Review Yongnuo Speedlite YN460

According provided by Flash Yongnuo Digital Speedlite YN460 huge thanks to the online store 'Photo Shop'.

Review Yongnuo Speedlite YN460

Review Yongnuo Speedlite YN460

I already had an almost complete copy of the YN460 flash on my review - its new version Yongnuo Speedlite YN460-II Digital Auto Flash. Yongnuo Speedlite YN460 came to me completely new, in the original box, in which, in addition to the flash itself, you can find stand, instructions and cover. I was pleased with the saving of the Chinese, who use the YN460-II flash image in the instructions for the YN460, which is noticeable in the appearance of the battery cover.

The main differences between YN460 and YN460-II:

  1. Different battery compartment. The YN460 uses a vertical 1x4 compartment, while the YN460-II uses a square 2x2. Both flashes have a very flimsy battery cover. From the 5th attempt, I was able to normally snap the compartment cover onto the YN460. In the second version, the battery cover, in my opinion, is still better organized and better organized.
  2. Different leading number. YN460-II It has guide number equal to 38m, and YN460 - 33m.
  3. YN460 has a metal shoe mount, YN460-II and metal and plastic, depending on the batch. The Chinese are the Chinese :)
  4. Complete with flash YN460-II is diffuser capHave YN460 there is no cap.
  5. YN460 It has studio flash sync connector, the connector is near the battery compartment. New model YN460-II does not have such a connector.

By and large, there is not much difference between YN460-II и YN460... If possible, take the second version because of the diffuser cap and slightly higher power. I used the Yongnuo Speedlite YN460 with ComTrig T320 radio trigger and radio trigger without any problems Yongnuo RF-602 / N on Nikon cameras (D80, D700), Canon (350D) and Pentax (K-5) If you are looking for a low-cost flash with automatic TTL mode, I recommend looking at YN468-II.

The cheapest is to buy Yongnuo flashes at aliexpress.

The Yongnuo Speedlite YN460 is a simple high-powered flash suitable for photographers who have experience with manual flash controls. The flash is suitable for Nikon, Pentax (no fixed flash on camera) and Canon cameras. Description of YN460 can be found in the review of its modification - YN460-II.

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  • Lynx

    And I would recommend taking the first model. Considering the difference between them in Chinese online stores of about 10-15 bucks, and the cost of a plastic (and not particularly necessary, it is better to take a fabric one, it is softer) diffuser in 2-3 $ - the savings are obvious. ))

  • Elfik

    A little off topic. But I’m thinking of taking the YN-565 EX. Can someone express their opinion about her.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      There will be a review tomorrow.

    • Lynx

      looking for what.
      IMHO, and according to the half-year experience of using uyukins - from China you need to take or very inexpensive about 1,4-2 thousand from local Internet shops, "with manual control" or "maybe TTL will work," or save up for your own Nikon's. Half-measures are mostly bullshit.
      And 565/567 is quite expensive even for China, if only you need it, you just NEED a lot of power and all these commanding things.

  • Madness Scif

    better to take the original. although expensive, but reliable and high quality)

    • Stiv

      Absolutely old. Ale - as a rule, on Yongnuo people marvel at that, if they are small in finances. That and Yongnuo is not the same as the same.
      And now vidpovim Elfik:
      565th I am citing p_vtora rock. The yak on me is a normal sleeper. True, I am not impatient (I did not reproach with the "original"). Pratsyuvala in different minds - and normal.
      I’ll say more - I’ve recently called on the cob of an ad hoc whale — it’s just “greens”, the indicator of the letter of a Chergov sleeper is not lit up “wormon”. SURPRISE! I think I'm not the only one in a similar situation.
      Good, I am still 560th version. Surely, won without TTL - ale saved the situation.
      Repairing 565-ї - there seems to be a problem with the capacitor (so far it has not been repaired yet).
      Tim doesn’t mensch - I’m vvazhayu, I’m going to have a normal sleep.
      My knowledge of taking that, if I am for the fifth Kenon.
      Mayzhe pіvtora roku robots in nіchnyh clubs - and without problems. I think it’s good to talk.
      As for the price, then 565 can be taken from 133 "green", 568 - from 181 (and maybe less).
      I am writing about the breakdown of my 565-ї svidomo. Tim is not the least - pratsyuvala (I think it’s a lot to do well) to do good.
      568 - new model and melodiously crunching.
      Sho vibrati - Yongnuo chi "original" - kozen virіshu himself.
      Growing up the old z Arkadyem - importantly, HTO knows.
      I will try to write about the situation with the repair.
      Arcadia - low YOU evasion for YOUR robot.
      That and all time, with additional constructive information.
      I’m an axis in my 50 bagato that I’m learning about you all.

  • Igor Fursov

    Tell me, please, at what angle can the built-in flash ignite this flash? how much can it be turned away from the camera?
    if it is 90 degrees, can it be set on fire?
    thank you

  • anonym

    Baska is spinning

  • Alexander

    Do not leave batteries inside the flash for long. Tear off the flimsy lid.

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