Nissin MG8000 Extreme for Nikon review with Nissin PS300 battery pack

According provided by Nissin MG8000 Extreme flash for Nikon and Nissin PS300 battery pack many thanks to Nikolai Mad.

Review Nissin MG8000 Extreme

Review Nissin MG8000 Extreme

I have a version for Nikon cameras in my review, so I will compare and call all the flash functions with my native Nikon names. Get it straight, the Nissin MG8000 Extreme is powerful external flash. The flash has all the necessary modes and settings:

  1. The flash supports FP high-speed sync mode, you can shoot even at shutter speeds of 1 / 8,000 seconds.
  2. Of course, the flash has a TTL mode. Automation works well. There is also a mode aperture-priority auto, manual mode and strobe mode.
  3. The flash can control other external flashes using the system. Nikon CLS... In 'Master' mode, the flash can control 3 groups of flashes. Nissin MG8000 works fine in 'Remote' slave mode.
  4. The Nissin MG8000 has an additional flash that is located just above the 'Nissin Digital' lettering. The flash output is manually set. The auxiliary flash does not fire when the flash head is facing straight ahead. Also, the optional flash does not work in FP mode. This is a very interesting feature of the Nissin MG8000 - with an additional flash, you can take more interesting pictures when playing with light in different ways. For example, the main flash can work 'from the ceiling', and a small auxiliary flash can also provide illumination 'head-on'. They write that an additional flash is useful when working in a backlight.
  5. The flash has a small zoom - from 24 to 105mm.
  6. There is a backlight auto focus.
  7. The flash is powered by 4 batteries, which are inserted into the flash using a battery holder. In fact, it turned out that changing the batteries when using such a holder is both more difficult and longer in time than using a conventional battery compartment, for example, in SB-700.
  8. The very good news is the fact that the flash can be powered by an additional power source - a Nissin PS300 battery pack or from a native 'Nikon SD-8' and 'Nikon SD-9' battery pack.
  9. The Nissin MG8000 has a small color display for menus. All controls are arranged with a single joystick (5 buttons in total - left, right, up, down and 'Set' buttons). The menu is small. The flash has a built-in accelerometer, when you turn the flash, the menu also rotates 90 degrees.
  10. The flash has an on / off button, a 'Pilot' test release button (aka ready indicator), a USB connector for new firmware and an output for synchronizing with studio flashes (X-terminal).
  11. But there is no button for fixing the rotation of the head. The head itself rotates 90 degrees to the left and 180 degrees to the right (a total of 270 degrees).
  12. It is stated that the flash uses a special quartz tube (quartz tube). I don’t see anything special about this.
Here's a flash display

Here's a flash display

The most interesting thing is the flagship Nikon SB-910 costs slightly cheaper than the Nissin MG8000 Extreme:
All Nissin MG8000 prices

Nissin PS300 Battery Pack

Butblock is a very useful thing. The Nissin PS300 is large and heavy. The battery itself takes up little space, the battery capacity is 3300mAh, 7.2V. The batblock has two power outputs, i.e. 2 flashes can be used simultaneously. To recharge the battery, you must first disconnect it from the battery pack, this causes unnecessary inconvenience. The battery itself in the unit is not fixed in any way, it is prevented from falling out only by the fact that the unit itself is placed in a special case. The flash is connected to the unit using a special cable. When using the Nissin PS300 battery pack, batteries must be installed inside the Nissin MG8000 flash unit. The batblock in your own wardrobe trunk can be worn with a shoulder strap, or worn on a belt. I really liked the wardrobe trunk, it looks solid, it looks like a walkie-talkie for military personnel. Nissin PS300 has 4 operating modes - OFF, Low, Medium, High. When recharging, the unit emits a special alert signal. Such a kit weighs a little less than 1 kg. The instructions indicate that the batblock can provide 300 pulses at maximum power.

Nissian PS300 Battery Pack

Nissian PS300 Battery Pack. The flash is connected via cable.

