Nikon D610

This is a preliminary note about the Nikon D610 camera, which was published on October 8.10.2013, XNUMX.

Nikon D610

Nikon D610

Nikon D600 - a good amateur full-frame camera, but some of them have a serious drawback - oil getting on the camera sensor (proof link). Most likely Nikon just decided to get rid of the oil problem and do the 'right' Nikon D600 under a different name - Nikon D610 :)

Main differences Nikon D600 and D610:

  1. New shutter mechanism. Let's hope that there will be no more problems with oil.
  2. Silent continuous Qc shooting at 3 fps.
  3. Improved system white balance.
  4. Nikon D610 has increased the maximum shooting speed from 5.5 to 6 frames per second.

Judging by the information from the presentations, in everything else the cameras are completely identical :(

The camera has already begun to be sold:

All Nikon D610 prices

Thank you for attention. Arkady Shapoval.

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  • Andrei

    D610 $ 2000, the truth is that I can’t say with delivery

  • Sergei

    The price of Kenon 6D for the fall in America:
    Regular Price $ 1,999.99
    Our Price $ 1,469.00
    You Save: $ 530.99
    Condition Brand New
    Availability In Stock Ships Within 24-48 Hrs.
    for the carcass with zhps / wi-fi.
    A whale with 24-105 / 4 Elka costs 2300 evergreens.

    it’s clear that this is a different system, it’s clear that something is better with the D610. but nonetheless.
    how will Nikon keep SO much higher than the price of the D610? especially with such a lousy lens in a whale.

  • Alexander

    They use good cameras with lousy lenses, as it was in the USSR - they added some rot to the deficit, don't throw it away ... I will never take a carcass with an appendage, but I will take the lens I want.

  • Alexander

    I myself have a D600 was purchased in early summer. About 10000 frames were shot on it. There is no oil. When buying, I looked, the camera was from the new series (and the firmware from the box I had the last 1.01) I had no problems with oil on the matrix, because the shutter was already different than in the first installments.

    • Alex

      I am joining! I have been using the D600 for six months now, there are no problems with the oil. In general, the camera is very satisfied. Together with high-quality glass, for example 70-200 gives excellent results. I get the feeling that all these hype is created by competitors for marketing purposes)

  • Alex

    Alexander - how to watch where is the last episode?

    there are suspicions that the price can still drop decently on the d600, the warehouses are still stocked up as they wrote a lot, 600 did not sell well, and now no one will take 600, they will have to reset the illiquid

    • Alexander

      The easiest option is to look at the firmware that comes out of the box. If 1.00 then do not take it. If 1.01 (last), then no problem. You can call the service center, they can (but do not always want to talk) from which serial number went normal D600.

      • Paul

        Alexander, help. If possible, tell me at least approximately your serial number, so that there is something to start from. I really need a full frame, but barely enough money. To fall at your own peril and risk, take the 600th.

        • Alexander

          I can only see tonight. But now the risk of stumbling on a fotik with a problem shutter is possible only if it is stale or in the secondary market. Because from about the beginning of this year they are going normal already.

        • Alexander

          My serial number 6080382 has no problems with oil. Firmware as I wrote earlier 1.01

      • Vladimir

        I took the D600 18.09.2013/1,01/609 in Kiev "Photosail". Latest firmware! XNUMX! serial XNUMX ,,, I don't see oil, there is dust!

  • kozigvl

    A couple of days ago I bought at my own risk NIkon D600 body in the Falcon store.
    The camera was manufactured in May 2013 S / n 6084983
    use with Nikkor 85mm 1.8D
    Shot about 1000 shots ... ... so far - delight! ... ..)

    • Alexander

      May is already good, you will not have problems, because the shutter is already different.

  • kozigvl

    Firmware Version C 1.01 L 1.006

  • DmitryT

    I went to the official website of Nikon and compared the D7100 and D610 (outwardly they differ only in the name of one of the keys on the back). If we compare the characteristics, then the D610 gain is only a full frame. But this is against 51 focus points of the D7100 (39 points of the D610), shutter speed 1/8000 versus 1/4000 s. Question: how can this be? The feeling that the goal of marketers in any way to score a niche between the D7100 and D800. No matter what it will look like as a result, the main result is obtained.

