Overview of Jupiter-8 2/50

For the opportunity lens overview Jupiter-8 2/50 Many thanks to Andrei Shutenko.

Additionally, you can see the full review + video review JUPITER-8 1: 2 F = 5cm P with mount Contax-Kiev RF and its modifications - JUPITER-8M 1: 2 F = 5cm P, JUPITER-8M 2/50 и JUPITER-8M 2/53.

Overview of Jupiter-8 2/50

Overview of Jupiter-8 2/50

Jupiter-8 is an interesting lens with an amazing picture. Jupiter 8 is very well written on the site of Sergei Elizarov.

TX Jupiter-8 2/50
Focal length: 50
Diaphragm: F / 2.0-f / 22.0
Number of aperture blades: 9 pieces
The weight: 130 g
Optical design: 6 elements in 3 groups
Thread: M39 (rangefinder lens)
Front Filter Diameter: 40mm
MDF: 1 метр

View of the lens diaphragm Jupiter-8 2 50

View of the lens diaphragm Jupiter-8 2 50

The focusing of the lens is smooth. The focusing ring rotates 180 degrees, the front lens does not rotate when focusing. The lens itself is very small. Its shiny white metal frame looks very unusual on modern digital cameras. There is a modification of the lens in a black frame of the body, as well as a modification with a Kontax-Kiev mount. You can see what the 'P' version looks like Jupiter-8 1: 2 F = 5cm P. There is also a similar lens, but with a larger aperture - Jupiter 3.

Lens enlightenment

Lens enlightenment

The diaphragm has 9 blades. The iris control ring rotates smoothly, without stopping at fixed values. At closed aperture values, the lens gives almost even circles in the blur zone.

Type of indicators Jupiter-8

Type of indicators Jupiter-8

Sample photos on Jupiter-8 2/50

It’s a pity, I don’t have the opportunity to use Jupiter-8 2/50 on mirrorless cameras. On SLR cameras Jupiter-8 2/50 works only in macro mode, in more detail here. How to use Soviet old lenses on modern Nikon cameras read here, and on Canon here. I shot on Canon 350D and two adapters M39-M42 + M42-Canon EOS.

Sample photos on Jupiter-8

Sample photos on Jupiter-8

After I crawled on my knees near the first spring flowers and transferred the photo to a computer, I was shocked by the unusual picture of this lens. The lens has amazing bokeh. On F / 2.0, weak sharpness and strong aberrations, this allows you to convey unusual volume, style and artistic content in photographs.

Photos without processing:

The history of my copy from the owner of the lens:

The lens has a slightly tired look. He had a very rich past. Its previous owner, with the Zorkiy-4 camera, was, and now alive and nimble, my grandfather, a former investigator in especially important cases of any very criminal kind. The lens had to see such that we mere mortals and think terribly. Where only he was not and where only he was not worn. From the 64th to the 84th they used it regularly. He never saw the hands of a master and prevention. But for the entire time of its operation, he was treated very carefully! But time has taken its toll. Shutenko Andrey.

Jupiter-8 on the SLR camera

Jupiter-8 on the SLR camera

Review Addendum

I came across another copy, this time with a name in Latin - Jupiter-8 2/50... Externally, the lenses are identical. Photos taken with Nikon 1 J1, With EGF lens is 135mm (sounds scary).

How to use with modern cameras?

Lenses with an M39 thread (for rangefinder cameras, M39 X 1/28.8), such as the lens from this review, are very easy to use on almost any modern digital camera (both SLR and mirrorless), for this you just need to choose the right adapter (adapter). There is no need to carry out any additional actions to remake the lens. The cheapest adapters can be found at Aliexpress.com.