Personal experience:

In the flash, I didn't like the plastic squeaky buttons and display brakes when setting up the menus. There is no instruction in Russian. I was surprised how a Nissin MG8000 can cost more than a native SB-910 and at the same time have two times smaller zoom (105 vs 200mm, 10mm vs 24mm), twice as long the recharge time and at the same time have neither a built-in wide-angle diffuser, no reflector card, nor a quick latch-lock. The last moment is damn important when you shoot for days on end. But the flashcase for flash is perfectly copied from Nikon SB-900... I am also confused by the inscription 'Nissin.Japan made in China'. In terms of external flash I remain committed to the idea that to work in automatic TTL modes when using the flash on the camera, you need to buy only native Nikon, Canon flash. When shooting, the flash often more important than camera and lens, because the flash is not worth saving. Wherein ergonomics SB-900, SB-910 many times better than Nissin MG8000. Just a few minutes to dig into the menu of these flashes to immediately understand who to give preference. Personally, I never pay attention to the leading number, as huge power external flash when used on a camera, they are very, very rare. Actually, because I just can not recommend Nissin MG8000.


Nissin MG8000 Extreme is a powerful flash unit that can control other flash units and work as a slave. The Nissin MG8000 supports the optional Nissin PS300 buttlock, which can be useful for professional photographers. But in terms of convenience in handling the flash, there are drawbacks. In most cases, I would recommend using Native flash Nikon.

Arkady Shapoval.

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  • Igor

    Interesting puff, but the price is just stupid. When buying non-native accessories, the whole point is that they are cheaper, otherwise why take them? Even if it cost 2500, then everything is too early there and up to 910 is not far, but the Chinese have taken a good position at the price. Last week I clicked a friend's Yongnuo YN-568EX for a funny 1500 - a very good option. Compared to my SB-700, it charges even faster. I tried it on the same batteries - the difference is 0.5-1 seconds in recharge, I took 3-5 frames in a row.

    The Chinese have recently raised the quality noticeably, TTL works the same way as in their own.

    • NE

      The meaning of non-native accessories is not in the price tag.

      • Valery A.

        What else?

  • Denis

    Native (especially top-end) flashes have so many degrees of freedom in terms of the ability to control the light, that it is difficult to even imagine such conditions where they are "not enough". The only thing that upsets me a little, even in the native top-end flashes with intensive shooting, thermal protection quickly works. Yes, it can be turned off in Nikon SB-900, but common sense (and thoughts about the cost of the device) still does not allow us to go too far :).

  • vitalik

    Dissno is even more expensive, but not for a native patch. Without taking bi, I have such a flash ...
    I'm vibrating between Metz 44 AF-1 and Nissin SPEEDLITE Di622 Mark II.
    Well, there is clearly not the price)

    PS Vibrate Metz

    • Tatyana

      I have the same flash, I bought it in Poland, where I could find instructions in Russian ... Good people, help)))

      • Tatyana

        And if Arkady wrote a review, it would be super) Arkady, thank you for this blog!

      • Gosh.

        I downloaded it from the internet. Type in the manual ... and the name of the flash.

      • Eugene

        It so happened that my SB900 flew ... a lamp, and I had to look for a replacement, while she went to Moscow for repairs, I took this miracle called Nissin MG8000 ... ... Honestly, I'm not disappointed, you get used to it quickly enough, by the way I downloaded the instruction in Russian from Nissina 60 in my opinion ... .. one to one, everything is very simple, by the way I really liked the little puff, it works so well, in general, the Japanese are great, I can't say about the Chinese ... .. I hate their puffs, you will never understand what to expect from them, there is only one strong side ... this is the price, nothing else, however, as always ... .. The point is that I earn from photographs, so I am not indifferent to fmrma - make, the Japanese are reliability, I really liked the nissin, I am not going to to get rid of, although there are already 2 native nine hundred .... in general, if you took it, then I do not advise you to get rid of, a serious machine ...

  • ZLoy_sok

    The meaning of this flash and its difference from another model of this company nissin di866 is that it must withstand work at full power, often and accordingly with strong heating of the working part. It is difficult to judge how much the developers managed to do this, I would like to see the reviews of those who tried to “grind it tirelessly” on the report in comparison with the Native Nikon flashes.

