Review of Nikon Nikkor 85mm 1: 1.8 (K)

According provided by Nikon Nikkor 85mm 1: 1.8 lens. Many thanks to Andrey Mikhailovsky. Andrey sells this lens, write to him at

Review of Nikon Nikkor 85mm 1: 1.8 (K)

Review of Nikon Nikkor 85mm 1: 1.8 (K)

The review presents a Nikon Nikkor 85mm 1: 1.8 lens with a serial number of 422871, released between 1975-77. Usually this version of the lens is called Nikon K or Nikon 'New'. Nikon Nikkor 85mm 1: 1.8 (K) is Non-ai lens and, without its alteration (AI-conversion), there will be problems when trying to install it on certain CZK Nikon. Information on this subject, with an exact list of cameras that do not require alteration to install it, can be found in the section Pre-ai. The copy from this review has already passed AI-conversion and works without problems on my Nikon D700.

Nikon Nikkor 85mm 1: 1.8 (K)

Pronounced enlightenment of the front lens of the Nikon Nikkor 85mm 1: 1.8 (K) lens

Attention: I got an overview of the lens with the lost rubber band of the focusing ring, instead of it, black electrical tape was glued. In the original, the lenses look much nicer. I will not describe this lens in detail, since Radozhiv already has a review of an earlier version - Nippon 85mm 1: 1.8 Kogaku Japan Nikkor-H Auto Non-AI... The lenses have the same optical design, and the key differences are different body designs and types of coating. The newer version has a slightly lower MDF of 85 cm versus 1 meter for the Nikkor-H, and therefore slightly more focusing ring travel.

Nikon Nikkor 85mm 1: 1.8 (K)

Enlightenment of the rear Nikon Nikkor 85mm 1: 1.8 lens (K)

Nikon Nikkor 85mm 1: 1.8 (K) is the latest modification of a manual 85 / 1.8 class lens, which has not been updated to AI or AI-S. In the future, only lenses of the 85/2 Ai version were produced, AI-S.

Nikon Nikkor 85mm 1: 1.8 (K)

Nikon Nikkor 85mm 1: 1.8 (K)

Nikon Nikkor 85mm 1: 1.8 (K) has everything as expected - excellent Japanese build and good image quality.

Sources in RAW format can download link (archive takes 110 MB, 12 bits, normal compression).

Nikon Nikkor 85mm 1: 1.8 (K)

105/2.5, 100/2.8, 85/1.8

All autofocus 85s

Choosing a good 85mm portrait lens is very important for a large number of photographers. I pay a lot of attention to this issue, therefore I have prepared this list of all such autofocus lenses for full frame cameras with F <= 2 and a focal length of about 85 mm.

Nikon (F, Z mounts)

  1. Nikon 85mm 1: 1.8 AF Nikkor [December 1987]
  2. Nikon 85mm 1: 1.8D AF Nikkor [March 1994, Thailand/Japan]
  3. Nikon 85mm 1: 1.4D AF Nikkor [November 1995]
  4. Nikon 85mm 1: 1.4GN AF-S Nikkor SWM IF Nano Crystal Coat [August 2010]
  5. Nikon 85mm 1: 1.8G AF-S IF SWM Nikkor [January 2012]
  6. Nikon Nikkor Z 85mm 1: 1.8 S [July 2019]
  7. Nikon Nikkor Z 85mm 1: 1.2 S [January 2023]

Canon (EF, RF mounts)

  1. Canon LENS EF 85mm 1:1.2 L USM [September 1989
  2. Canon LENS EF 85mm 1: 1.8 USM [July 1992]
  3. Canon LENS EF 85mm 1:1.2 L II USM [March 2006]
  4. Canon LENS EF 85mm 1:1.4 L IS USM [November 2017]
  5. Canon lens RF 85mm F1.2L USM [May 2019]
  6. Canon lens RF 85mm F1.2L USM DS (DEFOCUS SMOOTHING) [October 2019]

Yongnuo/YnLens (different mounts)

  1. Yongnuo YN85mm F1.8 (YN85mm F1.8) [9/6, Canon EF, February 2017]
  2. Yongnuo YN85mm F1.8 (YN85mm F1.8N) [9/6, Nikon F, May 2019]
  3. Ynlens YN85mm F1.8S DF DSM (YN85mm F1.8S) [9/8, Sony E, August 2020]
  4. Ynlens YN85mm F1.8R DF DSM (YN85mm F1.8R) [9/8, Canon RF, May 2021]
  5. Ynlens YN85mm 1:1.8Z DF DSM (YN85mm F1.8Z) [9/8, Nikon Z, March 2022]
  6. Yongnuo 85F1.8S DF DSM [9/8, Sony E, August 2022]

Sony / Sony Zeiss ZA / Minolta (E / FE, A mount)