For mirrorless cameras

  1. SONY: For cameras with 'E'/'FE' mount series SonyNEX и Sony Alpha need here is an adapter M39 -Sony E (aka L39 -Sony Nex).
  2. OLYMPUS / PANASONIC / KODAK / XIAOMI: For cameras with a bayonet mount Micro 4/3 (Micro 4:3) need here is an adapter M39-Micro 4/3.
  3. CANON M: For cameras with Canon EF-M mount need here is such an adapter M39-Canon M.
  4. CANON R and RF-S: For cameras with Canon RF mount need here is such an adapter M39-Canon R.
  5. Nikon 1: For cameras Nikon 1 Series need here is such an adapter M39-Nikon 1.
  6. Nikon Z: For cameras Nikon Z series (FX/DX) needed here is such an adapter M39-Nikon Z.
  7. FUJIFILM X: For cameras with mount X need here is such an adapter M39-Fuji X.
  8. FUJIFILM GFX: For medium format cameras G-mount need here is such an adapter M39-Fuji GFX.
  9. SAMSUNG: NX mount cameras require here is an adapter M39-Samsung NX. There are no adapters for the NX mini camera yet.
  10. SIGMA / PANASONIC / LEICA: For cameras with L mount need here is such an adapter M39-Leica L.
  11. LEICA: For cameras with a bayonet mount Leica M need here is an adapter M39-L / M.

It's important: for SLR cameras, only macro mode is possible (can only shoot at very close focusing distances).

For SLR cameras (macro mode only)

  1. Canon: For cameras Canon EOS with bayonet mount EF / EF-S need here is an adapter M39 -Canon EOS.
  2. NIKON: For cameras Nikon DX / FXas well as for cameras Fujifilm и Kodak with Nikon F mount needed here is such an adapter M39 -Nikon F (some cameras will only work in M-mode).
  3. PENTAX: For Pentax K-mount cameras, you need here is such an adapter M39 -Pentax K.
  4. SONY/MINOLTA: For cameras with a Sony/Minolta A mount, you need here is an adapter M39 -Sony A.
  5. OLYMPUS/PANASONIC/LEICA: For cameras with 4/3 mount (not to be confused with Micro 4/3!) here is an adapter M39 -4/3.

Comments on this post do not require registration. Anyone can leave a comment. Many different photographic equipment can be found on AliExpress.


Jupiter-8 2/50 is a very interesting and well-made rangefinder lens. Will work best on mirrorless cameras. On SLR cameras it can only work in macro mode. The lens has a very specific bokeh. I recommend it for creative experiments.

Reviews of the lenses of the Jupiter-8 series:

  1. JUPITER-8 1: 2 F = 5cm П | Arsenal | Contax-Kiev | 1956
  2. JUPITER-8М 1: 2 F = 5 cm | Arsenal | Contax-Kiev | 1961 | reader's review
  3. JUPITER-8М 1: 2 F = 5cm П | Arsenal | Contax-Kiev | 1963
  4. JUPITER-8М 2/50 | Arsenal | Contax-Kiev | 1977
  5. JUPITER-8М 2/53 | Arsenal | Contax-Kiev | 1978
  6. Jupiter-8 1: 2 F = 5cm П | KMZ | M39 | 1958 | white
  7. Jupiter-8 2/50 | KMZ | M39 | 1962 | white
  8. Jupiter-8 2/50 | KMZ | from the TV camera 'Electronics L-50' | 1965
  9. Jupiter-8 2/50 | KMZ | M39 | 1974 | black | review from Rodion Eshmakov
  10. Examples on JUPITER-8 2/50 (black, M39)
  11. 500PX Gallery
  12. Video about Jupiter-8

Jupiter-8 also exists in early versions under the names:

  1. ZK 1: 2 F = 5cm P | KMZ | folding frame | ~ 1948 | M39
  2. Vigilant ZK 1: 2 F = 5cm P | KMZ | white with ears | ~ 1949 | M39

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  • 10111

    You can turn it over and simulate a five-lens monocle.

    • Abnm

      The expression - "five-lens monocle" is complete nonsense. A monocle always has only one lens, which is why it is called that.

      • Volkos

        Monocle - one eye !!! Have you even seen binoculars? In binoculars, two monocles (for two eyes)))))))

        • Rodion

          Do you know that monocle is also called a single-lens lens?)

