Nikon 135mm 1: 2 NIKKOR review

According provided by Nikon 135mm 1: 2 NIKKOR lens many thanks to Nikolai the Mad.

Nikon 135mm 1: 2 NIKKOR review

Nikon 135mm 1: 2 NIKKOR review

The Nikon 135mm 1: 2 NIKKOR is just a great old (non-autofocus) AI type lens. It's better not to write about him, but to go and shoot. The lens has just fabulous aperture and focal length parameters and, at the same time, produces a very good, usable picture. Nikon 135mm 1: 2 NIKKOR is 1 stop 'lighter' than its 135 / 2,8 class brothers (for example Nikon Nikkor 135mm 1: 2.8 or Nikon Nikkor-Q Auto 1: 2.8 f = 135mm).

View Nikon 135mm 1: 2 NIKKOR with MDF with extended hood

View Nikon 135mm 1: 2 NIKKOR with MDF with extended hood

Nikon 135mm F / 2 was produced in 3 modifications: Non AI (1975-77), AI (1977-81), AI-S (1981-2005). Optically, all three lenses are completely identical; they differ only in trifles in the frame of the case. My copy number is 178743, which means that I have one of the first versions of the lens in the review. My Nikon 135mm 1: 2 NIKKOR has been updated to the AI ​​version.

Nikon 135mm F2 NIKKOR aperture

Nikon 135mm F2 NIKKOR aperture

The focus ring is rubberized, rotates 270 degrees. Focusing is smooth, while the front lens does not rotate, only the trunk lengthens. MDF is 1.3 meters, which allows you to get an increase of 1: 7.5. Front lens 72mm diameter. Nowadays, it is believed that the diameter of Nikon professional lenses is 77mm, this is due to the convenience of the interchangeability of filters between professional-grade lenses. Nikon 135mm F / 2 has a small built-in telescopic hood, but I did not find much benefit from it. The lens hood does not hang, it is well fixed on the lens.

Enlightenment of the front and rear lens of the Nikon 135mm F2 NIKKOR lens

Enlightenment of the front and rear lens of the Nikon 135mm F2 NIKKOR lens

Nikon 135mm F / 2 has a focusing distance scale and a depth of field scale for F / 22, F / 16, F / 8. The aperture closes at least to f / 22. The number of diaphragm blades is 9. NIC enlightenment is used. Build at a high level. On the case you can find the inscription 'Lens Made in Japan'. The lens is heavy, weighing almost 900 grams. Such a large weight is due to the fact that thick, rather massive glasses are used in the optical scheme. The Nikon 135mm f / 2 originally came with a dedicated storage case.

Sample Photos

The Nikon 135mm f / 2 creates a 'squeezed' perspective and small depth of field ideal for portraits. The lens is sharp, even at f / 2.0 and around the edges of the frame. No distortion or coma, weak vignetting at F / 2.0. The lens suffers from freezing a little. Overall, the image is very good and the lens bokeh is excellent. How to use old lenses on modern SLR cameras is described in the section AI-S.

 The parameters shown in the photo gallery:
Everything is filmed on Nikon D700... Everything was filmed with the extended metal hood and protective filter Hoya 72mm UV Philippines. On-camera JPEG L ('optimal quality' compression). Filmed in Auto ISO mode, with shutter speed no longer than 1/125 second. Functions: vignetting control, ADL, noise reduction at long exposures, noise reduction at high ISOs were turned off. All shot in Picture Control mode SD (standard mode): contrast correction - 0, brightness - 0, saturation - 0, hue - 0, sharpness - position 5 between 0 and 9. Used white balance: 'Auto', 'Shadow' and 'Cloudy'. The size of the photos has been reduced to 1600 * 1065.

Two legendary lenses

Two legendary lenses

Personal experience:

The lens is very similar to its younger brother. Nikon 105mm 1: 1.8 Nikkor AI-S, but on the Nikon 135mm 1: 2 NIKKOR it turned out to be more convenient to focus, and the number of frames with successful focusing I got more. Nikon 135mm 1: 2 NIKKOR is a gorgeous high-aperture prime, there is a whole sea of ​​pleasure from such a lens. If you are looking for something like that, I advise you to look away. Nikon 180mm 1: 2.8 ED Nikkor and shorter and cheaper Nikon 105mm 1: 2.5 Nikkor. Nikon 135mm F / 2 makes sense to use even on Nikon DX cameras, on which EGF lens will be 202.5mm.

