RMC Tokina 24mm 1: 2.8 N / Ai review

According provided by lens RMC Tokina 24mm 1: 2.8 N / Ai many thanks to Andrei.

RMC Tokina 24mm 1: 2.8 N / Ai review

RMC Tokina 24mm 1: 2.8 N / Ai review

RMC Tokina 24mm 1: 2.8 is an old film wide-angle. My copy has a Nikon F mount and is Ai compatible. How to shoot using such a lens, read in the section 'How to use Non-CPU lenses on modern Nikon CZK'.

RMC Tokina 24mm 1: 2.8

'Rainbow' Multi Coating RMC Tokina 24mm 1: 2.8 Lens

The lens is made in Japan, there are no complaints about its assembly. The focusing ring is rubberized and rotates approximately 180 degrees, while the front lens does not rotate, and the trunk is slightly lengthened. The MDF is 27cm, the front filter diameter is 52mm, and the lens uses a 6-blade aperture. I liked that the RMC Tokina 24mm 1: 2.8 is a very small lens, noticeably smaller than its native counterpart. Nikon 24mm 1: 2.8 Nikkor.

Two similar lenses

Two similar lenses

My copy of RMC Tokina 24mm 1: 2.8 N / Ai at F / 2.8 is sharp only in the center of the frame, when closing the aperture sharpness increases. At F / 2.8, strong vignetting is noticeable, the lens copes well with backlight and has a slight distortion. Native Nikkor seemed sharper on the open aperture.

RMC Tokina 24mm 1: 2.8 N / A

RMC Tokina 24mm 1: 2.8

Using RMC Tokina 24mm 1: 2.8 N / Ai, I shot without any problems at shutter speeds of 1/20 s.

The parameters shown in the photo gallery:
Everything is filmed on Nikon D700. On-camera JPEG L ('optimal quality' compression), no processing. Functions: vignetting control, ADL, noise reduction at long exposures, noise reduction at high ISOs were turned off. All shot in Picture Control mode SD (standard mode): contrast correction - 0, brightness - 0, saturation - 0, hue - 0, sharpness - position 5 out of 10. Used white balance: 'Mainly cloudy'. The size of the photos was reduced to 3 MP.

ZK view

ZK view

Catalog of modern Tokina lenses can look at this link.

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The RMC Tokina 24mm 1: 2.8 N / Ai is a small compact wide-angle, nothing bad, but nothing special to expect from it. At closed apertures, it creates a perfectly usable image.

When used on Nikon DX cropped cameras EGF lens will be 36mm, while the level of vignetting will be noticeably less. Some CZK users buy 24mm wide angle lenses in the hope that this range will be enough for comfortable indoor work, but I would not recommend such wide angles for cropped cameras due to the loss of a 'real' wide field of view. To get the same FOV as the RMC Tokina 24mm 1:2.8 at full frame, cropped cameras should use a 16mm lens such as the Samyang 16mm F2.0 ED AS UMC CS.

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Comments: 8, on the topic: RMC Tokina 24mm 1: 2.8 N / Ai review

  • Jury

    Arkady, what do you think, is it worth buying the RMC Tokina 24mm 1: 2.8 N / Ai or Nikon 24mm f / 2.8D if there is a modern and good kit, say, 18-105 or 18-70? Will RMC Tokina 24mm 1: 2.8 N / Ai be any better in terms of sharpness, aberration, backlighting, etc.? Of course, apart from the luminosity, this is understandable.

  • Andrei

    Samyang 16mm F2.0 ED AS UMC CS is more than 5 times more expensive than this Tokina. I used it on a crop D300, vignetting by me was not noticed.

    Here are photos taken of this particular Tokina from a review in May with the same neutral camera settings:
    full size without any processing, only conversion to jpeg bp CNX2, handheld, 1/60 sec, f / 5.6, ISO: 1000: http://img.fotki.yandex.ru/get/9256/209875682.15/2_WmSbGdd28jHXZPWGIjZRHRMR5vE=_a24f7_23080c9b_orig

    Here, except for frames with bricks (chamber jpeg), with a little processing: http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/tyrson/album/362368/?

    The lens is for sale.

  • Yuriy75

    Thank you Arkady for the work, oddly enough, I liked Tokin more than Nikon, and the distortion seems to be less.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Yes, Tokina is better at that.

  • Roman

    Lavra is a great place.

  • Alex storm

    Arkady, can you tell me how this "kid" works on film cameras? Recently I have been shooting relatively a lot on film and this lens does not want to work correctly with my F90x ... Everything is clear in numbers - you just program the carcass and everything. To be honest, I took this lens for a landscape, just under the film, and it is a "parasite" that seems to be in conflict with exposure metering and the aperture values ​​are not displayed on the LCD monitor. Of course, I could spit on the LCD indicators and, as in the good old days, everything is by sight and from experience .... but I'm afraid suddenly the jump rope won't work and I'll have to throw the already expensive slide into the furnace. Of course, you can check everything, but the film is now loaded in the device, so the actual question is - so as not to wait until the frames, so to speak, end ...: 0)
    Thanks in advance.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      I didn’t use it on film, but I think that everything will be fine there.

  • Roman

    Hello Arkady, thanks for your reviews, it’s always very interesting to read, I have such a question, I sold Nikon 35 1.8G, and I bought a Nikon 70-210 f4, a d7000 camera with a little extra money, now I want to replace the 35-ke with a manual lens a full frame, in general I want a lens with a viewing angle of a full-frame fifty dollars, advise lenses costing up to $ 100 so that they are no worse than 35-ki, on a fully open aperture, I photographed mainly at 2.8, because 1.8 is soap and not a photo, I look at Tokina rmc 28 2.8, Tokina rmc 24 2.8, or maybe the Soviet WORLD 20H, Is the world 10A. I didn’t find any really on sale, maybe you will advise something, thank you in advance.

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