Nikon D70 review

According provided by Nikon D70 Body camera huge thanks to Yaroslav.

Nikon D70 review

Nikon D70 review

Nikon D70 and Nikon D70s very similar to each other. If you read the review Nikon D70s, then all the same can be attributed to the Nikon D70, with the exception of some small differences.

Main differences Nikon D70s and Nikon D70:

  • Different batteries. Nikon D70 uses EN-EL3Have Nikon D70s used EN-EL3a and accordingly different chargers in the delivery kit of the MH-18 and MH-18a. The batteries are interchangeable. Also included with the Nikon D70 was the MS-D70 holder for three CR2 batteries, which was inserted into the camera instead of one EN-EL3 battery. Complete to Nikon D70s such a holder does not go, although Nikon D70s can use it too. It’s a pity, but modern cameras do not have such a simple solution for replacing the battery with batteries, usually for this you need to buy a special booster (bat. Block).
  • Nikon D70s can use cable MC-DC1 for remote control. The Nikon D70s has a special connector with a plug for this cable above the 'DC IN' connector.
  • Different displays. Nikon D70s use 2-inch display with 130.000 points, While Nikon D70 used 1.8 inch display, also for 130.000 points. This is one of the key differences between these cameras. Accordingly, the cameras have different protective covers - BM-4 for Nikon D70 and BM-5 for Nikon D70s.
  • Nikon D70s are 5 grams heavier than Nikon D70 :).
  • It is stated that the Nikon D70s has more accurate autofocus. I used the same lens to review the Nikon D70 and Nikon D70s and did not notice any difference in the focus accuracy of both cameras. It is officially stated that with the new firmware for the Nikon D70, automatic focusing works exactly the same as on the Nikon D70s.
  • The Nikon D70s has a wider coverage angle.
  • Nikon D70 with the first firmware versions has a bug with displaying the number of remaining frames on the memory card during shooting in RAW and RAW + L Basic formats. New firmware eliminates glitch. In Nikon D70s everything is good right away.
  • At the cameras different visual design of the menuBut feature set is exactly the same.
  • Nikon D70s has a different color of the power lever.
  • Nikon D70s was released in April 2005 years, D70 in January 2004 year.

Externally, I could find differences in the cameras only by the display and the plug for the MC-DC1 cable. If you choose between Nikon D70 and D70s, take the camera that has been better preserved to this day :). If you update the Nikon D70 firmware to version 2.0, the Nikon D70 camera will perform 99% like the Nikon D70s. The firmware can be downloaded here.

The Nikon D70 is Nikon's first advanced consumer camera. In my opinion, the D70 is a huge step forward compared to Nikon D100. Nikon D70 uses metering system for the first time exposure with Nikon i-ttl flashes, taught the camera to control other flashes, created an X-sync speed of 1/500 s ( Nikon D100 - 1/180 with D-TTL metering). Nikon D70 is much more pleasant to drive than Nikon D100.

Sample Photos

The image gallery above was shot on a Nikon D70 camera and lens Nikon 50mm 1: 1.8 AF Nikkor (MKII, Nikon JAPAN). All photos are shown without processing.. Large format source photos can be downloaded in the archive  here.

You can find many more examples of photos without processing in the following reviews:

  1. Yongnuo 50mm 1: 1.8 (YN50mm F1.8N)
  2. Tokina AT-X 340 AF-II
  3. Sigma AF TELE 1: 5.6 f = 400mm MULTI-COATED APO.
  4. Tokina AT-X AF 80-400 1: 4.5-5.6 (AT-X 840 AF)
  5. Nissin Digital MF18 Macro Ring Flash
  6. Nikon AF Nikkor 28mm 1: 2.8 (MKI)
  7. Tokina SD 24-70 F2.8 (IF) FX AT-X PRO Aspherical
  9. examples on my second blog here.
  10. examples in the article here.
  11. at 500px here.

In these reviews, there are links to download the source RAW (.NEF) and JPEG files.

My recommendations for setting up the camera:

I love to shoot on Nikon D70 in JPEG format. Using the CCD matrix installed in the Nikon D70, you can immediately get a pretty good result. All cameras that use the same matrix can be viewed in the table. here.

