Overview of SMC Pentax-DA 1: 2.8 40mm Limited

According provided by Lens SMC Pentax-DA 1: 2.8 40mm Limited Many thanks to Alexander Perevere.

Pentax 40mm F / 2.8 Limited Review

Pentax 40mm F / 2.8 Limited Review

SMC Pentax-DA 1: 2.8 40mm Limited is a great lens! It's super compact, super light, metal, super fast focusing. This is not surprising, since the SMC Pentax-DA 1: 2.8 40mm belongs to the legendary Pentax Limited line of lenses.

Front lens view SMC Pentax-DA 1: 2.8 40mm

Front lens view SMC Pentax-DA 1: 2.8 40mm

SMC Pentax-DA 1: 2.8 40mm Limited is only suitable for Pentax APS-C cameras (for cropped cameras), the lens was manufactured in Vietnam. High level lens assembly, the whole body is made of metalbut the lens weighs only 90 grams. The lens has a not-so-comfortable MH-RC49mm front cover, which screwed, instead of just snap on the lens.

Metal lens cap и consists of two parts. If you unscrew the front of the cover, the rest of the MH-RC49mm forms a kind of small hood. For operational work with the lens, it is better to get a regular lens cover-latch.

Pentax 40mm F / 2.8, rear cover and front coverMH-RC49mm disassembled

Pentax 40mm F / 2.8, rear cover and front coverMH-RC49mm disassembled. The front cover consists of two parts, one screwed into the other.

The SMC Pentax-DA 1: 2.8 40mm Limited is very small, just slightly larger than its bayonet cover. I had a similar lens on my review - Canon Lens EF 40mm 1: 2.8 STMwhich after SMC Pentax-DA 1: 2.8 40mm Limited seems like a child's plastic toy. And Canon focuses like a snail compared to Pentax-DA 1: 2.8 40mm. In addition, Canon's electric focus ring is not happy. That's just Canon Lens EF 40mm 1: 2.8 STM it makes less noise, can work on full-format cameras and costs much cheaper :).

Pentax SMC-DA 9mm f / 40 Limited 2.8-blade aperture

Pentax SMC-DA 9mm f / 40 Limited 2.8-blade aperture Aperture closes to f / 22

Focusing on the SMC Pentax-DA 1: 2.8 40mm Limited is very, very fast. True, the lens does not have a built-in focusing motor and focuses using the camera's 'screwdriver', which is why it produces loud noise. When focusing, the entire lens block moves, the trunk of the lens lengthens slightly, and the front lens does not rotate. In manual focus mode, the metal focus ring rotates 90 degrees, the minimum focusing distance is 40 cm, you can shoot with a maximum magnification of 1: 7.7.

Pentax SMC-DA 40mm f / 2.8 Limited Visa Rear

Pentax SMC-DA 40mm f / 2.8 Limited Visa Rear

The lens always manual focus adjustment available, it is not necessary to turn off the focus motor using the switch on the camera. As the focus ring rotates, its mechanism disengages the lens from the camera 'screwdriver' transmission lug. On the Pentax K-10 I performed manual focus override in AF-S mode without any problems. In mode AF-C the camera 'does not obey' manual focus control and constantly fidgets the lens back and forth. Constant focus control was a very pleasant discovery for me. I don't know of any Nikon autofocus 'screwdriver' lens that has constant manual focus.

Two pancakes

Two 'pancakes'

Sample Photos

Lens showed good image quality, but this is not surprising, because it is a fixed lens with a not very large maximum relative aperture of F / 2.8:

All photos were taken with Pentax K-10D. Sharpness correction - 0, contrast - 0, saturation - 0. Noise reduction function is disabled. JPEG maximum quality. Everything is filmed with different settings white balance. Size reduced to 3 MP, Q=80%. EGF lens is 60mm.

The lens is not very cheap, for its size :), about 400 cu

All prices SMC Pentax-DA 1: 2.8 40mm Limited

View of the Pentax SMC-DA 40mm f / 2.8 Limited on the camera

View of the Pentax SMC-DA 40mm f / 2.8 Limited on the camera

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The SMC Pentax-DA 1: 2.8 40mm Limited is a really very good lens. There are only two drawbacks - not the biggest aperture and not the most convenient focal length for cropped cameras.

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  • Paul

    Already in the third article I can't find a place to like VKontakte ... It's a pity!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      The VKontakte button is displayed normally. You can publish a link to the article on your page, it will be even better :)

    • Paul

      I also do not see the "VKontakte" button, the download scale is running and that's it.

  • Aryeh

    Ohhhh !!!
    I'm just choosing "SMC Pentax-DA 1: 2.8 40mm Limited" vs "SMC Pentax-DA 1: 2.8 40mm XS"
    And I haven't chosen yet ...
    I would like to review the “SMC Pentax-DA 1: 2.8 40mm XS” :-)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      I would also be very interested.

    • Denis

      Optically almost identical, lim slightly better holds back and slightly less chromatite. And yes, they are full-frame, like the Kenonovsky 40 mm, because they are made in the same way as the film 40 2.8.

      • Nikolay3

        I saw pictures on Flickr from K-1 to DA 40-lim. Really covers, and even without vignetting in the open. I think to get myself. I still don’t know why, because I use YES * 55 1.4 without taking it off, I also went to the FF, I don’t want to hang all these kilogram glass pieces.

  • Alexander

    Apparently there will soon be a review of the Pentax K10 camera

  • anonym

    It is a pity that there is little review of the glasses of the Pentax K system :(

  • arnetik

    Yes very sorry:(

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Yes, indeed, it is unfortunate that Pentax owners so rarely provide a technique for writing reviews.