    • anonym

      I will try to briefly tell:

      1. Regarding the focus points:
      The presence of a large number of focus points is usually necessary for amateur shooting in automatic mode. The same one should not forget that the extreme focus points have lower photosensitivity and they are less accurate.
      In professional shooting, you usually have to focus on the center point, and then compose the frame as necessary. Because when using this entire field of focus points, they will grab onto the closest subject, and there will be a lot of marriage when shooting, because faces are likely to be not sharp especially when shooting at fast aperture with open aperture.

      2. Regarding exposure:
      Yes, the absence of 1/8000 can be called a minus, but not a big minus than the lack of 1/16000 shutter speed on the same D800.

      Such short exposures are very rarely needed, but their absence is very easily corrected.
      For example, such exposures are usually needed when shooting with high-aperture optics on a bright sunny day. But there are several ways to solve the “problem”.
      - Close the aperture a little, it is unlikely that the picture will get worse, and maybe even get some advantages, since we do not forget that on a closed diaphragm, as a rule, there are less chromatic aberrations, less ventilation and higher sharpness).
      - You can use a polarizing filter (in addition to its main function, it also reduces the luminous flux passing through itself, accordingly the shutter speed will be longer). As a bonus, get some pluses when shooting on a bright sunny day. On wide-angle lenses, you can get disadvantages in the form of an uneven sky and other effects.
      - You can use the ND filter.
      - You can lower the ISO in the camera to ISO 50, but this is an artificial measure and then you will lose a lot in the dynamic range. And the D600 / D800 has a colossal dynamic range, you can stretch out such overexposures and under-highlights that you are simply amazed. Here canon loses very much.
      And when I need 1/8000 shutter speed for shooting fast-moving objects, I can hardly imagine, I think even the same hummingbirds I think can be removed by 1/4000.

      PS Correct me if I'm wrong somewhere.

      • Alexander

        Sorry, sent by accident without signing up. Please correct the moderator.

      • Arkady Shapoval

        1. In fact, let's take the same one, d300s, d300, d700, d3, d3s in which 51 points and extreme points work very well there. This is a great misconception about rearranging the frame. When rearranging and moving the camera, the hyperplane also moves, resulting in focus being lost. This is a popular misconception among photographers who use short throw lenses and shoot at closed apertures where the hyperplane shift is invisible.
        2. that's right)

    • Artem

      Are these focus points really important? I’ve been filming one central one for about 4 years, and it’s not annoying at all. On the contrary, it’s even easier for me to focus exactly where I need it.

      • BB

        This means that you are not shooting dynamic scenes, and / or using fairly closed apertures + short focal lengths.
        The hyperplane shift has already been written.
        I’ll write about the dynamics: I’m shooting a couple running in quickstep (at a rate of 52 beats per minute), I need the pair to be approximately in the center of the frame, but I need to focus on the one who is facing you at the moment.
        11 points on my 5100 are enough for me, but a little lack of tenacity, because the cross is only central, and the halls are often dark. I would be quite pleased with 9 to 11 crosspoints, and so I plan to take the d7100, since 5100 has already flashed 4 thousand in 100 years.

        • Peter Sh.

          For ballroom dancing, I would recommend looking in the direction of FX. The floor is constantly dark, short shutter speeds, and need high ISO workers. That's why I have a D610.
          You can find the D700 for the price of the D7100.
          Here is an example. ISO-2000, 1/360.
          On the D7100, faces will already be pockmarked like a cuckoo egg due to noise.

          • Alexey DV

            I definitely agree, D700 is a priority ...

          • BB

            More than 1600 is needed very rarely, and 2000 even on the d5100 are quite working (chamber jpeg).
            On FX we win in iso, we lose in DOF. It’s not so easy to find an unkilled 700-ku, and they ask for it as the new 600, and in general I prefer to take a new one.
            I don't really need FX, and it's not interesting to take FullFrame (read in capital letters) in order to show off.
            There is a photographer in the city, he also shoots dances - he had a d300 (or s), recently got a d810 - now he constantly complains about micro-lubricants, and there are no more photo sales, because he has FF.
            PS today came my 7100 :)

            • Lynx


  • Andrei

    Dear - I don’t know how true you may have heard - not in the same way, of course, but the Americans in their secret laboratories have developed optics on liquid crystals like the human eye with a focal mm from 10 to 500 mm, if it’s true, then the Japs with all their puffed up rest completely! !!!!!!