To manage the images, I use the manual settings of the main parameters:

  • Sharpening - sharpness
  • Tone comp. - contrast
  • Color Mode - color space (I, III - sRBG, II - ADOBE RGB)
  • Saturation - saturation
  • Hue adjustment - color shift
  1. For nature: Shooting Menu -> Optimize Image -> Custom: Sharpening +2, Tone comp .: -1, Color Mode: III, Saturation: +, Hue adjustment: -3. Then select DONE (ready).
  2. For people (portrait photography): Shooting Menu -> Optimize Image -> Custom: Sharpening +2, Tone comp .: -2, Color Mode I, Saturation: +, Hue adjustment: 0. Then select DONE (ready).
  3. In this camera, during JPEG shooting, the long exposure noise reduction function is also responsible for the overall noise reduction. I include: Shooting Menu -> Long exp. NR: ON. By enabling this function, you can achieve a cleaner picture even at ISO 200. Important: when shooting with the 'Long exp. NR 'burst speed drops noticeably and amounts to about 1.5 frames per second (instead of the usual 3 fps).
  4. For shooting in JPEG I use bracketing white balance... Configured like this: CSM Menu -> 12 BKT set: WB bracketing. Bracketing included by pressing a button BKT left of the viewfinder eyepiece. Holding down the button BKT with the front selector (under the index finger) you need to select the value -2F 3 (bracketing with a shift of 3 units, 2 pictures are taken). Turns on bracketing by turning the front selector (under the thumb), while BKT appears on the monochrome display. White balance I set to AUTO mode with a correction of -3. Thus, using bracketing, you can get automatic white balance with a shift of -6 and -3 units (to create warm colors). During one shutter release, 2 files with different white balance will be recorded. I choose the order of bracketing from smallest to largest: SM Menu -> 13 BKT order: Under-> MTR-> OVER. I usually take a -6 shot, which is the first in a series of two shots. As practice has shown, almost always the picture with the warmest shade is the most successful.
  5. I always try to shoot at ISO 200. The quality of my images is always either 'JPEG FINE L' or RAW. Unfortunately Nikon D70 does not shoot in RAW + JPEG L FINE format (RAW + JPEG L BASIC only).
  6. When shooting, I always use matrix metering exposure (Turned on by the button near the shutter button).
  7. I always use creative exposure control modes for shooting P, A, S, M.
  8. For focusing, I use focus tracking mode: CSM Menu -> 02 Autofocus: AF-C, and one focus point: CSM Menu -> 03 AF-area mode: Single Area. The desired focus point is selected with the joystick.
  9. To access the extended menu, follow: SET UP -> CSM menu -> detailed.
  10. Before a new shoot, I always perform quick formatting of the memory card by simultaneously pressing the burst button (to the left of JVI with the inscription Format) and buttons for turning on the backlight of the additional monochrome display (with the inscription Format). To confirm formatting, press this combination twice.

Prices for modern Nikon cameras in popular stores can look at this link.

Comments on this post do not require registration. Anyone can leave a comment. Many different photographic equipment can be found on AliExpress.


Nikon D70 - first advanced amateur camera Nikon. Morally outdated. Now the Nikon D70 is interesting mainly for its modest price for the used version, built-in motor focusing, minimal shutter speed shutter (1/8000 s), possibility remote flash controlshort shutter speed synchronization with the flash (1/500 s), and good control of the camera itself. Of the serious drawbacks: the lack of a Russian-language menu, a very small display and a small ISO range.

If don't know which camera and lens to choose, then my article will help with this - Which Nikon amateur DSLR camera and lens to choose?

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Comments: 97, on the topic: Review of Nikon D70

  • Georgy

    Good people, tell me. I’ve already lost my mind to choose. It is possible to take a d70 with a lens of 50 1.8 mileage seems to be small, but I will check. For $ 75. Or d50 with two lenses 28-80 and 80-200, mileage 15000. For $ 110.

    • Sergei

      Take d 50, lightweight, screwdriver, larger display and overlap focal length ... ..

      • Georgy

        Thanks, I'll do it.

  • Georgy

    It's just af-s 55-200 at home, from the old D40. And I don't really need two approximately identical lenses. And the D70 comes with a fifty-kopeck piece, I haven’t tried to shoot them yet, although everyone keeps saying that it is necessary. There is also a flash at home lying around a bs-600, as I understood the D70 with a flash of more features, or am I mistaken? By the way, they are asking for $ 50 for d100. AAAAAA !!! I'm going crazy!

  • Andrey Vyunenko

    I bought a D70 on an ad on Avito, in almost new condition, it’s a pity that it’s not with my native 18-70, but with a lens from a film Nikon 28-80 F3,3-5,6. I took it for 7 thousand rubles (mileage was 500 frames ) .What to say, it’s good in the hand. When I bought it the whale 18-55mm GIIED, and the sigma 70-300mm DG MACRO. The battery is killer, I forgot when I last charged it. Of course, compared to modern times, and the screen is small and there would be more pixels, but you can’t keep up with the progress. I recently purchased Tamron 18-200, I click on it, I have conflicting impressions until I figured it out. I want a fix for it 35 or 50mm. Maybe on An advanced compact can be removed better than on the D70, but when you hold Nikon in your hands, you really feel like a photographer (-: I turned modern DSLRs of the 3000,5000 series in my hands, subjectively, D70 is better in plastic quality and in build quality. In general, a good camera for leisurely photographing.

