Review Meike Speedlight MK900

According provided by Flash Meike Speedlight MK900 huge thanks to Alexander Borodayko.

Review Meike Speedlite MK900

Review Meike Speedlight MK900

Meike Speedlight MK900 is a clone of Nikon's native flashes SB-900 и SB-910. At first glance, I could not distinguish my SB-900 from Meike Speedlight MK900. If you start to look closely at the small differences in flares, then here they are:

  • У SB-900 there is a label for the button lock function, it looks like a barn lock. The Meike Speedlight MK900 does not have this feature, and the mark has been erased.
  • Various auxiliary inscriptions on the back of the flash, including the country of manufacture. SB-900: Made in Japan, Meike Speedlight MK900 - Made in China.
  • Different names.
  • In the on state, the flashes have a different color for the display backlight and a different menu that appears on the display.
  • The flashes can be very easily distinguished from each other by the case. The Meike Speedlight MK900 case is very simple, and the set does not include the color filters and the wide-angle diffuser that come with SB-900... I also noticed that the Meike Speedlight MK900 case is very similar to the case from the Chinese Yongnuo YN568EX flash. These Chinese flashcases are made of the same material and have the same 'crooked' seams.
  • Instead of a photosensitive receiver, which is responsible for aperture-priority auto, MK900 is just a plastic plug. The same plugs in place of mechanical triggers for reading color filters and a wide-angle diffuser.

The flashes in the hands are absolutely identical, which indicates good workmanship... But Meike MK900 does not have a flash head rotation lock button while SB-900 one of the large soft buttons on the 'temple' of the flash is responsible for fixing. I was pleasantly surprised by the genetic engineering capabilities of the Chinese. Hopefully in the future they will learn how to do Nikon D4 100 cu

As for the functionality of the Meike MK900, it is truncated compared to SB-900. Here are the main differences:

  1. Meike MK900 uses zoom from 18 to 180mm. SB-900 has a zoom of 17 to 200mm. Both flash units with a built-in diffuser use a zoom of 14mm.
  2. The major difference is lack of FP mode at the MK900. With a camera Nikon D700 you can shoot at shutter speeds no faster than 1/320. At 1/400, I got a dark shot. Although the flash display proudly lights up 'FP'. Nikon FP has been added to the new model - Meike Speedlight MK910.
  3. Meike MK900 there is a battery indicator. Nikon is lagging behind here; you still can’t find such useful trifles on its flashes.
  4. Meike MK900 has S1 mode similar SU-4 SB-900 and S2 modethat the SB-900 does not have. What do the modes S1 and S2 described In the review of Yongnuo Speedlite YN460-II.
  5. Meike MK900 doesn't have TTL + BL mode, A,GN.
  6. Meike MK900 in master mode cannot use itself in automatic mode... The Meike MK900 Commander Flash can either be off or in 'M' mode. The Meike MK900, like the SB-900, can control three groups of flash units using Nikon CLS. Setting groups and channels is implemented much worse than SB-900.
  7. Meike MK900 has another focus backlight module. In my opinion, much worse than SB-900.
  8. The battery cover on the Meike MK900 is more flimsy.
  9. The SB-900 has a very good menu that can be accessed by holding down the OK button. But the Meike MK900 instead of such a menu - some kind of incomprehensible 'trim' for 5 functions: Beep, manufacturing date information, SLEP, FLAH, FNOE.
  10. Meike Speedlight MK900 supports MD-SD8A / SD8A battery pack. Most likely the block is also copied from the original one.
  11. Outbreaks different guide number. On the box, the MK900 claims about 42m, while the SB-900 has 34m. In the instructions for flash power MK900 no word.
  12. MK900 weighs 405 grams, SB-900 - 415 grams.

My experience:

The flash works normally in TTL mode, the power is sufficient for any task. Controlling the main functions is very simple, similar to the SB-900, only with a different visualization on the display. But the control of additional functions is difficult due to the logic of the menu. I would never buy the MK900 due to the lack of FP mode. And for cameras that do not have FP mode by default, such a flash will be too bulky. The manual says 'Auto FP High Speed ​​Sync' (page 77) - cheating is not good. And the MK900 brazenly copied pictures from the SB-900 manual.

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Meike Speedlight MK900 is an interesting clone of SB-900 and SB-910. The flash works well, but the MK900 lacks an important feature high speed sync.

Thank you for attention. Arkady Shapoval.

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  • Jury

    Yes, and that's why I myself prefer just such flashes where everything is available.
    Battery indicator on the native SB-900 oh, how you need it, sometimes you shoot and you don't see that the flash is already silent, and so 10-15 frames can be lost due to underexposure
    I have been photographing for a long time. And I probably had a couple of dozen flashes all the time. Even as a child, I don't even remember the name of my first flash for Smena 8, I realized that flash is important and sometimes very important. Now, of course, you can choose what you want to your taste. But of course, I have been shooting a little lately. I've been working in an online service for a couple of years and the work takes all the time. The weekend is also not always possible to get out. But there are a couple of photo collections, black and white. I will not post it on display

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