Review Meike Speedlight MK900

According provided by Flash Meike Speedlight MK900 huge thanks to Alexander Borodayko.

Review Meike Speedlite MK900

Review Meike Speedlight MK900

Meike Speedlight MK900 is a clone of Nikon's native flashes SB-900 и SB-910. At first glance, I could not distinguish my SB-900 from Meike Speedlight MK900. If you start to look closely at the small differences in flares, then here they are:

  • У SB-900 there is a label for the button lock function, it looks like a barn lock. The Meike Speedlight MK900 does not have this feature, and the mark has been erased.
  • Various auxiliary inscriptions on the back of the flash, including the country of manufacture. SB-900: Made in Japan, Meike Speedlight MK900 - Made in China.
  • Different names.
  • In the on state, the flashes have a different color for the display backlight and a different menu that appears on the display.
  • The flashes can be very easily distinguished from each other by the case. The Meike Speedlight MK900 case is very simple, and the set does not include the color filters and the wide-angle diffuser that come with SB-900... I also noticed that the Meike Speedlight MK900 case is very similar to the case from the Chinese Yongnuo YN568EX flash. These Chinese flashcases are made of the same material and have the same 'crooked' seams.
  • Instead of a photosensitive receiver, which is responsible for aperture-priority auto, MK900 is just a plastic plug. The same plugs in place of mechanical triggers for reading color filters and a wide-angle diffuser.

The flashes in the hands are absolutely identical, which indicates good workmanship... But Meike MK900 does not have a flash head rotation lock button while SB-900 one of the large soft buttons on the 'temple' of the flash is responsible for fixing. I was pleasantly surprised by the genetic engineering capabilities of the Chinese. Hopefully in the future they will learn how to do Nikon D4 100 cu

As for the functionality of the Meike MK900, it is truncated compared to SB-900. Here are the main differences:

  1. Meike MK900 uses zoom from 18 to 180mm. SB-900 has a zoom of 17 to 200mm. Both flash units with a built-in diffuser use a zoom of 14mm.
  2. The major difference is lack of FP mode at the MK900. With a camera Nikon D700 you can shoot at shutter speeds no faster than 1/320. At 1/400, I got a dark shot. Although the flash display proudly lights up 'FP'. Nikon FP has been added to the new model - Meike Speedlight MK910.
  3. Meike MK900 there is a battery indicator. Nikon is lagging behind here; you still can’t find such useful trifles on its flashes.
  4. Meike MK900 has S1 mode similar SU-4 SB-900 and S2 modethat the SB-900 does not have. What do the modes S1 and S2 described In the review of Yongnuo Speedlite YN460-II.
  5. Meike MK900 doesn't have TTL + BL mode, A, GN.
  6. Meike MK900 in master mode cannot use itself in automatic mode... The Meike MK900 Commander Flash can either be off or in 'M' mode. The Meike MK900, like the SB-900, can control three groups of flash units using Nikon CLS. Setting groups and channels is implemented much worse than SB-900.
  7. Meike MK900 has another focus backlight module. In my opinion, much worse than SB-900.
  8. The battery cover on the Meike MK900 is more flimsy.
  9. The SB-900 has a very good menu that can be accessed by holding down the OK button. But the Meike MK900 instead of such a menu - some kind of incomprehensible 'trim' for 5 functions: Beep, manufacturing date information, SLEP, FLAH, FNOE.
  10. Meike Speedlight MK900 supports MD-SD8A / SD8A battery pack. Most likely the block is also copied from the original one.
  11. Outbreaks different guide number. On the box, the MK900 claims about 42m, while the SB-900 has 34m. In the instructions for flash power MK900 no word.
  12. MK900 weighs 405 grams, SB-900 - 415 grams.

My experience:

The flash works normally in TTL mode, the power is sufficient for any task. Controlling the main functions is very simple, similar to the SB-900, only with a different visualization on the display. But the control of additional functions is difficult due to the logic of the menu. I would never buy the MK900 due to the lack of FP mode. And for cameras that do not have FP mode by default, such a flash will be too bulky. The manual says 'Auto FP High Speed ​​Sync' (page 77) - cheating is not good. And the MK900 brazenly copied pictures from the SB-900 manual.

Meike flash prices are:
All prices on Meike


Meike Speedlight MK900 is an interesting clone of SB-900 and SB-910. The flash works well, but the MK900 lacks an important feature high speed sync.

