Legends go to battle

In the comments on Radozhiv, I was asked to write more about my observations, to slightly dilute the dense routine of boring reviews and tests :). Therefore, this post is exactly a 'post' on my blog and does not pretend to be objective.

I give you LIGHT

An article about something legendary, like Prometheus, only from the world of photographic equipment

Now marketers are stuffing a lot of pixels into new 'DSLRs' and mirrorless cameras (gigapixels!), force them to shoot at 100 frames per second and in parallel try to cram in an 8K 120p video recording. For amateur photography, these are useless bells and whistles for which you have to pay big money. And you end up with an awful boring picture. I want to tell you about the old legendary digital SLR cameras that never go out of my head.

Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro (2006)

This camera uses a unique Fujifilm SuperCCD SR II sensor. IN S5 Pro review you can read everything in detail. Fujifilm FinePix S5 P creates great shots immediately in JPEG, without dancing with a tambourine, without long stretching from RAW. Even for 2022, the camera is very well balanced: professional controls, an excellent magnesium protected body, Live View, support for old optics and a fabulous image.

Fujifilm's FinePix DSLRs use the Nikon F mount, so all Nikon optics (except the newest 'E' and 'AF-P' series lenses) are suitable for them. At Fujifilm FinePix S5 P there is a very good dynamic range, and I like the color reproduction more than on the giant Nikon D850 (at least stand on your head).

Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro (2004)

This is the predecessor Fujifilm FinePix S5 P with the same sensor (almost the same). Housing from Nikon F80. It is very obsolete, it is cheap, but the output picture is simply gorgeous. Such joy costs about 200-400 USD. For this amount, you get a very good image. Many claim that the image of the Fujifilm FinePix S3 is even better than with S5 Pro... Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro review can be viewed here.

Nikon D40 (2006)

This is one of the cheapest cameras on the secondary market. In 2017, I bought Nikon D40 for only 70 dollars. It is built on the basis of a 6-megapixel Sony ICX-453-AQ CCD sensor, which creates a very pleasant picture in color. For such a modest cost, you can hardly find a more pleasant and soulful color reproduction. My gallery for this camera here.

Kodak Professional DCS PRO 14n (and its modifications, 2004)

Kodak Professional DCS PRO 14n with Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm 1: 1.4D lens

Kodak Professional DCS PRO 14n with lens Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm 1: 1.4D

14 MP full-frame camera without anti-moire filter. That says it all! Super sharp picture and nice color reproduction. Can use ISO 6 units (six!). Overview here.

Canon EOS 5D (Mark I, 2005)

Canon EOS 5D (Mark I, 2005)

Canon EOS 5D (Mark I, 2005) with lens Canon LENS EF 50mm 1: 1.4

A full-frame camera with nice color, nice white balance. With only about 13 Megapixels, ISO 50 support and a buffer for almost 20 RAW files, shooting and processing on the first stage is enjoyable and easy. It is one of the cheapest and most functional full frame cameras to this day. My photo gallery for this model here. Overview here.

Canon EOS-1DS Mark II (2004)

Top professional full frame camera with nice color. Only about 17 megapixels, support for ISO 50 and a buffer for 11 RAW files. Advanced focusing system, many interesting settings. This is one of the cheapest and most functional full-frame cameras to this day. Overview here.

All these cameras are obsolete. If you use the camera for your own pleasure, leisurely thoughtful shooting, understand the subtleties and use the 'right' lenses, then these disadvantages become damn small compared to the image that you can get from them.

I shot with almost all modern and old cameras of popular brands. And all these cameras are not always comparable in the picture with the cameras presented above. I'm not talking about some abstractions of 'color depth' or 'dynamic range', on paper, modern cameras are a million times better than these ancient elders. But the picture (namely the picture!) in these cameras just bewitching. Many are chasing something exclusive, unusual, non-standard and at the same time cheap - here is a list of old units that can satisfy these requests.

I also suggest taking a look on a full-frame camera with 28 MP for $ 240 :) and in the article 'Nostalgia for 6 MP CCD'.

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  • Dima

    c5pro is power! Correctly written! d7100 will not reach 5p)

  • Sashko

    But what about the picture of the Nikon D200 i Fujifilm S5 Pro? More menly, especially the Nikon D200 pictures are more suitable for me than the Nikon D300, the Nikon D200 has a better picture (the matrix is ​​not the same as the picture), so as I can offend, I can often take more pictures.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Yes, d200 and c5 are very different in the picture. Now d200 costs 2-3 times cheaper for c5 - it says a lot.

  • Alex

    But what about the Kodak SLR n / c? Peerless color reproduction, no AA filter, full frame at 14MP. True ergonomics are terrible)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      I didn’t use it, when I get to it, I’ll add.

      • Alex

        Here's the color on it in RPP is better to steer (Kodak SLR n / c). The ACR is very crooked.