  • Yaroslav

    I used this lens (with a Kiev-Kontaksov bayonet) on the Kiev-4 - it's a pity that I ditched it very quickly - on the third film :), I have very good impressions from it, I still dream of attaching it to Nikon: 0

  • Lynx

    beautiful of course ...
    but from his front lens (or from Jupiter 8M) + helios body 44-2 + the middle macro-ring a very nice monocle comes out, moreover with a diaphragm.

  • Sergei

    There is this lens from "Kiev-4". How can it be adapted to Nikon 5100?

  • anonym

    Yeah ... Amateurs ruined factories for the production of high-quality optics: ((
    But Soviet optics is considered one of the best in the world, along with Zeiss and Schneider ...

    • Vadim

      You do not say?))))

      • Athanasius

        On the site of the former Arsenal plant in Kiev, the "new Ukrainians" have long opened casinos and restaurants, and the plant and the museum, which have more than a century of history, were simply plundered.

        • Vadim

          I will not argue, because I do not know. Arsenal still seems to produce sights, and Arsat heard something about the modern production of lenses (although I can confuse it).
          However, it was not said to that. Well, they stamped Zeiss copies of lenses in their time, it also applies to cameras (this is how it was always and in almost everything we did), where is there a special reason for pride? And it is hardly possible to rank them even as “one of the”, especially with our spread of quality. The cheapness, wide availability and popularity of the system ensured the demand for Soviet photographic heritage in today's market.
          Well, the factories would continue to work, and then what? In the yard is a digital age for a long time. And here do not go to a fortuneteller, ours could not offer anything.

        • anonym

          dibil arsenal plant makes arsat, and also new productions of a new generation of optics and cameras appeared

          • anonym

            Of course, I’m for an analogue and it offends me that the arsenal does not work. And the Soviet optics are really very good!
            But how I got sick of a cattle who says "fuck" (also illiterate) to a person who just has a certain opinion. It's a shame!

        • anonym

          You better see what the old Katsaps did.

        • Vyacheslav

          True, there are no casinos there. The plant is working. Not that one already, but still. What a strange habit of manifesting intolerance on all resources?

      • anonym

        So much for you ...


        Wouldn't it be better, instead of “yes straight,” to check it yourself by comparing practically the U-8 with the Zeiss Sonnar?

        • Vadim

          I have neither Zeiss sonnar, nor the desire to compare something (If you have the opportunity to back up the words with personal examples, please). As far as I can judge from the reviews seen on the network and the comparison of different original Zeiss and watering cans with their domestic counterparts, the originals are always better, which is not surprising.
          Well and most importantly, Zeiss has something to offer today.

          • Novel

            Yes, Zeiss has only 135 / 1.8 of the entire Zonnar line. Kiev Araks somehow tried to do something, but it didn't work out very well. Krasnogorskiy 50 / 1.2 is puzzling. We might be proud, but we don’t want to buy IT for our hard earned money. For budget manual optics, there is Samyang - excellent quality for its price. You can still work with this. It is pleasant to indulge in Soviet optics, it is quite possible to shoot your little masterpieces, but to think that there is nothing better than it is nonsense.

            Look at Jupiter - an interesting picture is provided by extremely unusual bokeh and eerie freezing. Sometimes it's easier to get a reliable photo and achieve the desired effect in a graphics editor - there are more options for post-processing. And on such optics you quickly play enough and that's all.

          • Sergei

            It is a pity, but it was necessary not to read “reviews” from amateurs, but to ask people who came across and compared these glass data live. Then you wouldn't have written such nonsense….

          • Vadim

            I have only one question for you. Didn't you teach you good manners as a child? Strangers are not "you" -will.
            I prefer “amateur reviews”, supported by pictures, to empty chatter, not supported by anything.

          • Sergei

            Are you going to teach me "good" manners? I grew up in Siberia and I am of a venerable age and during my CENTURY I have seen such that your "fi" is not a decree to me here ... And I ask you not to go personal here, and if YOU know nothing about photography, then do not write nonsense in the blog respected by many people!