  1. Sony FE 1.4/85 GM (SEL85F18GM) [February 2016]
  2. Sony FE 1.8/85 (SEL85F18) [February 2017]
  3. Sony SAL85F14Z / Carl Zeiss Planar 1,4 / 85 ZA T* [June 2006]
  4. Minolta AF 85mm 1:1.4 (22) (AF lens 85) / Minolta Maxxum / Dynax / G / G+D / G+RS / G+D+LE and other versions of the same lens, A mount [1987]

Sigma (different mounts)

  1. Sigma EX 85mm 1: 1.4 DG HSM (two sub-versions with different body finishes, for Canon EF, Nikon F, Pentax K, Sony A, February 2010)
  2. Sigma 85mm 1: 1.4 DG | A [Art] (for Canon EF, Nikon F, Sigma SA, Sony E, Leica L, September 2016)
  3. Sigma 85mm 1: 1.4 DG DN | A [Art] (for Sony E, Leica L, August 2020)

Viltrox (different mounts)

  1. Viltrox PFU RBMH 85mm F1.8 STM (Sony E/FE + Fujifilm X, 2018)
  2. Viltrox AF 85/1.8 STM ED IF (Nikon Z, Canon RF, December 2020)
  3. Viltrox AF 85/1.8 II STM ED IF (Sony E/FE + Fujifilm X, July 2020, light version XNUMX)

Pentax (K mount)

  1. SMC Pentax-FA* 1:1.4 85mm IF AUTO FOCUS PENTAX 85 [1992]
  2. HD PENTAX-D FA * 85mm 1: 1.4 ED SDM AW [May 2020]

Samyang / Rokinon (different mounts)

  1. Samyang AF 85 / 1.4 EF (for Canon EF, scheme 9/7, June 2018)
  2. Samyang AF 85/1.4F (for Nikon F, scheme 9/7, April 2019)
  3. Samyang AF 85 / 1.4 FE (for Sony E, scheme 11/8, March 2019)
  4. Samyang AF 85 / 1.4 RF  (for Canon RF, scheme 11/8, May 2020)
  5. Samyang AF 85 / 1.4 FE II (for Sony E, scheme 11/8, July 2022)

Meike (Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E, Nikon Z, FujiFilm X)

  1. MEIKE 85mm AF 1: 1.8 [review] (Canon EF / Canon EF-S, April 2018)
  2. MEIKE 85mm AF 1: 1.8 [review] (Nikon F, Aug 2020)
  3. MEIKE 85mm 1:1.8 Auto Focus Lens FF STM [review] (for Sony FE/E + Nikon Z, Canon RF, FujiFilm X, June 2022 + March 2023)
  4. MEIKE 85mm 1:1.4 Auto Focus Lens FF STM (for Sony FE/E + Nikon Z, September 2023)

Zeiss (various mounts)

  1. Zeiss Sonnar 1.8 / 85 T * (Batis 1.8 / 85) [April 2015, built-in stabilizer, Sony E/FE mount, 11/8]
  2. Carl Zeiss Planar 1,4/85 ZA T* (Sony SAL85F14Z) ​​[June 2006, Sony A/Minolta A mount, 8/7]
  3. Carl Zeiss Planar 1,4 / 85 T * [November 2002, Contax N mount, 10/9]

Tamron (different mounts)

  1. Tamron SP 85mm F/1.8 Di VC USD Model F016 (for Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony A [without VC function], March 2016)

Tokina (Sony E / FE mount)

  1. Tokina atx-m 85mm F1.8 FE (for Sony E, most likely a complete analog Viltrox PFU RBMH 85mm F1.8 STM, January 2020)

AstrHori (Sony E/FE mount)

  1. AstrHori AF 85mm 1:1.8 [December 2022]

Panasonic (L mount)

  1. Panasonic LUMIX S 1: 1.8 / 85mm [November 2020]

Separately, you can still highlight non-classic 85s:

  1. macro lens Canon Lens RF 85mm F2 MACRO IS STM [2020, RF]
  2. longer LEICA APO-SUMMICRON-SL 1: 2/90 ASPH. (2018, Leica l)
  3. less aperture Sony 85 / 2.8 SAM (SAL85f28) [2010, A]
  4. shorter SMC PENTAX FA 1:1.8 77mm Limited (1997, K)
  5. shorter HD Pentax-FA 1: 1.8 77mm Limited (2021, K)
  6. shorter Samyang AF 75 / 1.8 FE (2020, E) + Samyang AF 75/1.8X (2023, X)
  7. cropped Samsung Lens 1:1.4 85mm ED SSA i-Function [2011, NX]
  8. cropped and longer FUJIFILM FUJINON LENS SUPER EBC XF 90mm 1: 2 R LM WR [2015, X]
  9. cropped and shorter Viltrox AF 75/1.2 XF STM ED IF [2022, X, E, Z]
  10. cropped, less aperture, macro lens Nikon DX AF-S Micro Nikkor 85mm 1: 3.5G ED VR SWM IF Micro 1: 1 [2009, F]
  11. many 90/2.8 class macro lenses

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Nikon Nikkor 85mm 1: 1.8 (K) is considered a good porter lens, it has excellent build and good image quality. It is a pity that sometimes such lenses sell quite expensive for old manual optics.

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