Legends go to battle

In the comments on Radozhiv, I was asked to write more about my observations, to slightly dilute the dense routine of boring reviews and tests :). Therefore, this post is exactly a 'post' on my blog and does not pretend to be objective.

I give you LIGHT

An article about something legendary, like Prometheus, only from the world of photographic equipment

Now marketers are stuffing a lot of pixels into new 'DSLRs' and mirrorless cameras (gigapixels!), force them to shoot at 100 frames per second and in parallel try to cram in an 8K 120p video recording. For amateur photography, these are useless bells and whistles for which you have to pay big money. And you end up with an awful boring picture. I want to tell you about the old legendary digital SLR cameras that never go out of my head.

Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro (2006)

This camera uses a unique Fujifilm SuperCCD SR II sensor. IN S5 Pro review you can read everything in detail. Fujifilm FinePix S5 P creates great shots immediately in JPEG, without dancing with a tambourine, without long stretching from RAW. Even for 2022, the camera is very well balanced: professional controls, an excellent magnesium protected body, Live View, support for old optics and a fabulous image.

Fujifilm's FinePix DSLRs use the Nikon F mount, so all Nikon optics (except the newest 'E' and 'AF-P' series lenses) are suitable for them. At Fujifilm FinePix S5 P there is a very good dynamic range, and I like the color reproduction more than on the giant Nikon D850 (at least stand on your head).

Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro (2004)

This is the predecessor Fujifilm FinePix S5 P with the same sensor (almost the same). Housing from Nikon F80. It is very obsolete, it is cheap, but the output picture is simply gorgeous. Such joy costs about 200-400 USD. For this amount, you get a very good image. Many claim that the image of the Fujifilm FinePix S3 is even better than with S5 Pro... Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro review can be viewed here.

Nikon D40 (2006)

This is one of the cheapest cameras on the secondary market. In 2017, I bought Nikon D40 for only 70 dollars. It is built on the basis of a 6-megapixel Sony ICX-453-AQ CCD sensor, which creates a very pleasant picture in color. For such a modest cost, you can hardly find a more pleasant and soulful color reproduction. My gallery for this camera here.

Kodak Professional DCS PRO 14n (and its modifications, 2004)

Kodak Professional DCS PRO 14n with Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm 1: 1.4D lens

Kodak Professional DCS PRO 14n with lens Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm 1: 1.4D

14 MP full-frame camera without anti-moire filter. That says it all! Super sharp picture and nice color reproduction. Can use ISO 6 units (six!). Overview here.

Canon EOS 5D (Mark I, 2005)

Canon EOS 5D (Mark I, 2005)

Canon EOS 5D (Mark I, 2005) with lens Canon LENS EF 50mm 1: 1.4

A full-frame camera with nice color, nice white balance. With only about 13 Megapixels, ISO 50 support and a buffer for almost 20 RAW files, shooting and processing on the first stage is enjoyable and easy. It is one of the cheapest and most functional full frame cameras to this day. My photo gallery for this model here. Overview here.

Canon EOS-1DS Mark II (2004)

Top professional full frame camera with nice color. Only about 17 megapixels, support for ISO 50 and a buffer for 11 RAW files. Advanced focusing system, many interesting settings. This is one of the cheapest and most functional full-frame cameras to this day. Overview here.

All these cameras are obsolete. If you use the camera for your own pleasure, leisurely thoughtful shooting, understand the subtleties and use the 'right' lenses, then these disadvantages become damn small compared to the image that you can get from them.

I shot with almost all modern and old cameras of popular brands. And all these cameras are not always comparable in the picture with the cameras presented above. I'm not talking about some abstractions of 'color depth' or 'dynamic range', on paper, modern cameras are a million times better than these ancient elders. But the picture (namely the picture!) in these cameras just bewitching. Many are chasing something exclusive, unusual, non-standard and at the same time cheap - here is a list of old units that can satisfy these requests.

I also suggest taking a look on a full-frame camera with 28 MP for $ 240 :) and in the article 'Nostalgia for 6 MP CCD'.

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  • vas_nik

    Had the fortune to shoot on S3Pro for several years. So far, the best memories. Such a picture (purely personal opinion) does not give any of the cameras that I had, have or held in my hands. Maybe only now such brands as Nikon and Canon by DD are pulling up towards Fujik, but this was about 7-10 years ago from Fuji !!!

  • flueg

    farik (y) Carefully re-read the information and links about Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro in the Nikon D1x and Fujifilm FinePix S5 reviews ... ..