  • flueg

    I wanted to post a link to a picture from Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro - I could not find a picture more or less suitable in terms of sharpness…. The level of the other two is great for printing 11x16 inches (slightly remove sometimes possible artifacts in post-processing) You can see in the respective reviews ...

  • Vasil

    Statty vіd dushі tse those, scho I love.

  • Svirida Sergiy

    Well, let’s say it here, it’s absolutely true. As long as I vibrate with my first mirror I wondered at the new model, having re-read the review and vibra nikon 5100 (price, accuracy, video, etc.)
    Infection Mayuchi two mirrors nikon 5100 and 7000 i Rosumіnny with dosvidom taking bi-pen S5Pro and Bulo b men щ shchastya.

  • Lynx

    And the pictures? for comparison! want comparative photos !!!
    And then they teased it with an “old fairy tale” but couldn't touch it. (((

    • Arkady Shapoval

      There are sample photos in the reviews.

  • far apart

    Arkady, so is Fujifilm FinePix S5 or Nikon D1x better? and the better both, well, for example, Nikon d90?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      I like ghoul more.

  • far apart

    I'll ask differently ... does it make sense to replace the d90 with the Fujifilm FinePix S5 and for what main reason?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Well, it's up to you. If you do not feel the difference in the picture, then you should not change it. The reasons and possibilities of c5 pro are described in the review, enough to read to understand what you get from the camera.

  • flueg

    Fujifilm has created a unique development of CCD matrices (and this is not only in the presented “masterpieces” ...), including in its latest modern developments. The world, thanks to some testers engaged by reputable brands, did not understand and could not appreciate the promising and unsurpassed nature of this direction in photography…. Canon has imposed on all reportage speed and “combine” versatility (video), based on CMOS technology…. Hence the quality "sank". The clarity of skin tones can be appreciated in these shots by Anton Noskov with a Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro camera: http://dofmaster.35photo.ru/photo_228101/

  • Sergey Krutko

    I have been waiting for Fuji S3 for 3 weeks already. I took it on an Ibei for 8 Russian money ... I bought the Nikon bayonet. we'll see!

  • flueg

    Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro - just don’t wear it around your neck, you’ll break the four-position lens ... Drop dead clear colors in portraits at the right color temperature.

  • BB

    damn ... well, that's why you wrote this !!!! .... what to do with your 7000 now? !!!!))))))))))

    • Arkady Shapoval


      • BB

        I read the FF S5 pro review again ... and remembered why I bought the d7000 ... ”For portrait photography, the S5 Pro is great. If good DD is important, then I advise you to look at the younger Nikon D7000 camera. ”… .. now I think I'll fall asleep…)))))))

    • Anatoly

      Rejoice that you have at least 7100

      • BB

        in fact, sooo happy!))))

        • Jury

          I read these comments and only then calmed down that I have 7000.
          Fuuuh. Already the hair on the back of his head moved.
          Go to sleep.

  • Anatoly

    The small area of ​​the light-receiving cell of traditionally located pixels in modern CMOS sensors significantly adds digital signal to multi-pixel arrays compared to CCD, it is not at all clear where the technologies go. Fuj and Sigma are still experimenting with the placement of pixels and they do it. Nikon and Kenon stupidly focused their efforts on making money or not offering anything new for real quality photography, that's why we recall the old cameras, while marketers only managed the sales process and did not put their nose into technology.

  • anonym

    Answer VV: Well, why are you so upset! .. You don’t need to put your D 7000 anywhere. Great camera! She is excellent in all genres of photography. In most cases, the S5 PRO will still not be able to compete with it. It is necessary not instead, but together! Arkady drew attention to the extraordinary picturesqueness of Fuji, therefore, it is appropriate to use it in certain types of shooting, for example, staged, in the studio, i.e. where there is the opportunity to thoroughly think through the picture, experiment with light and color, be inspired by high ideas. It is useless to rely on S 5 in the report because of its slowness, but it is very useful in portraiture, landscape, etc. For each his own. Every professional, mind you! - has several devices, and they are used in different ways. I've had and still have the pleasure to shoot Kenon 10D sometimes. The old one is already, all messed up and already in many ways naughty, but I haven’t seen such gentle beauty and plasticity anywhere else! For shooting children's faces is simply brilliant! What is there all sorts of twenty-fifty against him !! Yes, they added speed, but they threw out the soul, handwriting, face of the device! Physicists again defeated the lyrics.

    • BB

      laughed about physicists and lyricists))) no, I'm joking of course) ... in fact, I got her for my eyes! ... I didn't even use half of the functions! ... I was just surprised that such old people can surpass modern cameras in some way ! .... I'm just not so well versed in all these matrix technical subtleties, and I was a little shocked!)

  • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    Perky article :-) In a patsansky way, just the same. And I really like it in your articles :-)

  • far apart

    I reviewed the pictures taken by Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro and Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro on Yandex photo ... Indeed, the quality is amazing. It is a pity that you cannot buy a new one, and it is not known how much used it will work. In general, a very untimely and harmful article came out ... :) Now I don't know how to fall asleep, I puzzle over where to buy and what is the 5th or 3rd and what to do with my beloved d90?

    • Valen

      I sell my Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro with a Sigma 18-50 \ 2,8 lens. In excellent condition, mileage no more than 7 K. I bought a new one on Ebey England. You can exchange for a Canon 5D with low mileage in good condition. T. 0965929177

  • Egor

    I changed d5100 to Fuji s5 pro, I didn’t regret it for a minute! Helios 81n and Jupiter 37a on it sang in a completely different way, and most importantly, I forgot what it was like to sit and dig in Raw after each shooting ... never I couldn't think that you can just shoot in JPEG and have a gorgeous picture.

  • i-hero-in.narod.ru

    I read the article “Eduard Stelmakh's experiment for $ 20.000” and I think that the concept of COLOR is quite subjective. Each person sees it differently, and how monitors, printers and programs distort it. The main thing here is what color you like. I was very unhappy with the Nikon D90 color after Nikon D70s. It seemed more acidic, sharp, but in the seventy it was more “filmy”. At one time I even wanted to shoot on film, but the complexity and unpredictability of obtaining a photo discouraged all desire ... I compared a little in the store D90 and D800 on the same glass. It seemed that the eight hundred had more filmic colors, more natural or something. And the light source caught in the frame looked without unpleasant halos. It is clear that some old people can produce a very cool picture, but this is if you shoot only for yourself and you are not happy. And if you are engaged in more commercial photography, you need a camera that will perform routine operations perfectly (focusing, exposure metering). In addition, new cameras are often more convenient. They have additional functions. Technological progress is inevitable. There is nothing you can do about it. Probably, it is better to take a good old pro than a very budget DSLR. At least professional shooting skills can be worked out on it: there are more wheels and buttons. And I will not look at the Canon camp - there are not so many funds for a quick change of religion. And I don't see any sense in this. I'm saving up for D800 for now ...

    • Anatoly

      Compared a little in the store D90 and D800 on the same glass. Eight hundred seemed to have more film colors, more natural or something.
      AGA FILM.
      Just do not compare, especially color.
      You simply deceived yourself and convinced yourself of the usefulness of multi-pixelity and technological progress.
      It was necessary that someone would shoot the series on the D90 and D800, and if you didn’t know which camera the shots would give them your rating, you’ll put them in two piles, and only then look at which camera they’ve shot.

      • i-hero-in.narod.ru

        I have not seen a direct comparison of these cameras. Even if the D800 is not better in terms of color, it doesn't matter. I'm used to Nikon's colors. The main thing is that it has other characteristics better: autofocus, maximum sensitivity and ergonomics. It is more comfortable for your hand to hold the D800. And the difference in weight comes to naught with a difference in the weight of the lenses (fixed versus zoom, for example). Plus, manual optics will be easier to work with. All the same, Nikon has no other professional and more or less accessible apparatus. The D600 is amateur bullshit, the D700 is a bit old and expensive. Ideally, 24 megapixels would be behind my eyes, but they didn't make a normal camera with so many. I don’t want to stay on the crop ... I don’t see any more options, except for the D800.

        PS. For example, my D90 has a matrix like the D300 (s). But this does not mean that after shooting the same event, I will get the same frames ... And under ideal laboratory conditions, many old and primitive cameras will give out a good picture, but with difficult shooting they can fail.

  • far apart

    so what’s better to take, drunk or third? Does it make sense to pay more than $ 200 per batch?

    • Dmitriy

      The third in sharpness will be better, but slower than a dime!

  • Jury

    As I understand it, you have to get used to any camera. I have shot since 2006 or 2007 with a Nikon D50 in JPEG and I got so used to this camera that there were practically no bad shots (overexposed, underexposed, unsuitable for color temperature). I switched to a used D80 - I felt like a complete newbie - with the same settings, the device "mows" much more often. Either I got such a copy, or the exposure meter is less successful here ..
    In general, Arkady, you managed to tease everyone)) Already in my heart I want to try this S5 Pro or at least S3.

  • Jury

    And one more thing about Fujifilm. As I understand it, now fans of its color reproduction are invited to switch to the X-series in the form of X-Pro1 or X-E1 at the price of serious DSLRs? But how many people come to switch to the Fujifilm X Mount system, to which only 5 native lenses with a maximum FR of 60 mm have been released so far ...

  • far apart

    But how do I know the mileage of the S5 Pro? S3 doesn’t have a mileage counter, but the fifth one?

  • Kanguru13

    Yab also added such representatives as Kodak 14n (CPR n / s) and Sony p1 and there will be 5 not expensive legends :)

  • pilotkins

    Eh Arkady, if you had written an article earlier ...
    And there was an opportunity to take D1x :)

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