Review Soligor f = 350mm 1: 5.6

For the opportunity Soligor f = 350mm 1: 5.6 lens overview Many thanks to Eugene Chumak.

Review Soligor f = 350mm 1: 5.6

Review Soligor f = 350mm 1: 5.6

Soligor f = 350mm 1: 5.6 is a Japanese prime telephoto lens with a focal length of 350mm. Lens can't boast of good aperture, with such a focal length and f / 5.6 is quite difficult take off at long exposures. And on cropped cameras EGF lens will be over 500mm, which requires excerpts shorter than 1 / 500s.

Soligor 350mm

Soligor 350mm

The lens is more like a spyglass. It's funny, but Soligor 5.6 / 350 turned out to be easy (for such sizes), such a 'colossus' weighs a little more than one kilogram. When used on modern cameras, don't worry about the lens breaking the mount.

350mm full-length portrait

350mm full-length portrait

Soligor 5.6 / 350 uses a T2 mount; Nikon is mounted on a Nikon camera using the usual adapter KP-A \ N. How to use old lenses on Nikon cameras read here. My lens focuses on infinity without any problems.

Soligor f = 350mm

Soligor f = 350mm

Focusing on the lens is smooth, the focus ring rotates 270 degrees. MDF is a little less than 5 meters. When focusing, the entire front of the lens rotates and drives forward, the rear lens remains stationary when focusing. The lens has a depth of field and focusing distance. There is a diaphragm control ring and aperture preset ring. The aperture is continuously adjustable. The number of petals - 12 pieces... However, when the diaphragm is closed, the petals form an 'star' or 'circular saw' (depending on the degree of closure). There is also a thread on the lens for mounting a ring with a tripod socket, my copy has a tripod socket removed.

Soligor f = 350mm

Aperture view of Soligor f = 350mm aperture

Sample Photos

All photos taken on Nikon D700, without processing. At full frame, F / 5.6 is quite 'working'. When the aperture is closed, the image quality is generally excellent. If you are not afraid of high ISO values, then at shutter speeds of 1 / 400-1 / 800s take off easy peasy.

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Soligor f = 350mm 1: 5.6 turned out to be a good lens, although now there is a sea of ​​autofocus 'zooms' of the 70-300mm series with the same aperture at the long end. Visually 350mm focal length not much different from 300mm. The lens may be suitable for leisurely photographing distant subjects in good light. I was not difficult and even pleased to work with Soligor 5.6 / 350, the lens has a good bokeh and relatively light weight.

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Comments: 18, on the topic: Review of Soligor f = 350mm 1: 5.6

  • Alexander

    A bit like my Photax 5.6 / 300mm Made in Japan :)

  • Ivan

    MDF of almost 5 meters is certainly not very attractive, with such a diaphragm you will not achieve a good background blur.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      The blur of the background is affected not only by the diaphragm. Take a look at the examples.

  • Levani

    The cats are chic)

  • Andrei

    I, as a lover and admirer of "glass and iron" well, really liked

  • Gene jb

    The focus is also affected by MDF, the more the better, but it’s not a fact that the resolution is enough, although this old glass is very sharp in sharpness.

    • Gene jb

      and the aperture at such focal lengths is normal, with more it will be difficult to shoot something with such a small depth of field, only at hyperfocal, but how much he has ...

      • Victor

        He has hyperfocal at 5.6 almost 2 km, at 7.1 - 1,56 km, 8.0 - 1,39, 32 - 258,4 meters.

  • Serge Dombrowski

    Smart glass, thanks for the article.

  • Serge

    It is interesting to see how it looks on the camera !!!
    Interesting lens !! Thanks for the review!
    One-on-one iris control like on Soligor 3.5 / 135

  • Sergei

    :: And on cropped cameras, the EFR of the lens will be over 500mm, which requires an exposure of shorter than 1 / 500s. ::

    max hand exposure (to avoid grease) for the same lens does not change when changing the crop / FF carcass.
    crop just changes the viewing angle of the lens, which does not affect the lubricant when changing the crop / FF carcass.
    the blur is affected by the actual optical approach / removal but not the subsequent crop of the frame on the matrix.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Typically, crop density of the pixels is higher than that of the FF and there is a micro smear. In fact, the difference is felt.

  • Sergei

    Well, then it’s necessary to indicate that the shutter speed should be reduced not in connection with the transition to crop, but in connection with an increase in the density of pixels on the matrix.
    those. a decrease in shutter speed on crop is not associated with a change in the angle of view of the lens but with a change in the density of the pixels of the matrix and all that is connected with this. IMHO.

  • Eugene

    By the way, this lens is sold for 950 UAH with two shanks for M42 and Nikon - this one, which is in the review :) Or exchange for something like an AF type Nikorov shtnik 18-70, 18-105 ...





  • Boris

    Arkady, thanks for the review, and in general for your work. Your articles and thoughts help a lot. Can you say something about the Kennex 400mm f = 6.3 lens?

  • anonym

    You don’t know what kind of optical circuit it is? I looked at different sites, but I could not find information on this

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