Triplet Triplet 2.8 / 78

For the opportunity to review interesting lens Triplet Triplet 2.8 / 78 many thanks to Ivan

Review Triplet Triplet 2.8 / 78

Review Triplet Triplet 2.8 / 78

It is strange why the name of the lens contains two times Triplet Triplet, Cyrillic and Latin. The lens has already come to me in a converted state, with the possibility of using it on Nikon cameras. In this case, there is the possibility of focusing to infinity. How the lens looked in the beginning and how to convert it for use - you can read here.

Enlightenment Triplet Triplet 2.8 / 78

Enlightenment of the front and rear lenses of the Triplet lens Triplet 2.8 / 78

The lens of the lens is brightened, and the lens itself has a rigidly fixed lens hood. By the logo of the lens, you can determine that my Triplet 2.8 / 78 was manufactured at the Minsk Mechanical Plant. S.I. Vavilova.

View on a modern Triplet camera Triplet 2.8 / 78

View on a modern Triplet camera Triplet 2.8 / 78

Sample Photos

The copy from the review is most likely broken, as it creates an image that is not characteristic of a triplet.

More unusual pictures from a broken triplet:

Bokeh lens. Strong coma on face

Bokeh lens. Strong coma on face

Rough bokeh

Rough bokeh, my eyes are climbing on my forehead from this.



Bokeh lens

Bokeh lens. White balance lied and it turned out something unusual and virtuoso.

Lens drawing

Lens drawing

Lens drawing. Guess which objects are out of focus

Lens drawing. Guess which objects are out of focus

Photo in b / w

Photo in b / w

Photo in b / w

Another photo in b / w

An overview of a better instance can be found here.

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  • Don Burlone

    On occasion, I bought Tamron Adaptall2 80-210 3.8-4.0. In the absence of autopsy traces, he has almost the same distortions ... At first he was upset, but decided that, as a “portraitist”, he was very interesting. Here is an example: Canon 5D was filmed.

  • RA4ADF

    I got a similar lens on occasion. Glancing at the focal length and aperture, he hastened to cut it into autofocus. In the photo there is the same mess as in the review. Apparently, a huge percentage of the marriage of these glasses was produced.
    By the way, the rearrangement of the middle lens did not improve the picture.

  • mAlex

    A copy of the front lens was flipped over during rebuilding.

    • Roman East

      Yes, I have the same 2.8 80mm triplet removes without any distortion like a regular lens, but then some kind of bad effect.

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