    As far as nissin di866 flashes are concerned, in my opinion they are worth the money. Want even better work, pay extra for relatives.))

    • Oleg Belikov

      Here's an example of a comparison test with the Canon 600EX-RT. Starting from 40 puffs in a row, Kenon bent, Nissin continues as if nothing had happened. So much for “nothing special” about a quartz lamp.

  • Sergei

    Good afternoon, can someone tell me, I bought a younger brother
    Nissin Di622 MARK II ,, this flash seems to have fp, BUT on my d80 I turned on fp set the shutter speed to 1/300 or 1/2000 and a band appears on the floor of the frame, or even the whole frame, can someone help with advice , I will be grateful

    • Lynx

      Yes. Do not set shutter speeds greater than 1/200.

    • Boris

      Nissin di622 markII does not have high-speed FP synchronization.

      • anonym

        Yes, you’re right, I climbed the forums, it’s really so, although I don’t understand why he then gives an excerpt of more than 1 \ 200, so the bastard misinformed me)

  • Michael

    unlike the boot with nikon, this flash does not have high-speed synchronization and starts to make mistakes when the head position is different from the standard frontal one, given these nuances + price + manufacturer’s default about its incomplete functionality to Nikon owners to buy this conditionally i-TTL flash (as in the forehead rarely breathe) I consider it an extremely irrational act

  • Igor

    My SB-900 could not stand the hard work. Took the Nissin MG8000. Fully paid off. It only needs to adapt to it. And it does not heat up at all.

  • Pacman

    You also get advanced wireless TTL options for configuring the MG8000 as a slave flash, or incorporating it into a group of flashguns.

  • TSS

    Hello! I used and have several Nikon flashes, as well as several cameras and everything else. In the film era, he owned almost all flash models. No complaints, or rather not. I think the 16th and 26th are the best. But with the advent of the digital era, I had to try and flashes created for modern cameras. In order not to bore the reader, the conclusion is simple. Native Nikon flashes die during intensive work and do not reach the reliability of the subject studied in this review. Fresnel lens burns out, bulbs burn out, general overheating, etc. Nissin 8000 wanted to sneeze on the number of pulses in a short time. It has been working for two years now, sometimes in such a mode that at first I was a little afraid. Then I got used to it and I think to take another in reserve. Or something from the same company. So only Metz 60 CT4 works for me, from the 85th year and nothing. I consider the battery pack an uncomfortable attribute. I tried twenty years ago. And now you just need to use modern 1,6v batteries, and not the snotty ones that are sold in bread shops and in supermarkets. The author hinted at the difficulty of changing the batteries. Everything is simple. You just need to buy an additional few cassettes, charge them before shooting and you will be happy. Once Nikon also made similar cassettes in flashes. There is no reflector card. Nonsense. To mess around, pulling her out of the blitz is uncomfortable and disgusting. Forever she is confused with the diffuser. A matte cap is put on Nissin and you will have one more happiness. Price complaints are untenable. Reliability must be paid for. I used to carry a spare blitz with me, now only on trips, and even then not always. Talk about the taste of oysters by tasting them and preferably repeatedly. The flash is just wonderful.
    Post scr. I should not answer. I do not enter into polemics, and my article is addressed to those abnormal ones who acquire photographic equipment, primarily for the sake of work and pleasure. Thanks to the author of the reviews, because before purchasing the next photo subject, I read everything. It helps.
    Regards, TSS.

  • Oleg

    I'm using a Nissin MG8000 Extreme for Nikon with a Nissin PS300 battery pack
    There was a problem synchronizing the MG-8000 with the camera (Nikon 7000, Nikon 7200)
    at least on the camera, at least on the radio control puff in M ​​mode loses synchronization. updated the firmware. the problem remains ... (I try to treat it by switching to strobo mode, and then in M. it turns out for several frames, and then again the same buzz) and I don't know how to deal with it.

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