Review of Nikon AF Nikkor 28-85mm 1: 3.5-4.5 (MKI)

Nikon AF Nikkor 28-85mm 1: 3.5-4.5 (MK I) lens for review has provided Boris V.

Review Nikon AF Nikkor 28-85mm 1: 3.5-4.5

Review Nikon AF Nikkor 28-85mm 1: 3.5-4.5

Nikon AF Nikkor 28-85mm 1: 3.5-4.5 (MKI) - nice old universal lens for full-frame cameras. The lens was originally designed for film cameras. Due to the fact that it has a special macro mode, the prefix 'Macro' is often added to its name. The Nikon AF Nikkor 28-85mm f / 3.5-4.5 is the very first autofocus zoom lens from Nikon that can use a focal length range from 28mm. The lens has an optical design from its predecessor Nikon Zoom-Nikkor 28-85mm 1: 3.5-4.5 with manual focus.

Color rendering Nikon AF Nikkor 28-85mm 1: 3.5-4.5

Color rendering :) Nikon AF Nikkor 28-85mm 1: 3.5-4.5

Please note that I exist two versions of Nikon AF Nikkor 28-85mm 1: 3.5-4.5. First version MKI produced from 1986 to 1990, version MKII produced from 1991 to 1999. You will find differences between them in the review. Nikon AF Nikkor 28-85mm 1: 3.5-4.5 (MKII).

Nikon AF 28-85mm F / 3.5-4.5 in macro mode

Nikon AF 28-85mm F / 3.5-4.5 in macro mode

Despite the fact that my copy is at least 23 years old, it works wonderfully on my Nikon D700. In its optical scheme, consisting of 15 elements in 11 groups, the lens does not have special items. Nikon AF 28-85mm F / 3.5-4.5 assembled in japan, I have no complaints about the workmanship. The lens is heavy, weighing over 500 grams. Almost all old 'old school' AF Nikkor lenses are very reliable workhorses. At the time of their assembly, it was believed that the lens is a real product of the highest achievements of science, and not 'whale plastic'.

Nikon AF lens transfer Nikkor 28-85mm 1: 3.5-4.5

Lens Cat Transfer :) Nikon AF Nikkor 28-85mm 1: 3.5-4.5

I was very surprised by the smooth zoom ring, the ring is rubberized and rotates very, very smoothly. The zoom ring on this Nikon AF Nikkor 28-85mm F / 3.5-4.5 I like much more than on my Nikon AF NIKKOR 28-105mm 1: 3.5-4.5D... But here's what's strange - at 85mm focal length the lens trunk is hidden, and at 28mm focal length the lens trunk has a maximum length - the opposite is true compared to other lenses. The lens trunk consists of one section, and when zooming, the front lens does not rotate - this property is often not enough for me for Nikon AF NIKKOR 28-105mm 1: 3.5-4.5D... During the change of focal length, the rear lens moves, but the effect of “vacuum cleaner” from its movement is insignificant. In general, the lens is very similar to Nikon AF Nikkor 35-105mm 1: 3.5-4.5.

Enlightenment of the front and rear lenses

Enlightenment of the front and rear lenses

The focusing speed of the lens is above average. When focusing front lens rotates... The focusing ring is plastic and rotates 90 degrees. Focusing is slightly slower at 28mm than at 85mm. The minimum focusing distance at 85mm is 80 cm. In macro mode, at 28 mm focal length, the MDF is 23 cm, while you can shoot macro with a magnification of 1: 3.4. It is very strange and not very convenient to use the macro mode at 28 mm focal length.

To switch to macro mode, you need to set the focal length to 28 mm, press the release button with the letter 'M' and rotate the zoom ring towards 28 mm. Attention: in macro mode, automatic focusing does not work, and even worse, for manual focusing, you have to switch the focus mode selection lever on the camera. This is quite inconvenient.

Macro mode

Macro mode at open aperture

The lens has a focus distance scale in meters and feet, and there are two infrared shift indicators for 28 and 50 mm. But there is no depth of field scale. The lens has a slightly enlarged aperture, in comparison with other station wagons of the class F / 3.5-5.6. In fact, F / 4.5 is 1.55 times larger than F / 5.6. The aperture has 7 blades and closes to F / 22 @ 28mm and F / 29 @ 85mm. The diameter of the front filter is standard, equal to 62 mm.

Nikon AF Nikkor 28-85mm 1: 3.5-4.5 and Nikon AF Nikkor 28-105mm 1: 3.5-4.5D

Nikon AF Nikkor 28-85mm 1: 3.5-4.5 and Nikon AF Nikkor 28-105mm 1: 3.5-4.5D

Features Nikon AF Nikkor 28-85mm 1: 3.5-4.5 (MKI) to work with various Nikon cameras

It's important: auto focus with this lens is available only when using him on cameras with built-in motor focusing.

