Review Hoya HMC Zoom 80-200mm 1: 4

Lens Hoya HMC Zoom 80-200mm 1: 4 P / K for provided by Chmuzh Leo.

Review Hoya HMC Zoom 80-200mm 1: 4

Review Hoya HMC Zoom 80-200mm 1: 4

The Hoya HMC Zoom 80-200mm 1: 4 lens was produced both with other names and under various mounts. The Hoya 80-200mm F4 variant from this review has a 'K' mount for use with Pentax cameras. I used Hoya 80-200mm F4 on camera Canon 350D through the Pentax K adapter - Canon EF (PK-EOS). Once upon a time I had a review similar to him Auto Zoom Makinon-Serie E MC 1: 4.0 f = 80-200mm Macro PUbut with less MDF and M42 connecting thread.

Enlightenment of lenses Hoya HMC Zoom 80-200mm 1: 4

Enlightenment of lenses Hoya HMC Zoom 80-200mm 1: 4

The Hoya HMC Zoom 80-200mm 1: 4 is a well-built Japanese lens. Hoya 80-200mm F4 came to me in perfect condition, but after half an hour of operation, the zoom ring of the lens broke - the zoom ring now began to set values ​​only from 80 to 120mm, and I had to return the lens for repair. Therefore, the ideal Japanese appearance of a 'No-name' lens can be deceiving.

Native cover Hoya HMC Zoom 80-200mm 1: 4

Native cover Hoya HMC Zoom 80-200mm 1: 4

Hoya 80-200mm F4 is a single-ring pump action lens. The focus ring is combined with the zoom ring. When focusing, the ring rotates 180 degrees, and the MDF is 1.9 meters. Focusing is smooth. When focusing, the front lens rotates and moves forward, but the rear lens remains stationary when focusing and zooming. The diameter of the front filter is 55 mm, the native lens cap is attached to the lens without clamps. When zooming, the focus practically does not go astray.

This is what the Hoya HMC Zoom 80-200mm 1: 4 looks like on the CZK

This is what the Hoya HMC Zoom 80-200mm 1: 4 looks like on the CZK

The lens has an aperture control ring, Pentax cameras will have an automatic blinking iris. The number of aperture blades is 6 pieces.

Sample Photos

On Canon APS-C 1.6x crop EGF lens is 128-320mm.


The Hoya HMC Zoom 80-200mm 1: 4 is a weak manual focus zoom lens with a constant maximum aperture of F / 4.0. It can serve as a budget TV set for simple tasks. There is a great darkness of such lenses, I do not recommend paying serious attention to such No-Name lenses.

Thank you for attention. Arkady Shapoval.

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  • Vasil

    “… I had to hand over the lens for repairs” more than one cost was tied to the happy one. Well, no scary booze and take, and never get tired through tse.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Yes, troubles happen.

  • Max

    Why is he a No-name? Hoya is a well-known company.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      What are some Hoya lenses? It’s the same as releasing lenses with the Ferrari inscription, a well-known company :)

      • Max

        I searched in Yandex))
        Hoya HMC Tele-Auto 135mm f / 2.8
        Hoya 80-205 mm f / 3.8 HMC Zoom & Macro
        HMC hoya 28 / 2.8 Japan
        Hoya HMC1 3.5 35-105mm MD
        hoya HMC wide-auto F24mm2.8 :)

        • Arkady Shapoval

          I mean that without Yandex, no one had heard of them, was it? :)

          • Max

            Well yes)

          • Sergey

            Not surprising. what you don’t know - you’re Ninonian. Noya is the parent company of Pentax. Pentax was part of this corporation before. Not surprisingly, the corporation released an exclusive line of lenses for them, but not for everyone.

            • Arkady Shapoval

              Well, of course, this Hoya visited me in a review on the canonical Nikon :)

          • Aries

            The MARKET was USA .. here we have not heard in our village. Perdulevo .. HOYA was the first company in Japan since 1941 to produce optical glass one of the best in the world .. at this time, these are components of the Pentagon combat lasers and products for glasses (lenses), a world famous manufacturer.

  • Boris

    And what about the Beroflex 70-200 / 4 lens from this same company?

  • anonym

    I apologize - "Nikonians" ...

    • Arkady Shapoval

      By the way, the repair of this lens showed that two screws were immediately unscrewed in it, which led to the locking of the zoom ring. They would have done it honestly, I think this would not have happened.

  • Vadim

    I hesitate. Buy or not HOYA HMC 135mm F2.8 Close Focuse. There are good reviews, but breakdowns alarm me. I myself am a patient for sharpness. I think that there will be no better sharpness fixes. Expensively asking for him 1300 gr. Maybe he is not worth that kind of money? I have both a Pentax 200mm f4 and a Tamron SP 90mm f2,5. What to do?

  • Paul

    Not only is Choi the first company in Japan to start producing photo lenses according to its own designs, it also made lenses for companies such as Pentax Tokina Konika and Minolta at the very beginning. And Choi is a fairly well-known company, the factories around the world are the best in quality filters, at one time Choi bought Pentax from me on the carcass Pentax Noi Corporation now really sold rico, because the Germans give the same glass for grinding to the company for example choia for some special orders

  • Lev

    I have one, only for Olympus om.
    A good lens is comfortable, trombone, everything is smooth.
    Inspired by its convenience, he took a couple more trombones, vivitar 28-90 2.8-3.5 and some other 35-200-4.0-5.6, they are much less convenient and not as smooth as the hoya.

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