Review Yongnuo Digital Speedlite YN560-III

According provided by Flash Yongnuo Digital Speedlite YN560-III for Nikon huge thanks to Pavel Gridnev.

Review Yongnuo Digital Speedlite YN560-III

Review Yongnuo Digital Speedlite YN560-III

The YN560-III flash is a modified version Yongnuo Digital Speedlite YN560-II, the main difference of which is the added radio control function. The YN560-III has a built-in radio receiver for remote flash ignition using Yongnuo Digital Wireless Controller FSK 2.4GHz radio transmitters RF-602TX and Yongnuo Digital Wireless Controller FSK 2.4GHz RF-603TX. During remote arson using one of the above transmitters, the power of the YN560-III is set manually in the menu of the flash itself.

To use the radio control flash function, you need to use the button with the lightning icon to select the mode with the flash icon and the inscription RX, which means that the flash will work as a Yongnuo RX receiver. After that, you need to set the channel, which should correspond to the channel on the 602 / 603TX transmitter. In RX mode, the flash can be made to operate in strobe mode at a selected pulse rate and power. There is also the “- -” mode, the function of which I could not define. In RX mode, a red diode flashes in front of the flash to indicate that the flash is in remote control mode. For the correct operation of the flash in RX mode, you need to select the desired transmitter in the flash menu, the 'RF 60' function is responsible for this, which can take values ​​'2' or '3' depending on the transmitter. To access the menu, press the two left control buttons simultaneously.

In all other respects, the flash repeats its predecessor completely YN560-II

Such a flash is quite inexpensive:

All prices on Yongnuo Digital Speedlite YN560-III

The cheapest is to buy Yongnuo flashes at aliexpress.


Yongnuo Digital Speedlite YN560-III is a simple manual flash, suitable for all Nikon, Olympus, Canon and Pentax cameras. Well-built with simple menus and useful sync modes S1, S2 using a light trap. A distinctive feature of the flash is its built-in radio receiver for remote control. Otherwise, the flash is similar to the previous version - YN560-II.

UPDATE: A detailed overview of the updated version has been released - YONGNUO Speedlite YN560 IV.

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Comments: 77, on the topic: Review Yongnuo Digital Speedlite YN560-III

  • anonym

    Please tell me why on my canon 60b camera, this flash does not work, how do I know if it is a defective flash or something is wrong in its settings

  • fedot-ko

    Good day! Please tell me how to start the flash in strobe mode? is it possible with a light trap? Canon camera.

  • anonym

    Does this model have autofocus highlighting?

  • Mario

    In addition, the YN560-III has a decent leading number of 58. This means that the flash is quite powerful.

  • anonym

    Tell me, which batteries are better to buy for this flash?
    thanks for the answer!

    • KalekseyG


      • Nicholas

        IKEA LADDA 2450mAh. These are the same Eneloop, but under the IKEA brand, and they are much cheaper

  • anonym

    Is it possible to do something to work on Nikon d3100 ??

    • KalekseyG

      Unfortunately, no matter how sad it may sound, nothing can be done. You can just put it on the carcass and, having learned, use it.

  • gouTM

    Wait, if this flash has a built-in radio transmitter, then why the power can only be controlled from the flash itself? Isn't management by groups and channels supported?

  • Valery

    I don’t understand how it is set on this flash so that the necessary illumination of the object is available. I have an old philips 310ctc (already breathing in the air). There is a 3-position light sensor under the lamp. On the reverse side there is a simple calculator. I put out, for example, iso 200 and I see that at aperture of 5,6 everything will be normally exposed in the range of 1-7 meters. And how this happens on the flash under discussion. I need a replacement for the SONY R1 camera, can someone explain to a completely dark elderly person.

    • Denis

      will not be. no sensors. Yongnuo's TTL mode works anyhow, set the power manually. for example, if you shoot at the ceiling, I know how much power you need at what aperture ...

      • anonym

        This controller has no TTL mode.

