Overview I-61L / D 2,8 / 53

According provided by I-61L / D 2,8 / 53 lenses with serial numbers 9227537 and 9595252 many thanks to Denis Litvinenko.

Review of I-61 LD

Review I-61 L / D 2.8 / 53

I-61L / D 2,8 / 53 is a complete copy I-61L / D 2,8 / 55, the differences are only in the name ('53' mm and '55' mm), so I will not describe the lens in detail.

This is how it looks:

Pictures in the gallery without processing, shot on camera Olympus OM-D E-M1 using the adapter 'М39-Micro 4/3'. The lens is sharp, but like most of its brothers, it is very afraid of exposure. As practice shows, single-layer coating on such lenses crumbles over time.

How to use with modern cameras?

Lenses with an M39 thread (for rangefinder cameras, M39 X 1/28.8), such as the lens from this review, are very easy to use on almost any modern digital camera (both SLR and mirrorless), for this you just need to choose the right adapter (adapter). There is no need to carry out any additional actions to remake the lens. The cheapest adapters can be found at Aliexpress.com.

For mirrorless cameras

  1. SONY: For cameras with 'E'/'FE' mount series SonyNEX и Sony Alpha need here is an adapter M39 -Sony E (aka L39 -Sony Nex).
  2. OLYMPUS / PANASONIC / KODAK / XIAOMI: For cameras with a bayonet mount Micro 4/3 (Micro 4:3) need here is an adapter M39-Micro 4/3.
  3. CANON M: For cameras with Canon EF-M mount need here is such an adapter M39-Canon M.
  4. CANON R and RF-S: For cameras with Canon RF mount need here is such an adapter M39-Canon R.
  5. Nikon 1: For cameras Nikon 1 Series need here is such an adapter M39-Nikon 1.
  6. Nikon Z: For cameras Nikon Z series (FX/DX) needed here is such an adapter M39-Nikon Z.
  7. FUJIFILM X: For cameras with mount X need here is such an adapter M39-Fuji X.
  8. FUJIFILM GFX: For medium format cameras G-mount need here is such an adapter M39-Fuji GFX.
  9. SAMSUNG: NX mount cameras require here is an adapter M39-Samsung NX. There are no adapters for the NX mini camera yet.
  10. SIGMA / PANASONIC / LEICA: For cameras with L mount need here is such an adapter M39-Leica L.
  11. LEICA: For cameras with a bayonet mount Leica M need here is an adapter M39-L / M.

It's important: for SLR cameras, only macro mode is possible (can only shoot at very close focusing distances).

For SLR cameras (macro mode only)

  1. Canon: For cameras Canon EOS with bayonet mount EF / EF-S need here is an adapter M39 -Canon EOS.
  2. NIKON: For cameras Nikon DX / FXas well as for cameras Fujifilm и Kodak with Nikon F mount needed here is such an adapter M39 -Nikon F (some cameras will only work in M-mode).
  3. PENTAX: For Pentax K-mount cameras, you need here is such an adapter M39 -Pentax K.
  4. SONY/MINOLTA: For cameras with a Sony/Minolta A mount, you need here is an adapter M39 -Sony A.
  5. OLYMPUS/PANASONIC/LEICA: For cameras with 4/3 mount (not to be confused with Micro 4/3!) here is an adapter M39 -4/3.

Comments on this post do not require registration. Anyone can leave a comment. Many different photographic equipment can be found on AliExpress.

More useful information can be found in review of his twin brother Industar-61 F / 2.8 52 mm.

With the proliferation of mirrorless digital cameras, many old rangefinder lenses can gain / gain a second life as educational and creative :)

Material prepared Arkady Shapoval. Training/Consultations | Youtube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Telegram

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Comments: 27, on the topic: Overview of I-61L / D 2,8 / 53

  • Vladimir

    I am simply amazed at how the enlightenment of the front lens is brought to this state. Do you rub the floor mop? I have such a lens on the FED-2 purchase of 1967. Then, when I bought ZENIT, I used Industar on a photo enlarger until 1995. Over the years, only the diaphragm ring has become very easy to rotate, and cosmetically it is just like from the factory.