    • Shura

      If this happened, then we hardly should worry about it, because in the market for photographic equipment, we will not see such innovations soon)

  • Denis

    Autofocus module is the same or changed? If changed, which one works better?

  • Eugene

    Is the D610 also made in Thailand?

    • Vladimir

      Manufactured in Japan: D700 (discontinued), D800, D800E, D3, D4 (at least Japan is written on the stickers), all the rest are Thailand! Also with the flashes SB-800, SB-900, SB-910 - it says Japan, all the others - China !!

  • Vyacheslav

    Dear experts and pros, I went to your site and realized: this is where I will get the answer to a very difficult question: so what kind of camera do I need to buy / Bodi no more than $ 2000-2500 / so that when shooting n / tennis arms-legs- The ball was not smeared and did not torment the brick red color? I really hope for Comrade Radozhiva and his associates! I am 79 years old, a amateur photographer since 1954. But my number is 3 years old, Panasonic TZ8.City Krasnoyarsk. Yes, I am also a republican category tennis judge. I will be very grateful!

    • Lynx

      modern full-frame for example. and pull up "iso" when shooting, reducing the shutter speed.

      as a more “budgetary and simple” option - find Nikon D300 / d300s from your hands, take a s700 / s900 flash, a lens with fast focusing and shoot at shutter speeds of at least 1/400.
      And brick red color - set before shooting the white balance, on a sheet of paper or a gray card.

    • Konstantin

      Re-so that when shooting n / tennis the arms-legs-ball should not be smeared and tormented by the brick-red color. I am sure the D300 and the 17-55mm f / 2.8G will do just fine with this task. With baht. handle 8 frames per second! Not one ball will slip away from you)))

  • Paul

    Arkady, steal comments from your blog :( It’s good that your work is so popular! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      it is only a drop in the bucket :) completely copies both articles and photos.

  • leather styer

    Arkady, I will be waiting for your review of Nikon Df.


    sased took d610 - pro-in tie and make them only there, sooo happy after d7000 - took for 1800 green + sigma 35 \ 1.4 + docking station

  • Andrei

    Regarding D600 and oil ... Camera from February 2013 and firmware 1.00, mileage 5000 - NO OIL)

  • Yura

    guys, can you tell me - it's generally real - to rearrange the shutter, for example, from d610 to d600. no one asked such a question. I just haven’t come across information anywhere about whether they are interchangeable ... because I’m somehow fed up with parting the matrix from the oil ...

    • Vladimir

      If it’s not a secret, how often did you clean it, what is already fed up? Everywhere they write that after 3000-5000 frames, the oil, if any, disappears, but there is no escape from dust! This is firstly, and secondly, on closed holes, how often do you have to shoot! I have a D600 without oil (bought in September 2013), and dusting off a good pear is not a problem at all :)

    • Yarkiya

      Yes, the shutters are interchangeable.

  • Stanislas

    Arkady, hello. I have been looking for a specialist for a long time, but so far no one has said anything sensible on my questions. Your descriptions and tests inspire you to choose the D600 or D610. I have a Nikon D7000 as a spare and a Nikon D7100 in my hands, there is no special need for a full frame, it suits the DX. Actually, the questions:
    1. What is better in terms of picture quality (saturation and detail) JPEG? D7100 or D600 / D610?
    2. In terms of noise at high ISOs, which behaves better? And how much better?
    3. According to the autofocus system, which is better? What focuses more accurately and faster?
    4. In low light conditions, what behaves better without a flash?
    5. Should I even think about replacing the D7100 with the D610?

    I’ll say about myself that DX, that FX - does not play a role. As for prices, I do not worry, i.e. not fundamentally at all. I take pictures of weddings and children, I do not use tracking autofocus at all. Lenses: Nikon 50 1.4G, Nikon 18-105, Nikon 16-85 and 20 2.8. Waiting for your reply.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      See the answer in section d600 and do not litter the site.

  • Konstantin

    How much is guaranteed mileage for cameras like the Nikon D800? If you take with 15000 she will serve?

