Nikon D610

This is a preliminary note about the Nikon D610 camera, which was published on October 8.10.2013, XNUMX.

Nikon D610

Nikon D610

Nikon D600 - a good amateur full-frame camera, but some of them have a serious drawback - oil getting on the camera sensor (proof link). Most likely Nikon just decided to get rid of the oil problem and do the 'right' Nikon D600 under a different name - Nikon D610 :)

Main differences Nikon D600 and D610:

  1. New shutter mechanism. Let's hope that there will be no more problems with oil.
  2. Silent continuous Qc shooting at 3 fps.
  3. Improved system white balance.
  4. Nikon D610 has increased the maximum shooting speed from 5.5 to 6 frames per second.

Judging by the information from the presentations, in everything else the cameras are completely identical :(

The camera has already begun to be sold:

All Nikon D610 prices

Thank you for attention. Arkady Shapoval.

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  • Vladislav

    For some reason, Nikon D610 and Nikon D7100 are included in “prices for Nikon D7000”

    • Arkady Shapoval


  • anonym

    Recently acquired a D610. Here is a brief comparison with the D90. (If not explicitly stated - I am writing about D610)

    Body: The D610 is slightly larger and heavier. The materials are of higher quality and more pleasant to the touch. D90 - Feels cheaper.

    Grip: The D90 feels like a glove in the hand, but the size is a little small when you try to reach the shutter button. The D610 is less secure in the hand, but more comfortable to use. (Surprisingly…)

    Controls: D610 - softer, pleasant to work with, but less informative when pressed. Especially the shutter button. Just put your finger on it - half-pressing works. And when you press to the end, the limit is not felt. The D90 has crisp clicks. Maybe, of course, it should be so, but very unusual. The wheels of the D610 go smoother, but still informative. The PASM mode switch is controversial. I have not yet found a convenient option for switching it. But the ring of broaching options is made very conveniently - you press the latch with your thumb, turn it with your index finger. Why did they change the location of the ISO (-) and QUAL (+) buttons - really unusual! And if you can put up with the new place of the photo playback button, then changing these - well, nothing! The bold minus on management is they.

    Shooting: The D610 has a nice shutter sound. And, like, less vibration when shooting.

    Autofocus: The D610 is better, but not ideal yet. I focus on the center. So - it will.

    Exposure meter - The D610 is quite accurate, but requires a minus correction. Like everyone, in general ...

    White Balance - Fine, but I like the other colors.

    Picture: More detailed, "voluminous", pleasant, more "expensive" than the D90. Plus a full frame reveals the lenses (their picture). You still need to get used to the development.

    Sensitivity: The D90 had the upper bar - 640, the D610 - 3200, for reporting and 6400 will do. But colors and detail are floating. The most important requirement is high quality at ISO 100 with the maximum aperture open - that’s why the device was bought.

    Video: high-quality, but requiring staging, an external microphone, a good tripod and script. As, however, in all DSLRs ...

    Cons (without comparison with the D90): Several times buggy. Need fast memory cards. Very fast. Dumb at high magnification LiveView. The viewfinder is a bit dark. Not convenient for manual focusing. Only accounts for the green dot or LiveView. Maybe with 100% vision there will not be such a drawback. Auto-ISO, although it works decently, eats 4 frames out of 14 in the buffer. A bit confusing menu and work with LiveView / video.

    Recommendations: a good apparatus for leisurely shooting in good and poor lighting. Only shoot in RAW 14-bit lossless compression!

    Comparison with other cameras: The D750 is not so much better to be preferred. D810 - a little expensive, different slots for flash drives, an even bigger problem with retouching and a lower working ISO. Would have bought D810 if not for the price ...

    Verdict: Quite satisfied! Good change old man D90 with the improvement of all technical characteristics.

    PS: The device was released (it seems) in November 2016. I hope there will be no problem with oil / dust.

  • Aleesander

    Hello, thanks Arkady for your work. I wanted to describe here an important nuance associated with the latest firmware C1.02. Sigma 610-70 200 autofocus did not want to work on the new d2.8 (only purchased), and other available lenses (nikkor, tamron) without problems. After several hours, dancing with a tambourine, rearranging the lenses, resetting the settings, removing the batteries, nothing helped. Therefore, the lens worked wonderfully on another badi. Then I found such a problem in bourgeois forums in people, after updating the firmware, with Sigma 35 1.4 and Sigma 70-200 2.8. The problem was solved by rearranging the badi on C1.01. Now it works. A person with UK in the service asked for his Sigma, and also wrote that they didn’t want to help him in Nikon. Maybe this information will help someone, because there is almost no information on this in the internet. It seems that Nikon decided to deal with alternative manufacturers of optics in this way.

    • Peter Sh.

      This is a common thing for a long time. Both Nikon and Kenon do this.

  • Andrei

    Good afternoon, tell me please, I decided to take the D610, I began to choose and the run-up of prices confuses from 27000 UAH to 39000 UAH. What's the matter, who can tell?

    • Jury

      Hello, in the state of the camera, in its mileage (if it’s about used) and the seller’s greed, it never cost him 39k hryvnias, this is the price level of D750 or used D800. Buy used 610, I saw recently from a normal seller on an alder, its name is profotosale or something similar, the price was about $ 750.

    • Sergei

      Difference in price due to warranty. For 27 you will buy with a guarantee from the store, that is, it is "gray", imported illegally. For 000 you will receive a warranty from the manufacturer (that is, from Nikon). That is why the spread in price.