    • THE

      Vladimir, if you have this lens with well-preserved enlightenment, why didn’t you send it to Arcadia for review?

      • Vladimir

        I live far from your site - beyond the Urals.

        • THE

          I lived in Nizhny Tagil, almost fellow countrymen)

          • pilotkins

            TAGIIL :)))))

    • xytop

      "I'm just amazed ..."
      Not that amazed. You would be amazed how one person / don’t forget about the assistant;) / manages to do what he loves, write reviews and teach, and even a language that is understandable to anyone. And how and with what to look after optics and now there is almost no information, except for that which write on packages of special means. Although, the choice of these tools can also enter into a stupor of beginners. It would be better to tell, share experiences, how to keep your lens in a new state for decades.
      And Arkady for the promotion of photography and tireless enthusiasm thank you so much!

      • Alex

        Well, what is there to be amazed at (the less you rub the glass outside with anything, the better it is preserved))) The main question is how many owners the glass had before it got to you ... From personal experience - I have CarlZeiss, the one that Jena, that is, made in DDR, the Democratic German Republic, - 86th year of release, MC SONNAR 3,5 / 135 Carl Zeiss Jena DDR - ideally, because it took from the first owner, who not only blew the dust off him, but also he drove away fools around him ... Moral: what kind of owner is such a glass)))

        • THE

          "Moral: what is the owner - such is the glass)))" Enlightenment of lenses can spontaneously crumble over time, and this Arkady wrote in his review, I quote: "As practice shows, single-layer enlightenment on such lenses crumbles over time." On your MC SONNAR 3,5 / 135 Carl Zeiss Jena DDR the coating is not single-layer, which, of course, adds to its longevity.

      • Alex

        And for the propaganda - a real HUGE thanks! Arkady - well done, what a few!

    • Do_Oraemon

      Because in our country, amateur photographers always wiped the lenses of their lenses with t-shirts and underpants (they would be lucky if they were clean), and half did not even know about the existence of filters. Although now the situation is no better. Normal people even then used soot (which is now used in fairly expensive lenspen) and then closed the lens with a filter that was cleaned with the same soot. It is enough to collect soot from a few matches on an ordinary teaspoon to use the usual cotton wool to achieve the same result as when applying lenspen. Cheap and cheerful.

  • Vladislav Litvinenko

    the lens was lying over the years with the photo camera FED, which my brother found. If not for him, I would never have seen an overview of this glass.

  • THE

    Honestly, I never would have thought that Arkady Arkadievich would review this lens, only because one digit of the focal length is different. Thank you!

  • Bro Vasyok

    I am a collector of such lenses. I have this 53mm and 55mm. Conducted detailed testing (N1 J1, tripod, one conditions, many options for exposure pairs, documentation of all shooting parameters). 52mm has a high-quality coating, all purple both in front and behind, 55mm lenses are clean but completely without violet coating, some yellowish weak tint. The results are as follows - 52mm frames are much lighter and the color of the images is more greenish, greenery and foliage are brighter, 55mm - the frames are darker, in color - blue and yellow colors, bright skies and yellow objects are more pronounced. Sharpness - the wallpaper is the same, and it focuses to infinity where on a scale between 7 and 10, f - from 5,6 to 16, ideally 8-11. At f2.8 and 4 at infinity it is difficult to focus and on a scale between 10 and 20, at these f (2.8,4.0) soft.

  • Sergei

    Good day to all!
    Who can advise what the following problem is connected with: Canon 1100D installed this lens through an adapter from M39 to M42 and M42-EOS.
    It is not aimed at sharpness at all, on the whole focusing scale and at any aperture it is very scary.
    Thank you!