    • Pastor

      I agree, an excellent camera, I myself have recently acquired the d70s and are quite happy with it. By the way, I doubt that a compact will shoot better even for a price three times more. The matrix is ​​still smaller there, and you can't put a good lens. By the way, the 28-80 is also a very good lens. I also have 18-70, I cannot say that 28-80 is much inferior to him. Although old and film, but sharp and without noticeable jambs on aberrations. In addition, if something comes up on ff. And the autofocus in the 28-80 seems to me faster than in the 18-70, although it is also good there.

      • Andrey Vyunenko

        But it’s interesting, is it possible to attach a battery handle to this unit. Officially, this possibility does not exist, but the Chinese seem to be producing something. I understand that the question is more theoretical, in FIG it is needed, the battery is already quite capacious. But nothing can do it stop my inquiring mind, that's interesting, that's all! (-:

        • Yarkiya

          Learn to google!

          • Andrey Vyunenko

            Thank you for the reference! .. (-:

        • Oleg

          His battery has been working for so long that the battery pack will bring more minuses with its weight and extra dimensions than autonomy. For me, if you really need it, it's better to buy an additional battery.

          • Oleg

            And sorry, I confused with the D70s, and they have different batteries.

            • Andrey Vyunenko

              I also looked at these batblocks on Aliexpress, cheap crafts, just mutilate the camera, so there is no point in them ...

  • Andrey Vyunenko

    I take off slowly

    • anonym

      Great photos!

  • Andrey Vyunenko

    Shrovetide at Shrovetide

  • Volodimir

    Salute. Having recently added a D70 with an active 70-300G to a D3200, I have already said goodbye to him for a long time. Today is a vicorist camera for family zyomka landscapes tosho. I plan to add D90. Vagayu chi varto robiti taku replace. Підкажіть plz. Dyakuyu.

    • Vladimir

      Please tell me why you changed d3200 to d70?

  • Andrey

    Please tell me, is it possible to shoot Time-lapse with this camera, and how is it possible? Thank you for the answer.

  • Dima Volgograd

    Who can tell where the Nikon D70 serial number is?

    • Oleg

      I have on the D70s on the bottom, to the left of the battery input. Maybe the D70 also.

  • anonym

    To determine the mileage, serial number and so on, download the program for Nikon

  • Eugene

    I sell Nikon D70 c 35-70 f3.-4.8 - manual lens, price 2500 UAH 0975310941

    • Valery A.

      Impression. I watched today d70 + 18-70, I wondered that it was like new, run 6k. I did not like the OVI - it is small, the focusing points are barely guessed, on d50 and other Nikons with a pentamirror it seems larger and more visible. The screen, too, pictures with glasses and cannot be seen with magnification. I rearranged the lens for the d5100 test, as I changed from galoshes to sneakers. The lens, unfortunately, back-focused a little, optically it also did not see superiority over the 18-55 ED II, the same at a glance, only the focus behind. Yes, still, with the same photos, the exposure is the same, and I took more than 18-55 light - f / 4,8 ISO 900 versus f / 4 ISO 1000 in 18-70, for some reason.

      • Valentine

        One caveat: 18-70 gives a more or less suitable picture on open, but 18-55 with F8. In light transmission - there are no such differences on mine.

        • Peter Sh.

          In 18-55 VRII with a picture and on the open everything is in order, you are wrong.

          • Valentine

            I only convey my impression. 18-55 VRII is a very weak lens at open, it still loses in this part 18-70. With aperture cover at 18-55, the picture becomes noticeably better.

  • Valery A.

    It's not the right lens - I'm talking about the 18-55mm f / 3.5-5.6GII ED AF-S DX Nikkor.

  • Sergei

    I am delighted to shoot with this camera for my pleasure, tell me which memory card to take for it today - my native 1 Gb Sandisk is no longer enough for shooting, I have to delete unsuccessful frames during shooting, I'm interested in the maximum size without sacrificing reliability, and how safe is it to take b. at. - now considering SanDisk Ultra II CompactFlash 8Gb - used after D200 for 300 UAH or still take a new one?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      D70 works easily with 16GB. At 8GB just right, the speed of about 266x will be just right. You can also be used if you check it well before buying.