Exact list Nikon DSLR cameras with a built-in focus motor, on which this lens will focus automatically:

Exact list Nikon DSLR cameras without a built-in focus motor, on which this lens will not focus automatically:

Only auto focus and sound confirmation of focus will not work with these cameras, all other important functions, such as automatic exposure metering and automatic iris control, will work well.

You will find a lot of useful information on the types of cameras and lenses Nikon here.

The lens has a manual aperture ring. To be able to control the value aperture from camera or for automatic installation aperture on modern central control valves, you need to turn the control ring to the F / 22 value and fix it with a special latch, which is located to the right of the marks aperture. If this is not done, then on a number of cameras, the display will display an error - 'fEE' (ring is not installed aperture) Some cameras having diaphragm rheostatallow you to control the aperture using the ring aperturebut only in metering modes exposure 'M' and 'A'. You can read more about this issue in the section on Non-G Lenses. Ring aperture rotates with clicks, the values ​​F / 3.5, 5.6, 8, 11, 16, 22 are plotted on it. It is impossible to establish an intermediate value between pairs of numbers using the aperture ring. Intermediate values ​​can only be set using the camera menu.

EGF lens for Nikon DX cameras is 42-127.5mm. I don’t see much point in using Nikon AF Nikkor 28-85mm 1: 3.5-4.5 (MKI) on cropped Nikon cameras, since the wide angle disappears, and with it all the versatility of the lens. Who is looking for a similar zoom for Nikon DX cameras, I advise you to look in the direction of inexpensive Nikon AF-S Nikkor 18-70mm 1: 3.5-4.5G ED DX SWM IF Aspherical.

Nikon AF Nikkor 28-85mm 1: 3.5-4.5 and Nikon AF Nikkor 28-105mm 1: 3.5-4.5D

Nikon AF Nikkor 28-85mm 1: 3.5-4.5 and Nikon AF Nikkor 28-105mm 1: 3.5-4.5D

Sample Photos

The lens was sharp throughout the range, well tolerating backlight. It catches very few glare, has a little vignetting and distortion. In some scenes, the contrast noticeably drops, which is typical of some old lenses. Chromatic aberrations not particularly dangerous. In general, the image quality is inferior to modern lenses, but still remains at a decent level:

The parameters shown in the photo gallery:

Everything is filmed on Nikon D700. On-camera JPEG L ('optimal quality' compression). Functions that enhance the image, such as vignette control, ADL, noise reduction at long exposures, noise reduction at high ISOs were turned off. All shot in Picture Control mode SD (standard mode): contrast correction - 0, brightness - 0, saturation - 0, hue - 0, sharpness - position 5 between 0 and 9. Used white balance: 'Auto', 'Shadow', 'Sunny'. Photos have been reduced to 2048px by 1363px (approximately 3MP) using FastStone Photo Resizer 3.0, data from EXIF JPEG file module. When reducing the size of the photos, quality equal to 80% of the original was used, the Lanczos3 compression method.

Personal impressions of Nikon AF Nikkor 28-85mm 1: 3.5-4.5

I liked the lens very much, it is very pleasant to work with it. Construction, picture - everything is at a high level. It's a pity there is no inner focus and letters'D'in the title, and the macro mode at 28mm is a bit strange. Of course new Nikon AF-S Nikkor 24-85mm 1: 3.5-4.5G ED VR SWM IF Aspherical can easily 'do' this old man, but if we take into account the price, the Nikon AF Nikkor 28-85mm 1: 3.5-4.5 (MKI) is a very attractive lens for simple photography tasks. At flea markets, such a lens is sold for $ 100-150, so it can serve as a good replacement for Nikon AF NIKKOR 28-105mm 1: 3.5-4.5D и Nikon AF Nikkor 24-85mm 1: 2.8-4D IF.

For some reason, many are sure that the flash will not work with this lens in automatic mode - this is not the case, TTL will work, but the output power is calculated differently from the D and G lenses. Details about it here.

ZK lens view

ZK lens view

List of all Nikon FX 28-XXX autofocus lenses:

The catalog of modern universal lenses for Nikon can be see here.

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Nikon AF Nikkor 28-85mm 1: 3.5-4.5 - good (almost excellent for its price) universal lens with 3x zoom for full-frame cameras. Nowadays, amateur photographers don't look at such 'oldies', give everyone SWM, IF, ED, G, N, HRI, Aspherical, E and VR lenses - but in vain, old Nikon optics can still 'light up' :).

