Review Olympus OM-System G.Zuiko Auto-W 1: 3,5 f = 28mm

For the opportunity Olympus OM-System G.Zuiko Auto-W 1 lens review: 3,5 f = 28mm Many thanks to Vadim Shkurat, who sent me a lens from another area for review.

Review Olympus OM-System G.Zuiko Auto-W 1: 3,5 f = 28mm

Olympus OM-System G.Zuiko Auto-W 1 Lens Overview: 3,5 f = 28mm

The Zuiko F / 3.5 28mm is one of several 28mm wide-angle prime lenses from Olympus. The Zuiko F / 3.5 28mm is a very compact Japanese-made, pretty lens. Zuiko F / 3.5 28mm cannot boast of huge aperture, the maximum aperture is only f / 3.5. Usually prime lenses have the best aperture performance. The optical design consists of 7 elements in 7 groups. The lens weighs 180 grams and uses 49mm diameter filters, which are rare in our time. The 'Auto' prefix in the lens name only refers to automatic iris control, not automatic focusing. Zuiko F / 3.5 28mm is a manual focus only lens.

Zuiko F / 3.5 28mm side view

Zuiko F / 3.5 28mm side view

Focusing on the lens is smooth. The focus ring is rubberized, rotates 90 degrees. When focusing, the front lens does not rotate, and the trunk of the lens lengthens slightly.

Rear view lens

Rear view lens

The lens has a focus distance scale and a depth of field scale. The aperture control ring is located in front of the lens, the Zuiko F / 3.5 28mm has only 6 aperture blades.

Enlightenment of the front lens and aperture view

Enlightenment of the front lens and aperture view

Sample Photos

All photos taken on Canon 350D, photo without processing. I used the OM-EOS adapter, while maintaining focus at infinity and manual iris control. The lens gives a sharp contrasting image with virtually no distortion on a cropped camera. Nice bokeh. A little hare.

View on a modern camera

View on a modern camera

This lens can be easily installed on any modern digital mirrorless camera. For installation, you should use the appropriate adapter/adapter, which allows you to use lenses with an Olympus OM mount on the desired mirrorless system without any problems or restrictions. Below is a list of systems/mounts with links to the necessary adapters/adapters: Sony E/FE/NEX, Canon RF/RF-S, Canon EF-M, Nikon ZNikon 1, Leica l, FujiFilm GFX, fujifilm x, Samsung NX, Micro 4 / 3.


Olympus OM-System G.Zuiko Auto-W 1:3,5 f=28mm is a good full-frame wide-angle with manual focus. Now there are many autofocus analogues, including various zooms with the same aperture, because the interest in such lenses fades over time. Nevertheless, the Zuiko F / 3.5 28mm may still come in handy.

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  • Lynx

    Is it manual, or does it have a "screwdriver"?
    and why does he have two levers at the back? one is the diaphragm, and the second?
    and if it has a bayonet mount - why not on nikon? or “the bayonet is not the right one?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Please read the review carefully. The findings indicate that this is a manual focus lens. On native cameras with OM mount, one lever serves as a repeater of the diaphragm, and the second allows you to remove the lens from the camera. He has a bayonet mount, the article states that an adapter from OM to Canon is used. Not on Nikon because, due to different working lengths, there will be problems with focusing on infinity. In general, in the world except Nikon and Canon, there is a full full of different mounts.

      • Lynx

        and really, I missed the manual one. I’m used to what is usually written at the very beginning, and at the end of the article I didn’t notice.
        Thank you for your clarification.

  • Volodya

    an interesting lens ... but how to take pictures correctly through an adapter with focusing on Canon: if the aperture is set to 3,5, for example; 4; 8; ... focus on open, and then manually clamp the diaphragm repeater lever ... or is there another way?

    • Pashok

      On the camera, turn on the life, and using the approximation through the life, sharpen as you like.
      only should stock up a couple of batteries

  • Alexander_LinkOff

    Good afternoon!
    I am interested in the opinion of which lens gives a sharper and more contrasting card for landscape photography, the choice is between Olympus M.Zuiko 28 / 3,5 and Yashica Lens ML 28 / 2,8, or, as an option, three times more expensive than Olympus M.Zuiko 24/2,8, eight. There is no way to compare myself ... I will buy according to recommendations and opinions from the Internet.
    Arkady, you tried both lenses, what do you recommend for crop first of all for landscape photography? I really need advice. Thanks!

  • Vladimir

    Good day. Please tell me if there are adapters for Sony Alpha with A mount on Olympus?

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