  • Kirill

    Hello, does the D610 have a shooting mode in the DX (like for example in the D800)? and if so, which crop in this mode, standard 1.5?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Yes there is. Yes, standard.

      • Kirill

        Thank you, and another question is it possible to enable DX mode with a full-frame lens or only with a cropped one?

        • Michael

          Possible with any

        • Arkady Shapoval

          Yes, it is possible to turn on with any lens.

  • lawyer

    thanks for the site !!!! good luck !!!!!!!

  • Valery

    Good day! Arkady needs advice. I have a nikon d7100. My first camera, it feels like the matrix is ​​very noisy, the photo feels like it's dirty, there are no colors at all, I spend hours sitting at the processing of the raves. Frames from the technical part are reproduced in full. Nikon 50mm 1.8d and tokina 12-24 lenses. Maybe the lenses do not open the camera? I decided to change, before choosing d800, d610, d750. Sometimes I look towards d3s. I really liked the raves from her, I tried to process it, 5 minutes and a masterpiece))

    • Arkady Shapoval

      For work, I would still recommend Nikon D3s, and then in descending order of D750-> D800-> D610.

      • Valery

        Is d3s up to date?

        • Arkady Shapoval

          Почему нет?

          • Valery

            Year of release confuses)

      • Valery

        Or buy a more expensive lens on the d7100? Suppose sigma 35mm Art? Maybe he will correct the situation? I heard that the 7100 is very demanding on lenses.

    • Pokemon

      Valery, and at what ISO dirty color?
      It seemed to me that it’s better to keep ISO not higher than 800 on it. At 1600 without a noise reduction, it’s really a nightmare, I confirm.

      • Valery

        I have them all the way. At dusk, I shot at 50mm 1.8d
        With an open aperture and iso 400. After viewing the photo on the PC, it felt like I was shooting on a slipper.

        • Pokemon

          If you shoot in difficult lighting conditions, go to the full frame of type d750. Here both color is better and good working. No wonder the d750 has been so popular for 3 years in a row with the people.

  • Anastasia

    Hello! Are you interested in your opinion on whether it is worth taking a used Nikon d610 with a mileage of about 72 thousand? How much is this for this model? One owner, 1,5 years in use. The seller claims that the camera was mainly used for subject shooting at home.

    • Igor

      At home, 72t in 1.5 years is a lot. This is called scribbling from a machine gun.

      • Anastasia

        Well, as far as I understood, he is a professional photographer, he also shoots weddings, and individual photo shoots, etc. But this camera seems to be not his main one. But, in any case, this is too much mileage, right?

        • 1Ds_mk3

          After weddings, buying something is not easy. They still love to cheat. Most of the proposals for Moscow d750 on Avito from them are conchita. Pay attention to the profile on Avito and if you see that there are wedding photography services, close their ads immediately. They are not on the shore and are taking away equipment.

          • Anastasia

            Thanks, I'll take a look.

  • Anastasia

    Tell me, for a Nikon D610 camera, which is better to take a fifty dollars 1.8D or 1.8G? What is their fundamental difference, except for the motor, bokeh and price? Which one is best for indoor shooting (mostly children)?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      1.8G. The main difference is that 1.8G uses a more advanced optical design and creates a better image.

      • Anastasia

        Thanks for the answer)

  • Anna

    I have long been interested in the question ... Is it worth changing d7100 to d610? To buy d610, you have to sell d7100. I shoot mostly animals and quite often the d7100 makes a lot of noise at high iso.

  • Andrei

    Good day, I decided to purchase this miracle, but the question arose: is it worth taking a used car with a mileage of 7000 k. For 21000 UAH. and take them 24-85mm, with 50 1.8g (lenses also used), to invest in the amount of 29000 UAH, for schoolchildren, schools, kindergartens, occasionally weddings and walks?

  • anonym

    Hello. Help with the choice. Nikon D610 or Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro. I plan to take b / y. For family photography, and occasionally landscapes. Thank you in advance.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      S5 pro for advanced users. D610 for everyone, I recommend it.

  • anonym

    Hello. Is it worth taking a used mileage of 62000? Outwardly, the condition is very good, the owner says there were no problems with the device

    • Valery A.

      Good evening. Judging by your question, you are unlikely to shoot a thousand frames a day, which means that up to 150K is quite far. For an adequate amount,% 40-50 of the cost of the new 610, probably worth taking.

      • anonym

        570 $. I will take

        • Valery A.

          570? Perhaps, perhaps. For the same amount, I myself recently took a 600 with 80K mileage, with a matrix soiled with small dots. Having found out in advance that this defect is subject to a “lifetime warranty” from Nikon, he took it to the service - “we will change the shutter, but wait a month”. We are waiting.

          • kotofei


  • Jury

    Tell me how firmly the tripod socket on the D610 ???
    and then I bought a belt, it is attached to the socket, and somehow dumb !!!!!

  • kolodiazniy

    "Proof link" does not work.

  • Victoria

    Thank you very much for the site, I really hope for your advice.) Is it worth buying a used D610 with mileage 212 (!) At a price of 000% of the cost of a new camera, the owner claims that the shutter was replaced after 50. How reliable is this camera ?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Reliable, only that there is a piece of paper from the service center about the replacement

    • Pokemon

      This is a poor investment.
      Canon 6D and Nikon D610 / D750 have been released so many that it is not difficult to find a camera for reasonable money with less mileage.
      In general, the very size of the run hints that this, in fact, an amateur FF entry-level camera earned the owner money and not in the most simple conditions.
      I would not buy an amateur camera with this range. I think there is no problem to add $ 100 on top and buy a more adequate copy, which is more pleasant to pick up.

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