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Comments: 60, on the topic: Review of Nikon AF Nikkor 28-85mm 1: 3.5-4.5 (MKI)

  • Alexey

    Having read all sorts of reviews, I ordered such glass on ebay and the other day I successfully received it. In addition to delight, it does not cause anything, starting from the moment you pick it up) I must say that for 120 cu the second version came from Japan in a state that I can’t call a new one. On the body, not a single stroke, not a speck of dust inside, everything moves and buzzes perfectly. Just fantastic, it seems he spent his whole life in the box, even on the mount there are no traces whatsoever.
    Well, this is lyrics, but in practice it is just a wonderful thing, sharp, the picture is wonderful, the color rendition is wonderful. I remind you - $ 120. ))) For an hour I killed the battery in the camera, testing the lens and adjusting the camera. It took a slight correction of -4 and everything flashed as it should. Highly recommend. Constructive is generally a work of art.

  • Peter Sh.

    I dedicated an evening to compare this lens with the kit Nikkor 18-55 VR. The conclusion is unambiguous - when the whale has a higher resolution, 28-85 has much better color and cotraste, just heaven and earth.

  • Sergey (Tolyatti)

    I got this lens, tried it - a real delight. After my 16-85, the picture quality is super. I was very pleased with the macro mode. Very beautiful and high-quality photos.

    • Jury

      Sergey, but what exactly does 16-85 lose?

  • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    A question for connoisseurs. I am a beginner and there was nothing but soap dishes. Recently purchased for $ 100 old Nikon D200 with this AF Nikkor 28-85mm lens. In bright light or with a flash, pictures are sharp. In dim light, cloudy weather, no sharpness at all, sharp one photo out of 10 somewhere. I took from a friend whale 18-55, all frames are sharp in any light. Is there a problem with the lens or autofocus of the camera? In manual mode, there is sharpness.

  • Ivan

    The article says - there are two infrared shift indicators for 28 and 50 mm. And what is it???

  • Vadim

    Please tell me if it makes sense to take this lens on the Nikon 3200.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      There is no point in taking.

    • anonym

      no due to the lack of a screwdriver for the 3000 series

  • Star boring. Igor

    And yet - have not encountered nikkor 24-50mm 1: 3.3-4.5 (in terms of sharpness and color)

  • Star boring. Igor

    Arkady, how is it compared to Nikon AF Nikkor 28-105mm 1: 3.5-4.5D?

    • Lynx

      105 is slightly better in image, and most certainly practical.

      • Star boring. Igor

        I have it at 105mm closer to infinity starts to soap, even on a covered :(

        • Lynx

          this is a common, fairly frequent problem for any old and not very glass - extreme values ​​are lather. You move a little away from them - everything is suitable.
          I have 35-105, 35 and especially 105 - soap. put closer to 38-40 and 95-100 mm. (i.e. all the way and a little back) - and everything is lovely!
          35-85 can easily turn out to be exactly the same.
          in general, it’s better not to drive zooms at very extreme focal lengths, it’s better to step back a bit from them.

          • Star boring. Igor

            ok, thanks, so I'll interrupt for now ...

  • Vladimir

    What would you advise, this lens or 28-105, there is a flash, but I use it occasionally, so in thought, I shoot a portrait, but I want to do a little reporting, the price difference is 1200 UAH

  • Evgeniy R

    Arkady, which lens is preferable, from the Nikon AF Nikkor 28-85mm 1: 3.5-4.5 (MKI) review or Nikon AF Nikkor 35-70mm 1: 3.3-4.5 (MKI) review, provided that the condition and price are the same. Will be used with the D300. There is an offer, I can not choose)

    • maksim

      Zhen, Nikon 28-85 will be more universal on EFR 42-127.5 mm
      Nikon 35-70 is less versatile on EFR 50-105 crop
      Zhenek I would definitely take Nikon 28-85, and better Nikon 28-105)

      • Valery A.

        He is not iron (28-105). Neither hammer a nail to them, nor hit someone who does not pose correctly. But the rest is not bad.

      • Evgeniy R

        Maxim, thank you! Yesterday I bought 28-85 in excellent condition! “28-85 will be more versatile on a 42-127.5 mm EGF crop” - I had the same thoughts, so I made the right decision.

  • a lion

    The author insists that this is “a 3x zoom lens for full-frame cameras”. Apparently, he confuses full format and full frame. No need to mislead novice users.

    • Arkady Shapoval


  • Igor N.

    And someone will tell you what kind of hood is needed for this lens?

    • Novel

      Nikon HB-1

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