  • Igor

    I wonder how the D300 will look in the picture?

  • flueg

    Anton Noskov with a Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro camera: (well, with very poor lighting) http://dofmaster.35photo.ru/photo_246702/

  • Timur

    Yes……. I looked at the photo on the link from flueg and think about where to put my D3100 now. When I was in the mountains in that very legendary Brichmulla this winter, my D3100 “failed” photos of landscapes of about the same compositions: it simply did not pull the DD and the sky with beautiful clouds and beautiful dark mountains. And here are the colors!

  • Sergei

    Excellent article Arkady, Bravo! How the people stirred up, how many connoisseurs of "old" technology, and how much nostalgia and pleasure from meeting with "old" friends. And useful information by the way. Thanks.

  • Igor

    Loved the photos from the Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro.
    Now I’m thinking hard, change my 3100 to Fujik or to d7000 or maybe d300s?
    On the one hand, the D7000 will be more liquid for the next sale, the screen is much better and it will probably be possible to buy spare batteries, etc., without problematic service. Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro will also fit my lenses and flash, and I really, really liked the picture, but a lot remains incomprehensible to me. In the same price range there are d300s, $ 600- $ 700, which further enhances the variety of options. Everything is natural at prices of the “used” category.

    • Igor

      Nevertheless, the D7000 will be tastier and there will be no problems with a low battery supply.

  • flueg

    I sincerely apologize for the deliberate deception - in fact, these are pictures from Canon 5D mark 2 with significant refinement, at least close to the gamut of Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro Here is Anton's quote from the comments under these pictures: “Oh, don't tell. but I was hesitant to select a color scheme for this morning - what came out of the pyadwak I definitely don't like :( ”(I wanted to show the difference between CCD and CMOS skin tones} ...

  • J-fx

    indeed, a harmful article ... Arkady, people are in disarray: D

    also, instead of d1x, I bought all sorts of useful and not very pieces for the D600, and now I am knocking on the table, I was just thinking about taking this old man a month ago to study = (

  • Dmitriy

    After d90, on the heel, I forgot what a rav is! Ps and Lr)) s5 loves high-quality fast lenses! And of course we must remember that the s5 of 2006 is slow, unhurried, and heavy, the color is important to me - therefore s5, and there is no desire to change! As an amateur, I like everything, especially I love the color of the sky from him!

  • Denis

    Arkady, I read a lot of your reviews and in the last review I came across s5 pro, started to google the price and ran into the s5 pro version with mileage of 14500 photos (as the owner says and gives a screenshot from the camera), he wants 6000 UAH for it. Having talked with him about the possibility of exchanging for my D90 (50000 mileage), he agreed with my surcharge of 3500 UAH. It confused me a little, I thought that my old man was pulling at least 3500 UAH. Since there is no one to consult anymore, then:
    a question for you, is this exchange with such indicators worth it? Could it be that the 2007 camera with a mileage of only 14500, and how alternatively it can be checked without the camera itself. Shutdown accountants refuse to help. And an adequate price in your opinion for s5 pro and an exchange for my D90 with an extra charge of as much as 3500 UAH? Thanks for the advice earlier.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      The price of 6000 UAH is adequate with such a low mileage. But the surcharge of 3500 is too high.

    • Egor

      Denis, for 4000 you can take s5 with a mileage of 30000 (although you don’t know in what state the matrix is), this is to add 500 to the surcharge and leave d90 :)
      And s5 that you watched for 6000 from a very responsible seller, he changed d5100 to s5 with a surcharge, he overpaid a little, but the device is in very good condition and the seller is reliable, without scammers.

  • flueg

    Arkady from the standpoint of his experience (even having filmed several weddings by some) recommends us these three (currently quite affordable, and in the past $ 6500 in Europe for D1x) technologies that are extremely interesting for a SuperCCD representative to work ... .. I want to note that CCD (and these are D70, D80, D200 and others) are slightly worse in an artistic sense in a number of indicators (DD, color depth, skin tone, in some cases noise ...) To combat noise, SuperCCD II polygonal pixels have successfully approached, for DD use Fujifilm application possibilities different (automatic and manual) up to two stops of sensitivity of light detectors in one exposure, for color depth algorithms of overlay and summation, etc. Indispensable for color purity - native software ...

  • Dmitriy

    great photos, color is amazing

    • Arkady Shapoval

      As far as I know, this is on c5 pro and Tokin 12-24.

