Review Olympus OM-System Zuiko AUTO-T 100mm 1: 2.8

For the opportunity of the Olympus OM-System Zuiko AUTO-T 100mm 1: 2.8 lens review many thanks to Vladislav D., who sent I have a lens from another area.

Review Olympus OM-System Zuiko AUTO-T 100mm 1: 2.8

Review Olympus OM-System Zuiko AUTO-T 100mm 1: 2.8

The Zuiko 2.8 / 100 is an excellent super-compact fast prime lens. I was impressed by the excellent image quality in such a super-small body. When the Olympus OM-System Zuiko AUTO-T 100mm 1: 2.8 came to me by mail, I didn’t even understand at once what kind of fifty kopeck they gave me. But despite its size, the lens produces just great photos. It's a shame it doesn't have auto focus.

There are several main modifications:

Side view

Side view

Please note that the lens from this review is redone for the Nikon F mount, while still maintaining the ability to focus on infinity. Aperture control is only manual. In the native version, the lens had an automatic iris control device. You can read how to use old non-autofocus lenses in the section on Nikon AI Lenses. There are also slightly different E-Zuiko Auto-T 100mm f / 2.8 and Zuiko AUTO-T 100mm f / 2.8. It is said that the E-Zuiko did not have multi-enlightenment, unlike the later version of Zuiko AUTO-T. My version of the Zuiko AUTO-T 100mm 1: 2.8 was most likely released before 1982.

Lens drawing

Lens drawing

The focus ring at the lens is rubberized, rotates 180 degrees. MDF is 1 meter. When focusing, the front lens does not rotate, the trunk of the lens is extended by 2cm. The depth of field is not visible on my lens, but before the lens was remade, it was. The aperture ring, like many other Zuiko lenses, is located in front of the lens. 6 diaphragm blades matte, do not give reflections. The lens itself is made soundly. The diameter of the front filter is only 49mm.

Enlightenment and aperture

Enlightenment and aperture

Sample Photos

All photos taken on Nikon D700 FX without processing. The lens is sharp at f / 2.8 and damn sharp at low apertures, even around the edges of the image. I would like to point out that the lens has very nice bokeh and picture in general. The lens tolerates backlight well, but it can still catch small birds with one stone, I managed to get pictures with a very strong veil throughout the frame in the side light, but for this you need to try hard. Despite its tiny size, the lens turned out to be 'very, very'.

Personal impressions

This Zuiko AUTO-T 100mm 1: 2.8 will be a good portrait lens on full-frame cameras. I liked the little Zuiko AUTO-T 100mm f / 2.8 more than my native compact Nikon's 'hundred' Nikon 100mm F2.8 SERIES E.

View on a modern camera

View on a modern camera

This lens can be easily installed on any modern digital mirrorless camera. For installation, you should use the appropriate adapter/adapter, which allows you to use lenses with an Olympus OM mount on the desired mirrorless system without any problems or restrictions. Below is a list of systems/mounts with links to the necessary adapters/adapters: Sony E/FE/NEX, Canon RF/RF-S, Canon EF-M, Nikon ZNikon 1, Leica l, FujiFilm GFX, fujifilm x, Samsung NX, Micro 4 / 3.


The Olympus OM-System Zuiko AUTO-T 100mm 1: 2.8 is a wonderful little Japanese prime lens. I can't add anything else.

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Comments: 22, on the topic: Review of the Olympus OM-System Zuiko AUTO-T 100mm 1: 2.8

  • Denis

    Cool, weaving in a fifty-fifty case :)
    Really interesting lens.

  • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    No portraits?

  • Eugene *

    Pleasant in every way, sharpness is excellent.
    Arkady Maladts, as always pleased.

  • Alexey

    Arkady, thanks for the review. Do not tell me how the alteration was made under Nikon or who is doing it? On ebay, such a lens can be bought for quite sane money, given the quality of the picture. Thanks.

  • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    Wonderful pictures!

  • Sergei

    Yes, the photos are really great, sharp! It would be interesting to look at the portraits of people made by him!

  • Jury

    Photos are very sharp! Since I don’t have finances for good modern optics, I use old proven manuals. I really wanted this kind of lens to my collection!

  • Alexey

    The lens is really cool, a beautiful picture, excellent sharpness already at an open aperture (I estimated it by photographing a cat at close range - every hair is visible!). I'm not talking about ergonomics - compact, lightweight, focusing is just silk! Used as a portrait lens on Canon 1100D.
    Now I sell, if interested, we can talk (lexa-1005 (dog)

  • Ivan

    An eye cut on apricots ... A very sharp glass! And, very rare.

  • Maksim

    I will sell the Olympus OM-System E.Zuiko Auto-T 100 mm f / 2,8 lens Excellent condition
    Novosibirsk + by mail in Russia and abroad
    Our website:

    Group in contact (more than 20000 participants):
    Lenses, cameras, adapters and more

    Cash on delivery, reviews, warranties, experience.

    • Lynx

      eh, and now net T-version?

  • Arthur

    I had such a lens, only the letter E was still in the description
    Nice glass, but the picture seemed somewhat restrained
    As a result, I didn’t shoot them especially, here are just a couple of examples:

  • Anatoly

    I saw this glass on Avito and decided to read about it. I read as always with you Arkady. Everything is very useful and intelligibly written out from you, for which MUCH THANKS! In general, I decided on my Nikon D800 and D200 to take this lens, converted into a Nikon mount, with an iron hood (threaded). The state of the lens is 4 + ~ 5, acquired this MIRACLE for 7000 rubles. I will say right away I did NOT EXPECT such a picture. I am delighted! Easy, convenient, the picture is very happy, the aperture 2.8 is 100% working

  • anonym

    Nice, clear review, thanks a lot! Great photos!

  • anonym

    It's just some kind of trouble .. Sharpness, sharpness, sharp .. People, really sharpness - the main quality of optics? See photos of masters, and urgently)) Masters of photography of the past and present. Where is this sharpness, Excuse me? On the contrary, its absence is an artistic device, practically. Softness, plasticity, good bokeh, color, velvety (and not a sharp edge), and other important ones - that's what to look at, and not the sharpness, which sometimes makes a photo stately nothing ..
    Olympus has wonderful optics. It has long been known. I like, for example, 50 \ 1.4 because of bokeh, first of all ..

    • Valentine

      Passion for bokeh is exactly the same point as looking out for sharpness. Neither the one nor the other separately gives a photo absolutely nothing.

  • Sergei

    If you choose a portrait mirrorless mirror between the Olympus OM-System Zuiko AUTO-T 100mm 1: 2.8 and the Canon FD 100mm f2.8 ssc, what do you recommend.

    • Igor_K

      If you choose a mirrorless camera, then Canon FD (FL) is definitely at least 2 times cheaper. But if we compare the quality, “Olympus” will win in all respects, especially in HA. But, in no way do I want to say that the Keno weaving is a bad lens, I just do not like the proprietary Keno frejing in the blur areas. In terms of sharpness and resolution, both lenses show comparable results. At the Kenon's weave, the “nuts” in the bokeh are more beautiful, due to the greater number of petals - 8, against 6 for the “Olympus”, but MDF -1,4m, against 0,9m. Among other things, the Olympus is noticeably smaller and lighter. Well, in conclusion I would like to note that starting with numbers 18xxxx, Olympus changed its enlightenment to MC, and it makes sense to look for just such a version.

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