            • anonym

              Your age is absolutely irrelevant and not a cause for respect. And if you are an ill-mannered hamley and cattle, who on the Internet makes themselves a “grandfather” and from this feels their imaginary superiority - go and dig potatoes.

          • Vadim

            You for your CENTURY, apparently not only in good manners, but also did not learn to read. Well, okay, this is not my problem, the hunchback, as they say, will fix the grave.

    • anonym


      just look and shut up.
      Soviet copies have 1 plus they are cheap, but they will never reach the picture of good lenses.

      • anonym

        Compare the prices of these lenses!

      • 10111

        To compare a lens from the 50s with modern "Japanese"? Really? You would also compare Singer with a modern sewing machine. But the trouble is - to give a good photographer in the hands of G-40 or "Zonnar" - there will be no difference. Is that Helios is less convenient.

        • ej

          Will be. Most likely only a masochist will agree to shoot on the G40.

        • ej

          That man compared with the _old_ Zeiss about the same time (most likely Japanese-made)
          And whose fault is it that it was customary for us to rivet the same Singer for half a century?

      • anonym

        Go to FIG, drocher!

    • Amateur photographer_

      Just the same "ruined" !. Soviet optics turned out to be uncompetitively capable with Japanese, German and Korean. Poor workmanship and workmanship, terrible enlightenment and blackening. Just nothing. So there is nothing to regret for the scoop. Buy "Zhiguli" - and ride yourself with pleasure, if you want so much in the USSR!

    • ej

      While the Zeiss machines did not wear out in the trash, yeah, until the 70s, it was almost like a Zeiss :) Because it was a Zeiss.
      Why did Japan fill up the world with a bunch of cheap and high-quality multi-enlightened glasses by the 70s, and the ingenious scoops riveted 1 in 1 clones of the Zeiss until the union fell apart?

  • anonym

    crocuses in the photo :)

    • anonym

      Cool :)

  • Nina

    Crocuses are cool! Myself want tacos1

  • Yuulina

    Hello ! Crocuses are really artistic! Thanks for the review, Arkady! The history of the lens touched me. Now he is a retired "old man" and can take pictures more picturesque views than in his youth. Recently, I have noticed here in the discussions of some visitors some kind of negative attitude. I would not like to .... Here, in my opinion, the enthusiasts and amateurs of Soviet optics "gather". It seems to me that there is not even anything to argue about. Just people who are not interested can pass by. Good luck to everyone, spring and warmth !!!!! :-)

    • Vadim

      I myself have 2 such lenses, one even older than in the review, the 55th year. Naturally, it was interesting to read what they write, because it has been joyful in the elect for a long time. And although I do not fully share the author’s enthusiasm, this lens has not been written off yet either. Well, maybe spring will finally please us with sun and greenery, then I plan to give it a second chance.
      For the negative, I personally apologize to you and other peaceful participants in the discussion. Just when people instead of constructive dialogue sink to insults, there is nothing else to do but answer them the same.

      • Igor Rodionov

        I wonder who it offended you so much. In my opinion, you yourself provoked a negative in your direction.
        But I agree with Sergey that you don’t need to write about what you really don’t understand. It would be better to listen to the advice of those who directly came across various optical systems. Good luck and PEACE!

      • afbezgin

        I, too, am from Siberia and I am also of age and have tried almost all Soviet lenses, which are not at all Soviet, and I will say that there is nothing to boast about, except for the price, although one of the first, when the German equipment was not so worn out, and the proletariat washed their hands, then I came across copies that are not much worse than the original ones, I have of these - u-3, u-9, u-6, o-15, but do not forget that these developments are 80 years old, and 70 years have been spent on our deteriorating quality, and technical progress does not stand still and even modern whale zooms are much better. With progressive photoalcoholism, to check old manuals, primarily imported ones, I bought myself a Samsung as a digital back and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of its zoom, and the Koreans did not buy holes for this by buying Schneider, which, instead of hibernation, has been developing all these years.

  • Irina

    Please tell me how do you attach it to the canon ???

  • Ilya

    How to remove it from the carcass?