      • Charlie

        There are lenses for pentax:
        - Zenith K 16mm;
        - Helios 44-4K;
        - cosina 19-35 (the same as yours for Nikon, only with a K mount);
        - pentax 35-80 (manual focusing);
        Most are in reviews on Radozhiva.
        If you are interested in something, I am ready to give it for review.

      • Michael

        So I live in Krasnoyarsk ... I don't think you will go for a test :))

      • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

        We live a long way away, even sending by mail is a whole story. Well, thank you, choose the time, you feel that you are captivated by this process.

  • Ivian

    Arkady, I'm afraid you are wrong about using the 40th lim on a full frame. The lens itself is a recalculated Pentax-m 40 2.8, and it covers a frame of 135 film. I used it myself on z1p and did not notice any problems, except for a little vignetting at 2.8 (like the canon pancake).

    • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

      And the difference is still small, but probably there is. I haven't heard much about that pancake, but judging by this, it's good, like most of the Pentax glasses.

  • Ivan

    1. "SMC Pentax-DA 1: 2.8 40mm Limited is only suitable for Pentax APS-C cameras" is not entirely correct expression. Pentax really positions this lens as APS-C, but its FF can be used (it will be at 2.8 - vignetting): http://www.foto-video.ru/tech/test/24899/
    2. Yes, the lens is very, very noisy.
    3. "that Pentax owners rarely provide a technique for writing reviews." The question is simple: take the SMC Pentax-DA 1: 2.8 40mm Limited and K5 - happiness is in your hands. A set for “everything :)))” occasions. See the link to the article
    4. "Not the most convenient focal length for cropped cameras." For comparison: “SMC Pentax-DA 1: 2.8 40mm Limited and K5” = “Zenith TTL and Helios 44M”. If it's not at all convenient, then SMC Pentax-DA 35 Limited.

  • xytop

    “I don’t know of any Nikon autofocus screwdriver lens that has constant manual focus.”
    And at the same time, this is provided by just a couple of gears. Those. and the mechanism is quite simple. No wonder he is in the lineup of limos.

  • Michael

    So the Pentax and Kit 18-55 have constant manual focus. Not by limas alone ...

    • Daniel

      You are mistaken at the expense of the Pentax whale, if you twist the focus ring there, the motor of the screwdriver will turn. That is, a whale hard drive.

      • Michael

        I hold a Pentax 18-55 AL || in my hands, twist the focusing ring - the screwdriver does not turn :)
        (15 years at the Pentax)

        • Nicholas

          I confirm that I have one, it’s also easy to tighten the focus, very easy to go by the way, there was another 24-90, he didn’t have such a feature, the front lens rotated.

      • Alexbrtn

        Quick-shift is called. There are whales not lightweight (without L, just DA).

  • Anatoly

    I have Samsung NX 20mm-2.8; 30mm -2.0 lenses, they are almost the same pentax pancakes, they are assembled in Korea, and they have a metal hood screwed in like a 40mm pentax and the lid is screwed into the hood too. And you can screw a polarik onto a lens and screw a hood on a polarik and rotate it without interference. Everything is original and high-quality.

  • Denis

    I have a 40XS as a staff - in fact the same lim, only even more compact (it protrudes by about 0.7 cm from the bayonet), does not have a “permanent manual mode” quick shift and is worse equipped. Optically similar, except that it retains light a little worse and a little more chromatite.
    I accidentally got it in a “leather” case from a lima, which is good news)

  • Andrei

    But you can’t fasten it on Kenon? Maybe there are some adapters?

    • Denis

      There is a native 40 mm, there is no optical difference

  • anonym

    ASAHI PENTAX and Pentax ricoh are not the same thing

    • Nico

      well yes, Rico bought a Pentax

  • Carl Zeiss

    I love this lens, in the HD version (with a red ring). A versatile glass for everyday use and as a lens for hiking and travel. Due to its fast focusing and great depth of field of field, this glass can be used both as a reporter and for street photography. It is much less tailored for portraits. And not at all suitable for macro photography.
    And so, in general, this is an excellent glass for your money, your picture and taking into account your characteristics. The focal length on the crop is convenient. Dimensions and weight are very small, the resolution is quite strong. Focus is fast. Distortion and vignetting are very poorly expressed. Chromatitis of course (And which of the Pentax limbs is not chromate ?!), but it is easily fixable during post-processing.

  • Carl Zeiss

    I don’t quite understand why, in the conclusions, you, Arkady, wrote that this lens does not have the most convenient focal length, as for cropped cameras? What FR fixed lenses do you think are optimal for crop?

    • KalekseyG

      28-30 mm

    • Arkady Shapoval

      for cameras with an APS-C sensor 28-30-35mm, which on the crop acquire the standard broadcast and can serve as generalists. 40mm no longer provides this convenience due to the narrow viewing angle. Better already 50mm with an even narrower angle, but use as a creative / short telephoto / portnet lens. It would seem that 35 and 50 mm differ by only 15 mm, but in reality they have a completely different ease of use.

    • Valentine

      Perhaps those that are closer to the focal, so-called normal lens. For this EGF is often taken 50mm. And then, each according to their preferences (someone better wider, someone more genuine).

  • anonym

    Can they take portraits on the pentax k5?

    • anonym

      Well, direct targeted portraits are not desirable. But why not, if you don’t get into your face (facial portrait).

  • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    It would be interesting to compare it with the mechanical Pentax -m 40mm / 2.8

  • Konstantin

    > only suitable for Pentax APS-C cameras (for cropped cameras)

    In fact, they can shoot full frame, checked with film MZ-5 and Sony AR7II number, no vignetting was noticed

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