon F' mount - with or without motor for autofocus, as well as for manual lenses. When using the teleconverter, all the functions of the lens are saved (including the stabilizer, auto focus, exposure metering and everything else).

  • Oleg

    Tell me the price please. You wrote an inexpensive converter.

  • Andrei

    Arkady, please tell me what is the difference between this and Kenko N-AFd 2X Teleplus MC7?
    Oleg recently bought a Kenko N-AFd 2X Teleplus MC7 for $ 100 at a good price. My nikon 70-300 vr does not autofocus (understandably - dark) and the stub also behaves strangely!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Most likely this version is only for AF (AF-D) lenses, and not for all, including for AF-S lenses and does not focus most likely due to the smaller number of transfer contacts (lack of DGX).

      • Andrei

        Thanks! In my 7 contacts!

    • Terms & Conditions

      If we are talking about NIKON AF 70-300 mm f / 4-5.6, then autofocus will not work, since the lens with this teleconverter will turn into NIKON AF 140-600 mm f / 8-11.2, and autofocus usually does not work with a hole more than 5.6 :(
      And the stabilizer will work poorly, I don’t know the intricacies, but it usually works poorly in such cases (non-aperture glass with a tele-converter)

  • Oleg

    Good day Arkady. Please tell me, this model of converter is better suited to a 50mm 1.8 G or 105mm 2 DC lens (Nikon D610 camera), thanks in advance for the answer.

  • Sergei

    Will autofocus work with a nikor af-s 300mm lens. F / 4?
    Thank you very much.

    • Victor

      Depends on the camera. For example, there will be d800 / 810 on nikon, but not on d600.

  • Andrei

    And could you formulate, in your opinion, what is WORSE worse than the photos taken with the converter.

    • Victor

      At least less sharp. Glasses are added to the optical system, and not of the best quality. Image degradation will depend on the model of the converter.

  • Vladimir

    Arkady, you write that this converter can be used with any lenses, while you comment on this - the Kenko TELEPLUS MC7 AF 2X DGX is compatible with lenses with a fixed focal length from 100 to 300 mm. It should be noted that it is not recommended to use it with zoom lenses, the focal length range of which starts from 50 mm or less, and also exceeds 300 mm. ,,

    • Arkady Shapoval

      See the technical data of the lens, not all lenses are designed for the use of converters, but the converter doesn't care.

  • anonym

    Hello, and with Nikkor 17-55 will autofocus?

  • Nicholas

    Arkady, hello. Tell me, will autofocus work with such a converter on a Nikon 70-210 / 4 lens?

    • Michael


  • Vladimir Bogush

    Are there similar teleconverters of higher quality and more expensive? Tell me if you know.
    (I select a teleconverter specifically for the Nikon 180mm 1: 2.8 ED AF Nikkor lens, the Nikon native does not fit it.)

  • anonym

    The kenko website says “For the teleconverter to work correctly, turn off the optical correction, image stabilization and focus peaking”, and here they write about a working (or not so) stub. Specifically, I'm interested in the nuances of using a 2x converter with a Canon EF 75-300 1: 4-5.6 IS lens on an EOS 60D.

  • Sergei

    All a Happy!
    The question is - will such a converter prevent the full zoom of the Nikkor 55-200 /4-5.6 lens? his lens unit moves very significantly. Or will it be possible to use this converter on the Tamron 70-300 /4-5.6?
    In general, the essence of the question is - I can't find the compatibility table of Tamron telezoom with converters, can I screw something on the Tamron 70-300?
    Autofocus is not critical.

  • Taras

    Hello, what are the differences from Kenko N-AF 2X TELEPLUS MC4?)

  • Alexander

    I'm sorry, not quite the topic.
    In nature, there is a completely manual analogue for Pentax, 2x APK Teleplus MC 7.
    The price for olkh is quite ridiculous. Here is literally the first experience with Tamron AF 70-300 1: 4-5.6

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