Thank you for attention. Arkady Shapoval.

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  • Dmitriy

    Just yesterday I met an ad on the Network for the sale of NEW Nikon D4 for 1000 cu :-)))

    • Lynx

      link to the studio!

      • anonym

        Avito Yekaterinburg.

  • Denis

    The battery indicator on the native SB-900 is as needed, sometimes you shoot and you don’t see that the flash is already silent, and so 10-15 frames may be lost due to underexposure.
    Much has already been said and written about non-native outbreaks, but the same Chinese are great - they swung at such devices! They make mistakes when cloning, they don't finish something, but 5 points are brave for the Chinese! They learn quickly, correct mistakes and soon maybe D4 will master :)).
    And how nice it would be to have Made in Russia, Ukraine on a D4 camera or on a flash ... In the meantime, our destiny is to discuss what others have done and are beyond our power.

    • vlad

      all of ours can make current did not drive on this topic for some reason. Our technologies are also very current so far for military purposes mainly.


    I saw a clone of a Sony camcorder with a tiny phone lens. We do not need a similar D4!
    The Chinese, of course, are good fellows, but in almost every “branded” thing they have an unpleasant aftertaste sewn up. the cheap price does not save him ...

  • nukemall

    This is not a clone, this is a “look-alike”. It looks similar but is arranged completely differently, much cheaper.
    "Clones" are found mainly among computer technology, since the electronic part is often made according to the “reference design” proposed by the chip manufacturer, and it is not difficult to order any case.

  • And

    Newbie, eyeing an external flash, specially looked at the prices for the ibee - $ 146 for this model, and $ 449 for the SB-900. I refrain from buying for one reason - the Chinese have a lot of marriage (judging by the reviews on the forums).

  • Sergey S.

    And I'm just interested in the case ... Vandals in my native 900ke broke my shoe and the back part ... and the originals cost exorbitant money ... maybe these will do?

  • Natalka

    Good day. Is it possible to use this flash or the 3100 model on the Nikon D930, if so, in which mode. if not, can you recommend a budget flash on my camera. Thank you in advance

  • Oleg1601

    I join Natalka's previous question regarding the use of this flash, or 3100th model, with the D950.

  • Vladimir

    On ebay, I saw the Meike Speedlite MK910 seem to have done high-speed synchronization. Have you no plans for a review? And there is also an interesting Flash Triopo TR-982. But I haven’t found any reviews and reviews on them anywhere. And Nikon is still a little expensive for me

    • vlad

      They met on aliexpress and the prices are not very big

  • Eugene

    Hello, how is your MK900 doing? works yet? I just want to buy the MK910 / there are no reviews on it. not even reviews of their breakdowns. how reliable they are. and then Triopo 981 for 102 bucks is also with FP and an analogue of sb 910. I also can’t find any recommendations about work. it breaks, does not break.

    • Sashko

      That same campaign two rocky yuzayu and any surprises did not vilazi. Chekav himself, but not too long ... .alle tenacious appeared.

  • Jury

    Arkady, it would be nice to review the new Meike Speedlite MK910, which Vladimir wrote about in a post above ...
    Not foreseen? ...

  • Eugene

    to the author of this blog anyway. does not even unsubscribe, not to mention the fact that reviews would be done

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Send, I will do a review :)

      • Eugene

        How is your MK900 doing? working yet? not broken? the company is not clear

  • Vladimir

    I didn’t wait for the review. I ordered it for “Ali” and just came back. I haven’t figured it out yet, but the build quality is good, the built-in flash lights up, FP mode works correctly (paired with Nikon D7100)

    • Oleg

      Vladimir, and what comes to her in the kit?
      And what are her characteristics?
      Thank you.

      • anonym

        Oleg, nothing special. Flash, case and stand for her, instructions in Chinese and English.

        • Igor

          Have you ever met the translation of instructions anywhere, otherwise I have the same equipment?

  • Vladimir

    The previous comment has not been completed .... this is me about Meike MK910


    I also have d7100, I somehow don't want to spend 500 American rubles on my own! I looked at ali analogs 910 ... People tell me who bought what ??? What is worth taking! ???