Nikon 135mm F2 NIKKOR lens on a film camera

Nikon 135mm F2 NIKKOR lens on a film camera

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As I wrote at the beginning of the review, you just need to take Nikon 135mm 1: 2 NIKKOR and shoot for your own pleasure. For users of old non-autofocus optics, such a lens should please.

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Comments: 46, on the topic: Review of Nikon 135mm 1: 2 NIKKOR

  • Max

    Ehh, to take and take it off, you first need to find it from someone, rarely anyone sells such glasses.

    • Andrei

      and his price is very biting)))

      • Igor_K

        They sell a good lens, but not this one, but an old 135 \ 2.8 "hood", which is also very good for its money, but "chromatite" on the open one is stronger than "Jupiter 37", although it draws softly and pleasantly. The same lens as in this review, if sold, is for completely different money. My friend from whom I could hardly beg this lens for “an hour to try”, said that he bought it at a flea market in the States for 250 “theirs hryvnia”, and was incredibly happy about that. In my opinion, one quick glance at the photo in this review is quite enough to understand what is the reason for his joy. And if you attach a lens to your camera, and just twist the focuser, then you immediately begin to understand the deep meaning of the saying: “Rejoicing in other people's successes, try not to grind your teeth!” (Joke). But seriously, the lens is simply amazing! Nikkor 80-200 \ 2.8 (IMHO) can give a similar picture, but there will be no such "noble pastel", and the dimensions, weight and price of the latter are far from being for the better.

  • Akio

    Excellent glass, thanks for the review and special thanks for the full-length portraits, which, in my opinion, give the most comprehensive picture of the lens! :)

  • Alexey

    I join the previous author regarding portraits - thanks for the review and good luck.

    • Lion

      I was very pleased to locate this web-site. I wanted to thanks for your time in this wonderful read !! I denfiitely enjoying every small bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post.

      • Onotole

        This is complete BS. You haven't read any single line out of this blog.

  • Max

    And for such an aperture there are not enough aperture blades, all the same, for such a top-end lens, they could have done more.

    • Max

      Or rounded at least

    • Farid

      By itself, the number of petals does not mean anything at all. Well, or not really, rather, as a general rule, the more petals, the better. But on this lens I did not notice any catastrophes with the image due to the aperture blades. There are at least four petals, if the drawing is beautiful.

  • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    Cyprid with glasses, in general a masterpiece.

  • Roman D

    Arkady, who is better optically? Nikkor 105 / 1.8 or Nikkor 135 / 2.0? A lot?

    “… Cheap Nikon 105mm 1: 2.5 Nikkor. It makes sense to use such a lens even on Nikon DX cameras, on which the lens EFR will be 202.5mm ”
    Logically incorrectly composed proposal. You mean 135 / 2.0

  • Paul

    Photos with children and pigeons are simply gorgeous, it's hard to tear yourself away from viewing!

  • Vasii

    Great review! Awesome lens! Slaughter chamber! Wonderful photos! The model in the photographs is simply indescribably beautiful! Review - 100 points!

    • Petro

      I completely agree, especially about the model - just a gorgeous girl!

      • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

        Fire Cypress

  • Andy

    Hello everybody. Yes, the possibility of spavdi super may is the same (with minus say the hood is short in the AI ​​version and the flu). As a rule, you can choose AI-s.
    I live in the United States, I sell it on ibey, at US prices I can deliver it to Ukraine and on it.
    Ale review your read and quick s ... the stink is super.

  • anonym

    Good afternoon, Arkady. Samyang Optics introduced the 135mm f / 2.0 ED UMC lens, I want to hear your opinion on this lens, especially if in comparison.

  • Max

    Hello. Tell ai with af dc are optically the same?

    • Vasilynet


  • Rus

    Tell me, what is the difference in the photo for the Nikon D800 between this version of the lens and the Nikon 135mm f / 2D AF DC-Nikkor?

    • Basil

      These are completely different lenses. I wrote well about the new stelmah and there is a strong remark by Fotika in the review about the aisy little foot. The bottom line is this: The new 135 dc-crazy rabbet because of what they simply can’t shoot in the sun, normal sharpness comes only after f4, it is intended exclusively for shooting in the studio. so for one and a half piece of green you have a conditionally working lens

      • Anatoly

        Vasily, do you personally have such a lens?