    • Maksim

      Most likely, you are just trying to aim at a sharp point far from the subject of photography - try from a distance of 10 centimeters and catch the sharpness not with a ring but with the approach / distance of the camera to the subject

  • Eugene

    I visit your site often, very interesting and informative. Many thanks! I shoot with a Samsung NX300 camera, I purchased an M-42-NX adapter, a Jupiter-37A lens, a friend gave Helios 44-2 a shot. Everything is working fine. Acquired, on the occasion of as many as three I-61L / D, 52,53,55mm. Work like a macro. I have a question. The adapter with which I use Jupiter has a length of 20 mm (without a bayonet mount), i.e. 25,5 + 20 = 45,5 working segment M42. To use Industar you need to grind the adapter to a length of 3-5mm? Sincerely.

    • just Vanya

      Sorry Eugene - I will help the dear Arkady answer, sorry Eugene again, a child's question!
      1. Of course you are reasoning intelligently and logically. But all the same, once again type in any search engine the words: "Working segment" and again CAREFULLY! Read about the camera and the lens. And also the so-called. "Rangefinder" and "SLR" cameras. ATTENTIVELY! read about their fundamental differences. and the differences between lenses for these two groups of cameras.
      2. Buy an adapter m39-NX, check according to your method, the correctness of its length (suddenly it will come across for a “mirror” lens! - now they are doing everything!) And you will not need to saw anything!

  • Sergei

    "The Tessars (Industars) are great at 6,3, good at 5,6, normal at 3,5 and pretty lousy at 2,8." Phrase by Roger Hicks. I don’t think that this assessment is completely correct, but the phrase is good.
    In my own collection of Soviet optics I have two Industar-61 L / D 53 mm. f / 2.8 (rangefinder lens versions). I use Sony ILCE-6000 on the mirrorless mirror through the Chinese adapter L39-NEX, as well as on the Nikon D90. I put the Nikon D90 on the camera through the M42-Nikon adapter and use it for macro photography. Photo taken at Nikon D90 at aperture 2.8
    Those who wish to indulge in Industries can sell one. Write: news24-7@mail.ru

  • Hf

    Sorry if I didn’t read it carefully ..
    This lens can be screwed into the adapter m39-m42 and then into the m42-micro 4/3
    Infinity is preserved.
    I understood correctly?
    And yet, can it be used with the adapter m39-m42 on a regular Zenith? Or not? Maybe you need additional installation? Or a macro ring?

    • KalekseyG

      The post above is for you.

    • Ruslan

      No, this lens (I-61 L / D) is specifically for rangefinder cameras, so it must be installed on the micro 3/4 system via the Leica M39 - Micro 4/3 adapter. If you screw the ring M39-M42 and then in M42-micro 4/3 it will become a macro lens for you. At Zenith, it can only work as a macro lens for Zenith, a mirror version of this lens with the L / Z marking, which already has an M42 thread, is required. https://radojuva.com/2011/08/obzor-industar-61-lz-ms/

  • Alexander

    Please tell me why in this review the lens behaves normally, but in the review on the I-61 l \ d 55 it is only macro? It's just that I'm looking for just a macro, on a canon 600d, which is better to look for, 55 or 53?
    Thank you

    • B. R. P.

      Because in this review, the lens was used on a mirrorless mirror with a small working distance, and in another review on a DSLR, where the working distance is much larger and the lens can focus only at very short distances.

  • Natalia

    Hello! I shoot on FED-3 with this lens. During development, huge flares were found in all frames, overlapping the image ( https://vk.com/doc62065194_562774223?hash=1675a1f7753348f1e3&dl=0486bedebd98621e18 ). Can you please tell me the problem is in the lens or do you need a hood?
    Thank you!

    • B. R. P.

      There's something in the lens.

  • Olga

    Hello! Please tell me, I'm a beginner and something is completely confused. I have an Industar 61, I want to use it for macro, Olympus OM-D E-M1 camera, what macro rings are suitable for it? Are needed for the M39 thread, but I did not find such on Aliexpress or select a micro 4/3 system?

    • Trueash

      Actually, you yourself answered: look for either the old “Soviet” M39 macro rings, or the MFT macro rings.

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