Review Yongnuo Speedlite YN560-II

According provided by flash Yongnuo Digital Speedlite YN560-II many thanks to the online store, where you can buy this flash.

Review Yongnuo Speedlite YN560-II

Review Yongnuo Speedlite YN560-II

Yongnuo Speedlite YN560-II is a very simplified version of the model YN565EX. Outwardly, they are practically indistinguishable. In the box, in addition to the flash, I found a support foot, a black case, a manual and a Yongnuo booklet.

YN560-II is very easy to operate. Since the price of flashes is highly dependent on the presence of TTL modes, and in the YN560-II these modes are not available, the price for it ranges from $ 70-120:

All prices on YN560

The flash power is infinitely adjustable - from 1/1 to 1/128, with many intermediate values. The zoom ranges from 24 to 105mm, the zoom is only manually adjustable and cannot automatically adjust to the focal length of the lens. YN560-II - has total one central sync contactand therefore it is suitable for Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus cameras without any problems. The flash head rotates all 270 degrees: 180 left, 90 right. In the vertical plane, the head can be rotated up to 90 degrees.

YN560-II has useful modes S1, S2 for remote control. Using the S1 mode, the flash can be ignited by the first light pulse from the main flash. YN560-II do not support high-speed synchronization mode, cannot control other flashes automatically and cannot work in automatic slave mode. On the Canon 350D I shot without problems on shutter speed 1 \ 200 c. In S1 and S2 modes, the power is set, too, only manually. In S2 mode, the flash is ignited without any problems on the second (or last) pulse of the main flash. Modes S1 and S2 cannot work in high speed sync mode. The same modes can be found in very cheap flashes. Yongnuo Speedlite YN460-II и YN460.

Attention: the light trap, which is responsible for receiving command pulses, is located on the front panel of the flash, therefore, to synchronize with the flash in S1, S2 modes, you need to place the YN560-II so that it “sees” the command pulse of another flash. YN560-II also supports Multi (strobe mode).

Shoe leg metal. There is a flash PC sync studio flash sync connector and SF-18C and SF-17C external power supply connector.

The cheapest is to buy Yongnuo flashes at aliexpress.


YN560-II - Simple Flash manually controlled power... It attracts with a good build, S1, S2 modes and a low price. Perfect for people who just need an inexpensive and powerful light source :) By the way, a modified version has been released - YN560-III.

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  • Eugene

    Hello. This flash works great on the Nikon d3100. But on the Canon 500D does not work at all in any mode. Canon writes that the flash does not fit or there is no puff at all. How to fix it?

    • Rudilph

      The Canon 650D also did not work, fixed by changing the flash settings in the camera itself.

    • Denis

      It's strange, I tested it on 5d first and 7d first, it works fine. I'll check at work on 550d, too, I'll write it down, it became interesting.

  • Kawairun

    As a flash for use on the camera in auto mode, consider the Yongnuo YN500EX.

  • Max

    Gorgeous puff, I use 2 such as slaves for visiting photo shoots. almost 2 years working without failures, in quite a combat mode.

  • Anatoly

    Guys, Yongnuo YN560-3 worked well for 2 weeks after the purchase, yesterday I started checking it, when it turns on, it turns on, all the indicators light up, the pilot lights up green, and only when the “On” button is released, the whole picture disappears. such a problem ??

  • Sid

    Can you explain how exactly the modes S1 and S2 work?
    Do I understand correctly that a slave flash will respond to the most common pulse of a camera flash?
    I have a Canon 1100d camera, I used to think that the master flash should be somehow configured to control the slave, but I did not find such settings in the camera. Will I be able to use the built-in flash in my camera to start an external one?

    • Pastor

      You can. The light trap responds to any fire, even from a soap box or phone (though if the xenon type fire was similar to that of the k800i, the Sony Ericsson did not respond to the LED). This, by the way, is the problem, if you shoot in a room with other cameras, the flash will blaze with all the other flashes of other photographers. Regarding the work of c1 and c2, everything is already written in the article. C1 on the first puff, S2 on the second fires.

      • Sid

        Thank you very much! Actually the question on S1 and S2 is this: what other "first" and "second" puffs? ) Does the flash of the camera make a few puffs? What is it for?

        • Pastor

          S1 is triggered by any pulse, and S2 can ignore all pre-flashes, such as red-eye reduction or when the main flash is in TTL mode (makes several test mini-flashes in front of the main one). Well, or with S2, you can work with phones and soap dishes, where the flash can not be forced to work without pre-flashes. Personally, I put S1 almost always, since I do not set any preflashes on the leading flash. On the canon, you also need to turn off the autofocus backlight with the built-in flash, otherwise it is so stupidly arranged that it sets fire to any remote flash ahead of time. In fotik just put puff in mode M and configure. If light is needed only from yungnuo, then put the built-in at a minimum impulse.

          • Sid

            Thank you!

  • Kirill

    Good afternoon! Please help me figure it out, I bought this flash, but it doesn’t have a fastening ring with a metal leg, I can’t fix it on Nikon, but it is worn by Sony. Although it seems everywhere it is written that it is universal. In my case, do I need to additionally purchase a ring, or is it, in principle, only for Sony in my case?

    • Dmitry

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  • Yuriy

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    • Banderivets

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