    • Alex

      D7100 and D5100 differences in nachika is not enough. I am using the Triopo TR-586 EX. and I have 2 such davays. One of them has a Master mode. Since I have no way to compare with my family, I will say this, in all operating modes the device showed not bad results. But with the Master, I have not figured it out yet.

  • Sergei

    I also ordered the 910th, today I arrived. Since there weren’t any outbreaks before this, I still really can’t figure it out. But in TTL it works. Finally, I can take pictures without shadows in the background)))). Arkady, if it’s not difficult, could you go over the menu of at least the 900th, otherwise I don’t understand anything (((

    • Sergei

      And I completely forgot to say, now my D200 has become unbearable in a trio with 35-70mm f2.8 and mk910 (((

    • Sergei

      but everything is in the instructions, only sorry in English

      • Raised

        Since the manual for the MK-910 is only in English, I am studying the manual for the SB-910. Learning the basics. Unsubscribe for MK-910, you just need to work with her.

  • Sergei

    Regarding the MK-910, high-speed synchronization really is and works correctly. At maximum power, 1/1 gives 12 puffs before overheating (lit with a button on the puff immediately after charging, that is, every 3 seconds), I did not manage to turn off the protection like a boring sound, after overheating it does not work, the puff is charged for 3 seconds on power 1/1, with 1/16 manages to puff in bursts of 5 frames. (I used 2700mAh batteries. The kit comes with a cover that weighs on a belt, it’s very convenient. In Remote mode (as a slave) it also works well, it comes with a stand that also mounts on a tripod. In Master mode, there is no way to check ((. If anyone wants to ask, ask, I will answer as much as I can.

    • Oleg

      Sergey, tell me, is there a center-weighted, even and standard lighting template in it like on Nikon's 910? Thank you in advance.

      • Sergei

        There is no such thing

  • ioanych

    A question. If it is lapped with Sb-910 (I mean the case), then should Nikon-diffuser accessories come up to it, etc.?

    • Sergei

      Yes same

  • Anatoly

    Tell me who has the MK-900 or MK-910, how does your head spin? Same as the SB-900 or 270 degrees?

  • Wrath

    Skajute pojalyista, esli mk900 bydet rabotat s d5100 i na avtomate. i eshe, ya polzyus 50 mm, esli etoi vspushki bydet hvatat na 4-5-6 metrov o ob'ekta?

    • Alik

      At 6 meters it is definitely enough. Just a larger zoom and fired.

  • anonym

    after replacing the lamp on the meike mk 900, it doesn’t often start working. Could this be the reason for the non-original lamp? If so, why?

    • Paul

      Which lamp was replaced?

  • Alexander

    Good day. I recently bought a Meike 950 for Nikon on Ali. At first he was pleased, like an elephant. Many modes, TTL and so on. And then I discovered a PROBLEM. it is a PROBLEM. Nikon d5100 carcass, Yongnuo 50 / 1.8, Nikon 55-300, Nikon 18-55 lenses. Without an external flash (as well as using the built-in flash), autofocus at the center point hits accurately on all lenses, at any focal length and at any distance to the subject.
    As soon as I mount the external flash on the camera - NOT ONE shot is in focus. The flash has an autofocus illumination and this (laser-red grid) is "displaced" slightly to the left / up from the center of the shot.
    In general, I was upset ...
    read the forums. the problem is described there. solution, alas, was not found.
    Maybe someone from the local members of the forum will tell you what. “Bring it to the service” is not an option ...

    • Alexander

      clarification: this problem only occurs when the flash is connected via a hot shoe on the camera.

  • Evgey

    I want to say a few words about the MK-900 ... The flash is more than ... made surprisingly very well ... It worked without any complaints for exactly one year ... Now the lamp and the IGBT have burned out ... Although for my money ... it paid for itself long ago ... By the way ... there is SB in stock -700 ... surprisingly it has been working for 8 (eight!) Years ... and there are no signs of dying ... That's worth thinking ... or buying a Chinese one every year ... or the original.

  • Serge

    Good day ladies and gentlemen. I have been using this flash for more than a year, everything is working stably, I am very pleased with it and therefore I want to buy another such flash. Here the question is brewing - in order to remotely control two flashes, I still need to buy a transmitter and two receivers ???? Or one GT 600 will be enough ???? Using Nikon D750 camera

  • Ivan

    One of the best flashes that went through my hands in the last few years

    Meike Speedlight MK900

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