  • SashOK

    Friends, can anyone help me with such a problem;
    I have two Nikon cameras, one of them is D70. An excellent camera as an additional one, but here was her "sore" let's just say. Sometimes, for no apparent reason (often after removing the memory card), a CHR error (or CHA, it is not clear there) appeared on the upper display, and you can no longer shoot with this error. But before it went away, as soon as I took out and put the card back in again + sometimes removing the battery helped. And often after such shamanism the camera worked again for a long time.
    But two months ago, the same thing happened, but worst of all, the dances with tambourines described above do not help. This damn bug doesn't go away. What to do?

    Arkady, maybe you have encountered a similar one in your practice, or who else?
    Tell me how to solve the problem (preferably with your own hands).
    I will be very grateful!

    • anonym

      There is a problem with the memory card or card slot. Try formatting the map or using a different map to get started. I got such an error when the child ruined the slot by pressing hard on the card when he tried to insert it. I took it to the repair service.

      • SashOK

        Thanks. The problem is most likely in the slot, they write that contacts there go away over time. So formatting doesn't help. But just in general, so far the problem has been solved - when I insert the card, I just press it harder. While helping.
        If someone else has a similar problem, try the same. BUT, first make sure that the card is inserted correctly, so as not to bend those stupid pins-contacts. For then it’s for repair.

  • Andrei

    I bought a d70 back then, at the very beginning of the 2000s, with a standard 18-70. After that, there were already d80, d90, d300s, d7000 after which (through the court :-)) he left for Sonya without regret. However, the sons grew up and I bought the d70 again. For 5 tr. with the same 18-70 but now also a set of * buns * to boot. The battery is 11 years old, but not going to retire, the mechanisms of the device are impeccable, 18-70 - frankly good, chamber jpg, sometimes, not so hot, but you can get everything you need from RAW, the colors are just pleasing to the eye, by the way: finally there are photos of my father families (all my life in family photos someone was with a camera :-)). Satisfied with the device - unusually. While they are still in excellent condition, I recommend to everyone.

  • Sergei

    Recently I got such a load on the 35-f2d lens. The pipets display is uncomfortable.

    • Charles

      Cyanide and razor are in the glove compartment.

  • Vladimir

    Going on vacation to Vietnam. I estimated the weight of the bag with d700 plus glass and I became sad. As a compromise, he got a dusty d70, hooked a sigma of 17-50, and in the appendage he threw a half speed of 1,8. Filmed in nef. He arrived, showed and was stunned by the flowers. I processed one and a half thousand photos in a day and a half. He used the d7000 as his second camera at weddings, and now he has become thoughtful. I looked at the old pictures and decided at the next wedding to take the d70 with a second camera.

  • Dmitry Volgograd

    Hello! Please tell me the shutter resource of the Nikon D70 and Nikon D3300

    • BB

      For the younger line, the shutter resource is not regulated, but in fact usually at least 100k

  • Artem

    Friends, I've decided to sell the D70 and I need to find out the battery life, at least approximately. In the options I did not find a scale from 0 to 4, as in more modern carcasses. Any ideas on how to at least approximately estimate the resource without “loading it to the full and dropping it with a photo to the bottom”?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      see how many shots

      • Artem

        The trouble is that I have 4 of them, I want to sell 2, there are 7 batteries. To retest all the batteries on these old models, and to take a picture with meaning - there won’t be enough nerves.
        And without meaning to click on the mileage, it seems somehow insulting.
        If there is no way, then I will look on the network for the battery voltage during discharge after the last photo taken (I assume it is somewhere around 6.5 volts) and then using a voltmeter and a 7.5 volt bulb I will discharge the pre-charged batteries. This will not give me exact information on how many frames the battery lasts, but it will make it clear the approximate supply of amperes in the battery and at least I can compare them with each other.
        But if you have better ideas, please let me know.

        • Viktre

          And what could be “better” ideas, besides a light bulb or some other resistance? Well, connect it to a model charger or some other battery tester, and run the cycle, but I suspect that if they were available, you would not ask such questions)

          • Artem

            So it is, a light bulb, apparently, the easiest option. Thank you

          • Artem

            In general, it was possible to get a rough idea of ​​\u3b\u4bcapacity. by simple manipulations on a proportional calculation from the parameters of the initial charge, the final charge and the discharge time, he derived the quality factors of the batteries. I decided to sell 70 out of 70 copies, I feel something that I won’t shoot much on the DXNUMX. I will leave one DXNUMXs for my son for experiments)

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