    • anonym

      Turn the lens in the direction of the fixation arrow itself, press the latch down, this is the one in front of the lens, aligning the red dots by turning the lens clockwise and take it out. Yesterday they gave a Kiev camera along with instructions.

  • Andrei

    And as well, Wikipedia gives information that Jupiter-8 is a Recalculation of the original "CZJ Sonnar" 2,0 / 50 made around 1948 at the KMZ by M.D. Maltsev. Produced at KMZ since 1948.
    This is he, as I understand it https://radojuva.com.ua/2013/03/obzor-carl-zeiss-jena-flexon-f2-50/

  • afbezgin

    Maltsev counted several German lenses in the above privacy of I-22 and Yu-3, and killed with his conversion into them all the artistry that German optics is famous for

  • Sergei

    And what is the coefficient for macro?

  • Vadim

    Hello, Arkady. Thanks for the review.
    Tell me, please, is it still possible to focus on infinity with the Nikon J1 mirrorless camera and the M39-Nikon 1 adapter?
    I can send you a camera, supplement your reviews with photos :)
    Write to e-mail

  • Svetlana

    You would have a little, nexik, dear!
    I read almost all of your reviews of Soviet lenses! I bought one and realized that I would never exchange it for any se1855! Thanks to your advice, my SONY NEX 5n has evolved from a half-moon into a great creative tool! I don’t even want to process the pictures!
    Thank you so much for your work!

    • Uncle Vasya

      “I don’t even want to process the pictures!”
      I agree with you, Svetlana. I also have such masterpieces on Jupiter-8M that editing is not necessary. True in conjunction with the Nikon J1. And the adapter is special on the M39.

    • ej

      And when you try a normal modern fix, it won’t be :) :) (Although the bokeh is super, yes)

  • Vasya

    In short, I had an Olympus E 420, in the kit was (a cover-dummy cover) of the carcass itself, I sawed a hole in it with a round file and inserted this lens.
    Voalya adapter is ready !!!

  • Bogdan

    Afonasiy is very fond of what is happening in Ukraine, maybe he will also tell us something about the “old katsaps” how they heroically preserve their factories?

  • Igor

    It says how to increase the focusing range for Jupiter-8.

  • Vlad

    Sorry for the stupid question, but still ask again. Here they can do besides macro portraits, or only macro? Thanks in advance!

  • Vyacheslav

    Vlad, if you have a SLR camera with a standard adapter, then only macro. In order for it to focus at a distance greater than 10-20cm, you need to sort out the lens itself, or make some kind of tricky adapter with a lens. I won’t say anything about mirrorless ones, because I don’t know.

  • Sergei

    there are 2 pieces of 2 tr communication mail boss.wret@mail.ru tel 9003023540 Voronezh transfer possible

  • Eugene

    I have such a lens on the ancient Zorkom-4, my husband bought to indulge. I’m trying to understand how to take pictures correctly on film so that it’s decent. In general, the forest is dense

  • Sergei

    Tell me please!
    I purchased Jupiter-8M 2/50, I wanted to use it together with Nikon D3100 (as a macro, well, or as it turns out). But he was with a bayonet mount, i.e. from the back there is no thread at all, only slots. Tell me, are there any adapters or is it not suitable for my DSLR? Thanks in advance!

  • Vladimir

    I collect a little Soviet cameras. Today became the owner of Kiev-4 with Jupiter 8M. I tried to find the adapter for Nikon, I couldn’t, maybe someone out of the goodness of my heart will indicate a link or a name. I want to try it on a macro. Thanks.

  • max

    “The front lens does not rotate when focusing” ... the lens rotates there

    • Artyom

      It’s strange, because after focusing the whole lens block moves, nothing rotates.

      • anonym

        It does not rotate only at Jupiter-8 of the Krasnogorsk plant of early releases (lead and lead, but without a lead). In Kiev's Jupiter-8M, the entire lens rotates in the bayonet, and in the Krasnogorsk (black) late editions, the lens block also rotates. Therefore, a rectangular hood can be used only on old Krasnogorsk, as well as all sorts of cocaine. That’s the trouble.

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