  • Alexey

    Well, now I need to change my Nikon d80 to one of those in the review ??? Maybe at least plugins are known, in order to slightly fix the output image closer to prof. models?

  • Alexey

    They recommend Quantum.Mechanic.Pro.2.1, but I can’t download it anywhere, who has the thread? post a link

  • Valery_93

    He divided his three crop legends into three groups: 6, 10 and 12 megapixels.

    6 Mpx: Pentax ist DL and Nikon D100.
    8 Mpx: Pentax K10D and Nikon D200.
    12 Mpx: Fujifilm S5 Pro and only it.

    From the CCD of soap holders, I selected: Canon A95, Canon S90 (S95) and Fujifilm F200 EXR.

    I will add a little quotes from http://greenwald80.livejournal.com/1231.html
    About Nikon D1x: “The sensor of this model (of course, the CCD and, of course, Sony) is interesting for its vertically stretched pixels: there were 4028 pixels horizontally, and only 1324 vertically (like the D1). By interpolation, a resolution of 3008 × 1960 was obtained. The device is still popular among enthusiasts, because the “thick pixel” provides a very decent picture quality ”.

    About Fujifilm S5 Pro: “The weight of RAW files is also impressive - about 25 MB, but as for the resolution, the debate about how many megapixels Fuji actually has is still ongoing. The specification clearly states: 12,34 million effective pixels, but the stumbling block is precisely in the word “effective” - in fact, it turns out that although all 12 million (6 + 6) are involved in image formation, the real picture resolution is exactly 6 megapixels, and in the mode, when the size of the recorded picture is 4256 × 2848 (12 megapixels), the image is formed by interpolation, which does not affect the detail in the best way ”.
    On the pixel-peeper there are examples of photos with the S5 Pro measuring 12 megapixels and 6 megapixels in a ratio of approximately 650 pcs. to 450 pcs.
    Very clear. You look and the soul is resting.
    I myself use the second year of the used Canon 300D. ):
    For my new tasks I look towards the Canon 650D.

    • Valery_93

      Correction: “10 Mpx: Pentax K10D and Nikon D200”.

  • far apart

    I'm looking for Fujifilm S5 Pro, they don't sell anywhere in Belarus, no one wants to send from you, and you can't buy through ebay, they don't accept payments from us. Where to buy? ... Ambush, surrounded from all sides ...

  • flueg

    The whole fun of D1x is that Nikon engineers for the first time used an 11 megapixel CCD in the (newly developed Fujifilm diagonal sampling) SuperCCD version ... The new data processing system showed that with such a sensor it is possible to interpolate data while maintaining high image quality. In practice, this resulted in the possibility of doubling the resolution of photographs (relative to the limiting one for a photosensor). Nikon, before the developer, successfully applied the innovation in practice, though with the use of a camouflage industrial espionage technique ... (through post-processing with Nikon Software, purchased separately ...) Details in the Nikon D1x review. You can see about SuperCCD here http://www.fujifilm.by/SuperCCD.html

  • flueg

    Original with Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro tp: //www.flickr.com/photos/astral-ark/8209018458/sizes/o/

  • Sergei

    Tell me how to check the number of shutter releases in S5 Pro?

    • Dmitriy

      Setup - Maintenance - Maintenance Counter

  • flueg

    This applies to all optics, but especially for those used on DSLRs with Super CCD SR II: To obtain indescribable color purity, remember that the lens (as well as the camera) must be allowed to be used at as wide apertures as possible ... Aperture 8, only because of the subject need (when there is not enough depth of field), at lower values ​​there is a significant loss of the palette ...

    • Alex K

      and you take into account the fact that sharpness and contrast decrease with distance, what was sharp at a distance of one meter will not be so at a distance of 10 meters ...

  • flueg

    An example of an open aperture: tp: //www.flickr.com/photos/et1sch/2514071254/sizes/o/ (Remember to add ht to the beginning).

  • flueg

    Aperture 6,3: tp: //www.flickr.com/photos/michaelbuddle/2894667772/sizes/o/

  • flueg

    Aperture 8 (my post from 13.04.2013/23/41 at XNUMX: XNUMX ...)

  • Alex K

    About Stelmakh's article: there is an impression of the "collective mind" of the canonists, as there is nothing about the article, they would still have to discuss "lomography")))). In general, shoot shots, catch moments, think about the artistic side of photography. Thanks to Arkady, good luck everyone

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