    • Vladimir

      Nikon D800 has a guarantee. the run seems to be 300000 frames, but he will be able to run even more, so 15000 for him is absolutely nothing !!! My friends have D40, so he ran about 150 frames already !!! As I saw this figure was shocked :)) !!! Draw your own conclusions !!!

  • Nadezhda

    I've been using Nikon D600 for a year now, no problems with oil or dust. Very happy with the camera. Recently put Zeiss glass, so in general, a complete delight!

  • Alexander

    I use d600 for half a year. No problems with oil / shutter. Generally NO problems! I am very pleased with the quality of the picture, color reproduction, and AF system. AutoBB works fine. What I wish to everyone !!! Have a good shot !!!

  • Basil

    I've been using d610 for a week. No worries, even the price made me happy, NO problems at all! I am very satisfied with the picture quality, noise level, etc., color rendition, and the system in the complex. It works perfectly. Not the first device, there is still a D90, more than three years old, before him “photocorr 1 ″,“ etude ”,“ Kiev-Vega ”,“ change ”,“ vigilant ”,“ fed ”,“ zenith ”, (this is like there seems to be an idea of ​​photographic equipment). If you compare the D90 with the d610, then ... - it is better not, what is there, a different class. Buy, you will not regret it. May the LIGHT be with you!

  • Vladislav

    I don't understand questions about FF or crop. If you want, you can - take it. If you don't want to, you can't - don't post on the forums. The first camera - ummmmm ... and what is not SF right away ?!
    I took. Like. The first thing that immediately made me happy: the central button is programmed to instantly increase when viewing a frame. After reading many forums on the d600 I was ready for the opposite. I don’t know about the rest of the improvements, there is always a gray card for bb, 4 of its presets. I don’t take pictures in series. No oil, bought in a store, Valio, I recommend. Why did they swap the + and - buttons, it is not clear, otherwise the control is the same d7000 with slightly modified buttons. It's nice to hold in your hands, although at first it seemed like a toy. It turns out that you quickly get used to the old man, you have to buy it.
    As for the coverage of the frame with dots, well, yes, heap, but not very much. Placing the main objects on the lines of conflict in the grip is enough.
    Of course, as in the entire amateur lineup, there’s a lot of unnecessary poppycock, such as dh mode, built-in shooting modes, any kind of in-camera processing, in general, everything you need for nostalgia for soap dishes .. But you can simply ignore this. In 20 minutes I set up the camera for myself.
    The presence of time-lapse photography certainly pleased, waiting for vacation. Time Leps through Quick I did not go about time, for a long, dreary, with brakes and jambs. Apparently something did not understand.
    Yes, wu-1b is a good thing. No need to mess with the cable, but you can’t read the forum either, while the camera is taking pictures.)))
    So far so good, let's see how it proves to work.

    • Paul

      “The first thing that immediately made me happy: the central button is programmed to instantly increase when viewing the frame. After reading many forums on the d600 I was ready for the opposite. "
      - I never found this instant increase .... describe in more detail how you did it!

      • Vladislav

        Oops, maybe I wrote it wrong. I was referring to an instant return to the original full-screen size. no matter how much I stumbled upon this before. I used to read in reviews. that in d600 this is not and have to reap a minus)
        3 months have passed. The camera continues to delight.

  • Svetlana

    Hello! Can there be oil problems on the D600 after replacing the shutter?

    • Vladimir

      On the forums they write that after replacing the shutter everything is OK !! I’m thinking about handing it over or not taking it for a replacement yet !! In Kiev, someone already handed over to replace the shutter?

  • Igor

    I have such a camera. There was oil. The service hides this (according to the documents, the presence is not indicated, but they wanted to change the shutter). In general, I can tell you a fantastic quest about the purchase of such a camera, the work of the service, about the opportunity to return a camera in an online store, what is a guarantee and how to “update” it for a used one and, in the end, about the answer of a Nikon representative in Kiev: don't like it, then buy a canon ”).

    The story with the documents (I am neither cold nor hot from this imaginary race of these companies (canon - nikon). It's just a shame to pay money for goods of dubious quality. Of course, this is due to our legislation - we are not even Honduras, but a vacuum cleaner because the buyer's rights are not protected in any way, I think because of this they bring defective goods to us from “civilized” countries where consumer protection is still in the old-fashioned way.

    The buyer is no one at all levels: shop, service, representative office. (
    Facts are nowhere to be found.

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