Review Weltblick 1: 3.5 f = 135mm

Weltblick 1: 3.5 f = 135mm lens for viewing has provided Chmuzh Leo.

Review Weltblick 1: 3.5 f = 135mm

Review Weltblick 1: 3.5 f = 135mm

Weltblick is a little-known German brand. There are just a few Weltblick lenses. Weltblick 1: 3.5 f = 135mm from this review is interesting in having 15 blade aperture.

Enlightenment of the front Weltblick 1: 3.5 f = 135mm lens and the appearance of the aperture blades

Enlightenment of the front Weltblick 1: 3.5 f = 135mm lens and the appearance of the aperture blades

On the body of my lens there is an inscription 'Lens made in Japan', but I do not know for sure the specific manufacturer Weltblick 135 / 3.5. The lens is completely metal, well assembled. My copy consists of two lens units. The front part can be easily unscrewed, behind it is the diaphragm device. Most likely, the lens has a Sonnar-type optical scheme, since the front lens unit is massive, and the second unit consists of only one single lens.

Weltblick 1: 3.5 f = 135mm Twisted Front Lens Unit

Twisted front lens block Weltblick 1: 3.5 f = 135mm. The second lens unit is far beyond the diaphragm.

The focus ring rotates 270 degrees, while the front lens does not rotate, and the trunk of the lens lengthens by 2-3 cm. MDF is 1.5 meters. The lens has an aperture setting and preset ring. Using the preset ring, you can set any intermediate value between F / 3.5-F / 22. The diameter of the front filter is non-standard, at 46mm.

ZK view

ZK view

Sample photos:

The lens showed not the best image quality, and aperture F / 3.5 is not very happy. Small aperture implies that in other respects the lens should be good. In fact, the Weltblick 135 / 3.5 has a weak sharpness and contrast. The lens does not do well with backlight. The only serious advantage is a good bokeh. Perhaps I did not get the best copy.

How to use old lenses with a landing M42 thread on modern Nikon cameras read here, and on Canon here... The Weltblick 1: 3.5 f = 135mm has a kind of interchangeable shank like Soviet 'A' type lenses. I could not check, since the three mounting screws are very small, and it was not possible to unscrew them.

The parameters of the photo in the review:

All shot on Canon EOS 350D. On-camera JPEG L, high quality. Noise reduction at slow shutter speeds was turned off. Parameters: contrast correction - 0, sharpness - 0, saturation - 0, tone color - 0. Used white balance: 'Auto', 'Daylight', 'Shadow'. Photos have been scaled down to 1620px by 1080px (roughly 2MP) using FastStone Photo Resizer 3.0, and data from EXIF. When reducing the size of the photos, quality equal to 85% of the original was used, the compression method was Lanczos3.

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The Weltblick 1: 3.5 f = 135mm is not the best option for the 135mm manual focus fixture. Soviet Jupiter-37A is much better.

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Comments: 11, on the topic: Weltblick 1 review: 3.5 f = 135mm

  • Sergei

    Hello Arkady!
    Thank you for the invaluable information from your site. Maybe you know why low contrast on old lenses, is enlightenment the only thing? Maybe in the glass? Are contrast and clarity related? Thanks.

    • Novel

      Also in blackening the ends and insides of the lens. Sometimes it is enough to disassemble some Helios and cover all the edges of the lenses with a black marker, as the contrast of the lens increases sharply. Someone even conducted an experiment and smoked not only the side ends, but also the part of the surface adjacent to them - the picture became even more interesting.

      Contrast and sharpness are not optically related. There are sharp, but low contrast lenses. But visually it is worth raising the contrast of the image, as it seems to us that it is becoming sharper.

      • tot64

        Kontrast i rezkost - odno i tosche jawlenie.Ishodja iz ustroistwa chelowecheskogo organizma ...

  • Petro

    I feel like the problem is that the front lens is spinning. To that and the sharpness of the rotten ...

  • Serg79

    Arkady, did you encounter the problem of the radioactivity of old lenses?
    as clear from the article, this is due to the use of radioactive materials in the manufacture of lenses until the 80s of the last century. thanks.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      I met, in my review there was a couple of luminous lenses.

  • Alexander

    Guys, a test was conducted somewhere, in my opinion, even a person wrote in the comments on this site, the background is so small that it makes no sense to pay attention to it, most of you live in Ukraine, everyone knows what happened in 1986, so here there was such an outburst that you still have a lot of things in the same aisles, I’m from Latvia myself, the distance to Chernobyl is not much greater than yours, the rest, I went to first grade at that time, I got then my charge is such that I stick a fonning lens to me and having lived with it for 20 years, I’m not even a hundredth of that dose I get this problem, it’s just been blown up by people who want sensations, and plus, we live in the age of technology, we all use cars, mobile phones, the world around us is constantly filled with all kinds of radiation, we breathe in such muck that a person who lived at the beginning of 19- century, if you were now in our time, you would not have lived a day, he would have simply been poisoned by the air that we breathe with you every day, so it’s definitely not worth paying attention to such trifles, if anyone is interested, read about what harm we do when we talk on a mobile phone, and you forget about the phoning lens, thanks for watching

    • Serg79

      You do not really understand what the conversation is about. where do your mobile phones come from? where does your other nasty thing?

      the problem is extremely simple.
      radioactive lenses are alpha radiation.
      these are health problems (when dialing a dose) and guaranteed problems at the airport - the lenses will glow at the control. and you will prove that transporting radioactive objects to the country is not scary against the background of your mobile phone :)

      • zx-spectrum

        It looks like the very word radiation scares you. Then I have bad news for you - it's everywhere. As for the lenses, I have a mamiya / sekor lens that has a background.
        Here is the video where it is shown
        But this background is too small to take a dose that is hazardous to health, and at least you cannot get any dose with it. This radiation was not noticed at the airports of Simferopol and Domodedovo (there and back).

    • Serg79

      “Read about the harm we inflict on ourselves by talking on a cell phone”

      - I recommend starting with physics textbooks - a school course. then you can start studying the specifics of mobile phones, operating modes, when what power is turned on, types of radiation from a mobile phone and their difference from alpha particles with radioactivity.
      Well, then try to compare :)

      • Alexander

        Thank you, Sergey

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