Nikon MC-36

According provided by Nikon MC-36 remote control many thanks to Yarysh Alexey.

Review Nikon MC-36

Review Nikon MC-36

Nikon MC-36 is a multifunctional remote control. It only fits Nikon professional cameras such as Nikon D100 (only with MB-D100 buttlock), D200, D300s, D300, D700, D800, D800E, D1, D1h, D1x, D2x, D2xs, D2h, D2hs, D3, D3x, D3s, D4, D4s, D5 and film cameras with a matching 10-pin connector. As I already noted in the review of a simpler version - a cable Nikon MC-30It is easiest to distinguish Nikon professional cameras from non-professional ones by the presence of this very 10-pin contact.

Nikon MC-36 is interesting in that it can be used to shoot with an interval ('Intvl' field) and set a delay before shooting ('Delay' field). Also, the cable can be simply used to release the shutter and focus. For shooting with shutter speed 'by hand' - it is convenient to use the position of the release button 'Hold', in which it is locked when pressed. To set automatic length excerpts, for example, within 5 hours, you need to set the corresponding time in the 'Long' field excerptsand switch the camera to 'Bulb' mode.

Nikon MC-36 has a very simple timer setting, a sound notification (which can be turned off), a green backlight (turned on by a button) and a red LED indicator. Powered by two AAA batteries. The remote control does not have a power button, therefore, over time, it can drain the battery, even if it is not used. The remote control is comfortable to hold in your hand, however, when compressed the body creaks a little. A copy from my review is made in Japan.

Nikon MC-36 can release the shutter without batteries, including in BULB mode.

In the comments, you can ask a question on the topic and they will definitely answer you, and you can also express your opinion or share your experience. For the selection of photographic equipment, I recommend large catalogs, for example E-Catalog. Many little things for the photo can be found on AliExpress.

Nikon MC-36 is not cheap, as for a fairly simple device. I would not be shy about the Chinese counterparts, and instead of the Nikon MC-36 I took the Phottix Timer TR-90.

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Comments: 25, on the topic: Nikon MC-36

  • Novel

    Does Nikon DF have such a connector?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      No, it needs MC-DC2 or WR-R1 / 10.

  • Edward

    For more than a year I have been using the Chinese analogue of JYC, everything is the same, only food is a CR 2032 tablet, it is 3 volts, it costs a penny, it lasts for a long time, I carry a couple of spare tablets with me just in case. The price of a product made in China is indeed about 4-5 times lower than the price of the original, here Arkady is also right. This device simplifies the solution of many tasks. Thanks to the author for the review.

  • Sergei

    Thanks for the review, we looked into the water, I was puzzled by the purchase of a remote control for the D700, by analogy when using the D90 the remote control was still the right thing in the arsenal of both the amateur and the pros, the only sadness was a little that the control in the D700 is not infrared, but wired, the self-portrait is not easy you’ll do it;), Arkady, you didn’t specify prices for reasons of the device’s high cost, on the Internet there are all Chinese, you didn’t find your native price for EDUARD, but you can write the name of the remote control completely.

    • Edward

      Sergey, if for the D700, then it is even wireless programmable, then what you want, i.e. for a self portrait. Wireless remote control intervalometer JYC JY-710-N1

  • Serge

    I use Yongnuo RF-603: both a flash synchronizer and a remote control for ridiculous money. Of course, there are fewer functions, but the main functions are performed at a fairly decent distance. At the same time, a delay and so on can be set on the camera itself.
    A good review.

  • Sergei

    I use a wireless Chinese from Pixel. From the functional: burst shooting, timer shooting and of course bulb. In Russia, it costs about a thousand rubles. Highly recommend.

  • Sergei

    Edward, thank you very much! FOR SERGEY Pixel which model if not difficult in advance thanks!

    • Sergei

      Pixel Oppilas DC0
      The Pixel has more functional devices. And as a Pixel, I have no doubt for a long time.

  • Sergei

    Edward looked at the information on the remote control, if not difficult, write down your impressions and possibly revealed any inconveniences or jambs in the remote control operation. Thank you.

    • Edward

      All the characteristics of the remote control correspond to those declared by the manufacturer, the impressions are positive, at times they were even delighted. The remote control menu is only in English, but even with minimal knowledge of the language, you can easily deal with programmable parameters. The only inconvenience for me is the need to constantly insert and remove batteries after use, since the remote does not have an ON / OFF mode, i.e. enabled by default when powered.

      • anonym

        Thank you!

  • Vladislav

    I have a remote control with the same functionality, a Chinese from “Meike”, model MK-80N3 - for “junior” DSLRs “Nikon”, there is a version of this remote control for both “senior” Nikons and Canon.
    It cost me a little less than 300 UAH.
    Performs its functions, I am pleased with it.
    Powered by CR2032, and, as mentioned above, there is no power switch. I did not like it, and I soldered the switch there))

  • anonym

    "To set an automatic long exposure, for example, within 5 hours, you need to set the corresponding exposure time in the 'Long' field, and switch the camera to the 'Bulb' mode."

    It is interesting how the frame is exposed after such a long exposure of o_0. In fact, even at night, there will be a full light?

    • anonym

      when you have a 32 diaphragm and an nd filter, there will be no x1000 light, although you can use this shutter speed once in a lifetime

  • Yuri.

    I bought a Chinese analogue from Meike. But the instruction is in Chinese. Can someone explain step by step what and how to click to set all the settings. Thank you in advance.

  • Andrei

    Good day to all! Arkady, thank you very much for your blog - a lot of interesting things. I fired up to buy a portrait portrait. But my question is different - what kind of Chinese remote control to take for Nikon d7000, I can't find something? Interested in smart with the ability to set a specific exposure time, number of frames, interval. Needed for both night and pinhole experiments - 30 seconds is not enough on a very small hole. Tomorrow I will try to add samples with pinhole to the topic

    • Michael

      Yes, any. Which one you like more, pay attention to the connector when buying. As an example, YONGNUO MC-36.

  • Andrii

    Engineers nikon overdid it with 10 new roses, preposterous fignia !!! At night, it’s important to insert a cable at the rose chamber, through without friction, landing requires a tightening of the cable, it’s not manual, it’s less than the golden cable, especially in the cold, the Kenon cables with connector N3 are on the order of friendship.

    • Jury

      Andriy, not only at night, but at night our right will be correct

  • Stanislas

    Good day.
    Acquired FUJIMI Remote Cord MC-36 for use on NIKON D810. In M mode on the camera, when setting BULB or - I press the shutter release button on the cable, the mirror rises, but when the button is released or when pressed again, the curtains do not close ... only after the camera is turned off. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Thanks.

    • Michael

      Maybe the mirror is on? The cable works the same as the release button. Press-hold-press. Both the button and the cable should be the same. Or you may have a cable timer program running - try removing the batteries and using only the cable release button.

    • anonym

      Did you solve the problem?

  • Lev

    Hello. There is a Nikon D7200 and an external control unit SU-800 with two (A and B) contacts with a 10-pin connector. The camera itself does not have such a connector and, in view of this, the following question: can I, with the SU-800 connected to the camera, insert the MC 36 into it, use it for its intended purpose?

    • Ivan

      These connectors are used to control the SB-R200 external close-up flash units. That is, the SU-800 is in control. This remote controller cannot control the SU-800.

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