      • Nicholas

        I really "like" when people who did not hold anything in their hands and, on the basis of strangers or a la laboratory data, with a very important look, they pour crap on excellent things.
        - The new 135 dc - crazy fringing, which makes it simply impossible for them to shoot in the sun, normal sharpness comes only after f4, it is intended exclusively for shooting in the studio. so for one and a half pieces of greenery you have a conditionally working lens -
        I have this lens (135mm F / 2 DC D). One of my favorites.

      • Nicholas

        Orchid. Taken from the hands. IS0 100 F / 2 1/4000 Nikon D750

      • Nicholas

        Very strong sun. Christmas tree on the street. ISO 200 F / 2.8

  • Alexey

    Won at an auction for $ 300, very happy. Arkady, many thanks for the review !!!

  • Alexey

    Indeed, in your hands you feel a thing and not a piece of plastic. The author did not say that the lens has significant hoomatic oberration and some aperture software 2

  • Anatoly

    Please tell me, how is this lens with HA? Thanks!)

    • Alexey

      It is quite hard on f / 2, especially if you shoot on a sunny day
      at 2.8 everything is back to normal

      • Anatoly

        Thank you very much for responding. I have already purchased this lens in excellent condition. The price is pretty high, but worth it. I agree with you. In sunny weather, they are not entirely pleased to work. But, in the evening or in cloudy weather, he is pleasantly pleased. And on 2.0. Thanks again! More successful frames to you!

      • Anatoly

        Here is the first shot. I had to hide in the shade.

        • Alexey

          Great job! He conveys the volume remarkably, an interesting drawing from him.

    • Peter Sh.

      Do you want a 135mm f / 2 lens for a little money, and what would you not chromate?
      And the key to the apartment?

      • Anatoly

        Dear, you apparently inattentively read my post. Where did you see that I want it to not limp? I asked the opinions of colleagues. By the way, from $ 500 to $ 600 for a used one is not such a small price. Maybe this is not money for you? I'm sorry then.

        • Peter Sh.

          Perhaps I didn’t understand correctly, I apologize.

        • Peter Sh.

          I mean that they are all limping, to a greater or lesser extent. Any new Sigma may be less, but the price is appropriate.
          And only Samyang can be found cheaper, and then not by much. There is nothing else.

  • Arseniy

    I want to note that the lens is quite heavy. And this is a problem that I did not expect.
    It is necessary to focus very accurately and precisely, which requires a stable grip and “fine motor skills”. In this case, you need to keep this fool shed. In short, the 80-200 / 2.8 turned out to be much less stressful in terms of shooting. And the pictures that I did, one by one - I can no longer distinguish.
    On the screen - it's also hard, maybe you need to turn on the zoom, but for Nikon it lags + the camera is shaking.
    But with a tripod - a fairy tale.
    Such pies. If someone wants to buy this nyashka (27 wooden): id vk senecka1995.
    As soon as it leaves, I will unsubscribe - bye

  • Alexey

    And I like this lens. Yes, it is chromatite, yes, it is manual, but it is quite difficult to aim in the open ... but I really like its drawing, even on the D810.

  • Oleg

    Bought this glass in a new condition (in Japan). you pick up the code, it feels like it's just a masterpiece. the glass looks very nice, tactilely nice, the focus ring rotates so smoothly (it’s beyond words to say which buzz to twist it) that it’s very convenient. THIS IS IT! YES - glass is not quite cheap. THIS is a portraiture! and the front one, of course, you can shoot at least a horse, from 15 meters, but that’s not the right coat.
    MDF (according to the marking on the lens) 1.3 m and up to 2 meters very much need to be twisted, that is, the tip in this range is quite smooth, you can miss, of course, not without it. vanity such glasses do not like, so in a relaxed atmosphere do not miss.
    strongly advise.

  • Vladislav

    Please tell me is it manual? or he will focus on the D700, I did not understand. Thank you for the great review

    • B. R. P.

      Written at the beginning of the review - non-autofocus. While the D700 is a wonderful camera, it won't turn it into autofocus.

    • Valery A.

      Manual, on all FA.

      • M605BW

        Hello Valery! Do you happen to sell such a lens?

  • Dmitriy

    Accidentally stumbled upon him in a Moscow store. I bought it and was stunned, I carry a lot of it now. One problem, it's just wildly heavy.

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