  • naria

    How and will it work - Yongnuo Speedlite YN-560 III with Yongnuo RF-605 N + Nikon Speedlight SB-800 (i-TTL) radio synchronizer

  • Jury

    Today I received two flashes from In the radio synchronization mode from the Yongnuo RF603N radio synchronizer installed on the Nikon D90, the camera does not work. Who knows what the secret is?

    • Jury

      Somehow figured it out. No help needed.

  • Dan

    and with 622th it is not compatible?

    • Alexey

      also interested in this question

  • Stanislas

    On June 6, 2018, two flashes of the YN-560 III received their order in a new mail. I checked everything works, the warranty is filled with seals everything is ok. I accidentally saw at home that there was one flash with a different serial number in the warranty. I could not even think that they could do that !!! In general, I just wanted to get it without checking, but the new mail worker asked if you want to check? I contacted a representative, explained the situation to the fact that your problems answered me. It turns out one flash without a guarantee and bring everything to the buyer where you looked, but the fact that their employee made such a mistake is a normal situation, they think so !!! Here is such an attitude towards us customers! PS In Kharkov, I buy everything in the Chaco store, but they refused Yongnuo outbreaks because they are tired of paying for a large marriage and all the costs of transportation services, and if the flashes are only Nikon or Canon, etc. I wanted to buy it in Plantain, but they only have Yongnuo YN560 IV and the price of 2 079 UAH is even cheaper, but I did not take it because I have enough built-in receiver here is the link In a word, greatly DISAPPOINTED !!! It’s better to come live and see a real store with sellers !!!!! And do not communicate online letters !!!!! WHERE NO ONE IS FOR WHAT DOES NOT ANSWER !!!!!!!!!! PS I wanted to leave this review on their website, but they are blocking and I can’t leave a review, these are the sellers, they don’t want the truth to be told about them !!!

  • Stanislas

    This is a store site they didn’t give a damn about buyers.

  • Eugene

    Good day. Please advise for Nikon flash-price / quality, not the cheapest but not the very top :)

    • Arkady Shapoval


      • Firear

        And what, is there no cheaper analogue? I looked at the price of Avito, it became bad, but you should not meddle in the store.

  • Sergei

    I have a few questions. 1) Is it possible to set the flash power from the YN560-TX transmitter without removing it from the tripod? 2) Does the YN560-TX transmitter set the Canon EX430II on fire?

  • Dmitriy

    Teapot question. What shutter speeds can I shoot with this flash? I just bought it, read the brief instructions, found nothing. The flash is on the D90. At shutter speeds less than 1/250, the frame below is cropped. That is how it should be? And what does “fast flash” mean in those. characteristics?

    • anonym

      Take a look at the instructions before your d90 there you’ve been given a short window for a robot with spals.

  • ro

    Please tell me if this flash will work with the transmitter Yongnuo Digital Wireless Controller FSK 2.4GHz RF-600TX?

  • anonym

    Tell me how in conjunction with the d7000 will work?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Will work

  • Alexander

    Help! How do I turn on the AF illuminator on this flash?

  • Yuriy

    Good health to everyone. I have already put the power supply in the comments on the topic: Review of Yongnuo Digital Speedlite YN560-IV. Please help me. I did the trick (from the instructions for Yongnuo Digital Speedlite YN560-IV): 1) Set YN560IV to TX master mode, and set
    YN560III in RX slave mode. 2) Through the custom function
    settings YN560IV and YN560III, select the same transmission methods
    signal (rF-602 or rF-603), then set the flashes to the same
    channels. 3) Press [MODE] and [] YN560IV to transmit
    activated signal, and press the [OK] button to confirm
    activation after receiving the YN560III signal. Then on the LCD
    YN560III “GR” indicator appears.
    Please, please, as now joke the axis of the "GR" indicator, so that you can change it to the group.
    First, in the Koristuvatskiy nalashtuvannya YN560III, the function “Ac on” appeared, which had not been used before.

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